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Little Legends

Little Legends are one of the types of avatars for the player in the Teamfight Tactics icon.png Teamfight Tactics game mode. Additionally, a player's Little Legend will follow their champion on the Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss. All players have the River Sprite River Sprite as their default Little Legend.

This page focuses on the cosmetic skins and how to obtain cosmetic Little Legends skins. For the gameplay in Teamfight Tactics, please visit Teamfight Tactics or Tactician (Teamfight Tactics).

Key Words

  • Variants: To bring in that feeling that comes with getting rare things, the game mode launches six variants (including the basic version) of each species. Some of these variants are rarer than others, and you don't have to own the basic version of a species to get its rarer variants.[1]
    • Base (same rarity with Rare, can be directly purchased)
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
  • Star-Ups: Collecting multiples of the same Little Legend variant will star-up and "evolve" your Little Legend, just as collecting multiples of a champion in TFT increases their star level. Each duplicate of a Little Legends variant you acquired increases its star level by one.
  • Eggs: To obtain Little Legends, player can hatch them from Little Legends egg in Hextech Crafting. To obtain an egg, player usually can buy them from Riot Store, under the Loot section. The details of the Little Legends egg are listed below.


Little Legend Eggs is a section in the Hextech Crafting item, and are available to get through Missions or the Riot Store.

Player can open a Little Legend Egg in Hextech Crafting to obtain a Little Legend skin. Each egg has a different drop rate and has their own drop pool.

The Series Eggs and Rare Egg share the same drop rate.

  • Legendary (5% drop rate, 30% chance for double drop).
  • Epic (20% drop rate).
  • Rare (75% drop rate).

Type of Eggs

There are some special rules for "Series" Eggs:[2]

  • Duplicates Star Up: Getting a duplicate variant will cause it to star up by one level. Once a variant reaches 3 stars, it won't hatch from future eggs.
  • New Content with Each Egg: Each egg you hatch will grant you a variant you don't already own, or a star up for a variant you already own.
  • Double Drops: Occasionally, when you receive a Legendary Little Legend, two Little Legends will hatch from a single egg.
  • Rare Egg: If you open a "Series" eggs after you own all variants it contains at 3 stars, it will output a "Little Legend" permanent that can be forged into a "Rare Egg".

Starter Litte Legends Eggs

Starter Little Legends Eggs is one of the rewards for the TFT Beta Pass v1. Unlike other eggs, this egg shows in the material section in the Hextech Crafting. Once unlock, player can open it directly on the homepage and pick one of the three rewards inside. The rewards are:

  • TFT Silverwing Egg small.png Demacian Silverwing Egg
  • TFT Runespirit Egg small.png Sentinel Runespirit Egg
  • TFT Molediver Egg small.png Soft-nosed Molediver Egg

Direct Eggs

Direct Eggs are a part of bundles in the store. Each species has a bundle, containing an icon and a Direct Egg, containing the basic variant of the species.

Series Eggs

TFT Egg1.png Series 1 Furyhorn Furyhorn Hauntling Hauntling Silverwing Silverwing
TFT Egg2.png Series 2 Featherknight Featherknight Molediver Molediver Runespirit Runespirit
TFT Egg3.png Series 3 Paddlemar Paddlemar Protector Protector Hushtail Hushtail
TFT Egg4.png Star Guardian Dango Dango Fuwa Fuwa Shisa Shisa
TFT Egg5.png True Damage Melisma Melisma Ossia Ossia QiQi QiQi
TFT Egg6.png Friends from Afar Craggle Craggle Flutterbug Flutterbug Tocker Tocker
TFT Egg7.png Cosmic Companions Abyssia Abyssia Squink Squink Starmaw Starmaw
TFT Egg8.png Immortal Creatures Bellswayer Bellswayer Lightcharger Lightcharger Nixie Nixie
TFT Egg9.png Heroic Hatchlings Ao Shin Ao Shin Choncc Choncc Umbra Umbra
TFT Egg10.png Magical Misfits Dowsie Dowsie Fenroar Fenroar Nimblefoot Nimblefoot
TFT Egg11.png Ingenious Inventors Duckbill Duckbill Gloop Gloop Piximander Piximander
TFT Egg12.png Dragonlands Burno Burno Poggles Poggles

Rare Eggs

TFT Random Egg small.png Rare Eggs will output a random variant from any "Series" Egg. The Rare Egg will be updated to contain Little Legends from future "Series" Eggs as they are released.

TFT Twitch Prime Rare Egg small.png Twitch Prime Rare Egg is a reward from Twitch Prime.[3]. It is notable that rewards from this egg is Tier 1 and cannot update tiers of existed Little Legends variants.

Pass Eggs

  • Some eggs are temporarily limited to event passes.
Origin Set Sprite Legend
(Set 7) Dragonlands Egg Sprite Egg Sprite Dragon Dancer Ossia Dragon Dancer Ossia
(Set 6.5) Neon Nights Plant Buddy Sprite Plant Buddy Sprite Socialite Nixie Socialite Nixie
(Set 6) Gizmos & Gadgets Arcane Sprite Arcane Sprite Dr. Shisa Shisa Dr. Shisa Shisa
(Set 5.5) Reckoning II Order Sprite Order Sprite Order Featherknight Order Featherknight
(Set 5) Reckoning Chaos Sprite Chaos Sprite Chaos Featherknight Chaos Featherknight
(Set 4.5) Fates II Dumpling Sprite Dumpling Sprite Porcelain Bellswayer Porcelain Bellswayer
(Set 4) Fates Jade Emperor Sprite Jade Emperor Sprite Lucky Fuwa Lucky Fuwa
(Set 3.5) Galaxies II Star Guardian Sprite Star Guardian Sprite Star Guardian Silverwing Star Guardian Silverwing
(Set 3) Galaxies UFO Space Sprite UFO Space Sprite Astronaut Molediver Astronaut Molediver

Limited Eggs

At the end of each set, players will receive rewards based on their performance in rank. One of the rewards is an exclusive little legend. The first two seasons did not have Triumphant skins, however, due to the change to two splits per set happening in Season 3. Getting Gold or above in at least one half of the set will reward the Victorious skin, and getting Gold or above in both halves rewards both.

Set Victorious Triumphant
(Set 6) Gizmos & Gadgets Victorious Tocker Victorious Tocker Triumphant Tocker Triumphant Tocker
(Set 5) Reckoning Victorious Nixie Victorious Nixie Triumphant Nixie Triumphant Nixie
(Set 4) Fates Victorious Protector Victorious Protector Triumphant Protector Triumphant Protector
(Set 3) Galaxies Victorious Hauntling Victorious Hauntling Triumphant Hauntling Triumphant Hauntling
(Set 2) Rise of the Elements Victorious Furyhorn Victorious Furyhorn N/A
(Set 1) Beta Set Victorious Silverwing Victorious Silverwing N/A

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Patch History

  • New Chibi Champions added:
    • Chibi Ekko
    • Chibi Jinx
    • Chibi Vi
  • New Little Legends added:
    • Duckbill (Base, Delivery Rush, Goodest, Honeybuzz, Pajama Party, Piltover, Sugarcone, Zaunite)
    • Gloop (Base, Arcade, Fireborn, Hextech, Honeybuzz, Pizza Time, Pop Groove, Sugarcone)
    • Piximander (Base, Chemtech, Fruity Tooty, Hextech, Honeybuzz, Rio, Shimmering, Spotted)
  • New Little Legends skin added:
    • Dr. Shisa
    • Arcane Sprite
  • Fearless Fellowship Egg added:
    • 3 Fuwa variants added.
    • 3 Molediver variants added.
    • 3 Umbra variants added.
    • 5 Squink variants added.
  • Order Sprite Order Sprite added.
  • Order Featherknight Order Featherknight added.
  • Egg added.
    • Dowsie and 5 variants added.
    • Fenroar and 5 variants added.
    • Nimblefoot and 5 variants added.
  • Chaos Sprite Chaos Sprite is added.
  • Chaos Featherknight Chaos Featherknight is added.
  • Egg added.
    • Featherknight K/DA variants added.
    • Furryhorn K/DA variants added.
    • Hushtail K/DA variants added.
    • Lightcharger K/DA variants added.
    • Squink K/DA variants added.
  • Series Ten Egg added.
    • Ao Shin, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Choncc, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Umbra , its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • Lucky Fuwa Lucky Fuwa is added.
  • Jade Emperor Sprite Jade Emperor Sprite is added.
  • Star Shards Star Shards Star Shards system added.
    • Little Legends can be upgraded using Star Shards.
  • Egg added.
    • Featherknight, Kami and Yokai variants added.
    • Hushtail, Kami and Yokai variants added.
    • Melisma, Kami and Yokai variants added.
  • Series Six Egg added.
    • Craggle, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Flutterbug, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Tocker, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • TFT Egg5.png Series Five Egg added.
    • Melisma, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Ossia, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • QiQi, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • TFT Egg4.png Series Four Egg added.
    • Dango, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Fuwa, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Shisa, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • TFT Egg3.png Series Three Egg added.
    • Paddlemar, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Protector, its base egg and 5 variants added.
    • Hushtail, its base egg and 5 variants added.
  • Silverwing Tier-3 gets VFX updated.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Little Legends having collision after dying (and subsequently body blocking players in the shared roulette).
  • New command animations are added to Teamfight Tactics
  • Player can now cuddle Little Legends by clicking on them in ARAM.