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Champion Sneak Peek - Leona, the Radiant Dawn

By Average Gatsby [1]


Since we launched League of Legends, there's been quite a bit of clamor about equal rights amongst tanks. Well, at Riot Games, we like to think of ourselves as a progressive company, and today we're here to show our commitment to equal opportunity tanking.

Allow me to introduce LeonaSquare Leona, the Radiant Dawn. In addition to being a defender of all that is good and light, Leona is a strong, independent woman ready to throw down and tank with the best of them.

Leona Mechanics Preview

By Ryan 'Morello' Scott [2]

Greetings Summoners!

We wanted to give you a glimmer of insight into the mechanics of our newest champion, LeonaSquare Leona, the Radiant Dawn.

Leona is a bit special because she's our answer to a pretty popular fan request; a female tank! I think a good place to start is to answer "what exactly does 'tank' mean to us at Riot?"

  • Starts and initiates teamfights (usually via CC)
  • Soaks up damage.
  • May peel dangerous attackers off other vulnerable teammates.
  • Presents itself as an attractive target by causing long-term 'threat' as the fight continues.

Leona does this by providing a low-cooldown, low-duration, single-target Shield of Daybreak stun with a skillshot Zenith Blade gap-closer to start. After she closes the gap to the enemy, she'll be performing regular single-target Shield of Daybreak stuns that really disrupt the fight or peel off a target from an ally once a fight has begun. Additionally, she has a Eclipse defensive stance that allows her to soak up punishment pretty effectively and also discharges a wave of sunlight outward that causes significant damage. This mechanic acts as a sort of 'soft taunt' that causes her to have some threat when she's about to unleash a big chunk of damage, and makes her an attractive target.

Finally, her Sunlight passive, Sunlight Sunlight, causes all of Leona's spells to debuff the target, causing the next attack from an ally to do additional damage. This really encourages Leona to mark high-priority targets and let her set up opportunities for her teammates. Her power increases with the length of the fight, a common tank trait (like SingedSquare Singed's Poison Trail Poison Trail or AmumuSquare Amumu's Despair Despair, for example)

We're excited to be able to deliver something we're really proud of to meet our players' requests and expectations. Keep letting us know what you want - we do take your feedback seriously.

Eclipse Leona Login Screen Music

By Riot ProtoShredanoid [3]

The music started with a very simple pattern on guitar.

Eclipse Leona intro guitar pattern:

This initial figure, or shall I say “seed,” resonated with me. The key of B major along with the open B string pedal on guitar have a bright quality, which feels like Leona. B major is generally considered a very sharp and bright key, and to me it sounds like a super saturated hue of yellow (“pitch to color” could be an entire post by itself!).

Now that we have a figure that feels good and we’ve nurtured our initial inspiration, it’s time to find an instrument that could help further create a sonic identity for Leona. (In other words… let’s turn that tiny sprout into a towering tree.)

Personally, I feel there is something spiritual about the hang drum. Maybe it’s all of the images I’ve seen of hippies and cool dudes with dreads playing it—or maybe it’s just me? Either way, perhaps one could imagine the Solari of Mount Targon using melodic, hang drum-like instruments to connect with the Cosmos and Aspects. The hang drum also has a very metallic quality, which feels fitting for Leona’s shield and armor. It also feels more weighty and stronger when compared to the glassy textures that we normally associate with instruments used for Targonian music. Because Leona is such a tank, this strength and heaviness seems very appropriate.

Eclipse Leona intro pattern on Hang Drum:

Next we add some variation to our pattern with piano and harp, add high-register celeste to further connect us to the Cosmos (it is Eclipse Leona, afterall), and add some organic fantasy magic elements to represent the power of the sun that Leona wields.

Eclipse Leona intro with above mentioned instrumentation:

Now that we have something that’s starting to sound like a piece of music (or to follow the metaphor, looks like a tree), the inspiration process snowballs. Our little sketch inspires us to hum a melody (sung by Lisa Thorn in the final version, who voiced the original Diana theme), add rhythmic figures, design big brassy braams, and build into full traditional orchestra. The snowball effect eventually leads us into an entirely new section for the second half of the piece, signifying the power of the Moon.

None of the above would have happened if we did not trust our initial seed of inspiration and tend to it. While this process will surely vary from person to person, I feel the underlying message remains the same: Never underestimate your raw inspiration.

Exploring Music for Eclipse Leona

Exploring Music for Eclipse Leona

The initial idea for the Moon section came late at night, floating around the Moon. We felt a calm, cool, darker, more folkloric section would contrast the Sun melody and balance the piece.


Eclipse Leona - Login Screen

Eclipse Leona - Login Screen

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