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Mammoths are giant mammalian herbivores of the Freljord.


Related Champions

  • Ashe Ashe has several mammoth mounts and mammoth riders in her tribe.


They are commonly equipped with long, curved tusks, large trunks, and a covering of long hair.


While mammoths are sometimes hunted for their meat and bones, most Freljordians warriors start taming them when they are young and ride them as battle mounts. Mammoth riders are well respected and feared, due to their mounts size and deadliness. Mammoths can also be used to move large amount of cargo, as well as ships on smooth icy terrain. Mammoths are renowned for their tribal unity and will surround their young calves and pregnant cows when faced with predators. LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 Shamans of the mammoth spirit call upon their great physical strength and strength of unity to protect their family.

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