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Kai'Sa OriginalSkin
Original Kai'Sa View in 3D
RP icon 975 / 07-Mar-2018
Kai'Sa BulletAngelSkin
Bullet Angel Kai'Sa View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 07-Mar-2018
Kai'Sa KDASkin
K/DA Kai'Sa View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 03-Nov-2018
Kai'Sa ArcadeSkin
Arcade Kai'Sa View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 28-Jun-2019
Arcade Kai'Sa Chromas
Bullet Angel Kai'Sa Chromas

Legacy Vault

Kai'Sa iGSkin
iG Kai'Sa View in 3D
RP icon 1350 / 23-Apr-2019

Rare & Limited

Kai'Sa PrestigeKDASkin
K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition View in 3D
Special pricing / 03-Nov-2018



Champion Series Name Type Description
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'Sa1ExplasmanatedWARDamage dealt by Plasma Ruptures (P1) to enemy champions with Caustic Wounds (P2)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'Sa1OMWEMPEnemy champions hit with long rage (Greater than 75% of maximum range) Void Seekers (W)
Kai'Sa OriginalCircle Kai'Sa1On the HuntEMPEnemy champions killed within 5 seconds of using Killer Instinct (R)


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