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Krexor is a coastal settlement in southern Noxus.


Krexor map 01.jpg

Located east of Piltover, it is governed by Steward Lisabetya, the latest in a long list of governors. The city is known for its Minotaur Smith.jpg Minotaur smiths.

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Stewards are the provincial rulers of Noxus. They are tasked to enforce Noxian rule in occupied territories as well as cities outside the capital.

Stewards Description
Ema Former Steward of Krexor.
Herrbel Former Steward of Krexor.
Liliann Former Steward of Krexor.
Lisabetya Current Steward of Krexor.


  • Travel from Piltover to Krexor takes around 5 days by trade ship.


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