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Ezreal 155
"The Protectorate? That means the League... No..."
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Jax WardenCircle Warden Jax
    A lone Warden claims to have lived since the destruction of the original Protectorate. While few records can back up his claims, Jax believes the Rune War began with the failure of a legal body founded to curtail political power—when this institute faltered, the fate of all was sealed.
  • Karma WardenCircle Warden Karma
    The Protectorate was an order dedicated to enforcing a rigid, unforgiving system of laws, in an attempt to slow the seemingly inevitable rise of the Magelords. Though the order itself was disbanded long ago, Wardens such as Karma still uphold its tenets… and guard its many secrets.
  • Nautilus WardenCircle Warden Nautilus
    Shock troopers such as Nautilus bound their souls to suits of ancient Warden armor, becoming one with the powerful enchantments worked into the metal. Few of these suits now remain, though their method of creation seems to have been closely tied to a cataclysmic event known only as the Rune War.
  • Sivir WardenCircle Warden Sivir
    The Wardens, like the Protectorate before them, cannot rely on innumerable conquered peoples to bolster its military as the Marauders do. Sivir, a skilled sellsword, was sworn into the order's ranks, only to take up the cause in earnest when she learned the organization's true purpose.


Journal of Justice


  • This theme is referencing the Blue Team Stag profileicon Protectorate side of Summoner's Rift.
  • This skinline is connected with the Marauder one, due to both sides being seen fighting each other. Both skinlines are based on the lore of Runeterra Legacy icon Runeterra Legacy.


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League of Legends Music Tales Of The Rift

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