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You broke the stone, or the stone broke you.
— Colm Onren, As Stone

Kimir is a Noxian mining city in northern Valoran. The city is currently led by Steward Colm Onren and is the leading exporter of Noxian granite in the north.


Kimir's walls and battlements are made of fine stone, hewn and laid by Kimir's progenitors, as Kimirians are skilled sculptors and miners. The cities quarries were manned for generations by its able-bodied men and women, everyone who can drive a pick took shifts mining stone. This produced tall and strong individuals which were impressive even for Noxian standards.

Terrain advantage and the Kimir's willingness to trade kept the city free for decades until the Noxian empire took over.


  • The Graveyard: Kimir's graveyard is located just outside of the city. Its burials are adorned with gravestones and statues in the likenesses of the deceased.
  • The Longhall: Kimir's founders had raised its longhall many generations ago, not far from the quarry whose stone laid its foundation.
  • The Quarries: Kimir's oldest quarry was unequaled in the north. It was nestled between a trio of high foothills, the inverted ziggurat slowing biting into their height. From a certain hill, one could see the mountains to the east, the forests to the north, and the city's walls just a short trek southwest. Soapstone, alabaster, clay, limestone, slate and granite can be found in these quarries.


Blue Stargazers

Blue Stargazers are a type of decorative flowers that grow around the city of Kimir. Its blue hue is used to as a dye for clothing as well as limestone and shale. A well-placed bundle of blue stargazers won a war with the city of Morrin before it began.


Competition over herds with other tribes transformed into trade negotiations and border skirmishes. The stone lent the founders strength, walls, industry. They passed traditions to children, stories to families. From the quarry's wellspring, Kimirians developed a sense of self.

Kimir deeply respects the fallen, erecting statues in their honor along with a proper funeral. This tradition is highly treasured, its negligence leading to a short rebellion against the Noxian warhost.


When the city was first conquered by the Noxian empire, Kimir was shortly governed by Noxus As Stone 02.jpg General Hama until she promoted Colm Onren as its first Noxian steward. Kimir leaders are also referred to as elders, a remnant of their pre-Noxian days.


Stewards are the provincial rulers of Noxus. They are tasked to enforce Noxian rule in occupied territories as well as cities outside the capital.

Stewards Description
Noxus As Stone 01.jpg Colm Onren Current Steward of Kimir. First Noxian Steward of Kimir.

Kimirian Guard

The Kimirian guard were the original military force of Kimir before the arrival of Noxus.

The city also had career soldiers. Mostly trackers and trappers, their battles fought in skirmishes, each engagement a planned retreat.

Notable military dignitaries
Noxus As Stone 01.jpg Colm Onren Former captain of the Kimiran guard. Currently the Steward of Kimir.
Marsh Daya Former second-in-command of the Kimirian guard. Currently a General in the Noxian Military.


  • Kimir most likely have descendants of Ancient Freljordian craftsmen from Hearth-Home since their city is located close to Ornn's Ornn's home.