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Set 2 was added to the public beta alongside the preseason 2020 content for League of Legends, and marks Teamfight Tactic's first non-beta set. Titled Rise of the Elements, set 2 features a collection of champions, origins and classes themed around the classical elements as opposed to set 1's theme of faction politics. It was made playable on the live servers in V9.22.



Alchemist TFT icon AlchemistAlchemist TFT gold icon Alchemists ignore collision, immunity to crowd control and never stop moving.Singed OriginalSquare
Assassin TFT icon AssassinAssassins gain bonus critical strike damage and bonus critical strike chance.
  • Assassin TFT bronze icon 3 Assassins: +70% crit damage and +10% crit chance
  • Assassin TFT gold icon 6 Assassins: +210% crit damage and +20% crit chance
Diana InfernalSquareKha'Zix GuardianoftheSandsSquareLeBlanc ElderwoodSquareNocturne EternumSquareQiyana OriginalSquareZed ShockbladeSquareYoumuu's Ghostblade item
Avatar TFT icon AvatarAn Avatar TFT diamond icon Avatar's Origin Element is counted twice for Trait bonuses.Lux ElementalistSquare
Berserker TFT icon BerserkerWhen Berserkers attack, they have a chance to hit all units in cone in front of them and apply on-hit effects.
  • Berserker TFT bronze icon 3 Berserkers: 45% chance
  • Berserker TFT gold icon 6 Berserkers: 100% chance, and all Berserkers gain 25 bonus attack damage
Dr. Mundo ToxicSquareJax GodStaffSquareOlaf GlacialSquareRenekton OriginalSquareSion WarmongerSquareVolibear OriginalSquare oldBlack Cleaver item
Blademaster TFT icon BlademasterBlademasters' basic attack have 45% chance to trigger additional attacks against their target. These additional attacks deal damage like basic attacks, trigger on-hit and on-attack effects, and generate mana.
  • Blademaster TFT bronze icon 2 Blademasters: 1 additional attack
  • Blademaster TFT gold icon 4 Blademasters: 2 additional attacks
  • Blademaster TFT diamond icon 6 Blademasters: 4 additional attacks
Aatrox JusticarSquareMaster Yi AssassinSquareSivir OriginalSquareYasuo OriginalSquareBlade of the Ruined King item
Druid TFT icon DruidWhile at least Druid TFT gold icon 2 Druids are in play, Druids regenerate 45 health each second.Ivern OriginalSquareMaokai OriginalSquareNeeko OriginalSquare
Mage TFT icon MageMages have a chance, when casting, to instead Doublecast.
  • Mage TFT bronze icon 3 Mages: 50% chance
  • Mage TFT gold icon 6 Mages: 100% chance. All Mages gain 20 bonus Ability power icon spell power
Brand OriginalSquareLeBlanc ElderwoodSquareSyndra AtlanteanSquareTaliyah OriginalSquareVeigar OriginalSquareVladimir DarkWatersSquareWooglet's Witchcap item
Mystic TFT icon MysticAll allies gain bonus magic resistance.
  • Mystic TFT bronze icon 2 Mystics: 40
  • Mystic TFT gold icon 4 Mystics: 120
Janna OriginalSquareKarma DawnbringerSquareMaster Yi AssassinSquareNami DeepSeaSquareSoraka CelestineSquare
Predator TFT icon PredatorWhile at least Predator TFT gold icon 3 Predators are in play, Predators instantly kill enemies they damage who are below 25% health.Kog'Maw CaterpillarSquareRek'Sai EternumSquareSkarner OriginalSquareWarwick TundraHunterSquare
Ranger TFT icon RangerEvery 3 seconds, Rangers have a chance to gain increased attack speed for 3 seconds.
  • Ranger TFT bronze icon 2 Rangers: 35% at × 2 attack speed
  • Ranger TFT silver icon 4 Rangers: 80% at × 2 attack speed
  • Ranger TFT gold icon 6 Rangers: 100% at × 2.5 attack speed
Ashe AmethystSquareEzreal FrostedSquareKindred ShadowfireSquareTwitch OriginalSquareVarus InfernalSquareVayne ArclightSquare
Soulbound TFT icon SoulboundWhile at least Soulbound TFT gold icon 2 Soulbound units are in play, the first Soulbound unit to die in a round will instead enter the Spirit Realm, becoming untargetable and continuing to fight as long as another Soulbound unit is alive.Lucian OriginalSquareSenna OriginalSquare
Summoner TFT icon SummonerSummoned units gain bonus health and last longer.
  • Summoner TFT bronze icon 3 Summoners: +30% health and duration
  • Summoner TFT gold icon 6 Summoners: +120% health and duration
Annie OriginalSquareAzir OriginalSquareMalzahar OverlordSquareYorick ArclightSquareZed ShockbladeSquareZyra WildfireSquare
Warden TFT icon WardenWardens gain increased total armor.
  • Warden TFT bronze icon 2 Wardens: +150% armor
  • Warden TFT silver icon 4 Wardens: +300% armor
  • Warden TFT gold icon 6 Wardens: +999% armor
Amumu InfernalSquareBraum OriginalSquareLeona LunarEclipseSquareMalphite OriginalSquareNasus LunarGuardianSquareNautilus OriginalSquareOrnn ThunderLordSquareTaric OriginalSquareThresh DeepTerrorSquareWarden's Mail item


Origins are called Elements in this set.

Cloud TFT icon CloudAll allies gain a chance to Dodge icon dodge enemy basic attack.
  • Cloud TFT silver icon 2 Clouds: +20% dodge chance
  • Cloud TFT gold icon 3 Clouds: +25% dodge chance
  • Cloud TFT diamond icon 4 Clouds: +35% dodge chance
Janna OriginalSquareYasuo OriginalSquare
Crystal TFT icon CrystalCrystals have a maximum amount of damage they can take from a single attack or ability hit.
  • Crystal TFT gold icon 2 Crystals: 110 max damage
  • Crystal TFT diamond icon 4 Crystals: 60 max damage
Ashe AmethystSquareSkarner OriginalSquareTaric OriginalSquare
Desert TFT icon DesertDeserts reduce the enemy team's armor.
  • Desert TFT bronze icon 2 Deserts: 40% armor reduction
  • Desert TFT gold icon 4 Deserts: 100% armor reduction
Azir OriginalSquareKha'Zix GuardianoftheSandsSquareRenekton OriginalSquareSivir OriginalSquare
Electric TFT icon ElectricElectrics deal magic damage to nearby enemies whenever they deal or receive a Critical strike icon critical strike. The damage does not scale with Ability power icon spell power.
  • Electric TFT bronze icon 2 Electrics: 80 damage
  • Electric TFT silver icon 3 Electrics: 250 damage
  • Electric TFT gold icon 4 Electrics: 550 damage
Ornn ThunderLordSquareVolibear OriginalSquare oldZed ShockbladeSquare
Glacial TFT icon GlacialGlacials' basic attacks have a 25% chance on-hit to Stun icon stun their target for 1.5 seconds and deal bonus magic damage.
  • Glacial TFT bronze icon 2 Glacials: 75 damage
  • Glacial TFT gold icon 4 Glacials: 175 damage
  • Glacial TFT diamond icon 6 Glacials: 375 damage
Braum OriginalSquareEzreal FrostedSquareOlaf GlacialSquareVolibear OriginalSquare oldWarwick TundraHunterSquareFrozen Mallet item
Inferno TFT icon InfernoInferno spell damage and Critical strike icon critical strikes burns the area beneath the target, dealing a percentage of that spell's or crit's pre-mitigation damage as magic damage over 4 seconds, with each tick occuring every 0.5 seconds.
  • Inferno TFT bronze icon 3 Infernos: +70% damage within 1 hex
  • Inferno TFT gold icon 6 Infernos: +150% damage within 3 hexes
  • Inferno TFT diamond icon 9 Infernos: +250% damage within 5 hexes
Amumu InfernalSquareAnnie OriginalSquareBrand OriginalSquareDiana InfernalSquareKindred ShadowfireSquareVarus InfernalSquareZyra WildfireSquareBami's Cinder item
Light TFT icon LightWhen a Light unit dies, all other Lights gain stackable bonus attack speed and are healed for 20% of the dying unit maximum health.
  • Light TFT bronze icon 3 Lights: +20% attack speed
  • Light TFT gold icon 6 Lights: +30% attack speed
  • Light TFT diamond icon 9 Lights: +50% attack speed
Aatrox JusticarSquareJax GodStaffSquareLucian OriginalSquareNasus LunarGuardianSquareSoraka CelestineSquareVayne ArclightSquareYorick ArclightSquareTalisman of Ascension item
Lunar TFT icon LunarWhile at least Lunar TFT gold icon 2 Lunars are in play, every 7 seconds, your team gains 15% critical strike chance, 15% critical strike damage, and 15% Ability power icon ability power.
This effect stacks up to 4 times, for a maximum of 60% critical strike chance, 60% critical strike damage, and 60% Ability power icon ability power.
Karma DawnbringerSquareLeona LunarEclipseSquare
Mountain TFT icon MountainWhile at least Mountain TFT gold icon 2 Mountains are in play, at the start of combat, a random ally gains a 1500 health stoneshield.Malphite OriginalSquareTaliyah OriginalSquare
Ocean TFT icon OceanAll allies restore mana every 4 seconds.
  • Ocean TFT bronze icon 2 Oceans: +10 mana
  • Ocean TFT gold icon 4 Oceans: +30 mana
  • Ocean TFT diamond icon 6 Oceans: +60 mana
Nami DeepSeaSquareNautilus OriginalSquareSyndra AtlanteanSquareThresh DeepTerrorSquareVladimir DarkWatersSquare
Poison TFT icon PoisonWhile at least Poison TFT gold icon 3 Poisons are in play, Poisons apply Neurotoxin when they deal damage, increasing the mana cost of the target's spell by 33%.Dr. Mundo ToxicSquareKog'Maw CaterpillarSquareSinged OriginalSquareTwitch OriginalSquare
Shadow TFT icon ShadowAt the start of combat, Shadow units deal increased damage for 6 seconds.
  • Shadow TFT bronze icon 3 Shadows: +65% increased damage. Refreshed on takedown.
  • Shadow TFT gold icon 6 Shadows: +150% increased damage. Refreshed on any Shadow takedown.
Kindred ShadowfireSquareMalzahar OverlordSquareMaster Yi AssassinSquareSenna OriginalSquareSion WarmongerSquareVeigar OriginalSquare
Steel TFT icon SteelSteel units gain damage immunity for a few seconds when they are reduced below 50% health.
  • Steel TFT silver icon 2 Steels: 2 seconds
  • Steel TFT gold icon 3 Steels: 3 seconds
  • Steel TFT diamond icon 4 Steels: 4 seconds
Nocturne EternumSquareRek'Sai EternumSquare
Transforming VariableVariables transform into another Element based on in-game conditions. The condition and available elements are not consistent across Variables.Lux ElementalistSquareQiyana OriginalSquare
Woodland TFT icon WoodlandAt the start of combat, select Woodland units create a copy of themselves (excluding items).
  • Woodland TFT gold icon 3 Woodlands: One random Woodland
  • Woodland TFT diamond icon 6 Woodlands: All Woodlands
Ivern OriginalSquareLeBlanc ElderwoodSquareMaokai OriginalSquareNeeko OriginalSquare

List of champions

Aatrox JusticarSquare AatroxEpic SkinLight TFT icon LightBlademaster TFT icon BlademasterThe Darkin Blade The Arclight Blade

Cleaves the area in front of him, dealing 300 / 600 / 1200 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to the target and any enemy adjacent to them.
Amumu InfernalSquare AmumuUltimate SkinInferno TFT icon InfernoWarden TFT icon WardenCurse of the Sad Mummy Curse of the Sad Mummy

Explodes in an infernal tantrum, dealing 100 / 200 / 1337 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies within 3 hexes, and Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 seconds.
Annie OriginalSquare AnnieHextech SkinInferno TFT icon InfernoSummoner TFT icon SummonerSummon- Tibbers Tibbers!

Summons Tibbers near her target, dealing 100 / 200 / 300 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all adjacent enemies. Tibbers fights for the rest of the round or until killed, dealing 125 / 350 / 1500 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage with each basic attack. Cannot gain mana while Tibbers is active.
Tibbers has 1600 / 2200 / 3000 health and 30 armor.
Ashe AmethystSquare AsheHextech SkinCrystal TFT icon CrystalRanger TFT icon RangerRanger's Focus Ranger's Focus

For the next 5 seconds, gains 50 / 75 / 100% bonus attack speed, and her basic attacks fire a flurry of five arrows dealing 30 / 35 / 75% AD physical damage per arrow, for a total of 150 / 175 / 375% AD physical damage.
Azir OriginalSquare AzirEpic SkinDesert TFT icon DesertSummoner TFT icon SummonerArise! Arise!

Summons a Sand Soldier near a random enemy that lasts 6 seconds. Sand Soldiers attack nearby enemies whenever Azir attacks, dealing 150 / 275 / 450 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage in a line.
Brand OriginalSquare BrandHextech SkinInferno TFT icon InfernoMage TFT icon MagePyroclasm Pyroclasm

Launches a bouncing fireball at the farthest enemy. The fireball bounces to a random enemy within 3 hexes of the last enemy hit up to 5 / 6 / 20 times, dealing 225 / 300 / 600 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage with each bounce.
Braum OriginalSquare BraumStandard SkinGlacial TFT icon GlacialWarden TFT icon WardenUnbreakable Unbreakable

Puts up his shield at the farthest enemy for 4 seconds, absorbing and stopping all incoming missiles and reducing his damage taken from that direction by 80 / 85 / 90%.
Diana InfernalSquare Diana1Inferno TFT icon InfernoAssassin TFT icon AssassinPale Cascade Flame Cascade

Creates 3 / 4 / 6 orbs which rotate around her and explode for 80 / 100 / 120 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage when they collide with an enemy. She also shields herself for 150 / 250 / 350 (× Ability power icon AP) health for 4 seconds.
Dr. Mundo ToxicSquare Dr. MundoEpic SkinPoison TFT icon PoisonBerserker TFT icon BerserkerSadism Adrenaline Rush

Creates a toxic cloud around him for 8 seconds. The cloud deals 50 / 100 / 200 (× Ability power icon AP) (+ 1.25% of his maximum health) magic damage every second to nearby enemies and heals for 100 / 125 / 150% of the damage dealt.
Ezreal FrostedSquare EzrealEpic SkinGlacial TFT icon GlacialRanger TFT icon RangerMystic Shot Ice Shot

After a 0.25-second delay, fires a shard of ice at the lowest-health unit, dealing 250 / 450 / 900 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage and applying on-hit effects.
Ivern OriginalSquare Ivern1Woodland TFT icon WoodlandDruid TFT icon DruidTriggerseed Triggerseed

Shields the lowest-health ally for 200 / 300 / 400 (× Ability power icon AP) health for 5 seconds.
Janna OriginalSquare JannaHextech SkinCloud TFT icon CloudMystic TFT icon MysticMonsoon Monsoon

Summons a Monsoon with 3-hex radius around her, healing allies therein for {{as|25 / 35 / 200% (× Ability power icon AP) of their maximum health over 3 seconds, with each tick of healing occurring every 0.5 seconds. Nearby enemies are Airborne icon knocked back and Stun icon stunned for 1.5 seconds.
Jax GodStaffSquare JaxStandard SkinLight TFT icon LightBerserker TFT icon BerserkerGrandmaster's Might Counter Strike

Dodge icon Dodges all incoming attacks for 2 seconds, then strikes all nearby enemies, dealing 150 / 300 / 550 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage and Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
Karma DawnbringerSquare KarmaEpic SkinLunar TFT icon LunarMystic TFT icon MysticDefiance Inspire

At the start of combat, tethers to her closest ally. Shields the tethered ally (or a random one if the tether is dead) for 5 seconds, absorbing the next 250 / 400 / 800 (× Ability power icon AP) damage. While the shield holds, the ally receives 35 / 50 / 100% (× Ability power icon AP) bonus attack speed.
Kha'Zix GuardianoftheSandsSquare Kha'ZixHextech SkinDesert TFT icon DesertAssassin TFT icon AssassinEvolved Active Camouflage Arid Assault

Stealths and attacks the lowest-health enemy with 500 increased movement speed, dealing 100 / 200 / 500 (× Ability power icon AP) bonus physical damage, Critical strike icon critically striking, and gaining 5 / 10 / 15 mana.
Kindred ShadowfireSquare KindredEpic SkinShadow TFT icon Shadow
Inferno TFT icon Inferno
Ranger TFT icon RangerMounting Dread Dance of Dread

Lamb leaps away from her target by 2-hex, while Wolf mauls Kindred's target, dealing 150 / 325 / 650 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage and applying Grievous Wounds icon Grievous Wounds, reducing healing on the target for 5 seconds.
Kog'Maw CaterpillarSquare Kog'Maw1Poison TFT icon PoisonPredator TFT icon PredatorLiving Artillery Living Artillery

After a 0.35-second delay, launches an acidic blob at a random enemy, dealing 150 / 300 / 500 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage.
LeBlanc ElderwoodSquare LeBlancStandard SkinWoodland TFT icon WoodlandAssassin TFT icon Assassin
Mage TFT icon Mage
Ethereal Chains Ethereal Chain

Launches an ethereal chain at a random enemy, dealing 225 / 475 / 800 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage and, after a 0.5 seconds delay, Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 seconds.
Leona LunarEclipseSquare Leona1Lunar TFT icon LunarWarden TFT icon WardenEclipse Lunar Barrier

Giantize herself and reduces all incoming damage by 40 / 80 / 120 (× Ability power icon AP) for 4 seconds.
Lucian OriginalSquare LucianHextech SkinLight TFT icon LightSoulbound TFT icon SoulboundThe Culling The Culling

Fires 12 (+ 400% total attack speed) bullets in a direction for 4 seconds, each dealing 50% AD physical damage, applying on-hit effects, and dealing 40 / 50 / 100 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage.
Lucian will dash during The Culling to keep hitting enemies.
Lux ElementalistSquare LuxChina Skin Tier 9Transforming VariableAvatar TFT icon AvatarFinal Spark Final Spark

Fires an elemental blast dealing 550 / 900 / 99999 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies in a line. If at least one enemy is killed, restores 50 mana.
Malphite OriginalSquare MalphiteHextech SkinMountain TFT icon MountainWarden TFT icon WardenUnstoppable Force Unstoppable Force

Charges to a random enemy, dealing 150 / 300 / 1000 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to nearby enemies within 2-hex radius, Airborne icon knocking them into the air for 1 second, and Stun icon stunning them for 2 / 2.5 / 5 seconds.
Malzahar OverlordSquare MalzaharStandard SkinShadow TFT icon ShadowSummoner TFT icon SummonerVoid Swarm Shadow Swarm

Summons 2 / 3 / 4 Shadow Spawns, who hit for 40 / 70 / 100 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage each attack. Each Shadow Spawn has 250 / 300 / 400 health and can gain the Shadow TFT icon Shadow bonus (if active).
Maokai OriginalSquare Maokai1Woodland TFT icon WoodlandDruid TFT icon DruidSap Magic Sap Magic
After being damaged by an enemy spell, the next basic attack heals him for 100 / 150 / 200 (× Ability power icon AP) health.
Master Yi AssassinSquare Master YiUltimate SkinShadow TFT icon ShadowMystic TFT icon Mystic
Blademaster TFT icon Blademaster
Meditate Meditate

Meditates, becoming untargetable for 1 second and healing 30% (× Ability power icon AP) of maximum health over the duration. Afterwards, for 6 seconds, gains 100% bonus attack speed and basic attacks deal 40 / 80 / 500 (× Ability power icon AP) bonus magic damage on-hit, but cannot gain mana for the duration. Meditate ends if he is full health.
Nami DeepSeaSquare NamiUltimate SkinOcean TFT icon OceanMystic TFT icon MysticTidal Wave Tidal Wave

Summons a massive tidal wave which deals 100 / 200 / 300 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies hit, Airborne icon knocking up and Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 seconds. Allies hit are empowered for the next 8 seconds, making their basic attacks deal an additional 25 / 50 / 300 bonus magic damage on-hit.
Nasus LunarGuardianSquare Nasus1Light TFT icon LightWarden TFT icon WardenFury of the Sands Fury of the Dawn

Giantize and Surrounds himself in light for 7 seconds, gaining 250 / 400 / 550 maximum health and dealing 50 / 70 / 90 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage every second to adjacent enemies.
Nautilus OriginalSquare NautilusEpic SkinOcean TFT icon OceanWarden TFT icon WardenDepth Charge Depth Charge

Sends out a depth charge that seeks out the farthest enemy, Airborne icon knocking them up and Stun icon stunning them for 3 / 4 / 6 seconds, while also dealing 100 / 200 / 400 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies it passes through.
Neeko OriginalSquare NeekoStandard SkinWoodland TFT icon WoodlandDruid TFT icon DruidBlooming Burst Blooming Burst

Throws a seed at a random target that explodes for 100 / 200 / 350 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage three times with 1 / 1 / 3-hex radius (based on the number of detonations).
Nocturne EternumSquare NocturneEpic SkinSteel TFT icon SteelAssassin TFT icon AssassinSteel Blades Steel Blades
Every third basic attack damages all adjacent enemies and applies on-hit effects. It also heals for 50 / 60 / 70% of the damage dealt.
Olaf GlacialSquare OlafHextech SkinGlacial TFT icon GlacialBerserker TFT icon BerserkerRagnarok Ragnarok

Giantize himself and gains 125 / 150 / 450% bonus attack speed, 0% − 50% (based on missing health) lifesteal, and immunity to crowd control for the rest of the round.
Ornn ThunderLordSquare Ornn1Electric TFT icon ElectricWarden TFT icon WardenBellows Breath Lightning Breath

Breathes lightning in a cone, dealing 125 / 250 / 450 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to enemies therein, and increasing their chance to be Critical strike icon critical struck by 25% for the next 10 seconds.
Qiyana OriginalSquare QiyanaEpic SkinTransforming VariableAssassin TFT icon AssassinEdge of Ixtal Elemental Blade

Dash to the optimum position if available and throws a 2-hex wind blast through them, Stun icon stunning enemies for 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 seconds and dealing 300 / 500 / 900 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage.
Rek'Sai EternumSquare Rek'SaiStandard SkinSteel TFT icon SteelPredator TFT icon PredatorFurious Bite Furious Bite

Bites an enemy, dealing 250 / 550 / 1000 (× Ability power icon AP) true damage.
Renekton OriginalSquare Renekton1Desert TFT icon DesertBerserker TFT icon BerserkerCull the Meek Cull the Meek

Swings his blade, dealing 150 / 275 / 475 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to nearby enemies and healing himself for 150 / 225 / 300 (× Ability power icon AP) health per enemy hit.
Senna OriginalSquare SennaStandard SkinShadow TFT icon ShadowSoulbound TFT icon SoulboundPiercing Darkness Piercing Darkness

Fires a beam through her furthest ally (or a nearest enemy if there is no ally), dealing 50 / 100 / 150 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to enemies hit by the beam, and granting allies 20 / 45 / 70 bonus magic damage on-hit for 5 seconds.
Singed OriginalSquare SingedUltimate SkinPoison TFT icon PoisonAlchemist TFT icon AlchemistPoison Trail Poison Trail
Leaves a toxic cloud for 3.25 seconds wherever he moves, poisoning enemies who stand in it for 225 / 300 / 2000 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage over 6 seconds, with each tick of damage occurring every 0.5 seconds.
Sion WarmongerSquare SionEpic SkinShadow TFT icon ShadowBerserker TFT icon BerserkerDecimating Smash Decimating Smash

Winds up for 0.75 seconds, then smashes his axe down a 2-hex line in front of him, Airborne icon knocking up and dealing 200 / 350 / 700 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies hit.
Sivir OriginalSquare SivirEpic SkinDesert TFT icon DesertBlademaster TFT icon BlademasterRicochet Ricochet

For the next 5 seconds, basic attacks bounce up to 5 / 7 / 9 times to nearby enemies within 2-hex range of their, dealing 100 / 125 / 150% AD physical damage and applying on-hit effects.
Skarner OriginalSquare SkarnerStandard SkinCrystal TFT icon CrystalPredator TFT icon PredatorCrystalline Exoskeleton Crystalline Exoskeleton

Shields himself for 150 / 450 / 750 (× Ability power icon AP) health for 8 seconds. While the shield persists, gains 50 / 75 / 100% bonus attack speed.
Soraka CelestineSquare SorakaEpic SkinLight TFT icon LightMystic TFT icon MysticEquinox Equinox

Calms the 1-hex raidus area around a random enemy for 3 / 5 / 7 seconds, dealing 150 / 300 / 450 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies standing in it and Silence icon locking mana of them.
Syndra AtlanteanSquare SyndraStandard SkinOcean TFT icon OceanMage TFT icon MageDark Sphere Hydro Sphere

Conjures a sphere of water with a 2-hex radius which explodes near a random enemy, dealing 225 / 375 / 650 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies hit.
Taliyah OriginalSquare Taliyah1Mountain TFT icon MountainMage TFT icon MageSeismic Shove Seismic Shove

Causes the ground to erupt under the enemy with the most mana, dealing 150 / 350 / 550 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to them, and Stun icon stunning them for 2 seconds. This also Airborne icon knocks melee enemies away from her, or Airborne icon pulls ranged enemies toward her, with 2-hex distance.
Taric OriginalSquare TaricUltimate SkinCrystal TFT icon CrystalWarden TFT icon WardenCosmic Radiance Cosmic Radiance

After a 1.5 second delay, pulses cosmic energy onto allied champions within 2 / 3 / 4 hexes, making them invulnerable for 2.5 / 2.5 / 8 seconds.
Thresh DeepTerrorSquare ThreshStandard SkinOcean TFT icon OceanWarden TFT icon WardenDark Passage Deep Sea Lantern

After a 0.25-second delay, throws his lantern to the lowest-health ally, shielding them and nearby allies for 250 / 400 / 600 (× Ability power icon AP) health for 5 seconds.
Twitch OriginalSquare TwitchHextech SkinPoison TFT icon PoisonRanger TFT icon RangerSpray and Pray Spray and Pray

For the next 8 seconds, gains 30 / 60 / 200% AD bonus physical damage on-hit and infinite range. During this time his basic attacks travel their full range and hit every enemy they pass through. This also applies on-hit effects.
Varus InfernalSquare VarusStandard SkinInferno TFT icon InfernoRanger TFT icon RangerPiercing Arrow Piercing Arrow

After channeling for 1.5 seconds, fires a piercing arrow up to 8 hexes away, dealing 225 / 450 / 800 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to all enemies in its path.
Vayne ArclightSquare Vayne1Light TFT icon LightRanger TFT icon RangerSilver Bolts Silver Bolts
Basic attacks apply a Silver Bolts stack. Attacking a new enemy removes all her stacks from the previous target.
The third stack consumes them all to deal 10 / 13 / 16% (× Ability power icon AP) of target's maximum health bonus true damage.
Veigar OriginalSquare VeigarEpic SkinShadow TFT icon ShadowMage TFT icon MagePrimordial Burst Primordial Burst

Blasts an enemy, dealing 325 / 650 / 975 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage.
If Veigar is a higher star level than his target, instantly kill it
Vladimir DarkWatersSquare Vladimir1Ocean TFT icon OceanMage TFT icon MageTransfusion Drain

Deals 200 / 325 / 500 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage to the target and heals himself for the same amount.
Volibear OriginalSquare old VolibearStandard SkinGlacial TFT icon Glacial
Electric TFT icon Electric
Berserker TFT icon BerserkerFrenzy Frenzied Bite

Bites his target in 2-hex range, priority for his attack target, dealing 200 / 450 / 850 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage. If the target is below 35% health it is killed instantly. If the target dies during the execute, fully restores mana.
Warwick TundraHunterSquare Warwick1Glacial TFT icon GlacialPredator TFT icon PredatorInfinite Duress Infinite Duress

Pounces on the enemy with the lowest health, Stun icon stunning them for 1.5 seconds and striking them 3 times, dealing a total of 200 / 500 / 800 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage. Each strike triggers on-hit effects and heals for all the damage dealt.
Yasuo OriginalSquare YasuoStandard SkinCloud TFT icon CloudBlademaster TFT icon BlademasterLast Breath Last Breath

Blinks to the enemy with the most items and Airborne icon knocks them up, holding them Airborne icon airborne for 1 second and hitting them 4 / 5 / 6 times, dealing basic attack damage and applying on-hit effects with each hit.
Yorick ArclightSquare YorickHextech SkinLight TFT icon LightSummoner TFT icon SummonerEulogy of the Isles Shepherd of Souls

Blesses his 2 / 3 / 12 lowest-health allies (except Minions of Light). When they die they are resurrected as a Minion of Light. Each Minion of Light has 500 / 700 / 2000 health, 100 / 175 / 250 (× Ability power icon AP) attack damage, 0.7 attack speed, 20 armor, and can gain the Light TFT icon Light bonus (if active).
Zed ShockbladeSquare ZedUltimate SkinElectric TFT icon ElectricAssassin TFT icon Assassin
Summoner TFT icon Summoner
Living Shadow Living Lightning

Creates a clone of himself behind his current target. This clone inherits its creator's items, stats, and current health, and can cast Living Lightning. Its mana cost is 50 / 25 higher. At 3-Star, the mana cost is reduced by 125.
Zyra WildfireSquare Zyra1Inferno TFT icon InfernoSummoner TFT icon SummonerDeadly Spines Rampant Growth

Summons 2 / 3 / 5 non-targetable Flame Spitters at a random location at the edge of the arena. Flame Spitters attack the nearest enemy for 4 seconds, dealing 55 / 65 / 75 (× Ability power icon AP) magic damage per attack a total of 4 times.

TFT Champion Cheat Sheet Set 2

Teamfight Tactics Champion Cheat Sheet Patch 10.1

Set 2 Trivia

  • Most champions have one Class and one Element, with a few exceptions:
  • Unlike other champions, Qiyana OriginalSquare Qiyana and Lux ElementalistSquare Lux have their element trait vary.
  • The majority of champions within Set 2 can be seen wearing a skin.
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