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Jungle plants (or Living Jungle) are in-game elements that spawn in the jungle and river, which have a variety of effects when destroyed.

There are three types of plants, Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone, HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit and Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom.


Blast ConeSquare Blast Cones are a type of plant with with explosive fruit. Their explosive properties are powerful enough to fling a humanoid several meters away.

HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruits A type of edible plant seen Honey Fruit harvested near the city of Palcyff. Its healing properties are also used for medicinal purposes such as Refillable Potion item Health potions. Being a semi-aquatic plant, it can be seen on the shores of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of fresh water.

Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Blooms are a type of plant with magical properties, being used for Clairvoyance clairvoyance.

Plant Effects

Plants have 1 health, and can be attacked to trigger a special effect.

Plant Effect
Blast ConeSquare
Blast Cone
Airborne icon Knocks away (up to 900-units) all nearby units, including the attacker. This can send units over terrain.
Drops 5 fruits on the ground for 30 seconds. Walking on a fruit restores the greater amount between 3.5% maximum health and 14 − 116 (based on level) health, in addition to 6% maximum mana, but Slow icon slows by 35% for 0.25 seconds.
Scryer's BloomSquare
Scryer's Bloom
Releases pollen in a large cone that flies in the direction the attacker was facing, Sight icon revealing units and wards for 12 seconds, and champions for 3 seconds.

Plant Spawns

Plants spawn as inactive seeds and take 60 seconds to become usable. The spawn locations for the first wave of plants is predetermined, while subsequent plants can spawn in at least one other spot.

Plant Spawn Map
Blast ConeSquare
Blast Cone
Two spawn locations within each quadrant, with one in both red quadrants providing access into the DragonSquare Dragon and Baron NashorSquare Baron pits.
  • First inner cone spawns between 1:15 and 1:25.
  • First outer cone spawns between 5:00 and 5:30.
  • Inner cone respawn time is between 5 and 7 minutes.
  • Outer cone respawn time is between 5.5 and 6.5 minutes.

Red: Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
Green: HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit
Blue: Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom

Multiple spawn locations along river walls, starting near DragonSquare Dragon or Baron NashorSquare Baron pits and slowly extending closer toward lanes over the course of the game.
  • First spawns between 6:00 and 6:30.
  • Respawn time is between 5.5 and 7 minutes.
  • If a Honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second Honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two Honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.
Scryer's BloomSquare
Scryer's Bloom
Two spawn locations within each quadrant, close to river ramps.
  • First spawns between 3:00 and 3:30, always at each quadrant's spawn point nearest to the side lanes.
  • Next-spawn time is between 5 and 6.5 minutes at either spawn point, starting once a given quadrant's Scryer's Bloom is destroyed.
  • Only one Scryer's Bloom can be present per quadrant.


  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone displays a self-only landing indicator to champions in the blast radius.
  • The Airborne icon knock up from Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone can be targeted by Last Breath Last Breath if the explosion was triggered by the target's enemies.
  • Blast ConeSquare Blasting an ally will give an assist if that ally kills an enemy champion shortly after.
  • Eating a HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit will not trigger combat status.
  • HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit restores 5 Fury resource fury per fruit on Renekton OriginalSquare Renekton and Tryndamere OriginalSquare Tryndamere and 2 Fury resource fury per fruit on Shyvana OriginalSquare Shyvana.
  • If a HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit drops its fruits near a Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttler, it will dash to the closest fruit and eat it, blocking the fruit for up to 10 seconds, after which the fruit disappears. Attacking the Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttler while she's eating a fruit will make her run away, making the fruit available again.
  • Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom displays a self-only range indicator to champions on mouse-over, showing which direction the pollen will fly.


Patch History

  • Bug Fix: Plants' VFX no longer sometimes remain behind when killed.
  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
    • First outer cone spawn increased to (between 5:00 and 5:30) from (between 2:05 and 2:20).
  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
    • Undocumented: Indicator to show where champion will land made more fluid and color slightly changed.

  • HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit
    • Initial spawn timer increased to between 6:00 and 6:30 from between 5:00 and 5:30.
    • Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttlers now eat nearby Honeyfruit.
  • General
    • Once scouted, plants continue emitting idle VFX through fog of war.
    • Attacking plants no longer puts Kha'Zix OriginalSquare Kha'Zix in combat, preventing Void Assault Void Assault's out-of-combat invisibility from activating upon entering brush.
  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
    • Malzahar OriginalSquare Malzahar and Rengar OriginalSquare Rengar can now be affected by allied Blast Cone triggers during their spell immunity effects.
  • HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit
    • Pickup radius of fruits slightly reduced.
  • Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom
    • Auto-pings on revealed champions have been toned down to be distinguishable from player-issued pings.
    • New Effect: Revealed wards now trigger a small auto-ping.
  • General
  • General
  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Hecarim OriginalSquare Hecarim's Devastating Charge Devastating Charge caused Blast Cones to launch him forward instead of backward.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes flickered out of vision when jumping with a Blast Cone.
  • HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where consuming Honeyfruit flagged you as "in combat" for the purpose of various out of combat passives.
    • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where dashing or moving very quickly over Honeyfruit would sometimes fail to pick them up.
  • Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom
    • Updated the indicator textures to be less noisy and misleading.
V6.22 Added
  • Blast ConeSquare Blast Cone
    • Airborne icon Knocks away nearby units (including the attacker) when destroyed, even over walls.
  • HoneyfruitSquare Honeyfruit
    • Trigger: Drops 5 fruits on the ground when killed. Each fruit heals for 3.5% maximum health or 14 − 116 (based on level) flat health, whichever is higher, but Slow icon slows you for 35% for 0.25 seconds.
  • Scryer's BloomSquare Scryer's Bloom
    • Trigger: When destroyed, releases vision-granting pollen in a large cone that flies in the direction the attacker was facing, revealing units and wards for 12 seconds (3 seconds on champions).
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