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There are individuals who had their bodies altered, willingly or unwillingly, by magic. Magical Alteration can happen to anyone or anything like a doll doll. Most of these were changed by powers originating from higher magical beings:  God-Warriors, Darkin, Celestials. Celestial artifacts like the world runes are also able to alter one's physical and/or magical features. Others were changed by powerful natural magic such as the waters on the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles, which used to heal wounds.


Magically Altered Champions

The list divides these champions under multiple categories depending the magic that altered them. This list is not directly tied to any lore and is mostly here to classified different types of magical alterations. Due to the size of the list, the exhibition is hidden.

Champions with a Blood Magic Alterantion

Champions with a Celestial Magic Alterantion

Champions with a Demonic Magic Alterantion

Champions with a Runic Magic Alterantion

Champions with a Spirit Magic Alterantion

Champions with an Unknown Magic Alterantion


Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana were the offspring of regular humans, but their mother became a Aspect Host while still pregnant with her twins. They are however not hybrids. They were magically altered during the ascension of their mother and gained part of the Aspects power, increasing their life span. Because of this, both sisters have a deeper magical connection with their mother and the Aspect of Justice.


Because the source of all these magical alterations differ greatly, in both form and magnitude, all magically altered beings do not look alike. Some of them are able to live far beyond a normal human lifespan, others able to survive fatal blows. Some even have their physicality completely changed. The changes one will get depend on the type of magic used and how long they were exposed to it.

Demonic Alteration

Demonic magically altered beings are those who accept the power of demons in turn for them to possess themselves for periods of time. However, though rare, some people might be able to bend the demon to his or her will, with Swain Swain being one of the most known examples. Swain saw something even the demon itself couldn't, a way to use the demon itself as a weapon. Shadow magic is also another form of demonic magic, so members of the order of the Shadow are also classified as altered by demonic magic, due to their prolonged use of the Ichor.

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