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This is a list of the champions and their base attack damage at level 1, attack damage growth and attack damage at level 18. No abilities passive, active or innate are included in this list. Item-gained damage is not included.

ChampionBaseGrowth coefficientValue at 18
Aatrox Aatrox605145
Ahri Ahri53.043104.04
Akali Akali62.43.3118.5
Alistar Alistar623.75125.75
Amumu Amumu53.383.8117.98
Anivia Anivia51.3763.2105.776
Annie Annie50.412.62595.035
Aphelios Aphelios57291
Ashe Ashe612.96111.32
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol573.2111.4
Azir Azir522.899.6
Bard Bard523103
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank61.543.5121.04
Brand Brand57.043108.04
Braum Braum55.3763.2109.776
Caitlyn Caitlyn622.88110.96
Camille Camille683.5127.5
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia533104
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath694.2140.4
Corki Corki552.597.5
Darius Darius645149
Diana Diana573108
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo61.273.5120.77
Draven Draven603.61121.37
Ekko Ekko583109
Elise Elise553106
Evelynn Evelynn613112
Ezreal Ezreal602.5102.5
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks55.362.62599.985
Fiora Fiora683.3124.1
Fizz Fizz58.043109.04
Galio Galio593.5118.5
Gangplank Gangplank643115
Garen Garen664.5142.5
Gnar Gnar593110
Gragas Gragas643.5123.5
Graves Graves683119
Hecarim Hecarim663.2120.4
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger55.5362.7101.436
Illaoi Illaoi685153
Irelia Irelia634131
Ivern Ivern503101
Janna Janna461.571.5
Jarvan IV Jarvan IV643.4121.8
Jax Jax683.375125.375
Jayce Jayce544.25126.25
Jhin Jhin594.7138.9
Jinx Jinx573.4114.8
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa591.787.9
Kalista Kalista693.5128.5
Karma Karma53.5443.3109.644
Karthus Karthus45.663.25100.91
Kassadin Kassadin58.8523.9125.152
Katarina Katarina583.2112.4
Kayle Kayle502.592.5
Kayn Kayn683.3124.1
Kennen Kennen483.75111.75
Kha'Zix Kha'Zix633.1115.7
Kindred Kindred652.5107.5
Kled Kled653.5124.5
Kled & Skaarl Kled & Skaarl653.5124.5
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw613.11113.87
LeBlanc LeBlanc54.883.5114.38
Lee Sin Lee Sin703.2124.4
Leona Leona60.043111.04
Lissandra Lissandra532.798.9
Lucian Lucian642.75110.75
Lulu Lulu472.691.2
Lux Lux53.543.3109.64
Malphite Malphite61.974129.97
Malzahar Malzahar553106
Maokai Maokai63.543.3119.64
Master Yi Master Yi663117
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar655.5158.5
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune502.795.9
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser614129
Morgana Morgana563.5115.5
Nami Nami51.2083.1103.908
Nasus Nasus673.5126.5
Nautilus Nautilus613.3117.1
Neeko Neeko482.590.5
Nidalee Nidalee613.5120.5
Nocturne Nocturne623.1114.7
Nunu & Willump Nunu & Willump613112
Olaf Olaf683.5127.5
Orianna Orianna40.3682.684.568
Ornn Ornn693.5128.5
Pantheon Pantheon643.3120.1
Poppy Poppy644132
Pyke Pyke62296
Qiyana Qiyana643.1116.7
Quinn Quinn592.499.8
Rakan Rakan623.5121.5
Rammus Rammus55.883.5115.38
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai643115
Renekton Renekton693.75132.75
Rengar Rengar683119
Riven Riven643115
Rumble Rumble613.2115.4
Ryze Ryze583109
Sejuani Sejuani664134
Senna Senna50050
Sett Sett604128
Shaco Shaco633114
Shen Shen603111
Shyvana Shyvana663.4123.8
Singed Singed633.375120.375
Sion Sion684136
Sivir Sivir633114
Skarner Skarner654.5141.5
Sona Sona493100
Soraka Soraka503101
Swain Swain582.7103.9
Sylas Sylas613112
Syndra Syndra53.8722.9103.172
Tahm Kench Tahm Kench563.2110.4
Taliyah Taliyah583.3114.1
Talon Talon683.1120.7
Taric Taric553.5114.5
Teemo Teemo543105
Thresh Thresh562.293.4
Tristana Tristana613.3117.1
Trundle Trundle683119
Tryndamere Tryndamere693.7131.9
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate523.3108.1
Twitch Twitch593.11111.87
Udyr Udyr665151
Urgot Urgot634131
Varus Varus613112
Vayne Vayne602.36100.12
Veigar Veigar522.797.9
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz54.93793.1416108.3451
Vi Vi633.5122.5
Viktor Viktor533104
Vladimir Vladimir553106
Volibear Volibear603111
Warwick Warwick653116
Wukong Wukong684136
Xayah Xayah602.9109.3
Xerath Xerath54.73105.7
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao663117
Yasuo Yasuo603.2114.4
Yorick Yorick625147
Yuumi Yuumi553.1107.7
Zac Zac603.4117.8
Zed Zed633.4120.8
Ziggs Ziggs54.2083.1106.908
Zilean Zilean51.643102.64
Zoe Zoe583.3114.1
Zyra Zyra53.3763.2107.776
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