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[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> got it
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> got it
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> first try
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> first try
[04:15] <ClariS> when i have the time to start actually getting on the chat a lot
[04:16] <Scarystorier> Hey claris
[04:16] <Scarystorier> lets nominate each other
[04:17] <ClariS> but this is like my second time seeing you
[04:17] <DeadWitness> I will nominate myself
[04:17] <DeadWitness> some day
[04:15] <ClariS> when i have the time to start actually getting on the chat a lot
[04:15] <ClariS> when i have the time to start actually getting on the chat a lot
[04:16] <Scarystorier> Hey claris
[04:16] <Scarystorier> Hey claris
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[04:21] <Scarystorier> bye mah online peeps
[04:21] <Scarystorier> bye mah online peeps
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> or
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> or
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
[04:21] <StealthTeh> "Try me."
[04:21] <Scarystorier> (say bye)
[04:21] <ClariS> later scary
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
[04:21] <StealthTeh> "Try me."
[04:21] <StealthTeh> "Try me."

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[12:02] <Izkael> lol
[12:02] <Izkael> real
[12:02] <Izkael> which national team is it
[12:03] <Izkael> oh no
[12:03] <Izkael> everyone's doing things
[12:03] <Psykolog> RG
[12:05] <NeonSpotlight> interesting
[12:14] <NeonSpotlight> K, abuse filter working
[12:14] <NeonSpotlight> somewhat
[12:14] <NeonSpotlight> will need a bigger more detailed warning though
[12:15] <Mylittlewut> i wish i knew how to work the abuse filter
[12:17] <Stray Cat> so =3
[12:17] <Stray Cat> i'm buing a 400k+ house =3
[12:17] <Mylittlewut> nice
[12:17] <Stray Cat> yaup
[12:18] <Mylittlewut> btw has dead been in here previously?
[12:18] <Stray Cat> 4bed,4bath,pool,hottub,sauna, huge area.
[12:18] <Stray Cat> I just got here... >.>
[12:18] <Hexmage> Wut
[12:19] <Stray Cat> what wut?
[12:19] <Stray Cat> which wut?
[12:19] <Hexmage> Well
[12:19] <Stray Cat> how wut?
[12:19] <Stray Cat> why wut?
[12:19] <Stray Cat> who wut?
[12:19] <Mylittlewut> im so happy i dont have my ear buds in
[12:19] <Mylittlewut> not ready for massive pings
[12:19] <Hexmage> Some time ago you were panicking over life choices and now you're buying a house
[12:19] <Mylittlewut> after a nap
[12:19] <Hexmage> So...
[12:19] <Hexmage> That wut
[12:19] <Hexmage> here wut
[12:19] <Stray Cat> I live a short life
[12:20] <Hexmage> because wut
[12:20] <Hexmage> your wut
[12:20] <Hexmage> and so on
[12:20] <Stray Cat> so wut
[12:20] <Mylittlewut> i just wanted to see if dead was on so we could provisioonal together..
[12:20] <Hexmage> Dead?
[12:21] <Mylittlewut> i forgot his whole username
[12:21] <Mylittlewut> he has thresh as his icon
[12:21] <Hexmage> Oh, that guy
[12:23] <Hexmage> Testing
[12:24] <Mylittlewut> pass
[12:24] <Hexmage> Good
[12:24] <Hexmage> Connection went weird
[12:27] <Bleetoh> Hi guys
[12:28] <Hexmage> 'sup
[12:28] <Mylittlewut> hi
[12:28] <Scarystorier> That certain persons' name was DeadWitness
[12:28] <Scarystorier> he has thresh as his icon.
[12:29] <Bleetoh> I'm a (quite new) admin at the spanish wiki. Do you know what can I do to spread a message effectively?
[12:29] <Scarystorier> hmm
[12:29] <Mylittlewut> what kind of mesage?
[12:29] <Scarystorier> To be fair, I have no idea.
[12:29] <Mylittlewut> do you have the new wikia forums implemented?
[12:29] <Bleetoh> I think I've seen a red bar on top of the browser window sometimes here, but I think that may be something on Wikia's side.
[12:29] <Ahri-chan> How many is the maximum points of damage can an AD deal with related runes, masteries and items? Take Fiora.
[12:30] <Mylittlewut> blee, does your wiki has the new wikia forms implemented with kudos and such?
[12:30] <Hexmage> You mean the highest amount of AD you can reach?
[12:30] <Scarystorier> But Fiora is weak in terms of survivability.
[12:30] <Ahri-chan> Yeah.
[12:30] <Bleetoh> I just wrote a blog, and wanted it to have more visibility. I was thinking of a big red rectangle on top of the main page, but maybe there's another way.
[12:30] <Mylittlewut> so are other champions scary
[12:30] <Hexmage> Above 617, if that guy in my last game is to be believed
[12:30] <Scarystorier> But her dueling potentials are very high as her kit is based entirely on dueling.
[12:30] <Mylittlewut> um blee you arent answereing my question
[12:31] <Hexmage> Or was it 417...
[12:31] <Mylittlewut> i cant help you if you dont answer
[12:31] <Ahri-chan> Scary: No escapes after stopping on your rampage.
[12:31] <Bleetoh> Mylittlewut: No, I didn't know there were kudos at the forums :O I actually asked the people at wikia for that functionality lol.
[12:31] <Scarystorier> I myself played Fiora a lot back then but I found her passive pretty weak.
[12:31] <Mylittlewut> [[Special:Forum]]
[12:31] <Mylittlewut> do you have this kind of forum?
[12:32] <Bleetoh> I don't have it enabled.
[12:32] <Scarystorier> Anyways @Bleetoh, how did you come up with the idea of the Spanish wiki?
[12:32] <Hexmage> Both her passive and W are kinda weak
[12:32] <Mylittlewut> well if you do by wikia labs (i think) you can make it so you make a important discussion indicator on the top right corner
[12:32] <Scarystorier> Yes. I agree.
[12:33] <Ahri-chan> Build Hydra and lifesteal items. Especially the Bloodthirster.
[12:33] <Scarystorier> Jax.
[12:33] <Scarystorier> Thornmail.
[12:33] <Hexmage> I think Bloodthirster is kinda bad on her
[12:33] <Ahri-chan> Life steal and hydra goes well with Fiora's passive.
[12:33] <Scarystorier> Wrong, hexmage
[12:33] <Bleetoh> Because I'm a spanish native speaker, and it was already created (but it was just a load of crap). So I picked it up with a few guys from the official forums.
[12:33] <Mylittlewut> scary dont tell others they are wrong
[12:33] <Hexmage> Hydra and BotRK Last Whisper, then Randuin's or something
[12:34] <Scarystorier> Ok, Ok, I am just clearly stating my opinion as I have played Fiora before.
[12:34] <Scarystorier> It is actually pretty good on her
[12:34] <Mylittlewut> its better to have the wikia forms enabled and post wikia dicussions there instead of a blog
[12:34] <Mylittlewut> and making sure that it highlighted
[12:34] <Bleetoh> Actually, the message I'm trying to make visible is to agree on a way to communicate (one of the things it addresses).
[12:34] <Scarystorier> Hey Bleetoh
[12:35] <Scarystorier> I know some Spanish words myself
[12:35] <Hexmage> I mean, I know why BT is good on Fiora, but there are just things that are better in my opinion
[12:35] <Scarystorier> give example please @hexmage
[12:35] <Mylittlewut> the new forums can help greatly
[12:35] <Scarystorier> what items would work better on her
[12:35] <Mylittlewut> and the new message walls
[12:35] <Hexmage> Scroll up a bit
[12:35] <Bleetoh> Come help if you want, we already translated the {{Ability}} template for every champion, we're now moving to Items.
[12:36] <Mylittlewut> sorry i have work on another wiki to do
[12:36] <Bleetoh> We were basically 3 doing that, now there's a lot more people helping, so I wanted to organize them before it went out of control.
[12:37] <Bleetoh> Ok, I guess I'll try the wikia forums them.
[12:37] <Scarystorier> Well, at least there's a lot of people helping to build your wiki
[12:37] <Scarystorier> It's better than 3 in my opinion
[12:37] <Bleetoh> But for now, do you have a template to display like an alert sign or something? Maybe I can use it on the main page for a day or two.
[12:38] <Scarystorier> ?
[12:38] <Bleetoh> It surely is. More trolls come too, but I think we're becoming more resilient as well.
[12:38] <Mylittlewut> wikia makes it easier to help you with highlighted notifications on the forums
[12:38] <Scarystorier> I am sorry but I am not knowledgable in those topic areas. 
[12:38] <Scarystorier> I think wut could help you out.
[12:39] <Mylittlewut> also if trolls bother you, you could ask for an abuse filter, but its slightly complicated and i have no idea how to work it
[12:39] <Mylittlewut> and it needs a majority community agreement as its a large part of the wikia
[12:40] <Scarystorier> Hmm.
[12:40] <Bleetoh> Yea, so far we're good with that.
[12:40] <Ahri-chan> Question.
[12:40] <Scarystorier> It is quite interesting to see that everyone here lives in different timezones.
[12:41] <Scarystorier> Just an observation.
[12:41] <Ahri-chan> Why do people build AD on Nasus?
[12:41] <Mylittlewut> um..his q?
[12:41] <Mylittlewut> i mean if you stack a crap ton with bonus damage you want to amplify it
[12:41] <Scarystorier> Get Armor Pen.
[12:41] <NeonSpotlight> Psy
[12:42] <NeonSpotlight> r u ther
[12:42] <Scarystorier> I have a question.
[12:42] <NeonSpotlight> what template is it that I see all the time on custom champions, it starts with something like ara ara
[12:42] <Scarystorier> The users' "Psykolog" icon, what is it?
[12:42] <Senvious> Neon.
[12:42] <Senvious> Mineko's?
[12:43] <NeonSpotlight> probably
[12:43] <Senvious> It's on mine.
[12:43] <Scarystorier> Hmm.
[12:43] <Scarystorier> I will settle on it as Ezreal.
[12:43] <Mylittlewut> its not even ezreal
[12:43] <Mylittlewut> its like saying my icon is a pokemon
[12:44] <NeonSpotlight> Psyk's avatar is from the Earthbound game series 
[12:44] <Scarystorier> Well, whatever.
[12:44] <Hexmage> You can click on it at then choose "message wall" to look at his profile
[12:44] <Scarystorier> I must go now and play LoL.
[12:44] <Scarystorier> Wait,
[12:44] <Scarystorier> A question before I leave.
[12:44] <Hexmage> I ish tired
[12:44] <Scarystorier> What do you guys think of Jinx?
[12:44] <Mylittlewut> what time hex?
[12:44] <Scarystorier> Ok, nevermind then.
[12:44] <Hexmage> Jinx is way too good
[12:45] <Scarystorier> Bye my fellow... summoners.
[12:45] <Hexmage> Too much pushing power combined with tons of free AS => towers go boom
[12:45] <Hexmage> Also global AoE garen ult 
[12:45] <Mylittlewut> jinx is a tower melter :( i wish she wasnt
[12:45] <NeonSpotlight> I don't like her rocket's AoE
[12:45] <Hexmage> Or at least some people compare those
[12:46] <Bleetoh> Ok guys, I'm leaving. Thanks for the help!
[12:46] <NeonSpotlight> makes harassing so easy in lane
[12:46] <NeonSpotlight> bai bleetoh
[12:46] <Mylittlewut> you can ask me anything blee if you needhelp
[12:47] <Psykolog> "Von Bolt is old and doesn't want to die. Thankfully, there is an unsuspecting continent full of energy and a number of crazy scientists available to help him stay alive and well."
[12:49] <Hexmage> Finally found time to start reading those books btw
[12:50] <Scarystorier> Hmm
[12:50] <Scarystorier> jinx 2nd pick
[12:50] <Scarystorier> which is me
[12:50] <Scarystorier> is that fine?
[12:51] <Mylittlewut> its your chioce if your good with her or not
[12:51] <Mylittlewut> is graves a mana whore?
[12:51] <Psykolog> and now I sleep
[12:51] <Psykolog> good night
[12:51] <Mylittlewut> night
[12:51] <Scarystorier> THEY TOOK JINX
[12:51] <NeonSpotlight> night
[12:52] <Scarystorier> I went as Cait
[12:53] <Mylittlewut> you just countered yourself if you dont know cait
[01:00] <SmellsClean> Varus op pls
[01:00] <NeonSpotlight> And my abuse filter is complete
[01:01] <SmellsClean> Oh noes
[01:01] <NeonSpotlight> Now I need kitty
[01:01] <NeonSpotlight> KITTY
[01:02] <NeonSpotlight> Or Ahri or Fei or Hex
[01:02] <Hexmage> WHAT
[01:02] <NeonSpotlight> Go make me a blog post
[01:02] <NeonSpotlight> tell me what you see after you click publish 
[01:02] <Hexmage> Goddamnit now I have to log in
[01:02] <NeonSpotlight> Stop your whining and do it anyway
[01:02] <NeonSpotlight> and blame kitty for being "away"
[01:03] <Hexmage> I like whining, but I'm glad to help
[01:03] <NeonSpotlight> You better be glad >:O
[01:03] <Hexmage> Or would be if this thing worked...
[01:03] <Hexmage> finally
[01:04] <NeonSpotlight> You were supposed to click publish
[01:04] <NeonSpotlight> and it not go through
[01:04] <NeonSpotlight> and there be some fancy warning thing
[01:04] <NeonSpotlight> at the top of the editor
[01:04] <Mylittlewut> neon do you like pokemon?
[01:04] <NeonSpotlight> ofc
[01:05] <NeonSpotlight> Psy's scared of my pokeman skills
[01:05] <Mylittlewut> i wish i had skills
[01:05] <Hexmage> It worked
[01:05] <NeonSpotlight> you got a message?
[01:05] <NeonSpotlight> if so, wonderful
[01:05] <NeonSpotlight> it only applies to users who aren't admins or mods
[01:05] <Hexmage> The part where I had problems was because the page didn't load 
[01:06] <NeonSpotlight> oh ok
[01:06] <NeonSpotlight> I'll probably take off the mod part until I show it to Mineko and Claris, so they can see it
[01:06] <NeonSpotlight> unfortunately, it shows up every time you want to edit a blog
[01:07] <Hexmage> I think that's a minor inconvenience compared to, well...
[01:07] <NeonSpotlight> not quite sure if/how to make it only show up on blog creation
[01:07] <NeonSpotlight> yea, that's my logic so far
[01:07] <Hexmage> Front page has 3 concepts in wrong category
[01:08] <Hexmage> Ooh, one made by some finnish guy
[01:08] <NeonSpotlight> "20:05, March 21, 2014: Hexmage (wall | contribs | block) triggered filter 12, performing the action "edit" on :Hexmage/"Go make me a blog post" -NeonSpotlight, 2014. Actions taken: Warn; Filter description: New blog warning (details | examine)"
[01:08] <NeonSpotlight> huehue
[01:08] <Hexmage> Hehuehue
[01:08] <NeonSpotlight> Gives a new place to new blogs as well
[01:09] <Hexmage> Hmm, about 5 hour difference...
[01:10] <NeonSpotlight> EST
[01:11] <Mylittlewut> so many assassins in my game
[01:11] <Mylittlewut> this wont go well
[01:12] <Smidanos> heey
[01:12] <Hexmage> Oh, right.
[01:12] <Stray Cat> wow i got owned up top =/
[01:12] <Mylittlewut> sorry stray
[01:12] <Mylittlewut> lol
[01:12] <Hexmage> What's up Smidanos?
[01:12] <Mylittlewut> i just got connected with a 4 premade
[01:12] <Mylittlewut> im the adc
[01:12] <Smidanos> fine u ?
[01:13] <Hexmage> Doin' fine, bit tired though, listening to This is War 2, Viktor's part
[01:14] <Smidanos> loool 
[01:14] <Smidanos> sorry for u 
[01:15] <Ilkcs> http://www.lolking.net/models/?champion=110&skin=3
[01:15] <Ilkcs> dat arm meng
[01:15] <NeonSpotlight> oh, I forgot to ask you people
[01:15] <NeonSpotlight> does anyone see a big options thing above the user list?
[01:15] <Hexmage> Weird... I haven't seen Armegdon here in ages even though he is back already
[01:15] <Ilkcs> yes
[01:15] <Hexmage> Nope
[01:16] <NeonSpotlight> should look like this http://prntscr.com/32y9we
[01:16] <Feirund> nothing of the sort
[01:16] <Hexmage> Refresh, I think
[01:17] <Hexmage> Nope, still missing
[01:17] <Ilkcs> does it only work when you have chathax?
[01:17] <NeonSpotlight> hmm, maybe it'll show up later, I know javascript changes can take a while to get around
[01:17] <NeonSpotlight> I don't have chat hax
[01:17] <Ilkcs> oh
[01:17] <NeonSpotlight> I took mine out for this
[01:17] <Ilkcs> does it only work with rights?
[01:17] <NeonSpotlight> since it enables it anyway
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> it shouldn't
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> but idk
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> lemme see on my bot
[01:18] <Ilkcs> your bot has rights
[01:18] <Ilkcs> no?
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> I can take rights away :x
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> but fine
[01:18] <Ilkcs> lel
[01:18] <NeonSpotlight> I'll use my norights alt
[01:18] <Hexmage> How many alts do you even have...
[01:19] <NeonSpotlight> 2, one bot one non-bot
[01:20] <NeonSpotlight> and I can't remember alt's password
[01:20] <Neon's Toy> I have it as a mod using opera...
[01:21] <Stray Cat> waaannna seee some +18 stuff =3
[01:21] <NeonSpotlight> not everyone here's like 30 like you Stray
[01:21] <Stray Cat> wait who's this toy
[01:21] <Stray Cat> dude people here has got to be atleast 18
[01:21] <NeonSpotlight> I think the policy is 13
[01:22] <Stray Cat> even better
[01:22] <Hexmage> Well, I'm not against anything
[01:22] <Neon's Toy> don't have it as non-mod
[01:22] <Neon's Toy> hmm
[01:22] <Stray Cat> i'm not 30 =/
[01:22] <Ilkcs> that's what I thought
[01:22] <Stray Cat> i plan to die 35
[01:22] <Neon's Toy> close enough :3
[01:22] <Stray Cat> i still got a bit left
[01:23] <Hexmage> Was it 30 or 40 when you're supposed to get the wizardry powers?
[01:23] <Neon's Toy> I think it's 30 for mage 40 for wizard
[01:23] <Sabreturbox> just won a full yordle team
[01:23] <Sabreturbox> seacats
[01:24] <Stray Cat> unless teemo was in it
[01:24] <Stray Cat> it doesn't count
[01:24] <Ilkcs> hello
[01:24] <Sabreturbox> he was
[01:24] <Stray Cat> then it was worth double
[01:24] <SeraphicMelody> I have it
[01:24] <SeraphicMelody> on firefox without mod rights
[01:24] <Sabreturbox> highest damage
[01:26] <Stray Cat> neon
[01:26] <Hexmage> Ugh, why'd you do that?
[01:26] <Stray Cat> how would you like to pay to message me?
[01:26] <NeonSpotlight> ugh what
[01:26] <Stray Cat> massage
[01:26] <NeonSpotlight> I'd pay to watch kitty massage you
[01:26] <Stray Cat> ok
[01:27] <Stray Cat> sounds good
[01:27] <Hexmage> That seraphicwhatever kicking
[01:27] <NeonSpotlight> alt account
[01:27] <Stray Cat> i get money+massage
[01:27] <NeonSpotlight> keep up hex
[01:27] <Hexmage> Goddamnit I mixed it with someone else leaving
[01:27] <Hexmage> Hmm
[01:27] <Stray Cat> kitty get on league
[01:27] <Hexmage> Yeah I'm going to sleep
[01:27] <Ilkcs> I am on league
[01:27] <Ilkcs> good night
[01:28] <Stray Cat> get on the right league >.>
[01:28] <Stray Cat> night night
[01:28] <Hexmage> 'night
[01:28] <Neon's Toy> ok, no mod rights and have it on opera as well
[01:28] <Ilkcs> you're the one that's not on the right league
[01:28] <Neon's Toy> so, probably just a cache issue for those who don't have it
[01:28] <Stray Cat> neon make me a mod
[01:28] <Ilkcs> no
[01:28] <Stray Cat> i'll pay you 5 bucks
[01:28] <Stray Cat> that's more then any of these mods pay you
[01:28] <Ilkcs> bribe too?
[01:28] <NeonSpotlight> but
[01:28] <Stray Cat> 5.25
[01:29] <NeonSpotlight> Teh would just demote you
[01:29] <NeonSpotlight> after reading the logs
[01:29] <Stray Cat> 5.50
[01:29] <Stray Cat> that's as high as i'll go
[01:29] <NeonSpotlight> I wonder if this multikick will ever be useful 
[01:29] <NeonSpotlight> outside of a parlor trick kind of situation
[01:29] <Stray Cat> you can get an egg sandwich
[01:29] <Stray Cat> +coke
[01:30] <Ilkcs> I had to kick 3 people a few days ago
[01:30] <Ilkcs> well
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> but what if I don't like egg sandwiches
[01:30] <Ilkcs> would be fun if it were a multiban
[01:30] <Stray Cat> meat
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> Can you multikick kitty
[01:30] <Ilkcs> yes
[01:30] <Stray Cat> you can get a chorizo
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> should try it on
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> uh
[01:30] <Ilkcs> haven't tested yet though
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> stray, kitty and
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> uh
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> err
[01:30] <Stray Cat> whoa whoa
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> stray, lions
[01:30] <Stray Cat> i don't like this volunteering stuff
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> and uh
[01:30] <Ilkcs> ya
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> me
[01:30] <NeonSpotlight> see if it goes through
[01:31] <Ilkcs> it works
[01:31] <NeonSpotlight> wonderful
[01:31] <NeonSpotlight> Lions
[01:31] <Ilkcs> now all we need is multiban
[01:31] <NeonSpotlight> did you see the new abuse filter
[01:31] <NeonSpotlight> multiban too abusive 
[01:31] <Stray Cat> take away that star
[01:31] <NeonSpotlight> I want a link to ban attached to the kick message
[01:31] <Ilkcs> how is it too abusive?
[01:31] <Stray Cat> and also give me one
[01:32] <LionsLight> now I have
[01:32] <Stray Cat> neon let me feel the power of a star
[01:32] <LionsLight> Hopefully people notice the message.
[01:32] <NeonSpotlight> Since you're like the expert, is there any way to make specify page creation instead of all edits
[01:33] <NeonSpotlight> make it specify*
[01:33] <Stray Cat> neon give me a star today while i feel like i want it =/
[01:33] <NeonSpotlight> that whole Special:CreateBlogPost or whatever it uses is bothersome
[01:33] <Stray Cat> you can take it away after i kick someone
[01:34] <NeonSpotlight> Stray, I'd give nysty star before you :x
[01:34] <Stray Cat> but but....i love you
[01:34] <Stray Cat> worship the floor you stand
[01:34] <Stray Cat> unless you are floating
[01:34] <Stray Cat> ploxxxx =3
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> Need a consensus of active mods
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> kitty
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> do you think stray deserves a star
[01:35] <Ilkcs> stray, you're just embarrassing yourself in front of the tehlescreen
[01:35] <Stray Cat> i have no pride!
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> I saw that phrase before
[01:35] <Ilkcs> no, I don't
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> and I didn't get it
[01:35] <NeonSpotlight> now I feel stupid
[01:36] <Stray Cat> oh c'mon neon =3
[01:36] <Stray Cat> just give me it for like a bit
[01:36] <Izkael> why is stray begging for a star
[01:36] <Stray Cat> i'll show you in a bit
[01:36] <Izkael> shiny sparkle?
[01:36] <Izkael> well, you're probably not getting one, so
[01:36] <Stray Cat> no i'm jst playful atm
[01:36] <Ilkcs> he wants to feel powerful
[01:37] <Izkael> unfortunately won't be able to witness your power aboos
[01:37] <Stray Cat> neon aren't you curious what the world looks like when i conquere this wiki!
[01:37] <Ilkcs> um
[01:38] <NeonSpotlight> but you wouldn't be able to conquer it, you can't kick teh or myself :x 
[01:38] <Ilkcs> good luck m8
[01:38] <Stray Cat> we can share this world
[01:38] <NeonSpotlight> And fei would come back in here with his banana eating skills
[01:38] <NeonSpotlight> and knock you down a peg or two
[01:38] <Izkael> is that skill something suggestive
[01:38] <NeonSpotlight> probably with his mouth
[01:38] <Ilkcs> ..wat
[01:38] <Stray Cat> whoa
[01:38] <NeonSpotlight> did you not see the gif
[01:38] <Stray Cat> that's suggestive
[01:39] <Ilkcs> I think I did
[01:39] <Stray Cat> neon star me!
[01:39] <Ilkcs> but I also saw fei's face
[01:39] <NeonSpotlight> @stray
[01:39] <NeonSpotlight> http://i.imgur.com/siUk0sm.gif
[01:39] <Feirund> you would not want me 
[01:39] <Feirund> to eat your bananas
[01:40] <Stray Cat> damn is that you neon
[01:40] <Stray Cat> you got mad skills
[01:40] <NeonSpotlight> I already told you its fei
[01:40] <NeonSpotlight> straight from his webcam
[01:40] <Izkael> no it ain't
[01:40] <Stray Cat> that's alot of bananas he's eatting
[01:40] <Izkael> fei is a white man
[01:40] <Stray Cat> he is an asian woman who likes banana
[01:40] <LionsLight> @Neon
[01:40] <Stray Cat> the internet never lies..
[01:41] <LionsLight> slap 'article_articleid = 0' somewhere onto the filter
[01:41] <LionsLight> to target new pages
[01:41] <Feirund> neither does Izk
[01:41] <Feirund> izk overrules internet
[01:41] <Izkael> sure would be nice
[01:41] <Izkael> all dem out of world media
[01:41] <Stray Cat> i'm izk's dad
[01:41] <Izkael> huh
[01:41] <Izkael> didn't expect that
[01:42] <Izkael> not that that changes anything
[01:42] <NeonSpotlight> article_namespace = 500 & article_articleid = 0 & !(user_groups contains "sysop")
[01:42] <NeonSpotlight> ?
[01:42] <Stray Cat> make me a star neon!
[01:42] <Izkael> Ahoy Claris
[01:42] <Ilkcs> hey claris
[01:42] <NeonSpotlight> oh good
[01:42] <ClariS> neon, slashingstrike had been on this wiki for over a year
[01:42] <Stray Cat> claris
[01:42] <NeonSpotlight> Claris, go make a blog and tell me what happens
[01:42] <NeonSpotlight> Stray's been here for like 2
[01:43] <NeonSpotlight> and he's fairly, um, incompetent, when it comes to editing 
[01:43] <Ilkcs> I'm second oldest here
[01:43] <Stray Cat> i don't have time
[01:43] <Stray Cat> for that kinda stuff
[01:43] <Izkael> really
[01:43] <ClariS> and all he does is edit his custom champion. I'm supposed to believe he has no idea about the 'create a blog' buttom
[01:43] <ClariS> button
[01:43] <Stray Cat> nope
[01:43] <NeonSpotlight> I thought izk was
[01:43] <NeonSpotlight> older than you
[01:43] <Stray Cat> i just want to hangout with you guys
[01:44] <Ilkcs> wat
[01:44] <Ilkcs> hell no
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> april, may, june
[01:44] <Stray Cat> now make me a star so i can test out the power
[01:44] <ClariS> and why do you need me to create a blog? to test what ever reason why you kicked me a few hours ago
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> What
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> no
[01:44] <Ilkcs> I was here when jelly was active dood
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> that was my multikick earlier
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> I need you to test the new abusefilter
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> Izkael
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> 1,064 edits
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> Member since May 2011
[01:44] <Izkael> wow
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> Ilkcs
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> 2,441 edits
[01:44] <NeonSpotlight> Member sinc
[01:44] <Izkael> may?
[01:45] <Izkael> huh
[01:45] <NeonSpotlight> Member since Jun 2011
[01:45] <Ilkcs> wot
[01:45] <Izkael> wut
[01:45] <Izkael> what
[01:45] <Izkael> what
[01:45] <Mylittlewut> lol
[01:45] <Izkael> really
[01:45] <Izkael> :O
[01:45] <NeonSpotlight> says it on your userpage
[01:45] <NeonSpotlight> "1,064 EDITS SINCE JOINING THIS WIKI
[01:45] <NeonSpotlight> MAY 3, 2011"
[01:45] <LionsLight> does claris have mod
[01:45] <Izkael> daaaayum
[01:45] <Stray Cat> man screw these league level limits...
[01:45] <ClariS> it appears neon
[01:45] <NeonSpotlight> ohgood
[01:45] <Stray Cat> why did they even make level limits..
[01:46] <NeonSpotlight> if you see mineko show it to him
[01:46] <LionsLight> Mods are exempt from your filter
[01:46] <Ilkcs> well I was active before izl :x
[01:46] <NeonSpotlight> only sysops are
[01:46] <ClariS> will do
[01:46] <Izkael> well,
[01:46] <LionsLight> Mods are flagged as sysops
[01:46] <LionsLight> under wikia's system
[01:46] <Izkael> i think my first edit was correcting phrases on vayne page
[01:46] <NeonSpotlight> sounds silly
[01:47] <ClariS> seriously, izk is older than kity
[01:47] <ClariS> i don't believe this
[01:48] <NeonSpotlight> shows up for my bot
[01:48] <NeonSpotlight> didn't show up when I added moderator to the filter
[01:49] <Izkael> boy toy
[01:49] <NeonSpotlight> and did not show up for me
[01:49] <Izkael> wow
[01:49] <Izkael> my first main space edit
[01:49] <Izkael> nitpicking grammar
[01:49] <Izkael> i'm a bitch
[01:50] <ClariS> good job
[01:50] <Stray Cat> neon why you no trust me
[01:50] <Izkael> [[Easter eggs?diff=prev&oldid=918693]]
[01:50] <NeonSpotlight> Oh, Claris, the abuse filter log will now basically be a list of all new blogs
[01:50] <Shaw Fujikawa> yes, you are a bitch, izk
[01:50] <ClariS> great to hear
[01:50] <Izkael> you're the bitch shaw
[01:50] <Izkael> go pant while you have no sweat glands
[01:50] <Izkael> bitch
[01:51] <Shaw Fujikawa> but i do have sweat glands
[01:51] <Izkael> you lie
[01:51] <Shaw Fujikawa> would i lie?
[01:51] <Izkael> yes
[01:51] <NeonSpotlight> I don't think nonadmins can see specific filters but [[Special:AbuseLog?wpSearchFilter=12]]
[01:51] <Shaw Fujikawa> lies!
[01:51] <ClariS> is there like a mass deletion thing going on right now?
[01:51] <NeonSpotlight> should redirect
[01:51] <NeonSpotlight> Demise is deleting ability detail pages
[01:51] <Shaw Fujikawa> also, busy in chat tonight
[01:52] <ClariS> so that's why my recent change list only show like 6 things
[01:52] <Shaw Fujikawa> :OOOOO
[01:52] <Shaw Fujikawa> shiny new options
[01:52] <Ozuar> I very much enjoy the color scheme for chat I'm using right now.
[01:52] <NeonSpotlight> yay, someone else sees them
[01:52] <ClariS> stray, why do you want cmod power now?
[01:54] <NeonSpotlight> I'm supposed to have a multi-pm function but it doesn't work, Q)Q
[01:54] <Izkael> to take over the wiki
[01:54] <NeonSpotlight> Q_Q*
[01:54] <Izkael> or at least that's what he says
[01:54] <ClariS> sounds like stray
[01:54] <NeonSpotlight> official term is "GroupPM," which would be fun
[01:55] <ClariS> black is like one of the wrost text color ever to choose for a plain chat
[01:55] <SmellsClean> o ic
[01:56] <Izkael> can we use like
[01:56] <Izkael> uhhh
[01:56] <Izkael> yellow on white
[01:56] <Izkael> or white on white
[01:57] <ClariS> so i'm not a cmod, can i multikick
[01:57] <NeonSpotlight> nope
[01:57] <NeonSpotlight> ^@claris
[01:57] <NeonSpotlight> you'll get a permission error
[01:57] <NeonSpotlight> same with users who had chat hax and typed /kick
[01:58] <ClariS> neon, i demand i be nominated as a cmod so i can never abuse this power
[01:58] <NeonSpotlight> if I could remember
[01:58] <NeonSpotlight> that damned nomination page
[01:58] <NeonSpotlight> I'd tell you to go there
[01:58] <NeonSpotlight> [[Requests for permissions]] or something
[01:58] <Izkael> ooh
[01:58] <Izkael> it don't type
[01:59] <NeonSpotlight> [[Rights Requests]]
[01:59] <Mylittlewut> when your so good with a 4 man premade they decided to invite you aftergame to another game
[01:59] <NeonSpotlight> I'm just going to make one of those a redirect
[01:59] <ClariS> i'll probably do it when I actually get some free time to spend more time on the chat
[01:59] <NeonSpotlight> to the right page
[01:59] <NeonSpotlight> because I can never remember what it actually is
[02:00] <NeonSpotlight> [[League of Legends Wiki:Requests for Permissions]]
[02:00] <NeonSpotlight> this thing
[02:00] <ClariS> both links leads to nowhere
[02:00] <NeonSpotlight> that's why I said I'll make one a redirect
[02:01] <NeonSpotlight> like 90% of the redirects I make are the result of me thinking I typed something right and failing
[02:01] <ClariS> i wonder if that has anything to do with fantasyworld be searched a lot here
[02:01] <NeonSpotlight> doubt it
[02:02] <NeonSpotlight> like, (show/hide) 23:25, February 13, 2014 (diff | hist) . . (+27)‎ . . N Doran's blade ‎ (Redirected page to Doran's Blade) (top)
[02:02] <NeonSpotlight> (show/hide) 12:32, February 6, 2014 (diff | hist) . . (+37)‎ . . N List of champions mana ‎ (Redirected page to List of champions' mana) (top)
[02:03] <ClariS> does search bar work?
[02:03] <ClariS> every time i attempt to use it, i get a blank tab
[02:04] <NeonSpotlight> doesn't work for me
[02:04] <NeonSpotlight> that's all I get as well
[02:04] <ClariS> good to know that it doesn't work for you as well
[02:05] <Izkael> wow
[02:05] <Izkael> ChampyN guy applied for admin
[02:05] <Izkael> pretty bold
[02:05] <Shaw Fujikawa> kinda
[02:05] <ClariS> he didn't know any better
[02:06] <Shaw Fujikawa> he annoys me and i've never spoken to him or seen his edits or anything lol
[02:06] <ClariS> and the saddest part, I still don't think he made a single main space edit
[02:06] <NeonSpotlight> He goes by nathan.wong now
[02:07] <Shaw Fujikawa> oh, so THATS why they look and act the same?
[02:07] <Shaw Fujikawa> :P
[02:08] <Shaw Fujikawa> i kept getting confused by the two lol
[02:08] <Izkael> lol
[02:08] <ClariS> still pretty sure he haven't made a productive edit
[02:08] <Izkael> hasn't*
[02:08] <NeonSpotlight> http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:650457
[02:08] <Izkael> damn it claris
[02:08] <NeonSpotlight> #1
[02:08] <Izkael> yer a writer
[02:09] <ClariS> hehe
[02:09] <Shaw Fujikawa> why would he need a bot account?
[02:09] <Izkael> idk
[02:09] <Izkael> trophy?
[02:09] <ClariS> a writer as a hobby
[02:09] <Shaw Fujikawa> for his programming wiki?
[02:09] <Izkael> pink name is pretty cool too
[02:11] <ClariS> later people
[02:11] <Izkael> bye
[02:11] <Izkael> i wonder if he's seen my depiction of him
[02:11] <Izkael> may or may not upset him
[02:16] <Dragonzzilla> It's alive!
[02:16] <Dragonzzilla> [[User blog:Dragonzzilla/The Project]]
[02:16] <Dragonzzilla> Graves is live
[02:17] <Scarystorier> Hello there my fellow chat users
[02:18] <Scarystorier> I am the doge of Scarystorier
[02:18] <Scarystorier> the sophisticated one
[02:19] <Scarystorier> So you are thinking of doing a blog, yes?
[02:19] <LionsLight> you do realise that the programming wki just lifts random articles wholesale from wikiedia
[02:20] <Dragonzzilla> careful
[02:20] <Scarystorier> hmm
[02:20] <Scarystorier> odd
[02:20] <Scarystorier> everyone seems to be away..
[02:22] <Scarystorier> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ptfyhBjXj8
[02:22] <Scarystorier> I posted my favorite classical music
[02:22] <Scarystorier> from Beethoven
[02:22] <Scarystorier> It helps relax the mind
[02:23] <Scarystorier> La-dee-daaa~
[02:25] <Scarystorier> Esque je pur
[02:25] <Scarystorier> la soin et bien
[02:25] <Scarystorier> (more nonsensical French even though Beethoven isn't German)
[02:26] <Scarystorier> oh, silly me
[02:26] <Scarystorier> *is German
[02:27] <Scarystorier> My heinous plan is working
[02:28] <Izkael> Beethoven is...
[02:28] <Izkael> uhh
[02:28] <Scarystorier> (sona) would be delighted to hear a different type of music
[02:28] <Izkael> austrian isn't he
[02:28] <Scarystorier> Oh, hello there
[02:28] <Scarystorier> hmm?
[02:28] <Scarystorier> Well I must've gotten my facts wrong
[02:29] <Scarystorier> Thank you my child
[02:29] <Izkael> how dare you call me your child
[02:29] <Scarystorier> It is a saying
[02:29] <Izkael> it doesn't matter
[02:29] <Izkael> how dare you
[02:30] <Scarystorier> Whatever, peasant.
[02:30] <Scarystorier> ~
[02:30] <Izkael> :(
[02:30] <Scarystorier> The fish side wants to get out
[02:30] <Scarystorier> But I will contain it.
[02:31] <Izkael> when did the chat get "option" box
[02:31] <Scarystorier> What option box are you talking about
[02:32] <Feirund> it didn't, exactly
[02:32] <Scarystorier> Oh well.
[02:32] <Scarystorier> ?
[02:32] <Scarystorier> Greetings.
[02:33] <Scarystorier> this is the doge side
[02:33] <Feirund> at least, not for all
[02:33] <Scarystorier> I agree with that since it isn't in my chat box.
[02:35] <Scarystorier> It is such a blasphemy that most are away.
[02:35] <NeonSpotlight> I added it
[02:35] <Scarystorier> Greetings.
[02:35] <Scarystorier> Doge side talking
[02:35] <NeonSpotlight> if it doesn't show up it's probably because your cache is old
[02:35] <NeonSpotlight> or your'e using IE
[02:35] <Scarystorier> Neon, what exactly are the "options"
[02:36] <NeonSpotlight> http://prntscr.com/32yual
[02:36] <Scarystorier> Because I cannot download any other browser
[02:36] <Scarystorier> ok, hold on I will click that link.
[02:36] <NeonSpotlight> I honestly have no clue if it doesn't on IE
[02:36] <NeonSpotlight> I just didn't test it there
[02:37] <Scarystorier> I don't really need to customize the chat.
[02:37] <Scarystorier> So all is fine.
[02:37] <NeonSpotlight> and if you do you can just do it over at [[User:Scarystorier/wikia.css]]
[02:37] <NeonSpotlight> the options just make it easier
[02:38] <Feirund> the only option I get is to hide the user list
[02:39] <Izkael> hide your shame feirund
[02:39] <Scarystorier> he doesn't have any.
[02:40] <Scarystorier> I wonder if there is an actual option named "shame"
[02:40] <Scarystorier> then I might be wrong.
[02:40] <Izkael> he does
[02:40] <Izkael> i'm fairly certain
[02:40] <Izkael> but he enjoys it
[02:40] <Izkael> for some reason
[02:40] <Scarystorier> If you mind, tell me about it.
[02:40] <Izkael> no
[02:40] <Scarystorier> I am deeply interested.
[02:40] <Feirund> what is it with specimens such as thyself
[02:40] <Scarystorier> Whatever floats your boat.
[02:40] <Izkael> i am disinterested
[02:41] <Scarystorier> That Beethoven music was blasting my ears.
[02:41] <Feirund> that have the ignorant belief that they're somehow eligible to make implicatory comments about the personalities of others
[02:41] <Scarystorier> That was Izkael.
[02:41] <Stray Cat> i believe
[02:41] <Stray Cat> you sucks
[02:41] <Izkael> well, as much as you try to sound nice
[02:41] <Scarystorier> tsk, tsk, tsk.
[02:41] <Izkael> who are you to tell me what i can do
[02:41] <Stray Cat> banana
[02:42] <Feirund> your husband
[02:42] <Stray Cat> you can suck my banana piles
[02:42] <Feirund> wench 
[02:42] <Izkael> :O
[02:42] <Scarystorier> Stray cat, stop making non-sensical comments about fruits.
[02:42] <Izkael> :O
[02:42] <Izkael> :O
[02:42] <Izkael> :OOOO
[02:42] <Scarystorier> Shots are fired.
[02:42] <Stray Cat> whoa scary who are you
[02:42] <Ilkcs> hi hane
[02:42] <Scarystorier> I am the doge side.
[02:42] <Izkael> hi featherinne
[02:42] <Felza> hi
[02:42] <Stray Cat> you sound like a cop
[02:42] <Scarystorier> The sophisticated side.
[02:42] <Felza> hey
[02:42] <Stray Cat> are you a cop....
[02:42] <Stray Cat> i hate cops
[02:42] <Scarystorier> If you request for the immature one
[02:42] <Izkael> i thought you're a cop
[02:42] <Scarystorier> say "Fishie please"
[02:43] <Stray Cat> um
[02:43] <Scarystorier> Stray Cat, have you done a crime before?
[02:43] <Stray Cat> now i'm a doctor
[02:43] <Izkael> too late
[02:43] <Izkael> i remember your logo request
[02:43] <Scarystorier> I wonder why you hate cops
[02:43] <Izkael> which i declined
[02:43] <Stray Cat> because mannnn te law
[02:43] <Izkael> due to my ineptitude in art
[02:44] <Scarystorier> they protect us from evil children of the underworld.
[02:44] <Stray Cat> restrict brain creativity
[02:44] <Stray Cat> over protection is baaaad
[02:44] <Scarystorier> I see your point.
[02:44] <Scarystorier> I myself don't worship cops.
[02:44] <Scarystorier> But it's not their fault.
[02:44] <Stray Cat> it's society's fault
[02:45] <Scarystorier> It's the evil government who seeks control over all of us.
[02:45] <Izkael> when in doubt
[02:45] <Scarystorier> No, not society.
[02:45] <Stray Cat> i'd spend all the money we make and put it into pure education
[02:45] <Izkael> blame people
[02:45] <Scarystorier> Yes, I agree.
[02:45] <Scarystorier> The mindset of the normal person is to become famous and rich.
[02:45] <Izkael> and stray has no idea how a government budget works
[02:45] <Stray Cat> along with education, morales will be taught
[02:45] <Izkael> )-(
[02:45] <Scarystorier> Take a look at South Korea.
[02:46] <Scarystorier> They came from a rubble.
[02:46] <Stray Cat> i'd take out the military and reduce it to special forces only
[02:46] <Izkael> rubble?
[02:46] <Scarystorier> Yes.
[02:46] <Izkael> it was pretty shit, but i don't think it's a rubble
[02:46] <Scarystorier> They used to be VERY, VERY poor.
[02:46] <Stray Cat> tehn i'll add more manpower to cias
[02:46] <Izkael> it became alright after 88 olympics
[02:46] <Scarystorier> but the leaders changed the Koreans' mindset to focus on education and hardwork.
[02:46] <Stray Cat> and distribue them across the world
[02:46] <Izkael> that kinda boosted the entire economy thing up
[02:47] <Stray Cat> then i'll send all of our prisoners to N.Korea
[02:47] <Izkael> what
[02:47] <Izkael> okay
[02:47] <Izkael> i'm gonna leave
[02:47] <Izkael> i think i'm gonna
[02:47] <Scarystorier> They also sent Korean women abroad to European countries so that they could earn money.
[02:47] <Izkael> idk
[02:47] <Izkael> actually gonna afk
[02:47] <Scarystorier> I have a confession.
[02:47] <Scarystorier> The user, LionsLight intimidates me.
[02:48] <Scarystorier> It is because of the icon.
[02:48] <Scarystorier> That's the only reason.
[02:48] <Izkael> well, a wikia staff looked at it
[02:48] <Stray Cat> then i'll reduce all the prisons to rubbles
[02:48] <Izkael> said it was fine
[02:48] <Stray Cat> and then our economy is good
[02:48] <LionsLight> kyaa ecchi
[02:48] <Izkael> H~!
[02:48] <LionsLight> minaide kudasai
[02:48] <Scarystorier> ...
[02:48] <Scarystorier> Hello..
[02:48] <Stray Cat> no more feeding prisoners, no excessive military spending, intelligence around the world
[02:48] <Izkael> lol
[02:49] <Scarystorier> Stray Cat, you have to accept the fact that the world isn't going to get better.
[02:49] <Scarystorier> I am sorry.
[02:49] <Scarystorier> Our race isn't intellectual enough to achieve such prosperity.
[02:49] <Scarystorier> and uneducated people are all over the world.
[02:50] <Scarystorier> But then..
[02:50] <Scarystorier> I look at myself..
[02:50] <Scarystorier> what am I doing in LoL chat?
[02:50] <Izkael> idk
[02:50] <Izkael> acting stupid?
[02:50] <Scarystorier> conversation closed.
[02:51] <Scarystorier> Izkael, I will ignore your comments.
[02:51] <Izkael> well
[02:51] <Izkael> go ahead
[02:51] <Scarystorier> .
[02:51] <Scarystorier> There's an actual ignore button?
[02:51] <Scarystorier> Well, new information learned.
[02:51] <Scarystorier> I must play LoL now.
[02:52] <Scarystorier> Bye peasants.
[02:52] <Sabreturbox> sea
[02:52] <Sabreturbox> cats
[02:53] <Izkael> :D
[02:53] <Izkael> sea cats
[02:54] <Mylittlewut> support leona build tell me plz
[02:54] <Izkael> uh
[02:54] <Izkael> go tank
[02:56] <LionsLight> core: boots, Talisman of Ascension OR Face of the Mountain, Giant's Belt
[02:59] <Mylittlewut> im getting a face because i dont trust myseld
[02:59] <Izkael> i thought face was harder to use
[03:01] <NeonSpotlight> ooh yay
[03:01] <NeonSpotlight> now we have inactive tags
[03:02] <NeonSpotlight> although I have to edit out "AUTOCONFIRMED USER" [[User:KazMx]]
[03:03] <Mylittlewut> kinda
[03:03] <Mylittlewut> but i mean
[03:03] <Mylittlewut> free money for adc while being tanky
[03:10] <NeonSpotlight> blargh
[03:10] <NeonSpotlight> wtb bryght
[03:11] <Mylittlewut> boots of swiftness i need because i need to be everywhere
[03:11] <Mylittlewut> lol
[03:14] <NeonSpotlight> k, auto confirmed gone
[03:14] <NeonSpotlight> gotta add admin and crat nwo though, since they're not showing up
[03:15] <NeonSpotlight> or... they're showing up on some and not others
[03:15] <NeonSpotlight> blargh
[03:31] <Feirund> Ilkcs
[03:31] <Ilkcs> fei
[03:52] <ClariS> no kitty!!!!!
[03:52] <NeonSpotlight> ooh
[03:52] <NeonSpotlight> http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Nf8tRm1J-hopefully-45-gragas-rework-feedback-thread
[03:53] <ClariS> yup
[03:54] <ClariS> since this chat is more or less quiet, I'm going back insulting smelly cookie's bot
[03:54] <ClariS> hey dead and scary
[03:54] <Scarystorier> Greetings.
[03:54] <Scarystorier> Doge side talking, expect sophistication.
[03:55] <StealthTeh> You shall perish.
[03:55] <Scarystorier> hmm?
[03:55] <ClariS> but you're recording it. I have to be aggressive to the recorder
[03:55] <Scarystorier> Dictator, I am not in the mood for your evilness.
[03:55] <DeadWitness> ugh
[03:55] <DeadWitness> slows on gragas D:
[03:56] <DeadWitness> whyyyyyy
[03:56] <Scarystorier> Gragas rework?
[03:56] <Sabreturbox> just won playing gragas
[03:56] <Sabreturbox> also sea
[03:56] <Sabreturbox> cats
[03:56] <Scarystorier> how is beer deadly
[03:56] <Scarystorier> that's what I want to know.
[03:56] <ClariS> hello sabretur
[03:57] <Scarystorier> Just by observing your comments, I see that you say hello to everyone who joins the chat @ClariS
[03:57] <ClariS> and why do you think i do that scary?
[03:58] <DeadWitness> because she likes people to feel welcomed? :V
[03:58] <DeadWitness> nah, what am I thinking
[03:58] <Scarystorier> Because if you subtract the variable from the sum and you add some vegetables to the fraction then you get greetings.
[03:58] <Scarystorier> Just my guess.
[03:59] <DeadWitness> I never liked grragas Q
[03:59] <DeadWitness> :/
[03:59] <Scarystorier> tsk, tsk, tsk, this is very uncivilized of me.
[03:59] <ClariS> seems legit of a reason
[03:59] <Scarystorier> I shall return reading Gragas rework.
[03:59] <DeadWitness> xD
[03:59] <ClariS> no more sniping gragas
[03:59] <DeadWitness> so yeah, I think gragas should totally rely on skill
[04:00] <DeadWitness> its not about jus going around throwing Qs
[04:00] <NeonSpotlight> I think the best part of Tehlescreen or whatever you youngsters call it
[04:00] <NeonSpotlight> is that it doesn't log kicks
[04:00] <DeadWitness> you arenot karth
[04:00] <NeonSpotlight> (I think)
[04:00] <ClariS> :3
[04:00] <DeadWitness> honeslty
[04:00] <DeadWitness> I would have reduced Qs range rather than the damage
[04:00] <ClariS> what do you think about his new W
[04:00] <DeadWitness> cools C:
[04:00] <NeonSpotlight> nop, only the cries of the kicked
[04:00] <DeadWitness> he needs it
[04:01] <DeadWitness> less damage means he must be longer around the fight
[04:01] <ClariS> why did you kick me neon. You're abusing your powers
[04:01] <DeadWitness> and the tankiness roa gives wouldnt be enough
[04:02] <NeonSpotlight> ClariS, why did you PM me calling my mother a "StealthTeh"
[04:02] <ClariS> stop kicking me out neon!! I haven't done anything yet
[04:02] <Scarystorier> I think Gragas would have less plays in LoL moments.
[04:02] <NeonSpotlight> I take great offense to these accusations 
[04:02] <NeonSpotlight> /kick ClariS
[04:02] <ClariS> because cookie is your mommy
[04:02] <Scarystorier> Don't make me call The both of you.
[04:02] <Scarystorier> *Teh
[04:02] <Scarystorier> TEH
[04:02] <Scarystorier> come here
[04:03] <NeonSpotlight> Teh's not even real
[04:03] <NeonSpotlight> He's just my alt
[04:03] <Scarystorier> TEH.
[04:03] <ClariS> which makes all the more sense
[04:03] <NeonSpotlight> LeBlanc and Liss have nothing on my web of deception
[04:03] <Scarystorier> I summon TEH!
[04:03] <Scarystorier> stop
[04:03] <ClariS> spooky
[04:03] <Scarystorier> hmm
[04:04] <DeadWitness> STOP TEH ARGUMENT
[04:04] <Scarystorier> so stop isn't a chat hack for cmods I guess
[04:04] <Scarystorier> I agree with (thresh) 
[04:04] <DeadWitness> (thresh) why thank you
[04:04] <Scarystorier> you aren't draven.
[04:04] <ClariS> hehe, i'll stop. need to update the vpbe page
[04:04] <DeadWitness> (draven) : that's my line, bitch
[04:04] <Scarystorier> *gasp*
[04:04] <DeadWitness> xD
[04:05] <DeadWitness> (draven) : I do know
[04:05] <Scarystorier> I most stop being unsophisticated
[04:05] <Scarystorier> *must
[04:05] <DeadWitness> (draven) : and I do work out
[04:05] <DeadWitness> (zac) : ¬¬
[04:05] <Scarystorier> This auto-correct.
[04:05] <Scarystorier> (Tryndamere) 
[04:05] <Scarystorier> hi.
[04:05] <DeadWitness> ohgawd
[04:05] <Scarystorier> (olaf) helo
[04:05] <StealthTeh> * StealthTeh coughs
[04:05] <DeadWitness> (shyvana) : fuck off, viking
[04:05] <Scarystorier> hello
[04:06] <Scarystorier> teh
[04:06] <StealthTeh> * StealthTeh sputters and chokes
[04:06] <Scarystorier> teh
[04:06] <Scarystorier> neon and Claris are fighting
[04:06] <StealthTeh> * StealthTeh begins to leak oil onto the floor
[04:06] <StealthTeh> * StealthTeh goes silent and still
[04:06] <Scarystorier> Good.
[04:06] <DeadWitness> (lee sin) : I don't see anyone around
[04:06] <Scarystorier> The robot is dying.
[04:06] <Scarystorier> Neon Spotlight.
[04:06] <DeadWitness> (blitzcrank) : I. Will. Prove. You. Are. Wrong.
[04:07] <StealthTeh> * StealthTeh begins to glow
[04:07] <Scarystorier> *gasp*
[04:07] <DeadWitness> (brand) begins to glow
[04:07] <Scarystorier> ..
[04:07] <ClariS> all hail master beta
[04:07] <Scarystorier> police cars are everywhere
[04:07] <Scarystorier> I am scared
[04:07] <ClariS> when he arrives
[04:07] <Scarystorier> * Scarystorier is scared
[04:07] <Scarystorier> how do you that.
[04:07] <DeadWitness> you are all dead :V now shut up (?)
[04:07] <Scarystorier> *how do you do that thingy
[04:08] <Scarystorier> Wait let me go into fishie mode
[04:08] <DeadWitness> the robot thing? no idea
[04:08] <Scarystorier> the immature side
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> l2 [[League of Legends Wiki:Requests for Permissions]]
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> (ihopethatsright
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> HA
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> got it
[04:15] <NeonSpotlight> first try
[04:15] <ClariS> when i have the time to start actually getting on the chat a lot
[04:16] <Scarystorier> Hey claris
[04:16] <Scarystorier> lets nominate each other
[04:17] <ClariS> but this is like my second time seeing you
[04:17] <DeadWitness> I will nominate myself
[04:17] <DeadWitness> some day
[04:17] <StealthTeh> Ah, I see.
[04:17] <Scarystorier> I did right now
[04:17] <Scarystorier> but its confusing
[04:17] <Scarystorier> so i x'ed it
[04:18] <Scarystorier> I really don't get how you 2 got to be c-mods
[04:18] <Scarystorier> wutever
[04:18] <Scarystorier> time to play LoL
[04:18] <StealthTeh> Comes with the territory.
[04:18] <Scarystorier> thresh
[04:18] <Scarystorier> let's play
[04:18] <Scarystorier> lets play league
[04:18] <Mylittlewut> stop saying my name
[04:18] <Scarystorier> i didnt
[04:18] <Scarystorier> o
[04:18] <Scarystorier> sorry
[04:18] <Scarystorier> i see
[04:18] <Scarystorier> i said wutever
[04:18] <Scarystorier> sorry
[04:19] <Mylittlewut> it pings me
[04:19] <Scarystorier> thresh lets play
[04:19] <Scarystorier> THRESH!
[04:19] <Scarystorier> THRESH
[04:19] <NeonSpotlight> Your name is thresh?
[04:19] <StealthTeh> probably
[04:19] <Scarystorier> its easier than calling him deadwitness
[04:19] <StealthTeh> trying to ping a thresh waifu
[04:19] <Scarystorier> yes
[04:19] <Scarystorier> YES
[04:19] <ClariS> kitty!!
[04:19] <Scarystorier> llkcs
[04:19] <Scarystorier> liberate us
[04:19] <ClariS> * ClariS hugs kitty
[04:19] <Scarystorier> please..
[04:20] <Ilkcs> hi
[04:20] <Scarystorier> cat, liberate us
[04:20] <Ilkcs> liberate from what
[04:20] <NeonSpotlight> eww kitty's back
[04:20] <Scarystorier> the dictators
[04:20] <Scarystorier> neon and TEH
[04:20] <Ilkcs> can't do anything about nyan and tehlescreen
[04:20] <NeonSpotlight> shh, I'm looking for a new quote for my user page
[04:20] <Scarystorier> *hitlers
[04:20] <ClariS> look at their dictatorship...
[04:20] <ClariS> not much to look at
[04:21] <Scarystorier> who wants to play LoL with me
[04:21] <Scarystorier> i am a good everything
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> maybe
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> "The whole world in our image."
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> to match up with my dictatorship
[04:21] <Scarystorier> bye mah online peeps
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> or
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
[04:21] <StealthTeh> "Try me."
[04:21] <Scarystorier> (say bye)
[04:21] <ClariS> later scary
[04:21] <Scarystorier> LATER
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> (bye)
[04:21] <Scarystorier> CLARIs
[04:21] <ClariS> have fun in your game
[04:21] <Felza> why
[04:21] <NeonSpotlight> ABOOoSE
[04:22] <Felza> why is times new roman not a font 
[04:22] <Felza> WHY
[04:22] <Scarystorier> what I do
[04:22] <ClariS> why did you just kick him neon
[04:22] <Scarystorier> fine
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> Funsies
[04:22] <ClariS> (this one is real)
[04:22] <Scarystorier> i will go away
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> "So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
[04:22] <Scarystorier> *sobs*
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> fish only have
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> a 3 sec memory span
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> or something
[04:22] <ClariS> neon is totally going to become a villain
[04:22] <TehAnonymous> in your story?
[04:22] <NeonSpotlight> You can't dwell on that which you don't remember
[04:22] <Stray Cat> awww i wish rin was here
[04:22] <ClariS> he is so going to upstage teh
[04:23] <Stray Cat> kitty tell rin
[04:23] <Stray Cat> xoxoxox
[04:23] <Stray Cat> X 9000
[04:23] <Ilkcs> um
[04:23] <ClariS> wb stray
[04:23] <Stray Cat> hi
[04:23] <NeonSpotlight> Teh's not dramatic at all
[04:23] <Stray Cat> give me a damn star
[04:23] <NeonSpotlight> he'll give you a blank stare as he's stabbing you in the face
[04:24] <ClariS> neon, the new apprentice who quickly rises to power 
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> just saying things like "this is for quality assurance"
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> stab stab stab
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> "I'm always watching"
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> stabstabstab
[04:24] <ClariS> and stab people in the front because stabbing in the back takes too much time and effort
[04:24] <TehAnonymous> You shouldn't have done that
[04:24] <Stray Cat> you know i use to like creampie.
[04:24] <TehAnonymous> tabstabstabs
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> "It only hurts the first time"
[04:24] <Stray Cat> until i read urban dictionary
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> stabstabstab
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> "Fei told me so"
[04:24] <NeonSpotlight> sobsobsob
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> so
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> uh
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> why did chat die
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> was it my FeixTeh joke?
[04:25] <Stray Cat> because u no give me star....or they are urban dictionarying creampie
[04:25] <Feirund> what
[04:25] <Feirund> are you talking about 
[04:25] <TehAnonymous> There is no FeixTeh, neon
[04:25] <Feirund> so you say
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> "It only hurts the first time"
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> stabstabstab
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> "Fei told me so"
[04:25] <NeonSpotlight> sobsobsob
[04:25] <Feirund> you said different things in the basement yesterday 
[04:26] <ClariS> yay!! more yaio fanfic i can write!!
[04:26] <ClariS> yay
[04:26] <Ilkcs> ohgodwhy
[04:26] <Ilkcs> hi
[04:26] <Feirund> Izaya x Sunohara 
[04:26] <ClariS> hello finn
[04:26] <Finn 18> hi
[04:26] <Ilkcs> shizuo plz
[04:26] <Finn 18> u guys play lol?
[04:27] <Ilkcs> no
[04:27] <Stray Cat> no
[04:27] <ClariS> this chat is getting huge....
[04:27] <Stray Cat> like 10 years is not alot
[04:27] <NeonSpotlight> I do Finn
[04:27] <Finn 18> nice
[04:28] <Stray Cat> tell rin
[04:28] <Stray Cat> i'lll be with her in spirit
[04:28] <Stray Cat> as a ghost
[04:28] <ClariS> i don't play LoL, i live it
[04:28] <Feirund> she hates you 
[04:28] <Stray Cat> indeed
[04:28] <Feirund> thus she'll call some exorcists 
[04:28] <ClariS> 25/7 living Lol
[04:28] <Stray Cat> good night but pass the message gracias ty
[04:29] <Feirund> we will
[04:29] <Feirund> don't worry
[04:29] <Feirund> we'll even add stuff
[04:30] <Scarystorier> what.
[04:30] <Scarystorier> there is neon's toy
[04:30] <ClariS> neon, this mult PM isn't working for me
[04:30] <Neon's Toy> Why not
[04:30] <Scarystorier> he is molester
[04:30] <Scarystorier> pity you
[04:30] <ClariS> i want to two with 3 people at once, but it doesn't do that
[04:30] <ClariS> actually, i only get the first person i type
[04:31] <TehAnonymous> ClariS
[04:31] <TehAnonymous> maybe they didn't respond?
[04:31] <Ilkcs> don't use spaces?
[04:31] <ClariS> response to me then cookie
[04:31] <TehAnonymous> ?
[04:31] <TehAnonymous> pm
[04:31] <NeonSpotlight> I don't know how to work this black magic either
[04:31] <ClariS> response to me cookie
[04:31] <Ilkcs> fools
[04:32] <TehAnonymous> Am I the third person in the pm?
[04:32] <TehAnonymous> Because I don't see anything
[04:32] <ClariS> i used both your accounts
[04:32] <NeonSpotlight> The issue is
[04:32] <NeonSpotlight> you have to include yourself
[04:32] <TehAnonymous> not seeing it
[04:32] <TehAnonymous> on either
[04:33] <DeadWitness> wow
[04:33] <DeadWitness> his shit has changed my life: http://imgur.com/gallery/WsgxS
[04:33] <DeadWitness> *this
[04:33] <ClariS> will have to keep testing this
[04:34] <NeonSpotlight> inb4 group chats with everyone in chat
[04:35] <DeadWitness> whats the point then
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> TehAnonymous	1	6768	Apr 4, 2011	1083	Mar 19, 2014	3
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Sam 3010	2	5296	Oct 8, 2010	1260	Dec 22, 2012	455
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Technology Wizard	3	5280	Feb 26, 2011	1119	Mar 10, 2014	12
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> KazMx	4	5201	Apr 2, 2009	1814	Sep 22, 2013	181
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Sydeyc	5	4625	Oct 19, 2011	885	Aug 23, 2013	211
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Cidem1324	6	4309	Sep 19, 2010	1280	Mar 7, 2014	15
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Emptylord	7	4283	Dec 14, 2011	829	Mar 22, 2014	0
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Kaori Emora	8	4280	Oct 3, 2012	534	Nov 28, 2013	114
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> NeonSpotlight	9	4014	Dec 31, 2010	1177	Mar 20, 2014	1
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> Nystus	10	3999	Mar 18, 2010	1465	Jan 22, 2014	58
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> ohgodthestats
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> why am I 9th
[04:35] <TehAnonymous> Could be worse
[04:35] <TehAnonymous> Aj.
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> I am literally
[04:35] <ClariS> why do you have two stars?
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> 15 edits above Nystus
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> I used to have that issue
[04:35] <TehAnonymous> Think of yourself as 8, because bot
[04:35] <NeonSpotlight> then I took out my chat hacks script
[04:36] <ClariS> why am i seeing two stars\
[04:36] <TehAnonymous> remove chat hacks from your wikia.js / chat.js
[04:36] <NeonSpotlight> I just don't get
[04:36] <NeonSpotlight> how I'm only 15 above nysty
[04:36] <AngelTheTaco> i went dou mid karma 9/2/5
[04:36] <AngelTheTaco> :x
[04:36] <LionsLight> because all of most of your 40k edits come from comments
[04:36] <LionsLight> all of most of some of
[04:36] <TehAnonymous> almost all of
[04:36] <NeonSpotlight> evidently
[04:37] <NeonSpotlight> 60k worth
[04:37] <LionsLight> I only half joke when I say you've made 40k comments
[04:37] <NeonSpotlight> 60,839 comment "edits"
[04:38] <TehAnonymous> [[Special:Editcount]]
[04:38] <LionsLight> I can't believe you've made 20k comments since the last time I checked your stats
[04:38] <TehAnonymous> "archived revisions"... that's new
[04:39] <NeonSpotlight> I don't understand how that works Lions, tbh
[04:39] <NeonSpotlight> I went from like 54k down to 50k down to 40~k back up to 55K and have just risen up to 60K
[04:39] <TehAnonymous> Archived revisions, Neon
[04:39] <TehAnonymous> is my guess
[04:39] <NeonSpotlight> Nysty, who hasn't edited in like
[04:39] <NeonSpotlight> 2 years
[04:39] <NeonSpotlight> is beating me in main edits by like 300
[04:40] <TehAnonymous> edited recently
[04:40] <NeonSpotlight> 200*
[04:40] <TehAnonymous> removing all cost efficiency
[04:40] <NeonSpotlight> Archived revisions	17,996	27.66%
[04:40] <NeonSpotlight> wat
[04:40] <NeonSpotlight> kthen
[04:40] <Ilkcs> is that
[04:40] <Ilkcs> k then
[04:41] <NeonSpotlight> yea
[04:41] <NeonSpotlight> I'm on this thing where I say things without spaces
[04:41] <Ilkcs> or kitthen
[04:41] <NeonSpotlight> becauseIdon'tcare
[04:41] <LionsLight> you know what the funny thing is
[04:41] <NeonSpotlight> Teh's:
[04:41] <NeonSpotlight> Archived revisions	3,411	17.54%
[04:41] <Dragonzzilla> Anyone see the project update. I did Graves
[04:41] <LionsLight> out of my 600 talkspace edits, about a third of them came from flagging pages for comment purging
[04:42] <ClariS> bye everyone. 
[04:42] <NeonSpotlight> bai
[04:42] <TehAnonymous> 'night
[04:42] <NeonSpotlight> with the advent of this archived revisions
[04:42] <Dragonzzilla> :\
[04:42] <NeonSpotlight> my talk only makes up 59.45% of my edits
[04:42] <NeonSpotlight> instead of like 80%
[04:43] <Akali> I just came into chat, and it froze already.
[04:43] <Akali> Huh.
[04:43] <NeonSpotlight> Good god, these rune changes have peoples' jimmies rustled 
[04:43] <Mylittlewut> akali
[04:43] <Mylittlewut> :D
[04:43] <Feirund> do they?
[04:43] <Akali> Wut :D
[04:43] <TehAnonymous> Quite dso.
[04:43] <Feirund> I had forgotten about them already 
[04:43] <TehAnonymous> so*
[04:44] <Feirund> skill runes are, after all, the best
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> "With the rune "balance changes" (aka cash grab) I am personally not looking forward to spending IP on runes. What compounds this is that the better seals seem to be 820 ip.... EACH. That's over 7k IP for one qurter of a rune page.
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> With the 30% discount (omg so generouz) its 5166 for a quarter page fo the expensive runes.
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> Please, just make all the runes similar prices, or atleast lower the price of the 820 ip ones... I mean shit you already nerfed IP gain, least you can do if nerf 820ip runes.
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> I was so close to buying sejuani or varus but now I have to decide- wait longer for the champs I have been saving up for, or not upgrade my runes and be a detriment to my team.
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> Of course the third option is buy RP (your goal), but underhanded tactics like this make me SPITEFUL and not want to buy RP
[04:44] <NeonSpotlight> edit: Fuck it- not upgrading.... Sucks for you if you get stuck on my team in ranked."
[04:45] <NeonSpotlight> #4 post on r/leagueoflegends atm
[04:46] <Dragonzzilla> Damn
[04:46] <Dragonzzilla> More expensive?
[04:46] <Feirund> people won't stop giving Riot shit, will they
[04:46] <Akali> blah
[04:46] <Akali> RIP Bruiser Grags
[04:47] <NeonSpotlight> I think
[04:47] <NeonSpotlight> my fav part
[04:47] <NeonSpotlight> is that armor seals are down by 4
[04:47] <NeonSpotlight> must be useless
[04:47] <NeonSpotlight> rito now we has to buy new roones
[04:48] <NeonSpotlight> People don't even know what the top runes are going to be yet
[04:48] <NeonSpotlight> just look at lifesteal quints, they were deemed useless for so long and all of a sudden they're the must picks on all adcs and half the top laners
[04:49] <LionsLight> I don't see the problems with runes yet
[04:49] <Feirund> just... buy all runes
[04:49] <Feirund> then whatever change comes won't affect you
[04:49] <TehAnonymous> That is literally >200k IP
[04:49] <TehAnonymous> iirc
[04:49] <LionsLight> you lose 3.7 armor with 9 flat armor seals
[04:49] <Akali> MS QUINTSSSS
[04:49] <LionsLight> but gained 4 from the buff
[04:50] <NeonSpotlight> Flat armor's still the safest pickup
[04:51] <NeonSpotlight> for practically every situation
[04:51] <Akali> imo, are the least flexible runes, since not having any bonus armor usually means you take a fuckton of damage from physical sources
[04:51] <Akali> seals*
[04:51] <LionsLight> and everything else got buffed except for lifesteal runes
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