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LoL Facebook Icon 28 This page documents an official League of Legends Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

This page outlines the use of the CheckUser extension on the League of Legends Wiki. Issues with this policy can be raised on the talk page, however, most of what is written here is part of Wikia's general policy on CheckUser usage and might not be modifiable.


The CheckUser extension can be used by users with the checkuser right to determine the IP of a user, as well as the useragent of each edit. The data provided by CheckUser can be used to prevent additional abuse from users who abuse multiple accounts.

CheckUser is not for fishing, and the action can only be performed when there is sufficient evidence to suggest abuse of multiple accounts. Users will not be checked solely based on a similar username or involvement in similar areas of the encyclopedia - there must be other compelling evidence before a check is made. CheckUser actions are reviewed by other users in the checkuser group, and if it is found that the tools is being abused then it will be removed.

Data received from checks will not be publicly released, and user's privacy will be respected at all times.

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