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For the full list of cards from this set, see: here.

Magic Misadventures is the third expansion of the Beyond the Bandlewood set.

Magic Misadventures (Expansion)

Magic Misadventures features 43 new collectible cards for existing regions, with a focus on Bandle City LoR Region.png Bandle City, Ionia LoR Region.png Ionia, Noxus LoR Region.png Noxus, Targon LoR Region.png Targon, and their new champions: LoR Champion Indicator.png2Ahri, LoR Champion Indicator.png1Kennen, LoR Champion Indicator.png4Pantheon and LoR Champion Indicator.png4Rumble. It also introduces the Keyword Fated.png Fated mechanic and the Mecha-Yordle subtype to the game.



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