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This is a list of champions and their mana at level 1, mana growth and mana at level 18. No abilities that increase mana will be included in this list.

ChampionBaseGrowth coefficientValue at 18
Ahri Ahri41825843
Akshan Akshan350401030
Alistar Alistar350401030
Amumu Amumu28540965
Anivia Anivia495451260
Annie Annie41825843
Aphelios Aphelios348421062
Ashe Ashe28032824
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol350501200
Azir Azir48021837
Bard Bard350501200
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank26740947
Brand Brand46921826
Braum Braum311451076
Caitlyn Caitlyn31535910
Camille Camille339521223
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia350601370
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath270601290
Corki Corki350541268
Darius Darius26357.51240.5
Diana Diana37525800
Draven Draven360.56391023.56
Ekko Ekko280701470
Elise Elise324501174
Evelynn Evelynn315421029
Ezreal Ezreal375701565
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks50028976
Fiora Fiora300601320
Fizz Fizz31737946
Galio Galio500401180
Gangplank Gangplank280601300
Gragas Gragas400471199
Graves Graves325401005
Gwen Gwen330401010
Hecarim Hecarim277601297
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger38520725
Illaoi Illaoi300501150
Irelia Irelia350501200
Ivern Ivern450601470
Janna Janna350641438
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV30040980
Jax Jax339521223
Jayce Jayce375451140
Jhin Jhin300501150
Jinx Jinx245451010
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa344.8838990.88
Kalista Kalista250451015
Karma Karma374501224
Karthus Karthus46730.5985.5
Kassadin Kassadin400871879
Kayle Kayle330501180
Kayn Kayn410501260
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix327401007
Kindred Kindred30035895
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw325401005
LeBlanc LeBlanc334501184
Leona Leona30240982
Lillia Lillia410501260
Lissandra Lissandra47530985
Lucian Lucian348.8838994.88
Lulu Lulu350551285
Lux Lux48023.5879.5
Malphite Malphite280601300
Malzahar Malzahar37527.5842.5
Maokai Maokai375431106
Master Yi Master Yi25142965
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune325.8435920.84
Morgana Morgana340601360
Nami Nami365431096
Nasus Nasus326621380
Nautilus Nautilus400471199
Neeko Neeko45030960
Nidalee Nidalee295451060
Nocturne Nocturne27535870
Nunu & Willump Nunu & Willump28042994
Olaf Olaf316421030
Orianna Orianna41825843
Ornn Ornn340.6651445.6
Pantheon Pantheon317.1231844.12
Poppy Poppy28040960
Pyke Pyke415501265
Qiyana Qiyana320501170
Quinn Quinn26935864
Rakan Rakan315501165
Rammus Rammus31033871
Rell Rell350451115
Ryze Ryze300701490
Samira Samira348.8838994.88
Sejuani Sejuani400401080
Senna Senna350451115
Seraphine Seraphine440401120
Shaco Shaco29740977
Singed Singed330451095
Sion Sion330421044
Sivir Sivir325501175
Skarner Skarner320601340
Sona Sona340451105
Soraka Soraka425401105
Swain Swain46828.5952.5
Sylas Sylas310701500
Syndra Syndra480401160
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench325501175
Taliyah Taliyah42530935
Talon Talon377.2371006.2
Taric Taric300601320
Teemo Teemo33420674
Thresh Thresh274441022
Tristana Tristana25032794
Trundle Trundle281451046
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate33339996
Twitch Twitch287.240967.2
Udyr Udyr271501121
Urgot Urgot340451105
Varus Varus360401040
Vayne Vayne231.835826.8
Veigar Veigar49026932
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz46921826
Vex Vex490321034
Vi Vi295651400
Viktor Viktor405451170
Volibear Volibear350701540
Warwick Warwick28035875
Wukong Wukong300651405
Xayah Xayah340401020
Xerath Xerath45922833
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao274551209
Yorick Yorick300601320
Yuumi Yuumi400451165
Ziggs Ziggs48023.5879.5
Zilean Zilean452501302
Zoe Zoe42525850
Zyra Zyra41825843
Non mana champions
ChampionSecondary Resource
Aatrox AatroxManaless champion (uses blood well)
Akali AkaliManaless champion (uses energy)
Dr. Mundo Dr. MundoManaless champion (uses health)
Garen GarenManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Gnar GnarManaless champion (uses rage)
Katarina KatarinaManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Kennen KennenManaless champion (uses energy)
Kled KledManaless champion (uses courage)
Kled & Skaarl Kled & SkaarlManaless champion (uses courage)
Lee Sin Lee SinManaless champion (uses energy)
Mega Gnar Mega GnarManaless champion (uses rage)
Mordekaiser MordekaiserManaless champion (uses shield)
Rek'Sai Rek'SaiManaless champion (uses rage)
Renekton RenektonManaless champion (uses fury)
Rengar RengarManaless champion (uses ferocity)
Riven RivenManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Rumble RumbleManaless champion (uses heat)
Sett SettManaless champion (uses grit)
Shen ShenManaless champion (uses energy)
Shyvana ShyvanaManaless champion (uses fury)
Tryndamere TryndamereManaless champion (uses fury)
Viego ViegoManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Vladimir VladimirManaless champion (uses health, bloodthirst)
Yasuo YasuoManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Yone YoneManaless champion (uses no secondary resource)
Zac ZacManaless champion (uses health)
Zed ZedManaless champion (uses energy)