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  • Can be used as a counter against Demon TFT icon Demons, because of his lack of mana usage.


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  • His ability is based on the very first version of his League of Legends ability Nether Blade Nether Blade back when he was introduced in V0.9.22.7, where his attacks would steal mana from his opponent.
  • Kassadin's ability scales with Ability power icon ability power, increasing the strength of the shield by 1% each point of AP, but does not benefit from the Sorcerer TFT icon Sorcerer increased mana generation, since he does not have mana.
  • A one-star Kassadin without any items, has the lowest DPS in the game, at 22. Since his special ability doesn't deal any damage, he has the lowest DPS in the game including special abilities, too.

Patch History

V9.22 - Disabled
  • Disabled due to Set 2.
  • Base attack damage reduced to 40 from 50.
  • Base attack speed reduced to 0.55 from 0.6.
  • Base armor increased to 35 from 25.
  • Ability mana reduction and shield increased to 25 / 50 / 75 from 20 / 40 / 60.
  • Base attack damage reduced to 50 from 55.
  • Base attack damage increased to 55 from 45.
  • Base attack speed reduced to 0.6 from 0.65.
V9.13 - Added
  • Tier 1 Void TFT icon Void Sorcerer TFT icon Sorcerer.
  • Nether Blade Passive - Nether Blade: Basic attacks reduce target's current mana by 20 / 40 / 60, granting a shield for the same amount lasting 4 seconds.

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