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Mageseeker Investigator

Sylas 116
"No more kings! No more queens! No more mageseekers! It all ends now!"
Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas

The Mageseeker Crest icon Mageseekers are a Demacian task force whose primary task is to locate and secure any magical individual in the country.


Mageseekers are tasked at accompanying any envoys outside of Demacia who are known to have magical abilities during their stay in the kingdom. If "magical affliction" is noticed in children, they would be taken away from their families and ether locked up or given the opportunity to work as Mageseekers themselves. Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas was once a Mageseeker, being convinced by his parents to give himself up to the order. His magical talents were proven useful in tracking down and securing numerous mages until the young mage eventually rebelled against the order and decided to protect and fight for his fellow mages. Currently the Mageseekers are also tasked at rounding up or killing any rebel mage as well as apprehending their leader Sylas.

Champions of the Mageseekers

Other Related Champions

  • Garen OriginalSquare Garen is the nephew of the Head Mageseeker. Fought Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas after his escape.
  • Lux OriginalSquare Lux is the niece of the Head Mageseeker. Frequently visited Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas during his imprisonment.



  • Mageseeker Masks: Mageseekers wear half masks in order to signify they are acting under official capacity on behalf of the throne of Demacia and not under their normal social or military roles. However they are not ashamed of what they must do in order to keep Demacia safe from unchecked magic so they have no reason to conceal their identities.[1]

Mageseeker Handbook


Petricite Graymark

The Mageseeker handbook is the main guide that all mageseekers must abide by.

  • Long ago, the wild magicks of the Rune Wars brought all Runeterra to its knees. Thus, our order was created to protect our kingdom by ridding it of magic, whether abroad or within.
  • Arcane items have undeniable intrigue. But these objects of power are best left to the capable hands of our experts, and away from the well-meaning ignorance of our citizens.
  • Your petricite Graymark is your primary safeguard against magic, a symbol of our responsibilities, and a reminder to others of our authority. Honor it above all else.
— Mageseeker Handbook



Notable military dignitaries
Adept Arno Adept Arno A Mageseeker that escorted the representative of Arbormark.
Senior Adept Cadstone Senior Adept Cadstone A Mageseeker that escorted the representative of Arbormark.
Adept Marsino A Mageseeker during Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas' younger years. (Deceased)
Adept Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas A former mageseeker of Demacia; Currently a mage fugitive and revolutionary leader. (Criminal)
Adept Vannis Adept Vannis A Mageseeker during Sylas OriginalSquare Sylas' younger years. (Deceased)



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