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{{C-top}}{{champion info|name =Malphite}}
{{Champion header|Malphite}}
'''Malphite, Shard of the Monolith''' is a [[champion]] in [[League of Legends]].<ref>[http://www.leagueoflegends.com/champions/54/malphite_shard_of_the_monolith Malphite's profile page] at [[Leagueoflegends.com]]</ref>
{{Champion tabview}}
|name = Granite Shield
|icon = GraniteShield.jpg
|description = Malphite's skin innately produces a layer of rock as a shield which absorbs damage of up to 10% of his maximum health. The shield will recharge if Malphite has not received damage in the last 10 seconds.
|name = Seismic Shard
|icon = SeismicShard.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Malphite sends a shard of the earth through the ground at his target, dealing magic damage upon impact and slowing them for 4 seconds.
|description2 = Additionally, Malphite will increase his own movement speed for 4 seconds by the same amount of flat movement speed that the target lost.
|leveling = {{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|70|120|170|220|270}} {{ability scaling|(+ 60% AP)}}
|leveling2 = {{lc|Movement Speed Stolen}} {{ap|14%|17%|20%|23%|26%}}
|name = Brutal Strikes
|icon = BrutalStrikes.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Passive:}} Malphite's autoattacks will splash, dealing a percentage of his attack damage to nearby enemies.
|leveling ={{lc|Splash Damage % of attack damage}} {{ap|30|38|46|54|62}}
{{lc|Splash radius from target}} 200
|description2 = {{sbc|Active:}} Increases Malphite's armor and attack damage by a percentage for 6 seconds.
|leveling2 = {{lc|Attack Damage & Armor Bonus}} {{ap|20%|25%|30%|35%|40%}}
|name = Ground Slam
|icon = GroundSlam.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Malphite slams the ground, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and reducing their attack speed for 3 seconds.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|60|100|140|180|220}} {{ability scaling|(+ 30% total armor)}} {{ability scaling|(+ 20% AP)}}
{{lc|Attack Speed Reduction}} {{ap|30%|35%|40%|45%|50%}}
{{lc|Diameter of AoE}} 400
|name = Unstoppable Force
|icon = UnstoppableForce.jpg
|description = {{sbc|Active:}} Malphite charges to the target location, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area, knocking them into the air for 1.5 seconds. Malphite cannot be interrupted during his charge by anything except his own death.
|leveling ={{lc|Magic Damage}} {{ap|200|300|400}} {{ability scaling|(+ 100% AP)}}
{{lc|Missile Speed}} 1500 + Malphite's movement speed at time of cast
{{lc|Diameter of AoE}} 600
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Malphite OriginalCentered
Malphite OriginalSquare
Shard of the Monolith
Tank icon Vanguard
Secondary attributes:
Mana resource Mana | Melee role Melee | Rune shard Adaptive Force magic
BE icon 1350 | RP icon 585
Release Date:
2009-09-02 [1]
Last Changed:
  1. Malphite's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com
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