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A kill is the event of reducing an enemy champion's health to zero and successfully causing them to enter the death state. Triggering Revival icon resurrection does not count as a kill.


The last player to strike the target champion is awarded with the kill, and all contributors within the last 10 seconds are awarded with an assist.

Experience Reward[]

See Experience (champion).

Gold Reward[]

When a champion is slain, the killer receives a certain amount of gold Gold gold, while a reduced amount is generated to share between allies that assisted in the kill.

A champion who has incurred consecutive deaths will award a reduced bounty, while a champion who has scored consecutive kills will award an increased bounty. See Champion bounties section for details.

Buff Reward[]

If the champion killed holds any transferable buffs (Crest of Cinders Crest of Cinders or Crest of Insight Crest of Insight), the killer acquires them, resetting their duration. The transferring will not take place if the slain champion earned the buff from a Corrupted monster, however.


If a champion dies and has not been damaged nor been inflicted with a debuff by an enemy champion in the last 15 seconds, they are executed (extended to 20 seconds on Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss ARAM), meaning no direct kill rewards are provided to enemies. Otherwise, the kill is awarded to the enemy champion who last dealt damage or applied a debuff. Executions may be caused by a turret, minion, or monster. An execution does not grant a bounty but still grants experience to nearby champions on the opposite team when it is caused by a turret or minion.

Note that executions do not affect champion bounties.


9999 Damage Execute

Damage indicator (exaggerated)

Execute Health Bar

Execution indicator

An execute is the process of killing a unit by dealing Health icon 100% of their current health through the Fear Beyond Death 2 raw damage (or internalraw) source type. Executes destroy all Hybrid resistances icon shields before applying their damage, and will have no effect if the unit is Cosmic Radiance invulnerable unless the source type is internalraw. Units under the effect of a Unkillable icon minimum health threshold will have their Health icon health set to 1 if they are affected by a regular execute (this excludes the internalraw type, which bypasses this rule).

Most forms of executes only occur if the unit is below a specific health threshold.

The following contains all executes:

Against all units

Against Champion icon champions

Against Turret icon turrets

Against Minion icon minions


A multi-kill is the act of killing several champions within 10 seconds of each other, increased to 30 seconds until a Pentakill after a Quadra Kill if no enemy respawns. The following comments are shown: "Summoner" has slain "(slain name) Summoner" for a [...]!

  • Double Kill (2)
  • Triple Kill (3)
  • Quadra Kill (4)
  • Pentakill (5)
  • Hexakill (6), only on the ProfileIcon2098 Hexakill mode


Some footage from before the time where ProfileIcon2098 Hexakill was introduced showcases the possibility of achieving a Legendary Kill, which can occur after killing another enemy after a Penta Kill, on any gamemode other than Hexakill.[1]

However this feature seems to have been removed from the game, and the time at which it occurred is uncertain.


An ace is defined as killing the last living champion of the enemy team. Scoring an ace is far easier than scoring a Penta Kill, since the only requisite is for the entire allied team to kill the enemy team, rather than one person killing the entire enemy team. There is no bonus associated with aces.

Both teams can be aced at the same time.

Champion bounties[]

The kill bounty, or the gold Gold gold reward earned from killing an enemy champion, is granted to the player who deals the killing blow on them. The default, or base kill bounty is 300 Gold 300.

Champions are ranked in kill bounty tiers, based on the number of consecutive kills or consecutive deaths that they have accumulated. Tiers range from -6 (negative six) to +8 (positive eight).

  • The number of consecutive deaths a champion has is the number of times they have died since they last killed an enemy champion or since the match began.
  • The number of consecutive kills a champion has is the number of times they have killed enemy champions since they last died or since the match began.

At a negative tier, the kill bounty is also negative, meaning smaller than the base kill bounty; the deduction per tier is 25% beyond the -1 (negative one) tier. At a positive tier, the kill bounty is also positive, meaning larger than the base kill bounty. Tier 0 is considered the base kill bounty.

Players promote and demote through tiers according to the following rules:

  • All champions begin the game at tier 0.
  • At tier 0 or a negative tier, incurring a death decreases the tier by 1.
  • At tier 0 or a positive tier, scoring a kill increases the tier by 1.
  • At a negative tier, scoring a kill sets the tier to 1.
  • At a positive tier, incurring a death resets the tier to 0.

Negative bounties are capped at tier -6 (negative six), for 100 Gold 100. Positive bounties are capped at tier 8 (positive eight), for 1000 Gold 1000. An extended bounty is placed on a champion when they score another kill at tier 8 without dying, promoting them to tier 9 (positive nine); each kill under an extended bounty increases the champion's positive kill bounty by a further 100 Gold 100, up to 33 consecutive kills for a total kill bounty of 3600 Gold 3600. However, a single kill cannot reward more than 1000 total gold Gold 1000 total gold, meaning that the maximum deduction for the champion in an extended bounty is 1000 Gold 1000. In this case, the excess bounty is added to the champion's next respawn (again, up to 1000 total Gold 1000 total).

An assist bounty is additionally generated and shared equally among every ally who has assisted in the kill. Assist bounties are calculated as a portion of the kill bounty.

  • Positive kill bounties always generate assist bounties equal to half of the base kill bounty (300 Gold 300 ÷ 2 = 150 Gold 150), regardless of tier.
  • Negative kill bounties generate half of the negative tier's kill bounty.

The following table shows the number of consecutive kills or deaths required to access each tier, and the bounties earned by killing a champion in that tier.

Tier Consecutive kills Consecutive deaths Kill bounty Assist bounty In game announcement
 + 9 9 and above  + 100 Gold 100 per kill beyond the 8th 150 Gold 150 Legendary
(extended bounty)
 + 8 8 1000 Gold 1000 150 Gold 150 Legendary
 + 7 7 900 Gold 900 150 Gold 150 Godlike
 + 6 6 800 Gold 800 150 Gold 150 Dominating
 + 5 5 700 Gold 700 150 Gold 150 Unstoppable
 + 4 4 600 Gold 600 150 Gold 150 Rampage
 + 3 3 500 Gold 500 150 Gold 150 Killing spree
 + 2 2 400 Gold 400 150 Gold 150
 + 1 1 300 Gold 300 150 Gold 150
 0 None None 300 Gold 300 150 Gold 150
 − 1 1 267 Gold 267 133 Gold 133
 − 2 2 200 Gold 200 100 Gold 100
 − 3 3 150 Gold 150 75 Gold 75
 − 4 4 112 Gold 112 56 Gold 56
 − 5 5 and above 100 Gold 100, capped 50 Gold 50, capped

General rules[]

  • First blood generates 100 bonus gold Gold 100 bonus gold toward the kill bounty and 50 bonus gold Gold 50 bonus gold toward the assist bounty.
  • Total assist bounty is reduced to 50% − 100% (based on Game Time).
  • At negative tiers, earning at least one assist increases the champion's tier by 1 automatically.
  • The kill bounties, excluding the base bounty, of all champions in a team are reduced by 30% if their total team gold is 3% lower than the opposing team's gold. The reduction can be further amplified to 30% − 50% (based on Team Gold Deficit) and even further down to 50% − 90% (based on Team Gold Deficit).
  • On Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift, kill bounties do not increase mid-combat. If a champion earns multiple kills and then immediately dies, those kills will count toward their next death instead.
    • On Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss, they will increase at the same time as kills are earned, and will be dispensed even if the champion dies immediately after earning the kills.
  • Note that bounties over 200 bonus gold Gold 200 bonus gold (500 total gold Gold 500 total gold kill bounty and above) are visible in the scoreboard to both allies and enemies.

Gold Value bounties[]

A gold value (GV) bounty, also called "creep score" (CS) bounty, is a type of bounty placed on a champion if they have earned significant gold from Minion icon minion kills, Monster icon monster kills, or Support items' gold income. The gold earned from these sources is collectively referred to here as "CS gold".

Primary Rule: If, since their last death, a champion has earned 300 Gold 300 more CS gold than the enemy team's average during that time, their bounty increases by 50 Gold 50, plus another 50 Gold 50 for each additional 200 Gold 200 their advantage grows by thereafter. The amount updates dynamically and is immediately reduced if the player loses this advantage.
Secondary Rule: At negative tiers, upon earning 1000 total gold Gold 1000 total gold from CS gold specifically, increase the tier by 1.

  • On Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift, the average is determined by dividing the enemy team's total CS gold by a different value rather than always five, because Support income is lower on average compared to other roles. If one player on the team has a Support item, this value is 4.3; at two and more, this value is decreased accordingly, meaning it will account for the number of Support items on a team. (Lastly, other maps which include bounties and feature smaller teams, always divide by the number of champions per team instead.)
  • If a champion dies with less CS gold than the enemy team's average, they will respawn with a gold buffer equal to their difference from that average. A CS gold bounty will not start counting until the buffer has been used.

Objective bounties[]

Summoner's Rift objective bounty

Objective bounties

After 14:00 of game time have elapsed, the team that is behind by a combination of gold Gold gold, Experience icon experience, the number of dragons dragons slain and the number of turrets destroyed, can receive objective bounties upon slaying epic monsters and destroying turrets. Objective bounties are placed 60 seconds after the team has dropped below the threshold.

  • If a team gains a lead against their enemy at any point during objective bounties' active time, all objective bounties immediately deactivate.
  • If a team crosses above the threshold for objective bounties through their play, objective bounties will linger for up to 60 seconds after the team that is behind has done so, based on how close of a deficit against the enemy team they are presently sustaining. During this linger period only up to one additional objective bounty may be claimed, and upon successfully doing so (or after the linger period has elapsed) objective bounties deactivate.

Objective bounties have a baseline gold Gold gold value for each objective, which may increase by up to 60% (updates dynamically) when a team has fallen further behind. A claimed bounty is distributed evenly among all team members, regardless of their location or status.

Objective Bounty
Baron Nashor Baron Nashor 500 Gold 500, up to 800 Gold 800
Dragons Dragons and Elder Dragon Elder Dragon 500 Gold 500, up to 800 Gold 800
Rift Herald Rift Herald 500 Gold 500, up to 800 Gold 800
Inner turrets 400 Gold 400, up to 640 Gold 640
Nexus turrets 400 Gold 400, up to 640 Gold 640
Outer turrets 250 Gold 250, up to 400 Gold 400


  • Each of the four prerequisites for objective bounties activating is weighted differently.
  • Objective bounties' activation and deactivation is announced globally, as well as at the bottom of the mini-map. The icon of an objective that has an active bounty is highlighted on the mini-map.
  • Their value is denoted in the scoreboard where they may be pinged.
  • Gold-generating effects (champion and item passives + runes) do not count toward a team's total gold for the purposes of calculating objective bounties.
  • The threshold for objective bounties is doubled when a team has two or more Support items, rendering them less likely to activate.

Triggering effects with kills[]

Champion abilities, items and runes that trigger an effect with a kill or assist can be viewed on the takedown article.

Champion abilities[]

The following abilities will trigger an effect upon killing an enemy champion, and they cannot trigger through an assist:

The following abilities will trigger an effect upon killing any unit:


The following items will trigger an effect upon killing a minion:

The following items will trigger an effect upon killing a monster:


See also[]