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General Trivia

  • Kayn is the first Teamfight Tactics champion to be playable after having been first featured in the game as a PvE round monster, namely in Rounds 1-4 and 8-7 in Set 3 prior to his debut as a champion in Set 4.

Patch History

  • Ability damage reduced to 400 / 600 / 6666 from 450 / 600 / 6666.
  • Shadow Assassin damage increase reduced to 50% from 75%.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the wrong color was shown on the spell's tooltip when given SP.
  • Bug Fix: No longer casts if there are no enemies in range he could hit.
V10.19 - Added
  • Kayn OriginalCircle Original Kayn
    • Tier 5 Tormented TFT icon Tormented Shade TFT icon Shade.
    • Reaping Slash Active - Reaping Slash: Dashes towards his target then slashes all adjacent enemies, dealing 450 / 600 / 6666 (× Ability power icon SP) magic damage and increasing the cost of their next spell by 33%. If the slash hits exactly one target, he immediately casts again.
      • Rhaast OriginalSquare Rhaast: Heals for 50% of the damage dealt by the spell.
      • Shadow Assassin OriginalSquare Shadow Assassin: Deals an additional 75% damage for the first 10 seconds of combat.
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