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Luchador is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in wrestling setting, each champion is a professional masked wrestler.


    "Oh, I have so many wrestling masks that it's fu- well, maybe not funny. More like obsessive. Yeah, obsessive."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal
  • El Tigre Braum El Tigre Braum
    A contemporary wrestler beloved the world over, El Tigre's roar is the bellow of a people's champion. He is a friend to all… but can still scissor kick a two hundred pound cage fighter right out of the ring.
  • El Macho Mundo El Macho Mundo
    Probably in a position he'd rather not be in, El Macho will be facing down three of the greatest fighters in modern history for Sunday's no-holds-barred money match. Luckily for him, Mundo has more madness to offer than the federation thinks he's got, and the cream always rises to the top.
  • El León Gnar El León Gnar
    He's big. He's small. He's throwing pieces of the ring around like it's made of pixie dust and unicorn whispers. He's El León, the eighth wonder of the world, and he's here to say to his opponents: “Gnar!”
  • El Rayo Volibear El Rayo Volibear
    The Wrestling Federation of Valoran would like to put these terrible rumors about our beloved El Rayo to bed once and for all. One: he is definitely a bear, and not a man dressed as a bear, as some might claim. Two: bears make amazing wrestlers.


Academy Adventures

ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • The Academy Adventures comics were made as officially endorced Riot community projects, however characters and events made specifically in them (or taken from outside themes) were introduced with some creative liberty and as such are subject to future changes.
  • This skin theme is a reference to Lucha libre.