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   "There's a timeline where the Magelords survived? Then the institute..."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal
  • Marauder Alistar Marauder Alistar
    Though the great armies of the Magelord Empire have vanished into antiquity, their modern descendants uphold the vicious brutality of their ancestors. Alistar, a prime specimen of the beastmen hordes, now fights for the same culture that conquered his own people so very long ago.
  • Marauder Ashe Marauder Ashe
    Magelord culture was, at the height of the empire's power, strictly segregated into brutal warrior-castes, whose rise and fall was dictated by their victories in battle. Little regard is paid to this outdated militarism now—Marauder captains like Ashe maintain power simply by instilling fear, and slaying their rivals.
  • Marauder Kalista Marauder Kalista
    The Magelords… furious, brutal, and glorious in their conquest—a sect of warriors long lost to the sands of time. Until now. Resurrected by the current Marauder leaders, Kalista's desire for vengeance has only festered over the millenia. Now she returns, more powerful than ever, to eradicate the Wardens and everything they've built.
  • Marauder Kled Marauder Kled
    Throughout history, the Marauders have balanced on the knife's edge between brutality and cunning. General Kled, one half of the pair that currently leads the regime, is truly the incarnation of their historic brutality… and little more. If it weren't for Xin Zhao, Kled would bet everything on a final, bloody, battle.
  • Marauder Olaf Marauder Olaf
    Marauders are the remnants of a brutal regime known as the Magelords, who conquered more than half the world at the dawn of civilization. Though their empire has long since crumbled, its remaining armies now wage endless wars, seeking death and glory wherever they may find it.
  • Marauder Warwick Marauder Warwick
    Ancient writings concerning the rise and fall of the Magelords make curious references to “Runes”, and the cataclysmic properties they supposedly held. These mysteries are compounded by chimeric monstrosities such as Warwick, whose existence within the Marauder ranks defies any rational explanation.
  • Marauder Xin Zhao Marauder Xin Zhao
    Though brutal, the Marauders still follow a martial order established during the era of the Magelords. These commanders seek only to reclaim the might with which their order once ruled. Xin Zhao is one half of the pair of current leaders. Pragmatic and measured, he has resurrected an ancient Magelord to destroy his foes once and for all.


Journal of Justice


  • This theme is referencing the Red Team Owl profileicon.png Magelord side of Summoner's Rift.
  • This skinline is connected with the Warden one, due to both sides being seen fighting each other. Both skinlines are based on the lore of linkRuneterra Legacy (Universe) Runeterra Legacy.


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