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For the item in League of Legends, see Last Whisper Last Whisper.
For the Shadow equivalent of the item, see Final Whisper Final Whisper.


Patch History

  • Critical strike chance reduced to 15% from 20%.
  • Attack speed reduced to 10% from 15%.
  • Armor reduction reduced to 70% from 80%.
  • Armor reduction duration increased to 5 seconds from 3.
  • Armor reduction increased to 80% from 75%.
  • Armor reduction reduced to 75% from 90%.
V10.1 - Added
  • Replaces Repeating Crossbow Repeating Crossbow.
  • Stats: 20% critical strike chance and 15% attack speed.
  • Passive: Critical strike hits reduce the target's armor by 90% for 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.
  • Limitations: Can only equip one of this item.
  • Recipe: Sparring Gloves Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow Recurve Bow.


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