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A unit card with keyword Keyword Deep.png Deep.

"I was sailing just the other day,
Out beyond Bilgewater Bay,
When, from the depths, she came my way,
the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady..."
— Ballad of the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady

Keyword Deep.png Deep is a keyword in Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra.

EditWhen a player has 15 or fewer cards in their deck, they become Deep for the rest of the game.

When the player is Deep, Unit card.png Units of theirs with the Deep keyword become sources of an Keyword Aura.png Aura that grants that unit LoR Power.png +3|LoR Health.png +3 that is active even when in deck or hand.


"Aye aye, they cried, and set off away,
To see to trouble in fair Nashramae,
But nature, she turned, and many did die,
An' the rest are off to see the all-seein' eye!" - "The All-Seeing Eye"

"They realized the danger too late. The titanic beast opened its gaping maw and surged toward them. The hunters could only wait for death as the endless teeth slowly crunched through their ship."

"She swallowed me whole, me skiff and me soul,
So I'm singin' this song in her belly,
And now I must wait 'til I meet my fate,
In the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady."
— "Ballad of the Wing-Eared Sunken Lady"
  • Cards with the Deep keyword have additional text reading "X away from Deep" or "You are Deep" to indicate how close their player is to reaching it.
  • The only cards with Deep are Sea Monsters, and all Sea Monsters have Deep.
  • Deep is thematically associated with the monsters that roam the seas of Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra, particularly the depths around the Runeterra Crest icon.png Serpent Isles and the oceans surrounding the Shadow Isles Crest icon.png Shadow Isles, and the horror of the impending destruction they bring, and of the unknown or unknowable.
  • Strategically, this keyword very heavily synergises with Nautilus, Maokai, and LoR Tutorial Toss icon.png Toss cards.
    • There is an extreme risk of decking out with Deep decks, Nautilus' Keyword Level Up.png Level Up can counter it somewhat, and Maokai's can make it more of a risk for the opponent, but it still poses a large risk.

List of cards with keyword Deep

Name Type Subtype Region LoR mana icon.png LoR Power.png LoR Health.png Rarity
Shipwreck HoarderUnitSea MonsterBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater775Epic rarity.svg Epic
Vicious PlatewyrmUnitSea MonsterBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater555
Abyssal EyeUnitSea MonsterBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater533Rare rarity.svg Rare
The Beast BelowUnitSea MonsterBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater444Common rarity.svg Common
Devourer of the DepthsUnitSea MonsterBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater644Epic rarity.svg Epic
Terror of the TidesUnitSea MonsterShadow Isles region.svg Shadow Isles865Epic rarity.svg Epic

List of cards granting Deep

Name Type Subtype Region LoR mana icon.png LoR Power.png LoR Health.png Rarity
No cards found

List of cards related to Deep

Name Type Subtype Region LoR mana icon.png LoR Power.png LoR Health.png Rarity
NautilusUnitBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater7012Champion rarity.svg Champion
The Slaughter DocksLandmarkBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater300Epic rarity.svg Epic

List of cards generating Deep cards

Name Type Subtype Region LoR mana icon.png LoR Power.png LoR Health.png Rarity
Jaull HuntersUnitBilgewater region.svg Bilgewater341Rare rarity.svg Rare

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