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Lost Empire

By Jared Rosen

Lost Empire is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate Shurima, all of the champions are ancient pharaohs.


The city-states of the Great Desert have long been lost to time, but their ruins—and the ancient pharaohs who once ruled them—lie hidden just beneath the sands.

  • Amumu PharaohCircle Pharaoh Amumu
    • Boy-king of the southern wastes, Amumu's mummified body still haunts the halls of his ancient tomb. His mournful sobbing can be heard over the brutal desert winds, luring in unwitting adventurers.
  • Nasus PharaohCircle Pharaoh Nasus
    • Immortal beast of the northern lands, Nasus wanders the expanse of the Great Desert in search of his once-green kingdom. He conjures vast sandstorms to cover his tracks, hiding his existence from the world.
  • Nidalee PharaohCircle Pharaoh Nidalee
    • At the height of her power, Nidalee was worshipped as a god-queen of the Great Desert. After her city's fall, she gathered her remaining armies and marched west, to conquer and rule anew.




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