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  • Katarina is one of few champions to have had their voice actors changed (the others being Anivia OriginalSquare Anivia, Janna OriginalSquare Janna, Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus, Cassiopeia OriginalSquare Cassiopeia, and Nasus OriginalSquare Nasus)
    • Katarina's old voice-over had a more angry tone. It can be listened to here.
      • Her old taunt was "Remember, evil spelled backwards is live. No coincidence."
      • Her old joke referenced Danse Macabre.
  • "Why? Because I can" references Shawn Michaels.
  • Loading the client, going to her champion page, selecting 'Abilities', and pressing Ctrl + 1 will play a video where she says "Killing is my duty... fun is yelling 'surprise'!" shown here.
    • Additionally, the quote was on PBE in Katarina's 2012 rework as her joke before being removed, which can be heard here.


  • She was at least in her mid-late 20s, being present during the Ionian war.
  • As suggested by Swain OriginalSquare Swain, Katarina OriginalSquare Katarina knows the truth about the disappearance of her father, who is presumed having been killed.


Katarina OriginalCircle Original Katarina
  • The scene depicts her mid-Shunpo Shunpo.
Katarina BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Katarina
Katarina KittyCatCircle Kitty Cat Katarina
Katarina RedCardCircle Red Card Katarina
Katarina SandstormCircle Sandstorm Katarina
  • This skin shares the 'Sandstorm' theme with:
  • She has her own taunt animation.
Katarina SlayBelleCircle Slay Belle Katarina
Katarina WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Katarina
Chromaskins Chromas: Golden
Katarina PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Katarina
Katarina DeathSwornCircle Death Sworn Katarina
Katarina BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Katarina
Chromaskins Chromas: Citrine, Formal, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise


  • Katarina is Cassiopeia OriginalSquare Cassiopeia's older sister while Talon OriginalSquare Talon is their adopted 'little brother'.
    • The sisters and the Blade's Shadow are members of Noxian noble house Du Couteau, whose head (General Marcus, Noxus' finest assassin) is missing and presumed dead.
  • It is implied, suspected, and speculated that Katarina and Garen OriginalSquare Garen had/have feelings for each other.[4]
    • Then there are those who imply it to the point of confirmation:
        Tahm Kench OriginalCircle "Don't starve your heart, Katarina OriginalSquare child! Let me deliver you to Garen OriginalSquare him."
        Tahm Kench OriginalCircle "Garen OriginalSquare You live by a code that'll never let you get what you want. Let me take you to Katarina OriginalSquare her."
        Illaoi OriginalCircle "No love is impossible, my god demands you follow Katarina OriginalSquare your desires."
        Illaoi OriginalCircle "Honor? Duty? Ha! What Garen OriginalSquare your heart demands is all that matters."
        Jhin OriginalCircle "Katarina OriginalSquare Your finale will be a Garen OriginalSquare duet."
        Jhin OriginalCircle "The always-enchanting tale of Katarina OriginalSquare star-Garen OriginalSquare crossed lovers."
        Maokai OriginalCircle "Stop carving words into my bark! Everyone knows G <3 K!"
    • Their special interactions in Legends of Runeterra suggest the two are in a romantic relationship.



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