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  • In the Chinese version, his name is written as 李青 (Mandarin: Lǐ Qīng).
    • 李 is a common Chinese surname meaning "plum" < Old Chinese rəʔ[3] 
      • possibly from a North-East Asian substrate[4].
      • also borrowed into Korean (Northern eumhun: Ri 리, Southern: I 이) & Vietnamese (Lí ~ Lý).
    • 青 means "green", the color of living trees' leaves, from OC *k-seŋ < ST *k-siŋ < *siŋ "green, alive" (cf. "to live" *sriŋ > 生 *sreŋ > shēng).[5]
  • The official Riot's pronunciation /li: sɪn/ sounds similar to listen /ˈlɪsən/, yet not exactly homophonic.
  • During development he was simply called BlindMonk, Marty Punchman[6], and later Xizun[7], and he wore a straw hat and a staff in a wildly different design.
    • Xizun appears to be a near-homophone for 'season'.


  • Lee Sin and SorakaSquare Soraka share the quote "Where am I needed?".
  • Lee Sin GodFistCircle God Fist Lee Sin's quote "The key to immortality? Being better than everyone else" is likely a jab at Master YiSquare Master Yi's quote "The key to immortality? Not dying".
  • "Master yourself, master the enemy" might be referencing The Art of War by Sun Tzu.


Lee Sin OriginalCircle Original Lee Sin
Lee Sin TraditionalCircle Traditional Lee Sin
Lee Sin DragonFistCircle Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Chromaskins Chromas: Black, Blue, Yellow
Lee Sin MuayThaiCircle Muay Thai Lee Sin
Lee Sin PoolPartyCircle Pool Party Lee Sin
Lee Sin SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Lee Sin
Lee Sin KnockoutCircle Knockout Lee Sin
Lee Sin GodFistCircle God Fist Lee Sin
Lee Sin PlaymakerCircle Playmaker Lee Sin


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