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"Beware, minions of chaos! The Shard of the Monolith has come." - Malphite OriginalSquare Malphite

A massive creature of living stone, Malphite was born from the heart of the great Ixtal Crest icon Ixtal construct known as the Monolith. He has studied the elemental balance of Runeterra for thousands of years, using his tremendous strength to maintain order in a frequently chaotic world. Now, roused all too often from his slumbers, Malphite endures the fluid temperaments of mortals, while struggling to find a cause worthy of the last of his kind.

Shard of the Monolith

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By Unknown Author

Malphite Roots of a Poisoned Tree

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Short Story

Roots of a Poisoned Tree

By Graham McNeill

Dust hung in veils as Shoorai followed the mechanical-limbed form of Tunnel-Chief Hewlett deeper into the mine shaft.

Alternate Universes

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The Light Within

A kingdom hangs on the edge of ruin as an army of titanic elemental beasts wage war on humanity. The last line of defense is held by a lone warrior queen, Elementalist Lux. To save her people, she must look within and reveal her true nature...no matter what form it takes.

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