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This is the first ever single-player Lab where players choose either LoR Champion Indicator.png4Leona or LoR Champion Indicator.png2Diana to climb to Targon's Peak. If a player manage to complete the journey, they will earn a unique icon based on the champion they pick. This lab was made available in patch 1.11


Battle your way to Targon's peak with Leona or Diana. Complete your journey for a special reward!

  • Face three enemies with their own unique abilities.
  • Each game will start one additional mana gem, and you'll have a higher nexus health in the final showdown.
  • Customize your deck by drafting reinforcements after each game.
  • Don't worry about running out of cards--the game will go on until your nexus health hits 0!

The decks will potentially have cards not listed in the deck previews.


"Armed with her sun-gold sword and shield, Leona is the Aspect of the Sun and leader of the Solari, who believe that the sun is the one true source of light."

Choose from one of three abilities:

  • Invigorating Light - Each round, the first time you activate Keyword Daybreak.png Daybreak, Keyword Rally.png Rally.
  • Radiant Shelter - Round Start: Give your Keyword Weakest.svg Weakest ally Keyword Barrier.svg Barrier and +2|+0 this round.
  • Sunrise, Sunset - Whenever you gain the attack token, grant allies +1|+0. When you start a round without the attack token, give allies Keyword Tough.svg Tough this round.

Starting DeckTargon LoR Region.pngShard icon.png9,400
Follower card.svgSpell card.svgKeyword Landmark.png
LoR Common icon.png10 LoR Rare icon.pngLoR Epic icon.pngLoR Champion icon.png
Champion card.svg03MT054.pngx2 



Round 2 Options

Round 3 Options


"Aspect of the Moon and wielder of the crescent moonblade, Diana fights on behalf of the Lunari, a secretive faith that asks its followers to find their light within the darkness."

Choose from one of three abilities:

  • Pale Moon - Each round, the first Unit card.png unit you play this round refills its mana cost.
  • Harness the Heavens - Each round, this first time you activate Keyword Nightfall.png Nightfall, create a Keyword Random.png random Celestial in hand with cost equal to your maximum mana.
  • Mystic Moon - When you activate Keyword Nightfall.png Nightfall, restore your spell mana, and if it's the first activation this round, draw a card.

Starting DeckTargon LoR Region.pngShard icon.png8,700
Follower card.svg10 Spell card.svgKeyword Landmark.png
LoR Common icon.pngLoR Rare icon.pngLoR Epic icon.pngLoR Champion icon.png
Champion card.svg03MT056.pngx2 



Round 2 Options

Round 3 Options


The player will face three different decks, each progressively harder than the last.

LoR Champion Indicator.png3Lulu - "The yordle mage Lulu supports her pals and squirrelifies her foes with her own unique brand of magic."

  • She has a mono-Ionia deck that focuses on Keyword Support.svg Support effects.
  • She has the ability Hugeify - Round Start: Give a Keyword Random.png random ally the highest power among my allies this round.
    • Hugeify will always select a different unit than the one that is giving its power.

LoR Champion Indicator.png5Trundle - "Trundle is savage king of trolls who dominates the Freljord with his fierce and hardy troll army."

  • He has a mono-Freljord deck that focuses on Behold effects.
  • He has the ability Subjugate - Each Round, this first time allies Keyword Attack.svg attack, steal 2 Power from a Keyword Random.png random enemy to give it to a random attacking ally this round.
  • Both players start the game with 2 mana.

LoR Champion Indicator.png10Aurelion Sol - "Aurelion Sol is an ancient cosmic dragon who has forged countless stars and planets. From Targon's peak he plots the destruction of the... 'middling' world of Runeterra."

  • He has a Demacia|Targon deck that focuses on dragon synergy.
  • He has the ability Father of Dragons - When I Keyword Summon.png summon a Dragon, create a Keyword Random.png random Dragon in my hand.
  • Both players start the game with 3 mana.
  • Both LoR Blue Nexus.pngLoR Red Nexus.png Nexuses start at 30 health points.


The first time the player completely wins with either Leona or Diana, they'll earn the Sunrise or Moonfall profile icon, respectively.


  • Despite being versus AI, the Journey to the Peak Lab still rewards the player with experience as though they had faced another player, and even grants the first PvP win of the day bonus.