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For expanded game terms, see Terminology (Legends of Runeterra).
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Keyword Allegiance Allegiance

For more detail, see Allegiance

EditWhen this unit is Keyword Summon summoned, it gets its bonus if the top card of the allied deck matches its region.

Keyword Attack Attack

For more detail, see Attack
EditEffects with the Attack keyword will trigger immediately Keyword Trigger when an attack is committed. Attack effects are resolved from left to right, at the same time as Keyword Support Support effects.

If the player has an Attack Token icon Attack Token, an attack can be declared by dragging up to 6 units that are on the player's bench into the Battlefield, and then it can be committed by pressing the Button, consuming the Token. This can not be done if there is an active Spell card spell stack, although a Keyword Fast fast spell can start a spell stack on the same turn an attack is declared. After the attack is declared, the player on defense can declare units to block, and/or what Spells to cast, if any.

Battling units Keyword Strike strike each other or the LoR Blue NexusLoR Red Nexus Nexus, depending on whether there is a unit across from them or not. If the attacking unit's blocker is removed from the battlefield before they attack and the attacker doesn't have Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm, they don't strike.

If an attacking Unit card unit is attempted to be Keyword Summon summoned and there's already 6 attackers, it is Keyword Obliterate Obliterated. After a player's attack is finished, it is the other player's turn to act.

Keyword Attune Attune

For more detail, see Attune

EditWhen the unit is Keyword Summon summoned, refill 1 Spell mana icon spell mana.

Keyword Aura Aura

For more detail, see Aura
EditA continuous effect that applies as long as the unit with it is on the board. Can affect any cards anywhere, depending on what is specified, if not specified otherwise, it effects units on the board only.

Units that are the source of an Aura will have the Aura icon (Keyword Aura) visible on the card alongside other active keywords.

Keyword Barrier Barrier

For more detail, see Barrier
EditUnit card Units with the Barrier keyword have a Barrier the turn they are summoned.
A Barrier completely prevents the next instance of damage a unit would take. Lasts one round and Barriers do not stack.

Does not negate instant Keyword Death kill effects such as Keyword Ephemeral Ephemeral and Vengeance. Taking damage to a barrier counts as surviving 0 damage, but it still counts as surviving damage.

Keyword Block Block

For more detail, see Block
EditEffects that Keyword Trigger trigger when you Block, will happen immediately when a block is committed. Blocks are committed by pressing The Button.

After a player commits an Keyword Attack attack, it becomes the other player's turn, and they can block. The blocking player can drag Unit card units to declare them blocking specific attacking units, 1 attacker to 1 blocker. Not all attackers have to be blocked. Spell card Spells can be Keyword Play played on the same turn a block is committed. If any blocking units are committed or any spells are played, the attacking player can respond with their own spells, with normal spell response rules following. After both players have passed, the Keyword Strike striking starts.

Battling units Keyword Strike strike each other, starting from the leftmost, progressing to the rightmost. If the attacking unit's committed blocker was removed from the battlefield/from blocking before they attack and the attacker doesn't have Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm, they don't strike. If they weren't blocked, they'll strike the enemy LoR Blue NexusLoR Red Nexus Nexus.

After the striking is finished, it is the Blocking player's turn. There are various effects that can affect whether a unit can block or be blocked, for example Keyword Can't Block Can't Block, Keyword Fearsome Fearsome, Keyword Elusive Elusive, and units being Keyword VulnerableKeyword Challengerchallenged.

Keyword Burst Burst

For more detail, see Burst
EditBurst Spell card spells resolve instantly. The enemy can't act before it finishes.

They can be cast at any time during the user's turn. They do not add to the stack, create a stack, or end the caster's turn, they commit and Keyword Imbue cast as soon as they are declared without a chance to confirm nor react.

Keyword Skill Skills can appear to be Burst, but they are responded to the same as Keyword Fast fast spells.

Keyword Can't Attack Can't Attack

For more detail, see Can't Attack

EditThis unit cannot declare an Keyword Attack attack by normal means (ie. Dragging the unit into the attacking position).

PENDING FOR TEST can the unit be forced to attack by Kalista or Stand United?

Keyword Can't Block Can't Block

For more detail, see Can't Block

EditKeyword Block Blocks cannot be declared with Unit card units with Can't Block (ie. Dragging the unit into the blocking position).

Effects that force a unit to block, such as Keyword Challenger Challenger or swapping it with another unit can force it to block an attack.

Keyword Capture Capture

For more detail, see Capture

EditA unit that is Captured is removed from play completely until such point that the Captor is removed from play. Captured units are not affected by Everywhere effects.

Keyword Challenger Challenger

For more detail, see Challenger
LoR Challenger Diagram

Challenger Diagram

A unit with Challenger can force any enemy unit on the board to Keyword Block block it when Keyword Attack attacking. When choosing units to declare Keyword Block blocks with, the enemy won't be able to change what unit the challenged unit is blocking.

Any enemy unit on the board can be forced to block, including ones that wouldn't be able to block it normally, for example: Keyword Can't Block Can't Block units, non-Keyword Elusive Elusive units to Elusive units, Keyword Stun Stunned units, and low-power units to Keyword Fearsome Fearsome units.

Keyword Death Death

EditWhen a Unit card unit is reduced to 0 LoR Health health or is otherwise killed, it is removed from play and triggers any on-unit death effects, such as Keyword Last Breath Last Breath. Units killed before they block an attack will cause the enemy unit they were fighting to not Keyword Strike strike at all, unless the enemy unit has Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm.
Effects that instantly kill a unit go through Keyword Barrier Barrier.

Killed units can be considered sent to a 'graveyard', a list of units that have died in the game, which the game interacts with in various ways such as Revival icon reviving cards (but not removing them from the list). A unit can be on this list multiple times if it has died multiple times.

Keyword Deep Deep

For more detail, see Deep
EditWhen you have 15 or fewer cards in your deck, you become Deep for the rest of the game.

Unit card Units with the Deep keyword have LoR Power +3|LoR Health +3 when you're Deep.

This is in effect even if the unit is in-hand or in deck. The effect cannot be removed unless the Deep keyword itself is removed (eg. Keyword Silence), for example if a Deep unit is Keyword Recall recalled, it'll gain back the +3|+3 right away.
Deep cards will also read "X away from Deep" or "You are Deep" to indicate how close you are to reaching it.

Keyword Discard Discard

EditComplete removal of a card from a hand or deck. Can trigger specific effects. If not specified it's picked from the allied hand.

Keyword Double Attack Double Attack

For more detail, see Double Attack

EditDouble Attack allows a Unit card unit to Keyword Strike Strike twice when Keyword Attack attacking — the first being a Keyword Quick Attack quick attack, the second occurring at the same time the Keyword Block blocking unit strikes.

Keyword Drain Drain

For more detail, see Drain
EditDeal damage to target and heal the allied Nexus.

The damage and the healing don't depend on each other, so the healing won't get reduced in case of overkill or if the damage is negated by effects such as Keyword Barrier Barrier or Keyword Tough Tough. The healing will not occur if for whatever reason the unit being drained from can no longer be targeted, for example if it has been Keyword DeathKeyword ObliterateKeyword RecallKeyword Captureremoved from the board.

Keyword Draw Draw

EditThe player takes a card from a deck or hand and adds it to their hand. Unless specified, the card drawn is the one on top of the allied deck. At the start of every round, both players draw 1.

If you already have 10 cards in hand, the card that's drawn is shown to both players and is Keyword Obliterate obliterated. Nothing that draws from the enemy can draw a Champion card Champion. If a card is attempted to be drawn from the allied deck and there's no cards left to draw, the player being drawn from loses the game. If both draw simultaneously, a tie can occur. (PENDING FOR TEST if this applies to enemy and specific scope draw)

Keyword Elusive Elusive

For more detail, see Elusive
LoR Elusive Example Screenshot

The visual effect that appears on a card with Elusive while it's on the board. (Using Daring Poro)

Can only be Keyword Block blocked by an Elusive unit through normal means.

Units can be forced to block an Elusive unit, through effects such as Keyword Challenger Challenger and by swapping units. Granting a unit that's already being blocked Elusive will not remove the blocker.

Keyword Enlightened Enlightened

For more detail, see Enlightened

EditOnce a player has 10 maximum LoR mana icon mana, they're Enlightened.

Cards with Enlightened effects on the board gain permanent effects instantly Keyword Trigger when this happens.

Keyword Ephemeral Ephemeral

For more detail, see Ephemeral
EditWhen on the board, this unit will die when it Keyword Strike strikes or the round ends.

It is notable, but a normal interaction, that this doesn't allow for the second attack from Keyword Double Attack Double Attack to happen.

Keyword Fast Fast

For more detail, see Fast
EditFast Spell card spells can be Keyword Play played at any time during the user's turn, multiple can be played in a turn, and they can be played alongside a Keyword Slow Slow spell, though they have to be above it on the stack. Fast spells allow the opponent to respond with their own spells.

Fast spells committed while Keyword Attack attacking are responded to (for the first response) at the same time as Keyword Block blockers are committed. Further responses happen before the attackers Keyword Strike strike.

Keyword Fearsome Fearsome

For more detail, see Fearsome

EditCan only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more Power by normal means, but units with less power can be forced to block it.

Keyword Fleeting Fleeting

For more detail, see Fleeting

EditFleeting cards Keyword Discard discard from hand when the round ends.

Keyword Frostbite Frostbite

For more detail, see Frostbite

EditSet a unit's Power to 0 this round (it can be changed after).

Keyword Imbue Imbue

For more detail, see Imbue

EditThese abilities trigger Keyword Trigger when an allied Spell card spell resolves (also referred to as 'casting', but the usage of this word is inconsistent).

In the case of Imbue effects tied to a unit on the board (eg. When I Keyword See See you cast a spell), the Imbue icon (Keyword Imbue) will be visible on the card alongside other active keywords.

Keyword Can't AttackKeyword Can't Block Immobile

For more detail, see Immobile

EditThis Unit card unit Keyword Can't Attack Can't Attack and Keyword Can't Block Can't Block.

Keyword Last Breath Last Breath

For more detail, see Last Breath

EditThese abilities take effect when the unit Keyword Death dies.

Keyword Level Up Level Up

EditLevel Up is a keyword that causes a Champion card champion card to transform into another card instantly, playing an animation, keeping all effects applied to it and damage taken and counting as the same unit.

Each Level Up has a corresponding trigger condition and the transformation occurs instantly when the condition is met, and sometimes another specified effect will occur simultaneously.

For example, Level Up: I have attacked twice. Create x card in hand. would cause the card to transform after it commits a second Keyword Attack attack and it would create x card in hand instantly.
The transformation persists for the remainder of the game. All collectable champions possess this keyword and most will only level up once. Level up animations for champions that levelled up while not on the board play when they're Keyword Summon summoned/otherwise brought onto the board.

Keyword Lifesteal Lifesteal

For more detail, see Lifesteal
EditDamage this unit deals heals the Nexus of the player controlling it by its Power when it Keyword Strike strikes.

Lifesteal does not get reduced in case of overkill but does not apply at all if the unit attacked has Keyword Barrier Barrier.

Keyword Nab Nab

EditKeyword Draw Draw a specified number of non-Champion card Champions from the bottom of the enemy deck.

Keyword Nexus Strike Nexus Strike

For more detail, see Nexus Strike

EditNexus Strike effects occur Keyword Trigger when a unit Keyword Strike Strikes the enemy Nexus.

Keyword Obliterate Obliterate

For more detail, see Obliterate
EditCompletely remove specified instances of card(s) from the game and destroy attached Keyword Trap Traps.

LoR Toss Example Screenshot

3 cards being obliterated by a LoR Tutorial Toss icon Toss.

Does not trigger Keyword Death Death (eg. Keyword Last Breath) or Keyword Discard Discard effects. Obliterated Unit card units aren't considered dead, and so can't be Revival icon revived.
When cards are obliterated from either player's deck or hand, they are shown to both of them (exception: Maokai's Keyword Level Up Level Up).

Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm

For more detail, see Overwhelm
LoR Overwhelm Example Screenshot

Left: The visual effect that appears on an Keyword Attack attacking unit with Overwhelm; Right: The visual effect that appears on a unit with Overwhelm while its player has the Attack Token icon Attack Token. (Example: Feral Mystic)

Unit card Unit: When Keyword Attack attacking, damage dealt over what should Keyword Death kill the Keyword Strike struck unit is dealt to the enemy LoR Blue NexusLoR Red Nexus Nexus.

Spell card Spell: Damage dealt to a Unit by this spell over what should kill it is dealt to the enemy Nexus.

Both: If the unit being targeted dies, all of the damage that would have been dealt to it is instead dealt to the enemy Nexus. If the damage taken by the unit is fully mitigated (eg. Keyword Barrier Barrier, Unyielding Spirit), the damage to the Nexus will be calculated as normal (deducting the damage that would otherwise be necessary to kill the unit) even though the target stays alive.

Keyword Play Play

For more detail, see Play
EditUnit card Unit: Keyword Summon summoning directly directly by the player ie. dragged from the hand onto the board. Other effects that summon a unit onto the board do not trigger Play effects.

Spell card Spell: Keyword Burst burst spells play and resolve as soon as they're dragged to the board, slower spells play after the Button is pressed. Different to Keyword Imbue casting, which refers to when the spell's effect happens. Spells will usually require that their condition to cast (See Keyword Fizzle Fizzle) be met at the time they are played, to play, even if it would be met after the spells before it on the Stack cast.

Some cards have an effect that must happen if they are to be Played. These will happen when the card is dragged to the board, before any play effect happens. If the condition cannot be fulfilled by not being able to perform an effect, then the card will not be Played.

LoR Tutorial Plunder icon Plunder

For more detail, see Plunder
EditUnit card Unit: Plunder effects happen Keyword Trigger when the unit is Keyword Play played, if the enemy LoR Blue NexusLoR Red Nexus Nexus has been damaged this round.

Spell card Spell: Plunder effects happen when the spell Keyword Imbue casts, if the enemy LoR Blue NexusLoR Red Nexus Nexus has been damaged this round.

Keyword Quick Attack Quick Attack

For more detail, see Quick Attack

EditQuick Attack allows a unit to Keyword Strike strike before the Unit card unit Keyword Block blocking it does when Keyword Attack attacking.

Keyword Rally Rally

For more detail, see Rally

EditIf the player doesn't have an Attack Token icon attack token, they gain one.

Keyword Recall Recall

For more detail, see Recall
EditReturn a unit to hand and remove all effects applied to it. Units that are in hand due to a recall effect are visible to the opponent. Units recalled while trying to block will cause the enemy unit they were fighting to not attack at all, unless the enemy unit has Keyword Overwhelm Overwhelm.

Does not undo card transformations/replacements such as Keyword Level Up Level ups.

Keyword Regeneration Regeneration

For more detail, see Regeneration

EditHeals fully each Round Start.

Revival icon Revive

EditA card that has Keyword Death died previously is brought back into play, onto the board unless otherwise specified.

Revived units keep transformations to a new card such as Keyword Level Up Level Ups, but lose any other effects applied to them. A unit can be revived multiple times, creating duplicates, as revival does not remove units from the list of ones that have died previously. Revived units dying creates a separate entry on said list.

Round End

For more detail, see Round End

EditEffect triggers Keyword Trigger when the round ends.

Round Start

For more detail, see Round Start

EditEffect triggers Keyword Trigger when the round starts.

Keyword Scout Scout

For more detail, see Scout

EditKeyword Trigger When exclusively allied units with Scout Keyword Attack Attack for the first time in a round, Keyword Rally Rally.

Keyword See See

EditA unit sees an action happen if it is on the board when it happens.

Keyword Silence Silence

For more detail, see Silence
Lor Silence Swipe

Card text is covered with a painted 'X' when silenced.

A silenced Unit card Unit has all card text, keywords, and any and all effects currently applied to it removed. Keeps unit groups.

New effects can still be applied to a Silenced unit.

PENDING FOR TEST What does this do to Keyword Aura Aura effects?

Keyword Skill Skill

For more detail, see Skill
EditA Spell card spell-like card that can be committed by a Unit card unit. Can be reacted to and goes on the Spell Stack like a Keyword Fast Keyword Slow non-Burst spell.

Skills are committed to enact a Unit card unit's card text in a way that can be reacted to, as opposed to other card text that is enacted instantly. If card text creates a Skill, there will be an Keyword Skill icon before the text to indicate if it will.

Keyword Slow Slow

For more detail, see Slow

EditSlow Spell card spells can only be Keyword Play played outside of combat and when not reacting to an enemy spell. The enemy can respond with their own spells. Only one Slow spell can be cast at a time, but any number of Keyword FastKeyword Burstfaster spells can be played alongside them, but they will always cast before it.

LoR Tutorial Kegs icon Stack

EditWhen a Unit card unit stacks, any allied copies of the unit that stack (eg. not including Keyword Silence silenced copies) on the board other than the first, are Keyword Obliterate obliterated instantly and a number is added to how many are stacked on the first one.

Stacking can affect the text of a card.

Keyword Strike Strike

For more detail, see Strike
EditA striking unit attempts to deal damage to its target using its LoR Power power. A unit with 0 power cannot strike.

Strike effects occur when a unit strikes anything, Nexus or Unit.

Keyword Strongest Strongest

For more detail, see Strongest

EditHighest Power, with ties broken by highest Health then highest Cost. If a tie cannot be resolved, cards will be targeted in from left to right.

If it looks at the cards that are not visible, then they will look at their original values on the card.

Keyword Stun Stun

For more detail, see Stun
EditStunning a unit removes it from combat. It can't Keyword Attack attack or block for the rest of the round. A Keyword Challenger Challenger unit can pull Stunned units in to block.

PENDING FOR TEST Do challenged stunned units Keyword Strike strike still? Are units that are stunned while being challenged removed from combat?

Keyword Summon Summon

EditBrings a unit onto the board. Simply summoning a unit does not trigger Keyword Play Play effects.

A unit can be summoned under certain conditions, by a card, for example, there are many cards that will summon a unit Keyword Attack attacking.

A summoned unit can be created, or it can be taken from the hand or deck, depending on what is being summoned and whether it's specified where from.

Keyword Support Support

For more detail, see Support
LoR Support Diagram

Support Diagram

Gives an effect to the unit positioned to the right of this unit if this unit is Keyword Attack attacking. Attack effects are resolved from left to right, at the same time as Keyword Attack Attack effects.

LoR Tutorial Toss icon Toss

For more detail, see Toss
LoR Toss Example Screenshot

3 cards being tossed.

Keyword Obliterate Obliterate a specified number of non-Champion card Champion cards from the bottom of your deck.

If there is less non-champion cards left in the deck than is attempting to be tossed, only what's left, if any, will be tossed.

Keyword Tough Tough

For more detail, see Tough
EditTakes 1 less damage from all sources.

Tough effect is calculated after the Keyword Barrier Barrier effect. Negating all damage taken using Tough will still count as surviving damage.

Keyword Trap Trap

For more detail, see Trap

EditTraps Attach to a card in a deck, trapping it. When a player Keyword Draw draws a trapped card, the trap's effect triggers for that player. A card can have multiple traps on it.

Keyword Trigger Trigger

EditWhen a condition is met, an effect is triggered instantly.

In the case of ongoing triggers tied to a unit on the board (eg. Round Start, 'When I Keyword See see you do X', etc.), the Trigger icon (Keyword Trigger) will be visible on the card alongside other active keywords.

Keyword Vulnerable Vulnerable

For more detail, see Vulnerable
LoR Vulnerable Diagram

Vulnerable Diagram

A unit with Vulnerable can be Keyword Challenger Challenged by any enemy unit on the board, including ones without Challenger.

Keyword Weakest Weakest

For more detail, see Weakest

EditLowest Power, with ties broken by lowest Health then lowest Cost. If a tie cannot be resolved, cards will be targeted in from left to right.

If cards that are not visible are being targeted, then the original values of the card will be what's checked.

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