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Kircheis Shard (League of Legends)Kircheis Shard (League of Legends)
Kircheis Shard (Wild Rift)Kircheis Shard (Wild Rift)
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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

  • This item has been removed on patch V14.10.

Kircheis Shard was an epic item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Kircheis Shard item
Kircheis Shard
700 Gold 700 (350 Gold 350)

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  • Each basic attack generates 6 Energize stacks while 1 is generated for every 24 in-game units traveled. This includes but is not limited to simple movement, using Dash dashes or Flash blinks, or being Airborne icon displaced to another location.
  • Jolt deals Wit's End item proc damage, and thus will not trigger spell effects.
  • Jolt is not blocked by Spell Shield spell shield.
  • Kircheis Shard is an Kircheis Shard item Energized effect and will stack other sources of it.
    • Energized effects will apply their on-hit damage to structures.

Old icons


  • Kircheis Shard Kircheis Shard references Siegfried Kircheis from Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
  • Kircheis Shard Kircheis Shard also references Kircheis, a translator employed by UUU9, who made strides in the localization of League of Legends in its early seasons on the Chinese Servers.


Sound Effects

Energized Ready

Patch History

V14.10 - Removed
  • Removed from the game.
  • Jolt damage reduced to 50 from 60.
  • New Recipe: Long Sword Long Sword + 350 Gold 350 = 700 Gold 700.
    • Old Recipe: Dagger Dagger + 400 Gold 400 = 700 Gold 700.
  • New Stats: 15 attack damage.
    • Old Stats: 15% attack speed.
  • Energized damage reduced to 60 from 80.
  • Now builds into Statikk Shiv Statikk Shiv.
  • Updated icon.
  • Total cost increased to 700 Gold 700 from 600 Gold 600.
    • Combine cost increased to 400 Gold 400 from 300 Gold 300.
  • Energized stacks per attack reduced to 6 from 12.
  • Energized stacks per movement increased to (1 for every 25 units) from (1 for every 30 units).
  • New Effect: Energized effects now also work on structures.
  • New Effect: Damage from other Energized effects now stacks.
  • Energized damage increased to 80 from 60.
  • Unique Energized bonus magic damage is now named Jolt.
    • Unique Passive - Energized: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100.
    • Unique Passive - Jolt: When fully Kircheis Shard item Energized, your next basic attack deals 80 bonus magic damage on-hit.
    • Previous Passive - Energized: Moving and basic attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100. When fully Kircheis Shard item Energized, your next basic attack deals 50 bonus magic damage on-hit.
  • Two passive effects (unnamed and Energized Strike) merged together into Energized.
    • Unique Passive - Energized: Moving and attacking will make an attack Kircheis Shard item Energized. Your Kircheis Shard item Energized attacks deal 50 bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Total cost reduced to 600 Gold 600 from 800 Gold 800.
    • Combine cost reduced to 300 Gold 300 from 500 Gold 500.
  • Added to recipe for Stormrazor Stormrazor.
  • Combine cost increased to 500 Gold 500 from 450 Gold 450.
    • Total cost increased to 800 Gold 800 from 750 Gold 750.
  • Energized strike bonus damage increased to 50 from 40.
  • Bug Fix: Audio for the empowered attack proc no longer plays through Fog of War.
  • On-hit damage increased to 40 from 30.
V5.22 Added
  • Kircheis Shard Kircheis Shard:
    • Recipe: Dagger Dagger + 450 Gold 450 = 750 Gold 750
    • +15% attack speed.
    • Passive – Energize: Moving and using basic attacks Energize you. When fully Energized, gain Energized Strike.
    • Unique Passive – Energized Strike: Your next basic attack deals +30 bonus on-hit magic damage.


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