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Keyword Allegiance Allegiance

EditWhen you summon this, it gets its bonus if the top card of your deck matches its region.

Keyword Attack Attack

EditEffect triggers in combat when the unit is attacking.

Keyword Aura Aura

EditThe effect that is applied when it exists on the board, and can affect the opponent, or even the cards in hand.

Keyword Barrier Barrier

EditNegates the next damage the unit would take. Lasts one round and do not stack. Barrier effect is calculated before the Keyword Tough Tough effect.

Keyword Burst Burst

EditBurst spells resolve instantly. The enemy can't act before it finishes.

Keyword Can't Block Can't Block

EditThis unit Can't Block enemy attacks.

Keyword Capture Capture

EditA unit that is Captured is removed from play until such point that the Captor is removed from play.

Keyword Challenger Challenger

EditA unit with Challenger has the choice of which enemy unit will block its attack, even Keyword Can't Block Can't Blocked or Keyword Stun Stunned units. If a unit has both Challenger and Keyword Fearsome Fearsome or Keyword Elusive Elusive, it can pull any units in to block!

Keyword Death Death

EditWhen a unit is reduced to 0 health or is otherwise killed, it is removed from play and triggers any on-unit death effects such as Keyword Last Breath Last Breath.

Keyword Double Attack Double Attack

EditDouble Strike allows a unit to deal combat damage twice per combat phase — once during the Keyword Quick Attack Quick Attack step and once during the standard attack step.

Damage dealt during the Quick Attack step is resolved before entering the standard attack step, meaning units with Double Attack or Quick Attack can destroy blockers or remove Keyword Barrier Barriers without receiving damage in retaliation.

Keyword Drain Drain

EditDeal and heal the allied Nexus. No need to deal damage to heal, so will ignore the Keyword Barrier Barrier.

Keyword Elusive Elusive

EditCan only be blocked by an Elusive unit. Swapping the positions of units or giving a unit Elusive has no effect.

Keyword Enlightened Enlightened

EditWhen you meet the condition of having 10 max mana, Enlightened cards will gain permanent effects.

Keyword Ephemeral Ephemeral

EditThis unit dies when it Keyword Strike strikes or when the round ends.

Keyword Fast Fast

EditFast spells can be played at any time, but allow the opponent to respond.

Keyword Fearsome Fearsome

EditCan only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more Power. If a unit has both Fearsome and Keyword Challenger Challenger, it can pull any units in to block.

Keyword Fleeting Fleeting

EditFleeting cards discard from hand when the round ends.

Keyword Frostbite Frostbite

EditSet a unit's Power to 0 this round (it can be changed after).

Keyword Imbue Imbue

EditThese abilities trigger when you resolve a spell.

Keyword Last Breath Last Breath

EditThese abilities take effect when the unit Keyword Death dies.

Keyword Level Up Level Up

EditLevel Up is a keyword that causes a card to transform into another specified card, as well as transforming all other similarly named cards in your deck, hand and graveyard. Each Level Up has a corresponding trigger condition and the transformation occurs at Keyword Burst Burst speed immediately following the condition being met.

For example, Level Up: I have attacked twice. would cause the card to transform after it performs its second attack.

The transformation persists for the remainder of the game even if the card is returned to your hand or enters the graveyard. All Champion card Champions possess this keyword, and some may Level Up multiple times.

Keyword Lifesteal Lifesteal

EditDamage this unit deals heals its Nexus that amount.

Keyword Nexus Strike Nexus Strike

EditAn effect occurs when a unit Keyword Strike Strikes the enemy Nexus.

Keyword Obliterate Obliterate

EditCompletely removed from the game. Doesn't cause Keyword Last Breath Last Breath or any other on-unit Keyword Death death effects and can’t be revived.

Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm

EditExcess damage the unit deal to its blocker is dealt to the enemy Nexus.

Keyword Play Play

EditAn effect that occurs when a card is played from hand.

Keyword Quick Attack Quick Attack

EditA unit with Quick Attack deals combat damage before units without quick attack.

Combat damage dealt by Quick Attacks is resolved before other units attack, meaning units with Quick Attack can destroy blockers or remove Keyword Barrier Barriers without receiving damage in retaliation.


EditGet on the offensive. If you don't have one, gain an attack token.

Keyword Recall Recall

EditReturn a unit to hand and remove all effects applied to it.

Keyword Regeneration Regeneration

EditHeals fully at the start of each round.

Keyword Skill Skill

EditA spell-like effect created and cast by unit.

Keyword Slow Slow

EditSlow spells can be cast outside of combat and other casting. The enemy can respond.

Keyword Strike Strike

EditStrike effects occur when a unit deals combat damage.

Keyword Strongest Strongest

EditHighest Power, with ties broken by highest Health then highest Cost.

Stun icon Stun

EditRemove a unit from combat. It can't attack or block for the rest of the round. A Keyword Challenger Challenger unit can pull Stunned units in to block.

Keyword Support Support

EditGives an effect to the unit positioned to the right of this unit if this unit is Keyword Attack attacking.

Keyword Tough Tough

EditTakes 1 less damage from all sources. Tough effect is calculated after the Keyword Barrier Barrier effect.

Keyword Trap Trap

EditAttaches to a card in the deck, trapping it. When the trapped card is drawn, perform the effect.

Keyword Trigger Trigger

EditWhen you meet the condition, the effect is triggered.

The trigger is not an explicit keyword, but it exists in other keywords like Start of Round, End of Round, ... or "When ...", except Keyword Imbue Imbue.

Keyword Weakest Weakest

EditLowest Power, with ties broken by lowest Health then lowest Cost.

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