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Individuals born with magic, referred to simply as mages, is a magical alteration that was assigned to the individual at birth. They most commonly wield elemental magic such as fire, light, wind, water, earth, nature, or ice. Humans of Ixtal Crest icon.png Ixtal have perfected the art of elemental magic, and most if not all individuals from this nation have some levels of magical abilities. But some humans have a special magical aptitude, like Sylas Sylas, who can borrow another magicborn's magic to use for his own. Similar example can be seen with humans of Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, which have lived on a land rich with spirit magic since the most earliest recorded history of the archipelago.


Magicborn Champions

NOTE: Not all Magicborn Champions are shown. For more Magicborn champions, see its variations.


While not all humans are born with magical abilities, any human is able to wield magic through the use of magical items or weapons with the use of certain techologies such as Hextech technology, which is crafted in Piltover Crest icon.png Piltover and Zaun Crest icon.png Zaun. Another substance called petricite having the ability to absorb magical energy. This magic is harmful to magicborn, as magic is part of their body. It can literally rip the magic out of their bodies, causing extreme pain. Because petricite has the ability to absorb magic, objects created out of petricite will render magic ineffective. This petricite is acquired from the barks of the trees that grow near the City of Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia.  

Non-Magical Human Champions with Magical Weapons:

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