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Welcome to the Community's To Do List. In this list of you will find all the projects and small things that still need to be completed on the wiki.

To reduce the length of this page, game-specific todo lists have been created

Editor Requests[]

Articles with content requests 52 pages
Articles with missing citations 2 pages
Article stubs 103 pages
Articles with outdated information 34 pages
Articles in need of cleaning up 23 pages
Game mechanics that need testing 112 pages
Requested merges 0 pages
Requested splits 3 pages
Articles marked for protection 0 pages
Articles marked for deletion 16 pages

Todo List[]

Project Description Status
Migration Pages with tabview need to be reorganized/reformatted to remove tabview, since tabview is no longer functional under UCP. Ongoing
Wild Rift Expansion Create a new new structure in order to distinguish gameplay elements between League of Legends icon League of Legends & Wild Rift icon Wild Rift Ongoing
Blurb Create blurbs to replace descriptions within tooltips of abilities, champions, etc. that can be too large and verbose in the context of a tooltip. Ongoing
Converting frame:preprocess function to frame:expandTemplate Module functions that use frame:preprocess() can be converted to use frame:expandTemplate() for more controlled template expansion. Ongoing
Riot Pages Pages for Riot Accounts & a page for LoL In-Game chat + Riot Account DMs Planned

Project: Migration[]

Pages with tabview need to be reorganized/reformatted to remove tabview, since tabview is no longer functional.

Alternate Universes

Project: Wild Rift Expansion[]

With Wild Rift icon Wild Rift being slowly released, many articles need to be made about the new content. Additionally, the Wiki needs to lay new structure in order to distinguish between two very similar games. Whether it be general editing, testing in-game mechanics, or reporting on the latest content, any form of contribution would be helpful.

Project: Blurb[]

Champion abilities currently show up in hoverover tooltips (like this one this one) the same way they are on champion pages. Though having all the important information on the abilities easily accessible is valued, these descriptions can be too large and verbose for this context.

Blurbs are summarized versions of abilities. They are currently intended strictly for tooltips, but could be expanded to more uses in the future if reception is good (i.e showcasing them on the champion pages themselves as an option for readers that just want a short description for what their enemies do).

Information on how to add blurbs can be found here.