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This is a list of people credited for contributing with the design or development of League of Legends without a full article page on the wiki.

Also see the following missing personnel and assets: https://magazine.artstation.com/?s=riot


Maryna Aleksandrova[]

Freelance Texture Artist

Rory 'Rornation' Alderton[]

Former Animation Director on League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Even Mehl Amundsen[]

Concept artist

Anderson Ascimento[]

Freelancer artist

Ayhan Aydogan[]

Big Man Artist @Airship Syndicate


Lana Bachynski[]

Alessandro Baldasseroni[]

Character artist - Illustrator

Vadim Bakhlychev[]

Principal Character Artist at Wildlife Studios

Örs Bárczy[]

Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist

Romain Barriaux[]

Director - Animator - Visual Development artist.

Brahim Bensehoul[]

Character designer

Michael Berry[]

AAD / Creative Lead at Riot Games

Travis 'Dovagedys' Boese[]

Senior Producer on Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra for gameplay and card content.

Yekaterina Bourykina[]

Lead Character Artist for Untitled MMO

Shawn Brack[]

Character Artist

Paul Bradley[]

Artist, Hobbyist, Digital Art

Edouard 'EdTheConqueror' Brenneisen[]

Film, television and video game composer. Riot Games composer.

Michael Butcher[]

Character Artist @Microsoft (aka Mike Butcher)

Blake Byun[]

Freelance Illustrator @RiotGames


Trevor Carr[]

Senior Character Artist

Eric Canete[]

Principal Concept Artist @RiotGames

Roman Chaliy[]

Concept artist

Feihong Chen[]

Guanyu Cheng[]

Background Layout Artist @Titmouse

Isabella Cheng-Henehan[]

Angelina Chernyak[]


Zeen Chin[]

Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist

Oliver Chipping[]

Senior II Artist @RiotGames

Katya Cyan[]


TB Choi[]

Character concept artist (Freelancer)

Alexandru Cîrjaliu[]

2D Animator (generalist)

Trevor 'Trevolver Ocelot' Claxton[]

Concept artist

Alexandra Cohen[]

Illustrator & Concept Artist (aka Alexandra Vo)

Nicolas Collings[]

Head of Assets / Character Supervisor @BlurStudio

Simon Cowell[]

Concept Artist, Illustrator and Painter


Nick De Spain[]

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme[]

Illustrator, Game Designer and Writer

Simon Demaret[]

Freelance available for work

Ryan Dening[]

Concept Artist & Partner @North Front Studios

Julio Diaz[]

Art Director @RiotGames

Joe DiCesare[]

Illustrator, Digital Matte Artist, Concept Art

Joe DiLallo[]

Senior 2 Tech Artist and Rigger @RiotGames

Edison Ding[]

Senior VFX artist

Yuhong Ding[]

Artist https://www.artstation.com/yuhongding

Dirty Iron[]

Wang Di[]

Andrzej Dybowski[]

Senior Concept Artist @Smilegate Barcelona


Erik Eidukas[]

Principal Technical Artist for Untitled MMO

Mariana Ennes[]

Artist, Professional, Digital Art

Geoffrey Ernault[]

Senior Concept Artist and Game Developer

Riot Exis[]

Exis leads LoR’s Gameplay Engineering team by day, and runs Labs by night. He used to write lots of code, now he manages teams and carefully controls chaos in the name of science!

Engineering Lead, Legends of Runeterra Gameplay.


Greg Faillace[]

Art Director for Untitled MMO


Artist/Comic Creator/Singer (aka Flux)

Carl Forsberg[]

Character artist


Drew Gamble[]

3D Artist

Omar Garcia[]

Phroilan Gardner[]


Billy Garretsen[]

Lead UX Designer @Airship Syndicate

Viktoria Gavrilenko[]


T.J. Geisen[]

Concept Artist & Illustrator @RiotGames

Brittany 'Galetta' Gleiter[]

Animator @Blizzard Entertainment for @BlizzHeroes | Prev Dice LA, Riot Games.

Matt Gaser[]

Concept Artist / Art Director

Karl Gluck[]

Staff Software Engineer for Untitled MMO

Warren 'fluffynus' Goff[]

Senior Animator

Gouf Gouf[]

Concept Artist

Raymond Griego[]

Senior Concept Artist


Aaron Hamman[]

Senior Environment Artist @Blizzard Cinematics

David Harrington[]

Senior Concept Artist @Blizzard Entertainment

James Hata[]

Was initial designer on the LoR team. He formerly was the lead designer for Duel Masters and is leading the summer 2021 LoR set.

David Helsby[]


Jason Hendrich[]

Game Dev/Principal Animator/Direction @RiotGames for Cinematics and Animation.

Choe Heon-Hwa[]

Freelance Illustrator

Mike Higgins[]

Senior Animator for Untitled MMO

Hans Hirth[]

Character Artist @Hi-Rez Studios

Quy Ho[]

Concept Artist @RiotGames

Paul Hoefener[]

Concept Artist, Illustrator

Flavio Hoffe[]

Freelance/Concept Artist/Illustrator

Pawel Hordyniak[]

2D Artist

Christopher Hsing[]

Lingyun 'Luke' Hu[]

Senior Animator @RiotGames

Daeyoon Huh[]

Lead Concept Designer

Truong Huyen[]


Leanne Huynh[]

Freelance Artist


Koingyeal Jang[]


Zhang Ji[]

Tonny Jiménez[]

Burr Johnson[]

Full Time artist

Matthew Johnson[]

Senior Animator @RiotGames

Tysen Johnson[]

Visual Development @Brazen Animation

Brian Jones[]

Studio Character Lead

Abey Joy[]

Senior Software Engineer


Seitoshi 'Kotatsu' Kaku[]

Freelance Illustrator and Designer

McLean Kendree[]


Mark Khalil[]

Senior VFX Artist @Wonderstorm

Robert Kim[]

Seung 'kse' Eun Kim[]

Principal Artist @RiotGames (Concept Artist); Executive Producer/ Director of The Boondocks

Stanislav Klabik[]

Freelance Artist

Shawn Kok[]

3D Artist @Passion Republic

Mathias Kollros[]

Artist // Professional // Digital Art

Baldi Konijn[]

Freelance Concept Artist @Airship Syndicate

Joyce Koo[]

Concept Artist

Dmitry Kremiansky[]

Senior Environment Artist @Axis Studios

Marina Krivenko[]

Illustrator and Concept Artist

Andrew Krivulya[]

3D artist

James Ku[]

Freelance Character Artist

Grace Kum[]

Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator


Nate Lane[]

VFX/Game Dev

Einar Langfjord[]

Alexzandros Lee[]

Senior Game Designer at Riot Games. Been at the company since April 2012, most of his time was spent in R&D. One of the earliest members of the Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra team, content designer of LoR Set 1 icon Set 1, lead designer of LoR Set 2 icon Set 2, and main designer for an upcoming (as of 07/05/2021) set in LoR. Design Lead for gameplay tutorials on Legends of Runeterra. Card content lead for Legends of Runeterra currently - helps with live design and future content and how it's handled.[1][2][3]

Lorenzo Lanfranconi[]

Freelance Environment Artist - Colorist

Eugene Lashchev[]

Freelance Artist

Chesney 'JustMoose' Lattuga[]

Marketing Creative Director @RiotGames

Dawon Lee[]

Technical Artist @RiotGames

Jungah Lee[]

Creative Development @Blizzard Entertainment

Elie Lehman[]

Development Manager @RiotGames (aka RiotVe1vet and Ve1vet)

Jinglue Li[]

Staff Software Engineer for Untitled MMO

Citemer Liu[]

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Grace Liu[]

Principal Artist @Airship Syndicate

Kristóf Lovas[]

Senior technical artist @Digic Pictures

Marcus Lull[]


Mitch Malloy[]

Illustrator @RiotGames

Anna Maystrenko[]

Concept Artist

Konstantin Maystrenko[]

Senior Concept artist @RiotGames

Dani McCole[]

Concept Artist and Illustrator

Sean McNally[]

Concept Artist and Illustrator

Sean McSheehan[]

Senior Animator @RiotGames

Viviana Medeiros[]

Illustrator / Comic artist

Jonboy Meyers[]

SF Based concept artist and illustrator

Danny Moll[]

Senior Artist @Stoic

Rembert Montald[]

Storyboard concept animation

Daniel Moreno Diaz[]

Freelance Character Artist

Drew Morgan[]


Victor Mosquera[]

Concept artist @Ubisoft Toronto

Frank Mueller[]

Senior Technical Artist and Rigger


Anderson Nascimento[]

Freelancer Artist


Sr. Character Artist @ Airship Syndicate

Jason Nguyen[]

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Nhat Nguyen[]

Michał Niewiara[]

Art Director / Concept Artist

Juan Nuno[]

Sr.Environment Artist at Phoenix Labs


Nicholas Oei[]

Character Designer

Keita Okada[]

Digital Sculptor


Jeremy Page[]

Senior Environment Artist @RiotGames

Pyeongjun Park[]

Freelance Illustrator

Craig Parkinson[]

Interactive Art Director & Digital Designer

Lucas Parolin[]

Illustrator and Concept Artist

Alexandr Pechenkin[]

Freelance Concept Artist

Natalie Pellmann[]

Concept Artist (Salt Lake City, United States of America) - Concept art intern @Overwatch; Prev: concept art intern @RiotGames

Andrey Petrashov[]

CG Artist



Indu Reddy[]

Senior writer in Los Angeles (aka Xaafira)

Sebastian Reeve[]


Freelance illustrator (aka 器根G 刃)

Ryan Ribot[]

Senior Character Artist @RiotGames

Mushk Rizvi[]

Concept Artist/ Illustrator @Marvel studios

Zach Roberson[]

Leon Ropeter[]

Contractor Concept Artist @RiotGames

César Rosolino[]

Freelance Illustrator and Artist @MAR.studio (aka César Rosolino Pasqualinotto)

Robin Ruan[]


Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin[]

Recruited around the start of 2017, Game designer at Riot Games. Live Balance Lead for Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra, design lead on the Aphelios Champion Expansion, and the unnamed upcoming (as of 07/05/2021) champion expansion. Doesn't have a game design background, ex-MTG pro player. Hired as part of a push to have professional players to test the game.[4]

Carlos Ruiz[]

Concept Artist @RiotGames

Samantha Rushing[]


Jesse Sandifer[]

Lead Character Artist - Respawn (Medal of Honor)

Camille Sanford[]

Game Producer for Untitled MMO

Jana Schirmer[]

Freelance Artist

Zach Sharts[]

Character Artist @DragonFly Studio

Timur Shevtsov[]

Concept Artist \ Illustrator

Julia Shi[]

Storyboard Artist @powerhouse / Prev: @RiotGames

Jason Shum[]

Animation Director @Superseed Studios

Yuka Soemy[]

Lead Artist @Allods Team

Előd Somogyi[]

Digic pictures Lighting/Technical Artist

Alexis Sorensen[]

Maika Sozo[]

2D/3D Artist and Designer

James Strehle[]

Concept artist, Freelance Illustrator

Ian Su[]

Freelance Concept Artist / Illustrator

Xiao Guang Sun[]


Skylar Surra[]

Game animator for characters and creatures @RiotGames


Tony Tang[]

Michael Tarwater[]

Senior Character Artist

Tommy Gunardi Teguh[]

3D Character Artist @RiotGames

Vijay Thakkar[]

Technical Director for Untitled MMO

Candace Thomas[]

Former Senior Manager for Untitled MMO (left in November 2022)

Geoffroy Thoorens[]

Freelance concept artist / illustrator / matte painter

Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz[]

Principal Narrative Designer for Riot Games and Untitled MMO

Adam 'Cattlegrid' Turnbull[]

Senior Animator @RiotGames

Two Bart[]

Freelance Artist



Nina Vakueva[]

Freelancer (comics, character design)

Kyle 'PrismaPrime' Valentin[]

Associate VFX Artist @RiotGames

Frank Daniel Moen Vedvik[]

Realtime VFX Generalist

Miguel Vélez[]

Stéphane Videlo[]


Chinese: 武文琪

Jakub Vondra[]

Freelance 3D Generalist

Le Vuong[]

Concept artist, Illustrator


Reece Warrender[]

Principal QA Engineer for Untitled MMO

Tony Washington[]


Gino Whitehall[]

Rachel Williams[]

Clare Wong[]


Ina Wong[]


Justice Wong[]

Freelance illustrator

Michael Wyatt[]

Principal Game Designer for Untitled MMO


Jun W X[]

Wang Xun[]

Sophie Xiao[]

(Chinese: 肖璇) Head of Production, China IP & Creative @RiotGames

X Train[]

Animation artist and Illustrator


Melissa 'ffsade' Yabumoto[]

Freelance Illustrator

Mo Yan[]

Concept / Illustration Artist @RiotGames

Sam 'cgsammu' Yang[]

Sean Yang[]

Concept Artist / Illustrator / Instructor

Sanketh Yayathi[]

Motion Graphics Designer @RiotGames

Gabriel Yeganyan[]

Senior Concept Artist @Respawn Entertainment

Jordan Yoon[]

Riot Games Merch Concept Artist

Samuel Youn[]

2D Concept Artist


Mathias Zamęcki[]

Art Direction and Visual Development

James Zapata[]

Senior Concept Artist @Eidos-Montreal

Moxuan Zhang[]

Concept Artist

Phillip Zhang[]

Xuexiang Zhang[]

Concept Artist

Tom Zhao[]

Concept Artist and Designer with a focus in World Building, Narrative Design, and Art Direction.

Maria 'DE4THPUNCH' Zheleznova[]

Freelance Artist

Shuohan Zhou[]

Concept Artist

Jiakun Zhu[]

Concept Artist

Zoe Zhu[]

Freelance Illustrator


Alliance Studio[]

Blind Studio[]

Blind is a brand strategy design consultancy

Haoliners Animation[]

Animation Production

North Front Studios[]

Concept Design Studio

Sun Creature Studio[]

International production company and animation studio

THE LINE Animation Studio[]

Tulips and Chimneys[]

Creative studio specializing in concept development and creating visuals for films, digital and print media

Unit Image[]

Unit Image is a 3D-animation studio, specialized in full CGI and VFX for game trailers, commercials & films.

Volta Studio[]

Creative services for video games and films