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  • The icon for Lethal Tempo is a ropedart with its rope in the shape of a treble clef. Hence the Lethal 'Tempo'.


Sound Effects

Gaining the fifth stack
Upon fully stacking
Loop (maximum stacks)
Stacks wear off

Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Now correctly triggers against enemy champion clones.
  • Bonus attack speed per stack changed to (Melee role.png 10% − 15% / Ranged role.png 5% − 9%) (based on level) from (Melee role.png 13% / Ranged role.png 7%).
    • Maximum bonus attack speed changed to (Melee role.png 60% − 90% / Ranged role.png 30% − 54%) (based on level) from (Melee role.png 78% / Ranged role.png 42%).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where, at maximum stacks, the bonus attack speed would sometimes persist against non-champion targets.
  • Bonus attack speed per stack changed to (Melee role.png 13% / Ranged role.png 7%) from (Melee role.png 15% / Ranged role.png 5%).
    • Maximum bonus attack speed changed to (Melee role.png 78% / Ranged role.png 42%) from (Melee role.png 90% / Ranged role.png 30%).
  • Bonus attack range for Ranged role.png ranged champions reduced to 75 from 100.
  • New Effect:
    • Basic attacks on-attack against enemy champions grant a stack for 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times. Gain (Melee role.png 15% / Ranged role.png 5%) bonus attack speed for each stack, up to (Melee role.png 90% / Ranged role.png 30%) bonus attack speed at maximum stacks. At maximum stacks, gain (Melee role.png 50 / Ranged role.png 100) bonus attack range and increase the attack speed cap to 10. Stacks decay by 1 every 0.5 seconds upon expiring.
    • Cooldown: None.
  • Old Effect:
    • After 1.5 seconds upon damaging an enemy champion you gain 40% − 110% (based on level) bonus attack speed and your attack speed cap is increased for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active extends the duration to 6 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 6 seconds, starts after the effect ends.
  • Bug Fix: Now properly grants bonus attack speed after attacking enemy champions even if the target is shielded.
  • Bonus attack speed increased to 40% − 110% (based on level) from 30% − 80% (based on level).
  • Cooldown reduced to 6 seconds from 10.
V7.22 Added
  • Precision icon.png Precision Keystone rune.
    • Passive: Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 30% − 80% (based on level) attack speed for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds.
    • Lethal Tempo allows you to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit.