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LoL Facebook Icon 28 This page documents an official League of Legends Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.


When you kickban someone or, as it seems some chat moderators do, change their user group to kickbanned via Special:UserRights, you will, as per the chat policy, leave a message on the user you banned from chat's talk page with the following template {{Bannedfromchat|1|2}} followed by your signature, the 1 will be where you put the reason they were kickbanned, the 2 will be where you put the appropriate time in accordance with the policy.

The template does not create a new section on their talk page, so you have to create a new section yourself and place the template within, make sure to keep the section title appropriate. The template will insert the following text: You were banned from chat for the following reason: {{{1}}}. The duration of your ban is {{{2}}}. You may contact an admin to lift your ban after this duration.

Screenshots are not mandatory but are not only appreciated but also important in the case a chat ban gets questioned or opposed. Screenshots that include snippets are not acceptable, the whole chat pertaining to the incident must be captured for it to be acceptable.


If a Chat Moderator does not follow these policies consequential action will be taken by either an admin or a bureaucrat, after consultation with another admin or bureaucrat. This action may range from a warning being issued to the Chat Moderator or the removal of Chat Moderator rights from the user with a potential wiki or chat ban. The level of action will be up to the admin or bureaucrat serving the action.

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