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Margot (Universe)Margot (Universe)

"The Vyx provide discreet services to the Undercity. We offer connection and companionship for any and all lonely souls. Our dedicated employees can cater to any impulse. No matter your persuasion or inclination, The Vyx has you covered, or rather... uncovered."
Margot's Margot's The Vyx advertisement, Enter The Undercity

Margot is a chem-baroness and the boss of the The Vyx Crest icon.png Vyx.


Early Life

After Silco Silco took over Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun, Margot made a name for herself as the boss of the Vyx, an illicit enterprise that specializes in prostitution, and became affiliated with several other crime lords who were also loyal to Silco, creating the first generation of chem-barons.[1] She would also take complete control of the undercity's pleasure industry, with every brothel answering to her influence.

Border Crisis

After the actions of Jinx Jinx, Silco's adoptive daughter, led Jayce Jayce to shut down the border between Zaun and Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover, trade between the two cities came to a sudden halt, causing Margot's criminal ventures to lose massive profits. Frustrated by the fact that Silco was doing nothing to keep Jinx under control, Margot and the other chem-barons scheduled an assembly to discuss their next move, in which Finn Finn attempted to convince her to join him in a coup against Silco. However, before she could give him an answer, Silco arrived on the scene and unleashed a toxic gas in the air to remind the barons of the oppressive life that he had saved them from, which was enough to convince Margot to fall back in line.[1]


Margot is a slender and petite woman with pale skin and dirty blonde hair that is dyed black at the tips. She wears dark makeup and lipstick, and wears a revealing outfit made of black leather, red cloth, and gold accessories.


Not much is know about Margot's personality, aside from the fact that she cares a great deal about her business and was willing to question Silco's leadership when he was indirectly responsible for a Piltovan blockade that cost her huge profits.


  • Leader: As a chem-baroness and a business tycoon, Margot is a competent leader and was able to dramatically expand her ventures in the few years since Silco's rise to power in the undercity.


Arcane Show Appearances

Season One appearances: 1/9
Welcome to the Playground:
Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved:
The Base Violence Necessary for Change:
Happy Progress Day!:
Everybody Wants to Be My Enemy:
When These Walls Come Tumbling Down:
The Boy Savior:
Oil and Water:
Alluded to only
The Monster You Created:

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Starring Champion

Alternate Universes

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Arcane (TV Series)

Every legend has a beginning.


  • Margot's leadership over the Vyx was first revealed in the Enter the Undercity live event, which was tied to the larger Undercity Nights event.[2][3]
    • During the Enter the Undercity live event, several cosplayers were hired by Riot to play characters from the Arcane 2021 profileicon.jpg show. Margot was played by Jobeth Wagner and photographed by Andrew Ge.
    • Margot is never mentioned by name in the show. She is also never mentioned in the Council Archives client event and did not have a credited speaking role in the show. However, Fortiche had names for every character that appeared in the show [4] and the Imgur post showcasing the cast clearly stated that her name was Margot.[5]


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