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KarmaSquare old Original Karma

Karma OriginalCircle Karma, the Enlightened One



Karma OriginalCircle Original Karma
  • "Never again will I sit idle" references her determination to act instead of always meditating.
  • "I have seen two paths, and made another between" might be referencing the Middle Way from Buddhism.
  • "If you desire peace, you must prepare for war!" references Si vis pacem, para bellum.
  • You know what they say: Karma always Inspire catches up to you" is a double entendre.
  • Karma and SyndraSquare Syndra share the quote "By force of will".
Karma TraditionalCircle Traditional Karma
  • "Onward always", "To conquer oneself is to conquer all", "Peace begins within", and 'I interrupted my meditation for this?" reference Buddhism.
  • "Guess what's about to hit the Heavenly Wave fan" is a double entendre.


Karma OriginalCircle Original Karma
Karma SakuraCircle Sakura Karma
Karma SunGoddessCircle Sun Goddess Karma
Karma TraditionalCircle Traditional Karma
Karma OrderoftheLotusCircle Order of the Lotus Karma
Karma WardenCircle Warden Karma
Karma WinterWonderCircle Winter Wonder Karma
Karma ConquerorCircle Conqueror Karma


  • Karma and IreliaSquare Irelia are two of the many Ionian Elders (members of the nation's ruling counsel)
  • SorakaSquare Soraka and Lee SinSquare Lee Sin are close friends of Karma's.
  • Karma sees SyndraSquare Syndra and ZedSquare Zed as threats that must be stopped. By force if necessary.


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