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"It is just as the spies described."

This article has recently been converted to the new character-focused layout but it needs a lore enthusiast to help fill-out the sections. In addition, 'Relations trivia' and 'Lore trivia' have been moved here but need restructuring into article content - lore is no longer trivia.

If you're eager to help but would like to reference a completed character article: Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Mel, and Viego are excellent.

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A warrior as fearless as he is ornery, the yordle Kled Kled embodies the furious bravado of Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. Many claim Kled has fought in every campaign the warhosts have waged, acquired every military title, and never once backed down from a fight. Though the truth of the matter is often questionable, one part of his legend is always the same: charging into battle on his un-trusty steed, Skaarl Skaarl, Kled fights to protect what's his... and takes whatever else he can get.

KledSquare.png"A sane man would run... but I ain't the runnin' kind!"  Kled
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  • Yordle Physiology: Kled is a Yordle, a being coming from the Spirit Realm and possesses several abilities natural of his species.
    • Immortality: Being spiritual beings, Yordles don't age the same way as normal humans, and they can't normally die.
    • Yordle Magic: Just like any Yordle, Kled is capable of performing yordle magic, which he utilizes in tandem with his skills as a soldier.


  • Kled fought together with Sion Sion back when the latter was still alive but doesn't think much of the new undead abomination.
  • Kled's champion page shows that every champion (including himself, bizarrely) in the game is his rival and Skaarl is his only friend.

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Starring Champion

Kled Insights 1.png

Noxus Crest icon.png


The Reunion

Another day on the northern plains. Prickly shrubs. Harsh winds. Killin' trespassers.

Where the Drakalops Roam.png

Noxus Crest icon.png

Short Story • 7 Minute Read

Where The Drakalops Roam

By Odin Austin Shafer

The Northern Steppes ain't the place for fancy undies and golden piss pots. It's tough land. Ain't nothing go here but barbarian raiders, poison grass, and harsh winds. To survive, you gotta eat rocks and crap lava. And I'm the toughest, meanest, killingest bastard in these parts. So I figure that makes these plains mine.


  • Kled's name resembles Welsh noun cledd(yf) /kleːð(ɨv)/ "sword", from Proto-Celtic *kladiwos
    • Kladiwos might have been loaned into Latin as gladius, or both come from same PIE root *kelh₂- "to strike"[1] (compare Brand Brand's Pyroclasm Pyroclasm)
  • Skaarl is from a species called drakalops, immortal, unkillable wind spirits that embody the desolation of the Noxian Plains.[2]
    • Kled's posters call Skaarl the 'pride of Noxus' and a 'decorated veteran of the battle of Bucket Creek', with the drakalops' gender changing depending on the poster; Kled knows that Skaarl is female, yet unaware of the posters' conundrum.
  • Kled is over 1000 years old, older than Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus itself as he was present among the Noxii during the Rune War and possibly even earlier than that. He has become a myth and an icon of the empire, even though most are not aware of his true appearance and the fact that he is a Yordle.
    • The battle of Drugne happened around some point between the year 0 and 400.[3]
      • The General participating in the battle was a member of House Zavaan, which Elise Elise became a Matron of at some point.
  • Kled's relation with Noxus draws parallels with Poppy's Poppy's relation to the founding of Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia and a hero's reputation, although Poppy's name is not known.
  • Kled is the most distinguished military person to ever live, although most of his titles are made up and/or self-proclaimed.
  • Kled's 'mushroom juice' may be derived from the ones Teemo Teemo uses for his traps traps.

Change log

Character blurb
3 March 2020 (During V10.5) Added.


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  3. Scathlocke on the battle of Drugne

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