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A champion that is manaless does not use nor benefit from mana or mana regeneration. To date, there are 26 champions that do not use mana.

Of the champions that do not use mana, some utilize an alternative resource to cast their abilities.

The following champions do not use mana:

Alternative gating mechanics

In place of or acting as a resource, there are a number of alternative mechanics that gate the availability of a champion's abilities. For the specific details about the secondary resource bar, see the champion's page.

Energy resource.png Energy

EditEnergy icon.png Energy is a resource designed to inhibit the casting of basic abilities of a few champions in place of Mana resource.png mana. It is represented by a yellow bar instead of blue.

Energy has a maximum of 200 (except for Shen Shen, with 400), and regenerates rapidly, at a rate of 10 energy per second. This means that energy champions are not at risk of depleting their resource over a long period of time, however the small capacity restricts the rapid usage of multiple spells.

Champions that use energy:

Fury resource.png Ferocity

For the 2016-2017 mastery tree, see Ferocity Mastery Tree (2016).

EditFerocity is a resource specific to Rengar's Rengar's Unseen Predator Unseen Predator. Ferocity acts similarly to Fury resource.png Fury.

Ferocity is generated by casting abilities, and grants access to Empowered Empowered versions of his abilities when full.

  • While Rengar has between 1 and 3 Ferocity, the sections are colored white. Upon reaching 4 Ferocity, the sections are colored orange.

Fury resource.png Fury

EditFury is an umbrella term for many named resources that must be generated before being usable, compared to Mana resource.png Mana or Energy resource.png Energy that exist in some quantity beforehand. For most users, this resource is only required by a single ability or passive effect.
It represents momentum and encourages sustained aggression from users, often gating a power-spike or empowerment.
Fury generation varies between users, but is always generated in-combat (e.g. on-hit, ability casts or taking damage) and often decays when out of combat.

Known as

It is represented by a bar beneath the health bar that varies between users from being red at all times, to progressing from white or yellow to red as the bar is filled.

Types of Fury

Every 'Fury' resource technically falls under one of four types, some may have unique interactions with some mechanics.

Battle Fury

Battle Fury is a resource used exclusively by Tryndamere Tryndamere, it is gained through some of his abilities and through basic attacking; it gives him Critical strike icon.png Critical Strike Chance​​​​​​ and allows him to heal himself heal himself. It has a maximum of 100.

  • The internal name for this is "battlefury", and in-game it displays as "Fury"

Dragon Fury

Dragon Fury is a resource used exclusively by Shyvana's Shyvana's Dragon's Descent Dragon's Descent. When the ability is unlocked, it is gained passively and on-hit, and it is instantly filled when the ability is unlocked. It is consumed gradually while Shyvana uses her Dragon's Descent Dragon's Descent, until it is depleted and the ability ends. It has a maximum of 100.

  • The internal name for this is "dragonfury", and in-game it displays as "Fury"

This bar is used exclusively by Renekton Renekton. It is built up by basic attacking and some of his abilities in various ways, and when above a threshold, it empowers his basic abilities. It is lost gradually out of combat, and has a maximum of 100.

  • The internal name of this is "rage", and in-game it displays as "Fury"


This bar is used by a variety of champions. Each usage of it is different, it is used to gate transformations, ability empowerments, and/or healing.

  • The internal name of this is "gnarfury" and its default in-game name is "Rage"

Crimson Rush

Crimson Rush is used by Vladimir's Vladimir's Transfusion Transfusion. Vladimir can cast Transfusion to gain temporary stacks of Bloodthirst. Upon reaching maximum stacks, Transfusion is Empowered Empowered.

  • In-game, this displays as "Crimson Rush". This bar has a maximum of 2 charges.


Courage is used by Kled's Kled's Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard. Courage can be gained when Kled is dismounted from Skaarl from various aggressive means, or by returning to the Fountain. It resets to 0 when Kled mounts. This bar has a maximum of 100.

  • In-game, this displays as "Courage"


Grit is used by Sett's Sett's Haymaker Haymaker. Grit can be gained through taking damage, and is expended by either waiting, or casting the ability to deal damage and gain a shield proportional to the amount of it left.

  • This bar is coloured white from one charge and up, until it reaches 100%, where it turns yellow . This bar has a varying maximum.
  • Although it is described as "Grit" in tooltips and such, it actually uses the default display name.


Gnar Gnar uses Rage to gate his transformation to Mega Gnar Mega Gnar. He gains it passively and through various aggressive means.


Rek'Sai Rek'Sai uses Rage to empower Furious Bite Furious Bite and consumes it to heal while Burrowed Burrowed. She gains it through dealing damage with some abilities and by basic attacking.

Heat resource.png Heat

EditHeat is a gating mechanic unique to Rumble's Rumble's Junkyard Titan Junkyard Titan that is intended to limit up-time but, like Energy resource.png Energy, does not have an indefinite down-time. Heat is not required to cast abilities and is instead generated on-ability-cast, with Overheating preventing users from performing certain actions for a set time.

Health resource.png Health

Some champions use Health icon.png Health as a resource to cast abilities. It is critical to note that champions can never kill themselves due to ability casting. This is because they will be left at 1 health if their current health is below the cost.
Abilities that cost health can be used even if the champion does not have enough health to pay for the cost. With the exceptions of Ivern's Ivern's Friend of the Forest Friend of the Forest, which cannot be used if he does not have enough mana or health for the cost, and Soraka's Soraka's Astral Infusion Astral Infusion, which cannot be cast if she lacks the mana for the cost or if she is below 5% health.

While these champions can cast their abilities more freely than most, their disadvantage is that frequent ability usage will bring them closer to taking Death.png fatal damage.
Health costs ignore Cosmic Radiance.png invulnerability as well as effects that prevent falling below a certain health value.

Champions who use their own health as a casting resource:

Mana champions that also use health as a casting resource:

Besides Ivern Ivern, each of these champions have at least one ability capable of restoring their health:


Other uses of the secondary bar

Some champions use the secondary bar to display some ability effects to track them better, in place of a resource.

Flow resource.png Flow

EditFlow is a resource that must be generated before being usable, compared to Mana resource.png Mana that exists in some quantity beforehand. It is represented beneath the health bar that is blue until filled, and then white. Unlike Fury resource.png Fury and its variants, however, Flow is not affected by the unit's combat status. With only one example of Flow, the validity of this exception may be called into question in the future.

Champions with abilities without cost

The following champions have no costs related to their abilities:

Champions without secondary bar

This is the list of all champions without a secondary resource bar:

  • Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo (uses health)
  • Garen Garen (has abilities without cost)
  • Katarina Katarina (has abilities without cost)
  • Riven Riven (has abilities without cost)
  • Viego Viego (has abilities without cost)
  • Zac Zac (uses health)


  • It was once considered to have Riven's Riven's Runic Blade Runic Blade charges displayed in the resource bar, in a visually similar manner to Rengar's Ferocity.[1]
  • When the mechanic was unique to Renekton, Fury was known as "Rage".
    • When HUD animations were first revealed on the PBE, Tryndamere Tryndamere, Shyvana Shyvana and Renekton's Renekton's resources were described as Battle Fury, Dragon Fury and Rage, respectively.[2]
    • Gnar's Fury is listed within the game files as "Tantrum".
  • When Riven Riven was first released, she was not technically classified as manaless - she simply had 0 (+0) base mana and 0 (+0) base mana regeneration. She could purchase mana and it would be represented in her resource bar - allowing her to use and benefit from items such as Manamune Manamune and Archangel's Staff Archangel's Staff. This was hotfixed shortly after.