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"He took an axe and split himself in two— right down the middle."

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Formare veneficum est formare fatum
Volume 1

13 July, 20 CLE
Ralston FarnsleySquare.png The Journal of Justice
An open letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley reporting from the Institute of War

Welcome, my fellow summoners, to the inaugural issue of the League's newest journal of news and commentary. Our intent with the Journal of Justice is to bring a unique perspective on the events that shape World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra directly to you: the summoners that make up the greatest organization that civilization has ever known.

There have been other chronicles such as this in the past, though they found themselves without such a noble and genuine purpose. Most journals lacked direction and clarity. For too long, we've had to separate the wheat from the chaff when it came to distilling information from our client city-states. With the Journal of Justice, you will receive accurate and thought-provoking information on events both great and small that you need to know about.

Most importantly, through your participation and patronage, you will help guide us in the direction we will take with this journal. Truly, this endeavor will be history in the making. You, the summoners, shape Runeterra's history in the Fields of Justice and, now, you will also help to shape it here.

We have taken our first steps on a long journey together. There will be many changes and improvements the journal will undergo during this venture. I, for one, am excited to see where it all will lead us.

Bob NashahagoSquare.png Precious Resources Discovered in Kalamanda
Two massive nexuses and priceless riches uncovered near Mogron Pass
Bob Nashahago reporting from the Institute of War

The sleepy, non-descript village of Kalamanda, located near the northern entrance to Mogron Pass, now finds itself wide awake as the leading lady on the world stage. The village's mayor, Anson Ridley, reported this week that a local survey team has uncovered a massive deposit of gold and precious gems within the village's sphere of influence. Furthermore, two nexuses of considerable magic potency have been discovered alongside the resource deposits.

Before the discovery, Kalamanda was only moderately known as a decent place to fish for Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran trout and not much else. The village now finds itself as the destination point for adventurers and prospectors seeking fame and riches beyond their wildest dreams. The town council has already set up a temporary camp located near the foothills that lead to Mogron Pass and the Great Barrier in anticipation of the great influx of individuals hoping to trade a hard day's work for handsome rewards.

Mayor Ridley has acknowledged that Kalamanda itself is not properly equipped to extract and process the raw riches that lay under the village and its environs. "There's little question that we will be looking to partner with an external mining company or even one of the great city-states in the successful exploitation of these resources", Ridley said. "We are looking to work with partners who will respect Kalamanda's wishes to keep our interests first."

With the discovery of two massive nexuses in close proximity to the valuable resources, the League has also taken an interest in Kalamanda's recent good fortune. Council of Equity spokesman Rovis Samadon downplayed concern about the nexuses' discovery by an organization other than the League. "The League works tirelessly and diligently to identify and maintain control over the nexuses found all over the continent of Valoran."

"With such a magically blessed world as Runeterra is, it is only logical to assume that many nexuses remain undiscovered." Samadon continued: "The citizens of Kalamanda have done the right thing by not only publicly announcing their discovery but also contacting the League directly about it."

The League has since announced plans to send a research team of summoners and other magicians to Kalamanda to inspect the nexuses for potential future management and use by the League.

Bob NashahagoSquare.png Piracy Strikes Demacian Navy
DSS Excursion lost to unknown pirates in the Conqueror's Sea
Bob Nashahago reporting from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia

Captain Lionel Brickhouse accepting command of the DSS Excursion - 9 August, 19 CLE.

The DSS Excursion - a cargo sloop of the Demacian Navy - has been reported lost at sea, an apparent victim of piracy. All hands aboard are currently missing and no demands have yet been made of the Demacian government for their return.

The Excursion was bound from Freljord profileicon.png Freljord to Demacia laden with unspecified trade goods, according to a spokesperson for the Demacian Navy, when audiopathic contact with the sloop was ultimately lost. After twenty-four hours of communications silence, rescue vessels were dispatched to the Excursion's last reported location.

The Demacian investigation of the ship's disappearance - led by Demacian Captain of the Guard and Champion icon.png champion of the League, Garen Garen - reported that some of the logged cargo of the Excursion had been jettisoned into the Conqueror's Sea approximately twenty kilometers from the vessel's last reported position. Other debris located near the jettisoned cargo was divined for analysis, revealing that the Excursion had been attacked and boarded while en route to Demacia.

Further divination did not reveal the identity of the perpetrators of the attack, though it was gleaned that the attack occurred at night when most of the Excursion's crew was in their quarters. The investigation has further revealed that magic above maximum potency as dictated by the League was used in the attack and necromancy is believed to have been used based on the evidence divined.

As a result, the League has dispatched a team of investigators led by League champion Kayle Kayle, the Judicator. "We will be working alongside Demacia in their continued investigation", Kayle said. "Piracy in all forms affects every city-state; only together, through the shared benefits of the League, can we crush such lawlessness."

Necromancy is known to be permitted as a magical study by only two of Valoran's city-states: Noxus profileicon.png Noxus and Zaun profileicon.png Zaun. While the League has not banned the use of necromancy throughout the continent, it is noted that such magic is potentially dangerous when misused even slightly. Extreme caution is advised when dealing with such magic. The League does not sanction the use of necromancy, and the study of necromancy and the manufacture of necromantic items are not allowed within the Arcanum Majoris.

Representatives from both Noxus and Zaun have denounced the attack, though Noxian League representative Katarina Katarina expressed concern over Demacia's 'aggressive' trade policies. "Demacia's continued strong-arm (trade) tactics are reaping the rotten fruit from seeds they have sown for countless years."

Garen, when asked about the Noxian response, shot back at his Noxian counterpart. "It is no surprise to me or anyone familiar with the magical atrocities commonly used by rogue forces like Noxus that necromancy was involved in this pirate attack. Rest assured that Demacia will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind this act of unprovoked villainy. The perpetrators will be brought to justice."

Reira KashuldSquare.png Strange Artifact Discovered in Kumungu
Piltover profileicon.png Piltover prodigy donates artifact to the Institute of War
Reira Kashuld reporting from the Arcanum Majoris

Wriggle's Lantern Wriggle's Lantern, Ezreal's exciting find in Kumungu.

Piltover Master Pathfinder and champion of the League, Ezreal Ezreal, recently returned from a successful archaeological expedition to Kumungu, the mysterious jungle region located beyond the Great Barrier, deep within the Runeterra Map profileicon.png southern half of continental Valoran. "Kumungu is a dangerous place for most but danger is of no concern to me", Ezreal announced during a special presentation to the Arcanum Majoris, the League's scholastic branch based in the Institute of War. "New expeditions [to Kumungu]? Count on it."

During the event, Ezreal stunned the assembled scholars by unveiling and donating an artifact he discovered during his expedition. It is expected to be sanctioned for use in League matches once the object can be duplicated and its duplicates are fully tested in the League's Public Trials and Resolutions battle arena.

To the untrained eye, the artifact may appear to be merely a mundane lantern. "It's much more than that", said Professor Alowicious Chucat, Lead Archaeologist for the Arcanum Majoris. "Upon closer examination we discovered a name etched in the base of the Lantern." Indicating the weathered engraving of the name 'Wriggle', Chucat continued: "It would seem that this was an important artifact for whoever originally owned it. Judging by the bladed edges on the bottom and the well-worn handle, it has definitely seen combat. I surmise that it was likely used to ward off predatory animals native to the region. It is definitely a tool specially crafted for jungle navigation."

Scholars universally agree that Kumungu could hold a wealth of valuable artifacts. Unfortunately, the dangers associated with such a savage and mysterious realm have not deterred a recent rush of amateur explorers to the area. Subsequently, the League has issued an advisory against such expeditions. "Most who fancy themselves adventurers or archaeologists are in fact neither", Chucat further commented. "Many who hear of Ezreal's exploits think they can do something similar. It is important to remember that not only is Ezreal a League champion, but he is also the lead explorer for a city-state. Leave dangerous exploration to the professionals."

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
All the latest gossip on the champions of the League!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

Well now! Things are certainly heating up in the League - or cooling down if you're one of the unfortunate. These past two weeks have been quite the time for some of our favorite champions. Let's take a look and see who's hot and who's not!

Evelynn Evelynn, the Bachelormaker?

It's always the exotic beauties you have to watch out for, and Evelynn is a champion who embodies that to the fullest. Many men have fallen prey to her allure - or simply fallen prey. Perhaps the most recent and unbelievable was that gypsy rogue, the huckster they call Twisted Fate Twisted Fate.

The pair was first romantically linked earlier this year when they appeared together at the opening ceremonies of the Zaun Glowlight Festival. They were spotted once again at the League of Legends' Fan Appreciation Celebration. That's not to mention the many occasions this reporter has found them out for a quiet night together... but it appears that the pair does not see eye to eye.

"Our time is pleasant", said Evelynn, "but it is nothing serious. Nothing lasts forever. Well, almost nothing."

Twisted Fate's feelings were clearly in a different place. "I'm a man who believes in keeping his options open but, sometimes, you've got to take a chance, and that blue-skinned beauty is worth gambling on."

Sources close to the couple have claimed that vicious battle arena fighting on opposite teams has taken its toll on their relationship - and on nearby city streets outside the Fields of Justice. It seems likely that Evelynn will once again eat the heart of her lover, creating yet another eligible bachelor in the League.

Gragas Gragas: Another Drunken Episode

Gragas may be the hardiest brewmaster of the foothills but he's also the rowdiest rouser of the rabble! This past Thursday night was no exception. Following a successful battle arena match, Gragas took to his usual night of celebration - this time at the Lamplighter Inn in Noxus' famous Vexallian Square.

Those present say that Gragas arrived with his friend and fellow champion, Jax Jax. They began drinking at approximately 8:30 pm. At 10:30 pm, they were buying rounds for the bar. By the stroke of midnight, twelve chairs had been broken as had one window, five bottles, three arms, and a handful of teeth. Furthermore, two waitresses claimed to have had their buttocks inappropriately fondled! Jax supposedly disappeared earlier in the night, whereas Gragas fled towards his beloved hills before the Noxian constabulary arrived at the Lamplighter.

After a cursory investigation, Noxian officials decided to drop all charges. Sergeant Willem Nightshade of the Noxian Constabulary had this to say:

"As a League champion who has committed no crime against the state proper, it is unlawful for us to ban him from our borders. Honestly now, the trouble only starts when the barkeeps stupidly serve him too much to drink. It's their risk if they let him in and give him endless refills on alcohol. What did they expect would happen?"

Nightshade offered this as advice for wary barkeeps in Noxus: "Next time, they should try watering down his drink. On the other hand, that might just rile him up more. Anyway, just consider the risks when serving alcohol to someone whose nickname is 'the Rabble Rouser'!"

One thing is for certain: if this reporter sees Gragas coming into his favorite watering hole, he'll be heading for the door!

Until Next Time...
As always, yours truly will keep on the lookout for the juiciest champion news. Who knows what they'll be up to next!

3 August, 20 CLE
Ralston FarnsleySquare.png Why we Summon
The Editor-in-Chief addresses the summoning layman
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

I do not think it premature to declare the premier issue of the Journal of Justice a success. Not to sound vainglorious, but this was certainly no surprise to me when reading the copious amount of feedback we received. I genuinely feel that this success is accredited to you, the summoners of the League of Legends, and the enthusiasm you have for this publication. What was surprising to me, however, was the rapid growth of the JoJ outside the summoning circles of the Institute of War. People from all walks of life are looking to the JoJ as their leading source of information about Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran and beyond. For that, I thank them - and thank you, summoners, for your continued patronage.

It is important for us to be open about our dealings - both with the Journal and with the League of Legends. As we arbitrate a multitude of sensitive and complex political issues from our client city-states, we sometimes forget the true reasons why the League even exists. With each passing day, fewer of us remember the horrors of the last Rune War - the fifth in a series of cataclysmic confrontations involving powerful magicians who put their own interests above all else. These fools would rather have ruled over a wasteland of twisted magic than share a responsible mantle of governorship. Imagine if our beautiful world had succumbed to these petty tyrants! What would World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra be like had those who would destroy us all been left to lead?

That would be a world not worth living in.

For those new to the Journal and those new to the ways of the League - this is why we summon. We summon to resolve the conflicts of individuals and city-states who, if left unchecked, would use terrible magic against one another. We summon to regulate the use of magic by a civilization that has proven itself incapable of self-regulation on five separate occasions. We summon to ensure that there is a world to hand to our children that is as blessed and as bountiful as we enjoy it today - and have done so for the past twenty years.

Starting with the next issue, the Journal of Justice will answer select questions from you, our readers. Before this begins, however, I felt it especially important to speak plainly about the stakes of what we do. The League is more than a simple court of arbitration. It is the foundation of security and stability that we all have come to depend on for nearly twenty years. It has a proven track record of success. Who amongst us would have imagined the day when the likes of Demacia profileicon.png Demacia and Noxus profileicon.png Noxus would agree to settle their disputes without going to war?

This is why I summon... for peace.

Bob NashahagoSquare.png Turmoil in Freljord
Nomad Princess Mauvole dead; new leader swears fealty to Ashe Ashe
Bob Nashahago reporting from Rakelstake, Freljord profileicon.png Freljord

Princess Lissandra Lissandra is crowned in Rakelstake after the death of Princess Mauvole - 1 August, 20 CLE.

The freezing tundra of Freljord is rapidly boiling over with a tense confrontation as the current standoff between the three tribes that have dominated the region for decades suddenly finds itself at a possible conclusion.

One of the rulers of the three tribes that control this region - Princess Mauvole, the Ice Dervish - was found dead in her quarters three days ago in the city of Rakelstake. The elders of her tribe determined the cause of death to be natural, which cleared the way for the new princess, Lissandra, to claim her throne and the title of Ice Dervish. In Princess Lissandra's first act after her coronation, she stunned her new subjects as she swore fealty to another of the three princesses of Freljord: Ashe, the Avarosan profileicon.png Frost Archer. In addition to her royal status, Ashe is also a well-known Champion icon.png champion within the League of Legends.

In her coronation speech, Lissandra pleaded with her people that the time had come to unite Freljord under a single banner. "For too long, we have endured hardships from external politics and internal strife. Today is the day that the citizens of the Freljord choose to end this madness, and it begins from within. It begins when we, the noble tribe of the Frostguard profileicon.png Ice Dervish, put the needs of our people above the needs of our pride and recognize Princess Ashe... as the true power to lead [Freljord], united and strong."

Lissandra's words have seemingly swayed her kin; her coronation speech was warmly received by her tribe, and her tribe's elders have each signaled their solidarity with their princesses' desire for unification. Plans have been made for Lissandra and Ashe to convene in Rakelstake within the month.

The road to Freljord unification is far from secured, as the third of the Freljord princesses - Sejuani Sejuani, the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw - remains fiercely adamant in her opposition of the other two. "It's clear the Ice Dervish has lapsed in judgment and succumbed to the manipulations of the Frost Archer. The 'united Freljord' the naive Lissandra speaks of is nothing more than a totalitarian state wherein she kneels at the right hand of the tyrant. So long as I draw in breath, the tribe of the Winter's Claw will never sully its name next to those of such conspirators."

Upon issuing this announcement, Sejuani retreated to isolation with the elders of her tribe. This has caused concern amongst the members of the other tribes in that she may be readying for war. When questioned about the matter, Ashe issued the following comment: "We pursue a future in which our children do not have to fear their far-removed kin and we may live again in peace in this land. Nevertheless, we Freljordians have borne the bite of countless winters and we have not forgotten how to endure."

Tobias DrummSquare.png Anti-Yordle Sentiment Rising in Noxus
Revelation of proposed law stirs non-human outrage
Tobias Drumm reporting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

The Noxian High Command is secretly considering a request to ban yordles from within the Noxus city boundaries, reports an anonymous source close to High Command.

The Journal of Justice is the first to reveal that Noxus' Witherwood Arcane College has presented this request to High Command, along with a secret report claiming that such a ban would protect Noxian citizens from an unspecified 'contamination'. The Witherwood report also claims to have significant evidence that all of Runeterra's non-human sentient species are in fact deformed descendants of ancient human tribes. Of particular note is the report's alleged final claim: that this deformation was the result of the tribes' failing to use sufficient quantities of magic in their development while more 'enlightened' civilizations - human civilizations - kept better control of mystic energies and retained their 'human purity'.

While our source promises the anti-yordle request is sure to be rejected as secretly as it was proposed, the fact that the Witherwood report is being read at all is typical of predatory Noxian attitudes. At least one High Command officer was reported saying "Guess we better use more magic so it's not our children turning up with fur."

History Professor Josin Darawee of the Grand Demacian University expressed great concern over the Witherwood report. "These claims are preposterous! Firstly, five minutes' study of history proves that non-humans have existed on Runeterra as long as their human cousins. Second, to imply that increased sorcery makes its users more safe is the worst kind of delusion, an attempt to turn the horrors of the Rune Wars into nothing more than 'we'll hit you first!' No surprise it's some of Noxus' magical weapons consultants that 'discovered' it!"

The abuse of yordles and other non-humans in Noxus has been a source of longtime concern, although it usually takes the form of harsh attitudes on the Noxian street rather than official pressure. Away from the city, non-humans such as the Great Barrier minotaurs minotaurs have historically been as likely as humans to face Noxian raids.

Noxus' small community of non-humans, mostly visitors to the city, appeared to have no knowledge of the Witherwood report. Yordles in particular refused to comment, although several that were interviewed were then seen rapidly packing their belongings.

League champion Katarina Katarina, speaking on behalf of Noxus, denied that the Witherwood report was ever made. She added: "Noxus has always treated every contributing member as fairly as they deserve. Really, would any Noxian official even leak such an absurd story to the news? Or expect to live if he did? Instead of repeating obvious Demacian lies, any yordles afraid their people are being mistreated in Noxus should sign up for our Northern Barbarian Pacification Campaign to remind us how clever those little hands are in aiming a weapon."

L. B. BriskesSquare.png UnaVoidable Musings (Believe me, I've Tried)
Inquiries regarding the League's latest oddballs
L. B. Briskes commenting from my living room

Any good sideshow needs its freak, right? After all, without bearded ladies and three-armed giants, how else could we abide calling ourselves normal? Naturally, when the peculiar Cho'Gath Cho'Gath made his controversial debut in the League of Legends, it did not falter my derisive scoff. We've certainly seen stranger and more sensational things in Valoran. When Kassadin Kassadin arrived with his amusing doomsday prophecies and mystically purple bag-of-tricks, I barely paused whilst trimming a pesky hangnail. However, the advent of Malzahar Malzahar - and now Kog'Maw Kog'Maw - positively jars my otherwise blissful contemptibility with uninvited questions concerning their allegedly otherworldly origins.

All claim - some vocally, others visually - to have traveled from the malevolent, ominous, and above all, spooky Void profileicon.png Void. Evidence supporting these claims varies haphazardly, from the occasional summoned bug-critter to the wanton engorgement of man- or minotaur-sized objects, but the facts seem to merit a moment's consideration.

Stories of the Void can be traced back to the lost city of Icathia, a place with about as much proof that it ever existed as you find competitive yordle high-jumpers (rockets excluded, cheaters). The believers generally agree that Icathia was located in the Runeterra Map profileicon.png southern half of Valoran somewhere, though details become muddled there. Many explorers have struck out to discover the place but the only fact their findings universally corroborate is that just about everywhere south of the Great Barrier is malevolent, ominous, and spooky. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence but, surely after so very many forays into the southern wilds, someone would have found some lingering scrap of an entire civilization, right?

Well that discounts the appreciable number of pioneers who have never returned. Furthermore, the fringe Void fanatics submit theories of magical intervention, citing cases in which explorers have reported time discrepancies from their travels as though days were stolen. I have experienced similar time discrepancies myself and, in the following mornings, I often find empty bottles or glasses that I swore were full the night before.

Intrepid journalist that I am, I ventured to Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift after an exhibition match for any comment from the aforementioned champions, which would quell this nagging curiosity and restore the apathy I've come to enjoy. Cho'Gath's and Kog'Maw's comments were tantamount to projectile vomit, both in eloquence and relevance... also literally. Malzahar only grinned in the sort of manner I've come to expect from serial killers and postmen, promising that I'll 'soon learn everything I need to know'. Though I never mentioned my investigations of formulas to sterilize people afflicted by idiocy, I do hope he is correct. Kassadin offered perhaps the most insightful response, stating "You do not understand that which you seek." He provided further useful information: "[Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw] cannot be trusted." My spittle-soaked boots wish I'd conducted this interview first.

So laden with this deluge of knowledge, I'll leave you as informed as you were prior to reading my article, which I can only assume means that - if Malzahar is truly correct - you'll also have an inoculation coming.

Richor EbonySquare.png The Loyal Heart Beats Eternal
A commentary on Noxian philosophy, service, and League champion Sion Sion
Richor Ebony commenting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

It has been said that as one ascends to power, one loses friends. While one can debate the merits of humility until the sun hangs low in the sky, suffice to say it is no secret that my homeland, the principality of Noxus, has acquired more than its fair share of partisans over the years. Regardless of your personal feelings towards High Command, however, there are few who could challenge our dedication to the loyal.

For the sake of illustration, allow me to cite the example of the Noxian warrior known as Sion. A staunch supporter of our Eternal General as well as a soldier of high regard, Sion's fervor on the field before his accident carried him to victory in many battles. His fame and renown spread to the far corners of Valoran; and even where his name was not revered, it was rightfully feared.

It could be said that the very quality that made this warrior's career also brought it to its end. Sion zealously engaged a Demacian force that was a bit too well-entrenched - even for a warrior of his considerable skill. He was captured and executed. His body was sent back to Demacia as an accolade to the so-called justice of King Jarvan III.

But respect for the dead takes many forms, and Noxus does not so easily abandon its own to adorn the battlements of an insolent enemy in tribute to foreign law. Galvanized by their champion's heroic death, the assassins of Noxus - under the command of Katarina, the famed Sinister Blade - undertook a dangerous mission to recover Sion's mortal remains. The Demacian propaganda machine may try to spin whatever fantastic story it wishes; our successful venture is plainly now a matter of public record.

In Noxus, for a true soldier, death does not have to be the end. The necromancers of the Bleak Academy have ways of preserving the ardent. Within Sion's still heart, that same rage - that same glorious fervor that had made him the unstoppable juggernaut he was in life - still burned.

Even now, Sion serves Noxus. He shall always serve Noxus - an eternal champion of our banner, stalwartly defending the interests of the state on the Fields of Justice. This is his just reward for a life of dedication to the advancement of the Empire and to the glory of High Command. This is any true Noxian loyalist's ultimate reward.

Forever strong!

17 August, 20 CLE
Bob NashahagoSquare.png Kalamanda Becomes Adventuring Boomtown
Village courted by world leaders for access to resources
Bob Nashahago reporting from Kalamanda

As reports of mineral strikes make their way through Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran, the population of Kalamanda swells.

A month has passed since the village of Kalamanda announced its findings of tremendous mineral and magical wealth to the world, and the effects of that announcement have transformed this once quiet village into a bustling hub of adventure and commerce.

Adventurers from all across Valoran have descended on the village, hoping to claim their share of untold riches. Likewise, the city-states of Valoran have sent delegations to Kalamanda to meet with Mayor Anson Ridley in the hopes of securing lucrative mining contracts. Even the League has made its presence known in the village, as it will soon begin research on the two nexuses discovered alongside the vast resource deposits.

The temporary housing that Kalamanda had set up just after the announcement last month is already filled to capacity. Workers are in the process of constructing more camps for the influx of people that are still making their way to the village. The increase in Kalamanda's population has only brought with it a slight increase in crime and other public disturbances. Mercantilism in Kalamanda is on a huge upswing as adventuring and prospecting equipment are in high demand. Despite all the chaos, spirits amongst the work force are quite positive. Contributing to this is word that two smaller-scale resource strikes of enchantable gold have already been uncovered, strikes surpassing the dreams of two lucky prospectors - even after Kalamanda's cut had been accounted for.

Two separate stabilizing factors on Kalamanda are the arrivals of the city-state delegations that are meeting with Mayor Ridley and the League of Legends' nexus research team. Of the city-states present, Demacia profileicon.png Demacia and Noxus profileicon.png Noxus have the largest entourages in Kalamanda; Piltover profileicon.png Piltover, Zaun profileicon.png Zaun, and Ionia profileicon.png Ionia also have representation present in the village, albeit smaller in scale. No city-state has secured a contract yet but an agreement with any of the city-states here may be reached as early as next week. Tensions between the Demacia and Noxus camps remain high in the light of recent allegations by elements in Demacia that Noxus was responsible for the pirating of the DSS Excursion last month. Nevertheless, there have been no reported clashes between the two city-states in Kalamanda.

The League's recent arrival to Kalamanda heralds the beginning of research into the two magic nexuses discovered with the valuable mineral deposits. Both League and Kalamanda scholars are scheduled to begin examining the large nexuses in three days. Leading the endeavor is none other than Master Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Randall Portero, Lead Field of Justice Surveyor for the League. "We are very interested in these [nexuses] as they could very well represent a marked upswing in the amount of magic that World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra is naturally regenerating." Portero continued: "This could be more proof that the whole concept of the battle arena is truly benefiting us all!"

When asked, Ridley was somewhat vague about detailing the progress in negotiations between Kalamanda and the city-state delegations. "We are making ardent strides with visitors from the great city-states of Valoran in coming to terms with excavation rights. We are moving cautiously but we are moving ever forward." Ridley did shed some light on one lingering question of these negotiations: the idea of extraction exclusivity. "While we are entertaining the notion of exclusivity for a city-state, we would only do so if the terms benefited Kalamanda in a way that mutual extraction never would. We won't make such a decision lightly or hastily."

Quinton GroatSquare.png Barbarian Conclave Arrives in Freljord
Tryndamere Tryndamere honors the former Ice Dervish's passing
Quinton Groat reporting from Rakelstake, Freljord profileicon.png Freljord

The modest population of Freljord was in shock this week as hundreds of barbarians - including Tryndamere, the Barbarian King - arrived to pay respects to the late Princess Mauvole of the Frostguard profileicon.png Ice Dervish tribe. Princess Lissandra Lissandra, her successor, appeared unsurprised by the event, fueling rumors that this may have been part of the discussions in her recent summit with Princess Ashe Ashe, the Avarosan profileicon.png Frost Archer and Tryndamere's fellow League Champion icon.png champion. Ashe was present for the barbarian procession and she met afterward with Tryndamere and Lissandra for a private dinner. The visiting barbarians have conducted themselves with uncharacteristic civility within Rakelstake, offering assistance to local businesses and sharing the spoils of their daily hunts.

Less than one month ago, Lissandra swore fealty to Ashe, inciting malice from the third tribe leader: Princess Sejuani Sejuani, the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw. Sejuani retreated to isolation shortly after the announcement, causing speculation that she would respond to the alliance with violence, but there have been no reports of activity from the Winter's Claw tribe in the last month. The arrival of the barbarians, some predict, is a reactionary show of force by the newly united tribes. Sejuani could not be reached for questioning and no comment was offered by any tribesman of the Winter's Claw.

Tryndamere's appearance in Freljord comes at a strange time, as the barbarians have recently militarized in response to escalating Noxian aggressions, a product of their Northern Barbarian Pacification Campaign. Tryndamere has historically spearheaded the resistance against Noxian incursion and his absence at such a critical time has raised some eyebrows. When questioned, Tryndamere laughed: "Worry about barbarians? Save your worry for Noxus." His confidence seems not to be misplaced, as an anonymous Noxian source informs us that Pacification efforts have been stymied by unyielding barbarian patrols.

The arrival of League Emissary Gravil Torenk in Rakelstake yesterday further added to the commotion. According to local authorities, he was summoned to the Dervish Crystal Hall for an audience with Lissandra and her League guests. No announcements have been made following the meeting, but the air is charged with anticipation as citizens of Rakelstake await some explanation as to why the small city has received this bizarre influx of visitors. For our part, we were provided only with this statement from the Barbarian King as he left the Crystal Hall en route to a nearby barbarian camp: "I don't know why people are so curious. Freljord is a lovely place; the air has the kind of sting we barbarians can appreciate. Besides, would you decline an invitation from the Frost Archer?"

Richor EbonySquare.png Reclaiming the Lost
Revered Professor Stanwick Pididly aids Noxus in reviving a fallen hero
Richor Ebony reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

While it is true that we Noxians take great pride in our magical prowess, let it never be said that we are a covetous or closed-minded lot. Recently, the Zaunite chemist, inventor, and visionary known as Professor Stanwick Pididly sought to witness one of our most closely guarded rituals. Of some infamy in foreign lands, the Rite of Reclamation is not something often shared with outsiders. On this particular occasion, however, our well-spoken guest's renown was quite convincing, and the headmaster of the Bleak Academy saw fit to grant his request. As it happens, this proved to be a most wise decision.

I make this claim because the eve of his visitation marked a peculiar event in Noxian history and remains one of very few instances in which the Rite of Reclamation actually failed. Our dear departed Urgot Urgot, who once fought so bravely against the insolent foes of Noxus (and later served as a field executioner), simply would not rise. While the definitive reason Urgot was unable to hear the necromancers' call shall forever remain a mystery, it has been theorized that his mortal remains were simply in too great a state of disrepair. The whole episode would have been quite an embarrassing affair had Pididly not proven intrigued rather than frustrated by the problem. After a pensive moment, the Professor proposed an alternative solution to the quandary. And so, at his behest, the remains of Urgot were entrusted to his custody along with a retainer of some of the Academy's expert necromancers.

For months, Pididly and his protégés slaved away in his laboratories, attempting to repair the body of our fallen hero in any manner possible. Time and time again they performed their rituals, each attempt bringing them one step closer to unraveling the riddle. Finally, after a series of disastrous experiments, a techmaturgical machine of Pididly's design was constructed. At its core lay a conduit specifically designed to harness the necromantic energies of the Noxian occultists. This time, the ritual did not fail. This time, Urgot heard the call.

Due to the intervention of the revered Professor, our loyal departed son has been restored; a service that High Command will not soon forget. The Rite of Reclamation is beyond sacred and the implications of its failure are demoralizing at best. The ingenuity of our Zaunite caller, however, has renewed our faith in the will of a Noxian to conquer adversity, even in death. The spirit of a Noxian soldier cannot be undone, even through the near complete destruction of his mortal coil. Urgot has been returned to us to fight in representation of both his fatherland of Noxus and surrogate fatherland of Zaun. Woe betide those who should run afoul of Urgot on the battlefield. Woe betide those who should rouse the ire of the Noxian High Command.

Forever strong!

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Rivalries! Romance! Read about it here!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

Greetings, loyal readers! It's been another exciting month behind the scenes of the League of Legends. As usual, yours truly has been digging to get all the latest dirt on your favorite champions. Let's see who's made the list today!


Last week, Blitzcrank Blitzcrank proved once and for all that he doesn't have an iron heart when he spanked Singed Singed in a behind-the-scenes smackdown.

After a battle in Twisted Treeline icon.png Twisted Treeline last Thursday, the crazy chemist took to his usual habit of spitting jabs at Blitzcrank. Singed was heard to say: "... so I know you don't have the stones. Even if you did, what would they be - two ball bearings and a tin can?" Those close to Singed commented that the insult was no more than one of Singed's usual jabs. This time, however, the Great Steam Golem unleashed a jab of his own, firing his rocket fist rocket fist into his counterpart's more tender parts. Singed was brought to his knees in front of many other champions as Blitzcrank walked quietly away.

Sources close to the Great Steam Golem say that this was a long time coming. A source confided: "Blitzcrank is a good guy. He's always on his best behavior but he's kind of an introvert in his private life. There have been some people, like Singed, who take his quiet kindness for weakness. That's a mistake." A mistake that Singed learned the hard way.

Neither Blitzcrank nor Singed could be reached for comment. Too bad for them! All we know is, Blitzcrank better be watching his back!

The Cougar is on the Prowl

There's always some sort of romance in the air in the League of Legends - some of it more exciting than others. The last month has been no different, but with an unusual twist!

The Bestial Huntress has long been an object of affection for the male fans of the League (and especially ones less mature than her, hubba hubba!). Let's face it - how can she lose with that jungle-toned body, animal passion, and a fur bikini? Nevertheless, Nidalee's Nidalee's recent tastes in companions have been, in this writer's opinion, questionable as she has been linked to - wait for it - Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago.

Yes, that's right. The hack Journal of Justice writer, best known for his tag-line 'I'm Bob Nashahago and you're not', was spotted at a romantic picnic getaway in Demacia's famous Majestic Park last weekend, feeding everybody's favorite cougar a creamy chocolate mousse.

Sources close to Nidalee have this to say: "Bob's actually a really nice guy. Sure, he's a little loud and boisterous, but you have to look past the surface."

Personally, this writer doesn't have to look past the surface to see when a bad idea is a bad idea.

Until Next Time...

As always, yours truly will keep an eye on the inside to bring you the juiciest in champion news. This is Ram Steed, reporting from the streets of Valoran.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

As we begin this new tradition with the Journal of Justice, I would like to extend this publication's thanks to Baron Sprite. His assistance with our Words of Power is greatly appreciated. Vos es verus vir.

With that, I am pleased to report that the Mailbag of Justice is brimming with missives from all across Valoran. While we do not have the space to answer all these questions, know that everything we receive is reviewed by the JoJ staff. We thank you for the kind words of praise and support; your suggestions on improving the Journal will be fully considered.

A final note, if I may - please keep the mail coming in. Send us your questions and comments about what matters most to you on Runeterra and we will do our best address them.


"The note about Kalamanda was shocking; I hope the League can make use of those nexuses to be able to have another Field of Justice soon. I don't know why, [but] I think it won't go as smoothly as I would want it. The resources over the mines can make greedy people do their worst." -- Lehran Fye

Your concerns are justified, Lehran. If we have learned anything from the five Rune Wars that Runeterra has suffered through, then it is that an individual's lust for wealth and power can bring a civilization to its knees. As for a potential Field of Justice... if I had to fathom a guess, I would think that is something relatively high on the priority list for the League's research team. That is, provided the nexuses are suitable for use in a battle arena.

Kalamanda is a place we should all be keeping an eye on.


"You allow Bob Nashahago to go on and on claiming that the DSS Excursion was [a victim of] piracy when there is weak evidence at best to support these claims. He just follows on the reports of the Demacian Agenda and has not shown any investigative journalism of his own. Clearly Mr. Nashahago is just one of Demacia's pawns that they use to control the media." -- LTPapaBear

Rest assured, PapaBear, that our reporters are as objective as possible. Personal prejudices have no room in this publication and journalistic chicanery in any form will not be tolerated. As far as Summoner Nashahago is concerned, I feel his reporting on the unfortunate demise of the DSS Excursion was fair and balanced. I've known him for many years and he is loyal to the League first and always.

Note that when each article is published, we indicate whether the author is either reporting or commenting. We will strive to keep objectivity to the forefront of our reporting; you have every right to call us out should we stray from this.


"As for this business of necromancy on the high seas, surely you must be jesting. A powerful navy like Demacia's must be awfully ashamed of losing cargo to pirates, making up stories that necromancy was involved in the act. I believe champion Kayle Kayle and the League are wasting their time in this investigation." -- Kingvolke

I have every confidence that the facts involving this event will come to light, Kingvolke - especially with Kayle and League investigators devoting their time and energy to the matter. Despite Demacia's obvious embarrassment, they were right to call upon the League for assistance. Perhaps there is more to this story than just the blatant use of necromancy by unknown pirates. Call it a hunch but my hunches have helped me stay on top of the journalism game for more years than I care to remember.

31 August, 20 CLE
Quinton GroatSquare.png Alliance in Freljord
League Champion icon.png champions unite against the threat of war
Quinton Groat reporting from Rakelstake, Freljord profileicon.png Freljord

League champions Ashe Ashe and Tryndamere Tryndamere announce their alliance in Rakelstake, Freljord.

An announcement made this afternoon by Princess Ashe, the Avarosan profileicon.png Frost Archer, has left all of Freljord anxiously abuzz, as she has accepted Tryndamere's offer to join forces with the barbarians. Two weeks ago, Tryndamere, the Barbarian King, arrived in the region to pay respects to Mauvole, the deceased princess of the Frostguard profileicon.png Ice Dervish tribe. He and Ashe met afterward for reasons unknown. There was speculation that he and his clan arrived to deter Princess Sejuani Sejuani from taking any aggressive action, as she had retreated to isolation in what many feared was preparation for war. Tryndamere's visit was not an entirely selfless venture, but rather for the negotiation of a mutually beneficial opportunity. Ashe elaborated on the matter in her speech:

"We stand at the threshold of a momentous occasion for our people. After generations of conflict, two of our illustrious tribes have united under a single banner, reconciling differences that date back to the Time of the Three Sisters. While we desire nothing more than to discover common ground upon which our third sister-tribe will ally with us, a matter of greater urgency has arisen. Tryndamere, the Barbarian King, arrived recently to request sanctuary for his people within the boundaries of Freljord. They seek refuge from Noxus profileicon.png Noxian forces which, even now, encroach on our doorstep, claiming that they do so only as part of their 'Barbarian Pacification Campaign'. I am too aware of the imperialist Noxian mentality to be fooled by such hollow justifications."

"Though our relations with the nomadic barbarian tribes have often been tenuous, this is the time to relinquish old grudges. This is the time for us to assert our place in Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. As the leader of the Frost Archer and Ice Dervish tribes, I have chosen to grant Tryndamere and all barbarians asylum within our lands. I ask you to welcome them as your own. Tryndamere has, in turn, offered his appreciable barbarian army to defend and assist our tribes against any enemy, be they foreign or domestic. Together, we will steer the path of Freljord, sure as the mountains guide the glacier, to its rightful place alongside the mightiest civilizations of World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra."

Her speech was met with resounding support by the members of her two tribes. The formidable barbarian forces will make any violent response from the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw risky at best, as their numbers dwarf those of all three tribes combined. Sejuani, princess of the Winter's Claw, could not be reached for comment. The League representative for Noxus also declined to comment, promising that an official response was coming soon. For the people of the Freljord, this is a daring move, as they have remained cautiously neutral with regard to foreign affairs in the past. When questioned about her bold stance, Ashe had only this to say: "This is only the beginning."

Bob NashahagoSquare.png Mogron Pass Security Garrison Assaulted
Unknown bandits Runeterra Map profileicon.png south of the Great Barrier attack League security post
Bob Nashahago reporting from Mogron Pass

A League security garrison within Mogron Pass is reporting that it was attacked by what are assumed to be bandits coming from south of the Great Barrier. The attack occurred two days ago during a late night watch of the mountainous corridor that separates the northern, civilized half of Valoran from the mostly unexplored and dangerous southern half. Though the garrison successfully repelled the attack, the report indicates one defender was killed and three others injured in the nighttime assault. While the report also states that a number of the attackers were slain, no bodies were recovered after the assault.

The motive behind the assault remains a mystery; the manner of the attack, however, is not. Unidentified hooded humanoids in light armor wielding short blades, some using obfuscation magic, launched a surprise frontal assault on the garrison. League forces immediately responded to the threat thanks mainly to the efforts of the slain soldier, Corporal Alfonse B. Flavin, as his early warning of the attack provided the defenders time to prepare.

The defenders reported seeing a small number of attackers making their way north, past the garrison in the heat of battle. Upon seeing this, the garrison readied itself for a potential flanking maneuver but none ever came. The assailants took heavy casualties as the element of surprise quickly wore off and the garrison vigorously defended its strategic position. The attackers were forced to retreat but successfully pulled all their casualties off the battlefield.

While assaults by bandits or other malfeasants are not uncommon around Mogron Pass, especially south of the Great Barrier, the attack on a League garrison is a first since the League began positioning security garrisons along the Pass. Captain Barlo Warrax, commander of the League security outpost, commented on the brazenness of the attack. "We've dealt with a number of lowlifes who prey on people travelling through the Pass, but this is the first time that these scumbags have dared to challenge us within our own garrison. Well, we showed them who was in charge of Mogron Pass."

Warrax went on to explain the current situation along Mogron Pass as troublesome. "Ever since this Kalamanda thing blew up, we've seen all sorts of idiots marching down through here thinking that going south of the Great Barrier is a fun hike. Well, it ain't! There's a reason all these merchant caravans have an armed escort with them. It's because it's dangerous!" Warrax strongly advised caution for amateur explorers planning on venturing south of the Great Barrier. "Don't be a moron. Stay home. We're a well-armed military force and we lost a good soldier defending ourselves. How well do you think you'll do? Will there even be enough left to identify you when these heathens are done with you?"

The League has promised to immediately reinforce the garrison with troops currently stationed in Kalamanda as part of an ongoing research project. Furthermore, the League issued a general statement advising the people of Valoran to exercise good judgment if travelling south of the Great Barrier.

Reira KashuldSquare.png The Magic Within Song
Sona's Sona's Ionian debut stuns audience
Reira Kashuld reporting from the Serene Garden, Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

It doesn't take a connoisseur of music to truly appreciate the night I recently experienced underneath the Great Tree within Ionia's Serene Garden. Still, it can be hard to grasp just how a single person can charm an entire crowd without saying a single word!

It was a full house within the Serene Garden Amphitheater for yesterday's performance by the gifted Demacia profileicon.png Demacian musical prodigy known as Sona - one that ended with an accordant standing ovation. Sona performed six of her most acclaimed arias and she delighted the crowd with an encore, debuting an unexpected seventh.

This breathtaking piece, the Aria of Perseverance Aria of Perseverance, inspired feelings of spiritual resilience, challenging us, her captive audience, to overcome the struggles in our lives and rise above our self-imposed limitations. For Ionians, the uplifting chorus felt as though the music was compelling us to reach out and touch enlightenment itself... even if only for a moment. Each composition painted its own story. Every chord struck and every string plucked drew me in to the music. I could understand and feel every note.

For those who haven't been following Sona, she is the rising star of Demacia's music scene. She has gained quite a following throughout the world ever since her royal command performance last year during Demacia's 'Lightshield Music Concert Series'. Even obtaining a ticket to one of her concerts is a quest. An amazing fact about the young musician - she is completely mute! That is virtually irrelevant, as her music gives her a voice few could ever dream of.

You don't have to take my word for it; you can see Sona yourself... if you can scrape together enough coin for the scalpers. But that's a small price to pay for a lifetime memory, not to mention a taste of enlightenment, isn't it?

Bob NashahagoSquare.png Champions: Inside and Outside the League
A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the League's champions
Bob Nashahago reporting from the Institute of War

Believe it or not, your favorite champions have lives outside the Fields of Justice! You would be surprised at what some of Valoran's most famous heroes do in their off-hours. That's what this new recurring feature of the Journal of Justice will profile: the lives of the League's finest once they leave the battle arenas. All of our staff will be contributing over the coming months as we profile each and every League champion!

Morgana Morgana, the Fallen... Baker?
Journal of Justice Photo 05.png

When Morgana Morgana, the League's otherworldly winged witch, isn't causing havoc in the Fields of Justice, she leads quite a different life. Morgana trades her spells for a stirring spoon while serving as both the proprietor and master baker at Sinful Succulence, her always-busy bakery located in the heart of Noxus' merchant district. Morgana's magical muffins are all the rage, with orders coming in from as far away as Demacia.

"I've spent a great deal of time refining the recipes I remember from my homeland as well as mastering the ones I've learned here", Morgana said while displaying her latest culinary masterpiece: Isomalt's Peccable Pecan Pie.

"While I may be focused on freeing my people from the tyranny wrought by the likes of my [expletive] sister, Kayle Kayle... there's always room for pie", Morgana added.

While Sinful Succulence only has a single storefront in Noxus, the success Morgana's bakery has enjoyed is allowing her to expand. Two new bakeries are planned for Zaun profileicon.png Zaun and the Institute of War, both of which are scheduled to open at the beginning of next year. The next time you're in Noxus, make sure to stop by and grab yourself a tasty treat!

Flames for your Wagon
Journal of Justice Photo 06.png

The city-state of Piltover profileicon.png Piltover is the leading center of ecologically-minded techmaturgical and magical research in Valoran. If you are looking for the latest crazy gadget to give your ride that extra get-up-and-go (that won't shatter the planet into a billion bits in the process), then look no further than Piltover Customs. The proprietor and chief mechanic of the most successful transportation customization and modification enterprise in the City of Progress is none other than Corki Corki, the Daring Bombardier.

"In between my time in the League and my duties with the Screaming Yipsnakes, I like to mess around under the hood of all sorts of vehicles!", Corki Corki explained as he gave a special tour of the workshop he and his crew of technicians use to make some of the most radical conversions you've ever seen.

"Most of the mods we do are for caravan wagons - adding armor plates or creating slits for archers inside the wagon. Every once in a while, we'll get to work on an order for some really over-the-top stuff - state of the art hextech. That's where the real fun is!"

For Corki's tougher assignments, he will often turn to his comrade-in-arms Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor. A number of their more interesting contraptions are on permanent display in the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress, which is located in Piltover. A trip to the City of Progress is not worth talking about unless you spend some time checking out the latest gizmos that Corki and company have put together. The Yordle Academy of Science & Progress will grant tours nearly every day of the week while Piltover Customs will provide tours by special request only.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
The Editor-in-Chief answers Valoran's most pressing questions!
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Letters from all across Valoran keep pouring in and the Journal of Justice prospers as a result. Again, we thank our readers and patrons for their kind words.

One particular piece of feedback I found interesting was the idea of featuring more athletic-oriented articles on the events inside the Fields of Justice. I couldn't agree more; not only do the battle arenas serve us in a geopolitical sense, but they also make for rousing entertainment! I believe we have found one of the most knowledgeable and respected individuals when it comes to the analysis of battle arena performance to write for the Journal. You shall see his debut article in an upcoming issue of the Journal.

Now - on to the mail!


"I would like this [question] to be forwarded to Tryndamere: where did you get your sword? I am assuming that you built it with your own bare hands but perhaps it was a gift. Did someone give that sword to you because it was too dangerous to go alone?" -- 2xHero

Tryndamere was kind enough to oblige with a reply:

"My late father gave me the sword I now wield. My father's father gave it to him as did his father before him. As a boy, I was curious about the sword, much as you are now. I remember his words well: 'Master using it and you can have this.' Mastering it requires more than just physical strength: strength of mind and strength of character are also needed. I must exercise all three, especially now in these trying times."


"Do you think anti-yordle sentiment exists in Noxus? I, for my part, can't see any reason for expelling the yordles." -- Zedek

I often think there's anti-everyone-except-Noxus sentiment in Noxus. The nefarious city-state prides service and loyalty in its subjects. While I think Noxians naturally gravitate toward each other, I don't think they care about the shape or size of the individual giving them what they seek. They worship power above everything else and those who are able to acquire it above anyone else. They're a natural foil for the 'justice-at-any-cost' Demacians. Their rivalry has really shaped the direction of Valoran for the past 150 years and, to a certain extent, helped bring about the creation of the League (despite their best efforts otherwise).


"What is so legendary about Icathia? Why do so many explorers go there, risking their lives?" -- Delong

I would guess the pursuit of knowledge drives most explorers south of the Great Barrier and the pursuit of fabled riches drives the rest. Of all the lands in southern Valoran, however, Icathia is one we know virtually nothing about.

The past five Rune Wars did much to destroy whatever civilization existed there before our current enlightened age. Other than fanciful tales that are likely the product of a bard drinking copious amounts of wine, we really do not have any credible historical facts to work with. Any scholar of note will tell you that our historical records are woefully inadequate. With League champions such as Cho'Gath Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw Kog'Maw, and Malzahar Malzahar claiming to originate from Icathia, we are forced to face our true lack of knowledge. I do know one thing - when three beings exist in the League from a place we know nothing about, we had better start learning about it as quickly as possible.

14 September, 20 CLE
Quinton GroatSquare.png Freljord Ascends to City-State Status, Accepted into League
Ashe Ashe and Tryndamere Tryndamere crowned its queen and king
Quinton Groat reporting from Rakelstake, Freljord profileicon.png Freljord

According to Freljord tradition, Queen Ashe Queen Ashe crowns Tryndamere Tryndamere as her chosen king.

High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye made a proclamation this morning from the Luminary Cloister of the Institute of War, granting sovereignty to Freljord and conferring upon it all the rights and protections afforded to city-states that are members of the League. Previously, the region of Freljord enjoyed only acknowledgment of its borders and the right to request Sanctum Calamitates (a petition for League intervention against foreign invasion or natural disaster). With its newfound status, Freljord is allotted one League Assembly chair. Their chosen Emissary is entitled to reside at the Institute of War and cast votes in League Assemblies on Freljord's behalf. Freljord may also appeal to the League for general arbitration of political affairs. Kolminye's declaration makes Freljord the eighth city-state affiliated with the League.

Freljord has applied for membership in the past. Its previous appeal was denied on the grounds that its population was insufficient, lacking both a defined governmental structure and the means to police itself. Ashe's recent ordainment as leader of Freljord's two united tribes, bolstered by the might and numbers of Tryndamere's barbarians, was enough to sway the opinion of the Council of Equity. Immediately following Kolminye's address, the united tribes crowned Ashe the Queen of Freljord.

Ashe is the first princess to ascend to the throne since the Three Sisters War divided the people. According to Freljordian tradition, the queen selects her king and Ashe selected Tryndamere, solidifying her arrangement with the barbarians. On the topic of her choice, Ashe had this to say: "My actions are guided by the needs of our people and not by romantic notions. Our union is a pledge to reinforce our commitment to this alliance."

Ashe had one more surprise in store for the people of Freljord: she appointed League Champion icon.png champion Nunu Nunu as Freljord's League Emissary. At his appointment, she vowed: "The city-state of Freljord will never scorn its Yeti Yeti brethren, nor any of its citizens, regardless of species, tribe, custom, or affiliation."

As a token of this promise, she offered Sejuani Sejuani, the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw, a seat on Freljord's new Royal Advisory Council. Sejuani emerged from reclusion to respond: "Princess Ashe is no more my queen than are the traitors who put her there. Anyone unable to see through this ruse is as much responsible for the perversion of our culture as [Ashe]."

Her opinion was not echoed by her people, as hundreds of Winter's Claw tribesmen journeyed to Rakelstake to attend Ashe's coronation. We spoke with one anonymous Winter's Claw attendee, who said: "I never thought I'd see the day that we would be taken seriously on Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. I honestly don't even know what the tribes are fighting for anymore."

Nunu accepted his appointment proudly and the largest contingent of Yetis ever witnessed by humans was present for Ashe's coronation. Nunu stated: "Queen Ashe is just what we've been looking for; she's got the full support of me and the Yetis, and we're good support to have!"

Hordes of barbarians also migrated to their new home, many arriving to view the second crowning of their king. Tryndamere welcomed his people with open arms and an inspiring declaration: "Finally, we have a voice in this land. Finally, we can be seen for what we truly are: proud and noble warriors. Finally, my brothers... finally."

The plan for the unification of Freljord that Ashe set in motion seems complete now; however, she still faces many difficult trials ahead. In light of the protections that the League has now extended to Freljord (and consequently to the barbarians), Noxus profileicon.png Noxus issued a 'stand down' order to troops dispatched to their Northern Barbarian Pacification Campaign. Katarina herself delivered the command, closing with a bold challenge: "Noxus abides by the rules of the League, for we are truly noble, but we haven't forgotten the offenses perpetrated by those [barbarian] swine. If the new Freljord's courage matches its insolence, I can be found on behalf of Noxus on the Fields of Justice... waiting."

Tom TarumcaSquare.png Going Where he Pleases
Following the League's unstoppable force: Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo
Tom Tarumca reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

On most days, you would find a hive of activity on the streets of Zaun. Today, however, the usual hustle and flow of the restless city is strangely silent. On most days, the dark and seedy alleys would be overflowing with a proud people willing to give their all for a profit. Today, Zaunite business is eerily slow and most of the city's shopkeepers are content with their relatively meager gains as the midday sun passes overhead.

Today is not like most days. The peddlers of Zaunite wares know where the people are: Vaskervon Coliseum. The League of Legends Visiopathic Service is showing a key battle arena fight between Zaun and Ionia profileicon.png Ionia, and no true Zaunite would even dream of missing it.

Miles away from Zaun, Dr. Mundo takes his place on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift. Watching his ungraceful entrance into the arena, you wouldn't have guessed that an entire city-state would rest its fate on his massive shoulders. The hulking behemoth appears unaware of the day's high stakes as he hastily grabs his favorite shield shield from its usual spot. Amid protests from the shopkeeper, Dr. Mundo tosses some Gold.png gold coins carelessly behind him as he ambles towards the front lines to face his Ionian counterparts. Standing at the head of his team, Dr. Mundo looks impatient as he waits for the first wave of Minion icon.png minions to cross his path.

"Mundo thinks that it's time to fight Baron Baron."

Most city-states would send a champion back for a second Judgment if they heard such nonsense but, in Zaun, a cacophonous cheer erupts from the fans instead - a cheer that the Zaun faithful hope can be heard by all of the 'peaceniks' back in Ionia. There will certainly be no love lost between the two city-states after the game, as League rules for this particular match dictates that the loser will cede control of a resource rich portion of their shared maritime border to the winner. Such a loss would be an unacceptable blemish on the relatively long reign of Chairman Magnus Dunderson, Zaun's Chief Executive. No Zaunite with a beating heart could tolerate such a failure from their leadership.

Something about Dr. Mundo has captured the collective hearts of a notoriously self-centered city-state. Even the children of Zaun pay homage to their idol, with foaming novelty tongues and unsharpened cleavers waving as high as their stubby arms can reach. Their parents brandish the real steel as they look forward to a newly adopted tradition in Zaun: a post-game celebratory feast.

It's easy to forget that the celebrations were almost cut short before they began. Dr. Mundo's acceptance into the League was met with much criticism, as he was found to be in possession of unchecked adrenaline shots adrenaline shots during his first match against Piltover profileicon.png Piltover. Dissenters made a strong case that this went against the League's original Elixir and Potions Policy, in which it states that all enhancing substances must be sealed pre-match and contained in a regulation size bottle to maintain the integrity and impartiality of the Shopkeeper's Union. Nevertheless, the adrenaline shot's effects were later reclassified as a type of biological aura, as it was determined that the composition of the shots made them ineffective for anyone but Dr. Mundo due to his unique physiology. When initially asked for a comment on the matter, Dr. Mundo responded only with grotesque slurping noises. He has stood by this statement ever since.

Despite his lack of communication skills, Dr. Mundo receives high praise from his usual Twisted Treeline icon.png Twisted Treeline teammates: Warwick Warwick and Singed Singed. It's no secret that Dr. Mundo takes the brunt of the beatings for his team, but he and his compatriots have so far been rewarded for his sacrifices on the field. Match after match, Dr. Mundo has charged in and softened the enemy opposition; sometimes he goes out in a blaze of glory but just as often he enables Warwick to make kills, cementing the Blood Hunter's reputation as one of the deadliest Twisted Treeline combatants in the League. A few brave commentators have remarked that Warwick's recorded kills are not entirely well deserved, as most of the credit belongs to Dr. Mundo. While those who sacrifice themselves are not an uncommon occurrence in Zaun, it is rare to find such a case that as beloved and revered as Dr. Mundo. No Zaunite with at least one good eye could doubt that now is the time for Dr. Mundo, and for Zaun, to attain a League championship.

Mundo is going where he pleases and the rest of Zaun is right behind him.

[Next time: an in-depth interview with Dr. Mundo!]

L. B. BriskesSquare.png A Shimmering Future?
The many colors of Zaun's rebellious youth
L. B. Briskes commenting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

Occasionally, between the hysterical tirades and fits of frantic desk-pounding, which invariably accompany my reactions to the everyday behaviors of my fellow Valoranians, I recline with a Rabble Rouser Rabble Rouser VSOP - I am a self-respecting cognoscenti - and reflect upon the days of my youth. In the few instances that I am not immediately deterred from this activity by unfortunate recollections owed to a tardy adolescence and an unmerciful complexion, I think: "Gosh, if only I'd had the opportunity to smear myself with corrosive (but shiny!) techmaturgical waste before departing to the slums to display my delightfully pre-atrophied skin!" I'm sure I'd have matured, like a Kaladoun sugar raisin, into a remarkably sweet - albeit shriveled and unidentifiable - version of the optimist you all know me to be. And imagine my utter dismay when considering that I arrived only a decade too late for the latest fad sweeping Zaun's precocious youth.

Shimmer - as the kids are calling it - is manufactured from the toxic runoff generated by the factories which support Zaun's continuing explorations into sludge refinement. Apparently when slathered on the skin like - or, more probably, instead of - body soap, Shimmer either simulates or stimulates intense emotions in its subject.

Boring, you say? Well what if I told you that it also sparkles, glows, and 'shimmers' in a scintillating array of colors? Still not impressed? Well here's the real pitch: the emotions this phosphorescent exfoliant creates correspond with the assortment of colors in which you can acquire it. So you can literally wear your dejected or whimsical heart in expressive patterned designs not only on your sleeve, but on your back, legs, forehead, or anywhere else you haven't yet withered away. Oh, right, I almost forgot to mention: frequent application of this caustic glop results in progressive degeneration of the skin and muscle tissue.

Of course, Zaun officials are quick to shirk responsibility: "All industrial byproducts within Zaun are scrutinized for public health and environmental hazards, and any which are determined to have unacceptably harmful effects follow strict safe disposal procedures. Those who synthesize the compound referred to as 'Shimmer' must obtain their ingredients through unlawful means." They have declined any comment regarding rumors that Shimmer was the failed result of state-sponsored attempts to create a bio-enhancing agent which would grant its wearer unnatural abilities, a rumor which has only increased its popularity.

All criticism aside, this is one reporter wholly in favor of freedom of expression. I say go out there and be the prettiest little raisin you can be. After all, what concern is a late life restrained to your motorized hextech recliner, wheeling about with your good thumb when you can spend your ample 'downtime' looking back on a childhood during which you shone like a firefly in the sickly Zaun moonlight and your complexion, unlike mine, offered you a proud, glittering cocktail of emotions you enjoy revisiting, day after day, from the standardized comforts of your nursing ward?

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Felines, fetishes, find it all here!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

Welcome again to the place for League of Legends gossip! Before I dish the dirt, I want to take a moment to let you, my faithful readers, know that I want to hear from you! Contact me directly at the Journal of Justice; ask me questions, send me tips, and (especially for my foolish detractors) bring the smack talk! I'm taking on all comers! Questions and answers will be published in future articles.

Anyhoo... the last four weeks have gone by in a rush and there's more excitement surrounding our favorite champions - the kind others won't report. As usual, yours truly has faithfully kept his ear to the ground to bring you the latest and greatest from inside the League of Legends!


When last we left the Eye Inside, this reporter delivered an exclusive exposé on the budding relationship between League sweetheart Nidalee Nidalee and hack Journal of Justice reporter Bob Nashahago Bob Nashahago. Well, that little article sure has stirred up trouble for old Bob!

Sources close to Bob have said that the number of threatening letters he's received have dramatically increased. The subject? Fan jealousy over his romantic activities.

One anonymous source from within the Journal of Justice headquarters had this to say: "Nidalee is definitely a fan favorite but I guess no one realized quite to what extent. Since Steed's article, there have been many letters from fans insulting or belittling him. Some of them have gone so far as to vow they would fight him if they ever saw him in person."

This journalist has uncovered one of these closely guarded letters to bring to you exclusively! Let no one say that Ram Steed isn't on the case!


"You better sleep with one eye open. You're dead! You hear me! Dead! Get away from Nidalee! She is mine! Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Nacht. That's right, that's my name. Any time, anywhere. No summoning, I'll take you on with my own hands!" -- Nacht


Only time will tell how this little pickle will turn out. Good luck, Bob! This is one time that I'm sure we're all glad that you're Bob Nashahago and we're not... well... except for your envious new penpals.

The Storm's Bedroom

Listen up, celebrities - once you're in the public light, there is no such thing as privacy anymore!

This is a lesson that Janna Janna is learning the hard way, when private images of her dressed in revealing lingerie spread like wildfire through the fan circles. While Janna herself has withdrawn from the public eye for the time being, no doubt mired in strategy sessions with her public relations people, a source close to the champion claims that these boudoir images were captured by a rumored former romantic interest. Whoops!

While the snooper in question will no doubt receive his just deserts (who picks a fight with a champion of the League?!), the damage has been done. League of Legends officials have voiced their displeasure. Roan Fallon, head of public relations for the League, had this to say: "Regardless of the source, Janna is a representative of the League of Legends. She should comport herself as such at all times. We are still deliberating our next course of action."

Sounds like trouble for Janna but fear not, Janna-fans; she's been in the eye of the storm before and, if anyone can find a dignified way out, it's her.

Hang in there, Janna!

Until Next Time...

As always, yours truly, the hardest working reporter in the League, will labor tirelessly to bring you - the hardcore fan - more of what you really want to read. This is Ram Steed, reporting from the streets of Valoran.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Our mailbag continues to overflow and we here at the Journal are happy to take a moment from our journalistic pursuits to read your missives. Thank you for your praise and enthusiasm, and please keep sharing your thoughts!


"I was excited when I heard about Kalamanda's potential for nexuses and even more when I found out World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra might be regenerating the world we lost in the Rune Wars. As quite the science-y person, I was wondering if any reporters had found any news about groups or persons who were researching the revival of things lost during the Rune War or the regeneration of Runeterra's natural magic." -- Poruku

An excellent question, Poruku. We have correspondents in Kalamanda who are keeping apprised of the events surrounding the nexus discoveries and they check in regularly with the Arcanum Majoris' archaeological teams. Outside Kalamanda, many of the magical colleges and academies commission regular archaeological expeditions all over Valoran. The Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover, founded by League Champion icon.png champion Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, contributes a hefty portion of its budget to the Runeterran Regeneration Project. Students involved with the project are challenged to find creative new ways to optimize the efficiency of magic.


"I was particularly delighted with your article on the return of Urgot Urgot. This is a breakthrough of the thus far mostly theoretic techmaturgical art of corpsecrafting. For those readers unacquainted with the term, this is the combination of hextech and necromancy. I would be much pleased if you would follow up with an article examining the techmaturgical details and causes of this." -- Munchlord, summoner of Zaun

We're glad you enjoyed the article, Munchlord. Specifics surrounding the process are kept highly confidential, particularly to those who are in the business of reporting. If you are a citizen of Zaun, however, you may be able to contact Professor Pididly himself at the College of Techmaturgy; he seems to love discussing his craft with his fellow Zaunites.


"I fear the worst will come about should conflict arise in the Freljord between League champion Ashe and Princess Sejuani. The presence of Tryndamere, another League champion, is both a blessing and a curse in my eyes. The presence of him and his barbarians will certainly deter the princess from trying to ignite any sort of conflict during his stay with her forces alone. However, should the princess request the help of Noxus, the barbarians' enemies, the two League champions will find themselves fighting on two fronts." -- The Ninth Priest

Many people share your concerns and this situation is not being taken lightly. Ashe and Tryndamere have experienced lifetimes of struggle and they understand these dangers better than you or I could imagine. While I am no politician, I think the potential of Sejuani seeking out an alliance with Noxus is a very real possibility. I would be surprised if Ashe and Tryndamere don't have this threat in mind as they are making decisions that will determine the fate of all Freljordians. While there are many paths this could take, the people of Freljord have shown hope and courage, which has been stifled for generations, and Ashe's actions made it possible. We share your hope that they can find a peaceful resolution.

28 September, 20 CLE
Bob NashahagoSquare.png City-State Tensions Flare in Kalamanda
Demacia profileicon.png Demacia / Noxus profileicon.png Noxus tavern brawl injures six, raises concerns
Bob Nashahago reporting from Kalamanda

League Champion icon.png champions Garen Garen and Katarina Katarina break up an inter-city-state brawl at the Hasty Hammer Tavern in Kalamanda.

A village tavern brawl with reported injuries is typically not the basis of world-shaping news. Kalamanda, however, is no ordinary village and these injuries were suffered by Demacian and Noxian agents.

As reports of more mineral strikes in the resource-laden region lure prospective hopefuls to Kalamanda, Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran's city-states have added to the growing population with additional personnel. Demacia and Noxus, by far, are investing the most effort here; their growing presence also brings with them a rivalry that is raising tensions within the village to dangerous levels. Kalamanda's citizens worry that their good fortunes may turn for the worse if Demacia and Noxus come to blows over the future of their village.

This tension, at times palpable, manifested itself last Saturday when Demacian and Noxus guards drinking at the Hasty Hammer Tavern got into a drunken brawl - a brawl that witnesses claimed was 'bordering on a riot'. At least six guards were seriously injured when an argument between the rival guards erupted into violence. It took what appeared to be the entire Kalamanda constabulary, several local patrons of the tavern, and two League champions to break up the fight. No formal charges have been made against the guards by the constables, as representatives of both city-states are currently working together with local authorities to sort out the details of the incident.

The stakes are high for all city-states courting Kalamanda. Yesterday, Mayor Anson Ridley announced that the Kalamanda Village Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of pushing for an exclusive mining agreement with one of the city-states as opposed to allowing multiple contracts. The altercation between Demacia and Noxus the night before was fresh on the mayor's mind as he explained the ruling: "We do not wish to see hatred between powerful nations rekindled because of [Kalamanda's] mineral bounty. We must, and will continue to, act in the village's best interests - both for our own prosperity and security. The presence of just a single city-state here will be in everyone's best interest."

Following the village council ruling, both Demacia and Noxus announced a further increase in their presence within Kalamanda, as both city-states have emerged as the leaders in securing exclusive mining contracts with the village. Both delegations already have escalated their presence in Kalamanda by appointing League champions as the leaders of their respective missions. The Demacian delegation is currently led by Garen, the Might of Demacia, while the Noxus delegation is directed by Katarina, the Sinister Blade - the eldest daughter of one of Noxus' top generals attached to the Noxian High Command. The presence of the champions in the village gives a clear indication that both Demacia and Noxus are committed to success in Kalamanda.

Adding to the rumors and speculation of future chaos in Kalamanda, both Garen and Katarina were present at the brawl that took place in the Hasty Hammer Tavern on Saturday. To their credit, however, both champions were instrumental in breaking up the fight and preventing further violence from erupting. While their presence bolsters the spirits of their respective city-states, however, it adds to the growing unease from others in Kalamanda.

There has been a recent rise in tension between the historically opposed city-states that may make the political struggle in Kalamanda turn violent once more. No progress has been made in identifying the culprits responsible for acts of piracy against the DSS Excursion several weeks ago and the ship's whereabouts remain unknown. A host of accusations from both sides regarding the incident have intensified recently. Furthermore, both city-states have recently increased the number of faction-affiliated champions within the League. During the past two months, four of the five new champions accepted into the League have been affiliated with either Demacia or Noxus.

While the village seems to be settling down, it is highly doubtful that it will return to a state of calm. Kalamanda will be hard-pressed to diffuse the growing turmoil caused by the Demacian and Noxian presences.

Richor EbonySquare.png Trade Routes between Noxus and Zaun Secured
Noxus welcomes the new allied villages of Askay and Meland
Richor Ebony commenting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

There are often harsh words for those with the courage to do what is necessary to protect the future. Idealists will prattle on about the freedom of men and the tyranny of conquerors. Talk is cheap and you will find these so-called visionaries cowering in the corner the moment there is an enemy at your gates. Prosperity, on the other hand, is seldom cheaply bought. Rather, it is purchased with the blood of patriots.

Permit me, for a moment, to indulge in an example. At the base of the Ironspike Mountains, along the main trade route between Noxus and Zaun profileicon.png Zaun, lie two smaller villages: Askay and Meland. For generations, the people of these villages have been embroiled in a bloody feud, the cause of which has since lapsed from memory. While relations between Zaun and Noxus have always been friendly, the lawlessness of this region has always complicated the development of trade agreements between our great nations. Until recent times, most interactions have been limited to wartime pacts serviced by mercenary contracts and alchemical weapons.

Current events, however, have taught us that there is much we can share with our eccentric neighbors on the far side of the mountain range. As a result, there has been much interest in pursuing more thriving peacetime trade relations. With our Demacian conflicts now settled in the more civilized manner taught to us by the arrival of the League of Legends, it was no hardship for High Command to simply retask a few of its more specialized military units with resolving the issue. For these specialists, deposing the current, radical political sects in favor of a newer and more forward thinking ruling body was a relatively simple matter. Since this time, both Askay and Meland have seen fit to put aside their differences and declare allegiance to our sovereign city-state.

Some might call facilitating a political coup insidious and underhanded. To these hopeless romantics, I would pose the following question: was the political situation before our intervention preferable? Should High Command simply have allowed the warmongering leaders of Askay and Meland to strain relations between ourselves and our allies and continue to impose a reign of terror upon their own people? These two villages are both now protectorates of Noxus. Their men will no longer make war on their neighbors, thus perpetuating old hatreds. Their women will no longer raise their offspring alone, with their fathers either deceased or away at a frivolous war. Their children will grow up free from the oppression of a homeland in turmoil and with the opportunity to pursue higher education in Noxian academies.

For Askay and Meland, this is the dawn of a new era - an era free of mutually assured destruction. We will be tested. Sacrifices will be made. It will be for a better future.

Forever strong!

Aria BrekerSquare.png The Sword and the Self
A discourse on duty and self-discovery
Aria Breker commenting from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia

To serve in the Demacian armed forces is more than just an exalted honor for each and every citizen in our fair city-state - it is the truest way to realize your purpose in life. Training alongside your neighbors, sharpening body and mind in the pursuit of absolute discipline is a formative experience that shapes every Demacian towards inimitable virtue.

It is in this way that we can live lives of unmatched morality. It is the way to ensure the ideals of our nation and the safety of our allies. This is what it means not only to be a Demacian soldier, but a Demacian citizen.

Each and every one of our citizens who proudly serves our military is a shining example in these dark times. Beyond the requisite service, however, there are exemplary individuals who dedicate their entire lives to the advancement of Demacian ideals. One example is the Crownguard family, a truly extraordinary household whose every member has pledged his or her life to honored service.

The head of the family, Marcus Crownguard, and his wife, Lilia, are both well-known, highly regarded officials of the legislative Demacian Council. Their valiant son, Garen Crownguard Garen Crownguard, renowned amongst friends and enemies alike as the Might of Demacia, is highly decorated within the military. He is also a League champion, defending Demacian ideals on the Fields of Justice with an unmatched fervor. But it is the youngest of the brood, Luxanna 'Lux' Crownguard Luxanna 'Lux' Crownguard, who is of particular note today.

Eager to follow in the footsteps of her brother, Lux enrolled in the military at the early age of 13. While undergoing rigorous combat training as is the hallmark of the Demacian regimen, Lux's extraordinary prowess with magic was immediately recognized. She seized the opportunity to study under the top magicians residing in Demacia, where her work was so exemplary that she was immediately inducted into service as a part of the Demacian Security Brigade. Through her work with the DSB, she was instrumental in numerous infiltration efforts of enemy territory.

The Noxian military may claim whatever they wish when boasting about their considerable power, but what does it say when one of their allies' arcane spells was mimicked on sight by Lux? Rather than employing the captured magic in furtherance of the dark arts and whatever other horrors Noxus regularly conjures up, Lux has chosen to transfer its energies into a powerful tool for the pursuit of justice.

Through service, education, and, above all, selfless devotion to the greater good, Lux has found her calling and she continues to light the way for Demacia. She has understood and accepted her path with pride, and it is for the benefit of not only our great city but also those who choose to ally themselves with us.

There are those in this world who would try to dress up their indiscriminate loyalist tendencies in the guise of absolute devotion without any shade of the self. Serving under a banner as an empty husk, without purpose or reason, is no more than a refusal to admit defeat in the face of one's self.

To quote from the Measured Tread: "When Demacians march forth, ridding Valoran of the evils of selfishness and greed under the pristine banner of justice, we know who we are and what we fight for, unapologetically."

For our true strength can only be realized when we can trust that each of our neighbors, be they humble or noble in origin, will heed the call of the clarion united in thought and purpose.

Auras LamSquare.png Champions: Inside and Outside the League
A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the League's champions
Auras Lam reporting from the Institute of War

With as much dedication as it takes to fight on the Fields of Justice, how do our League champions find the time to do anything else? But indeed, it is with immense passion that our brave heroes commit themselves to hobbies during their off-hours. In this issue, we look at what Evelynn Evelynn, Twisted Fate Twisted Fate, and Ryze Ryze do in their spare time!

Tango for Two

A certain pair of League champions were the talk of the evening after their scintillating display of dance expertise last month at the Royal Masquerade Ball, Demacia's yearly costumed carnival. Evelynn Evelynn and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate cleared the floor dancing a sultry tango, surprising guests from all over Valoran.

The Journal of Justice was lucky enough to be invited to observe a private dance session with the spicy couple. From our observations, it's a no brainer why tango is the dance of choice for this couple. As they tore up the floor, their eyes never left each other and the heat of their close embrace scorched the curtains of the ballroom. Watching Evelynn's leg snake around Twisted Fate as he led her around the dance floor was enough to understand why this couple regularly ends up at the mercy of one Ram Steed Ram Steed.

Twisted Fate explained their choice of dance: "Tango is the dance style that best expresses our relationship - we aren't just dancing; we're competing with every step, dip, and spin."

Evelynn and Twisted Fate are currently guest instructors at the Crown Dance Academy in Demacia. If you're lucky, you might score a spot in their extremely popular class, though beware - many students have been seen fleeing out the front door after inciting jealousy while pressing too closely to either instructor!

The Lost Magic of World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra

While many of the League champions use their off-hours to pursue various hobbies, a dedicated few choose to spend their entire lives honing their craft. Ryze Ryze is such a champion, entrenching himself in the study of arcane magic in our very own Institute of War.

The League took notice of Ryze's absolute dedication to the craft immediately after he joined the League. Ryze's use of thorn magic, the ancient art of drawing magical energies through spells tattooed onto his body, has made this brand of spellcraft well-known throughout Valoran, though Ryze is currently the only known thorn mage in the world. In exchange for free use of the Institute's grand laboratories and resources, Ryze now works in conjunction with the League to discover lost magic and deepen the understanding of modern magic.

Ryze commented: "The progression of magic throughout the ages is my real interest, while chronicling the history of Runeterra is merely a useful side benefit for the League. Uncovering the magic that has been long lost to the world will unlock immense power. We can use such magic for various causes, such as reversing the damage inflicted upon Valoran by foolish mages during the Rune Wars."

As part of his research, Ryze has become well-acquainted with the numerous League champions who have volunteered their time to come under Ryze's intense scrutiny. Taric Taric, the Gem Knight and fellow champion of the League, is a frequent collaborator. When asked about his feelings on the study of magic, Taric answered: "It is through study and collaboration that we can increase our own strengths in addition to understanding each other. I am, however, aware that a number of other champions shun this research in the belief that we are becoming weaker by exposing ourselves. I say to them: come onto the battlefield and see what advantages the League's shared knowledge has granted us."

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Once more, we dip into the Mailbag of Justice, checking the pulse of Valoran!


"A question has been bothering me since the start of the League [twenty] years ago: how is it that the League can accept champions that are in open rivalry with one another (for example: Garen and Katarina)? I understand the need for equal representation in the League, but what do League officials do to ensure that no fighting breaks out between their champions?" -- Meir

Summoning magic is powerful magic, Meir, and all champions are bound by its incantations. When a champion who is bonded with a summoner enters a Field of Justice, the magic used in the summoning prevents a champion from inflicting harm on a fellow teammate. This allows enemies who would normally attack each other on sight to work together without fear of betrayal. The politics of Valoran would surely grind to a halt without such magic, as battle arenas would degenerate into bloody free-for-alls.

There are special battle arenas, however, that specifically exclude certain champions from being chosen for participation. These matches are always ones that involve two specific city-states resolving a conflict between them. These sorts of matches occur very infrequently; most of the battle arenas the League administers involve summoners that are conducting business amongst themselves. When they do happen, the summoners representing the city-state may only select champions who are affiliated with the city-state or champions who have declared neutrality in their affiliations.


"I was just wondering if Kennen Kennen, the Heart of the Tempest, had attended the performance by Sona Sona and, if so, what he thought of the musical prodigy?" -- Skyesilvary

We tried to get Kennen to write his thoughts on Sona's command performance in Ionia (which he did attend), though he could not seem to sit still long enough to complete it. Instead, we transcribed his unique perspective on the performance:

"It was very good I found myself being carried far away to a magical and serene place which for me is quite different than what I am normally used to seeing since I must be ready at all times to unleash the fury of the tempest upon those who would bring imbalance to our world of harmony in all things oh I'm sorry I was talking about Sona's performance oh yes she was delightful I found myself drifting off on a sea of bliss and tranquility which is so uncommon since being part of the Kinkou requires me to be ready at all times should I be called upon... "

Our apologies go to Kennen for cutting his thoughts short, as they did continue on for a bit longer. Alas, we do not have the space in this issue (or the next) to cover his full feelings on the performance.


"If I may ask: what kind of summoners do you get for the deployment of Minion icon.png minion forces? I suspect that not every minion is controlled individually, like we Champion Summoners do, but are controlled as a pack or, generally, more than one minion at a time. This would explain why the minions aren't the brightest, since it would be hard to keep everyone in check." -- Lord GiantR

Minions in the Fields of Justice are animated constructs that, once unleashed, follow pre-planned patterns of behavior. The summoners - either those controlling champions or powering the Field of Justice - have no control over the minions. Rather, the summoners who are assigned to the maintenance of a battle arena focus on quickly and efficiently constructing the minions. Constructing each minion takes a minuscule amount of magic from the nexus they spawn from. These summoners, who are usually apprentice summoners that reside within the Institute of War, are in many ways the engine that allows the battle arenas to function. All summoners who come to the Institute of War will spend time performing such tasks.

12 October, 20 CLE
Nick VandSquare.png Angered Monk Sets Self on Fire
Ionian protests become extreme
Nick Vand reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

The protesting Shojin monk Shojin monk did not cry out or break his meditative pose except once to stop onlookers from trying to put the fire out.

Today, Ionia's famous Lotus Gardens were not the site of their usual beauty. Monks from the Shojin Monastery assembled in protest of the Noxus profileicon.png Noxian occupation of Navori province, which is located in southern Ionia. One of the monks first gave an inspiring speech against what many see as Noxus' needless occupation. He then covered himself with lamp oil, crouched in a meditative pose, and lit himself on fire.

Fortunately, this act does not need to be one of suicide. The Shojin monks have long practiced healing martial arts. However, the burning monk will survive only in a suspended state of agony for many days. When the last leaf falls from the lovingly sculpted bonsai placed next to him, his time will run out. It is unknown what the monks will do when that leaf falls if action isn't taken.

Hundreds of miles away, Soraka Soraka, the Starchild of Ionia, wept openly when she heard this news. Yesterday, she had this to say:

"It is a sad day when the peaceful monks of the Shojin Monastery must resort to such extreme measures. Ionia is a land of enlightenment. When the only way to find help for one's cause is so horrible, the situation is more than grim. Hopefully, the rest of World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra will finally take notice of the cruelty inflicted upon my people by the Noxian government."

League Champion icon.png champion Katarina Katarina, speaking on behalf of her father and the rest of the Noxian High Command, responded with the following:

"Our presence in Ionia is for the good of the people. Their economic state is not ready to deal with the rest of Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. Their practices are outdated. Theirs is the domain of sad old men who believe the world should not progress past them. This incident is a tragedy but it is not a statement on behalf of the Ionian people. It is a statement by those who are unwilling to embrace the future."

Public outcry regarding this event is tremendous. Citizens from Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City to the Freljord profileicon.png Freljord, from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia to the Great Barrier, have expressed their outrage. Images have spread throughout the civilized world, shown on every Crystal Screen and Spinning Wire connected to a network.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this horrifying display is the priest's incredible willpower. Even as he sits burning, he does not cry out. He is letting his quiet agony speak for itself. Some members of a growing crowd of onlookers even tried to put him out. In response, he broke his meditation only long enough to stop them with a firm gesture. This is a powerful statement against what many feel is the oppression of the Ionian peoples.

The images are haunting and the message is clear. However, the question at hand is clear: what will the League of Legends do about what many feel is the legacy of an unsanctioned and inhuman war?

Nick VandSquare.png The Noxus-Ionia Conflict
Looking back on the bloody invasion
Nick Vand reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

It began only a few years after the League of Legends was formed. Ionia, a peaceful isle in the Guardian's Sea, initially refused to join. The people there chose to pursue enlightenment instead of war. The destructive conflicts between Noxus and Demacia were the primary reason that the League was formed. The two powers agreed to no longer wage war against each other. Noxus, not content to sit aside quietly, turned its expansionistic eye towards those who remained outside the League's jurisdiction. Their sights settled on Ionia.

The Noxian High Command saw Ionia as a weak target. To them, it was a land of softer things, ill-prepared to defend itself against invaders. Noxian spies began to trade aggressively with Ionia, traveling to the island to study its weaknesses and identify critical targets. When the plan was formed, the forces of Noxus invaded.

The southern provinces of Ionia were the most open to trade. This also made them among the wealthiest. It was here that the Noxian forces landed under the cover of night. Groups of Noxian agents had gone ahead, their spies confounding and sabotaging potential defenses. After being met with little resistance, Noxus' forces formed their first beachheads and began their invasion in earnest.

The invasion continued, heavily in the favor of Noxian forces. However, Ionia did not surrender. In response to a growing Ionian resistance, Noxus brought in mercenaries from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun. If the Noxians were bad, the Zaunites were worse. The mad scientists brought with them inhuman tactics, unleashing their cruel creations on the people. This terror was what finally unleashed the anger of the Ionians.

Bringing all its might and martial traditions to bear, Ionia fought back fiercely. Ionian warriors eventually brought the invaders to a stalemate, forcing them back to their power bases on the island. Despite their losses, the forces of Noxus remained in control of three of the wealthiest southern provinces - Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan. Ionian diplomats then sought to put political pressure on Noxus in an attempt to drive them out. However, the Noxian High Command claimed that they were there for the good of the people. They said that Ionia had failed to join the modern age and that Noxus had sympathizers who supported the occupation.

Seven years after the invasion began, the remaining Ionian Families, brought together by Duchess Karma Karma, decided that there was only one recourse left. They petitioned to join the League of Legends so that they could have a match to drive Noxus out once and for all. However, they made their belief that Ionia was being forced to join the League in order to ensure its future security known to the world. Their membership was granted and the match was set. The 'Trial for the Isle' was perhaps one of the most famous matches of all time. Unfortunately for those who were wronged, Ionia failed, albeit amidst questionable circumstances. Some insist that Noxus' victory came as the result of pre-match tampering.

To this day, Noxian forces still occupy southern Ionia. Native Ionians are treated as second-class citizens by the ruling Noxian elite. Soldiers, political dissidents, and anyone else who threatens the Noxians have been interred in labor camps. Forces continue to plunder the wealth and natural resources of the island, sending the spoils back to Noxus. There is much external political pressure, particularly on the part of Demacia, for the invaders to leave. The Noxian High Command claims that they will leave once Ionia has been modernized enough to economically compete in the world and protect itself from foreign threats. However, the situation remains as it has, as the outcome was decided legally in the League of Legends.

There are still eight years remaining before southern Ionia can challenge Noxus once again for their independence. However, recent protests in Ionia, such as the monk self-immolation, are on the rise and they challenge the League's authority. Ionians claim that fifteen years was far too long a stay to grant the invaders. They say that Noxus took advantage of the newly-formed League. Despite Noxian protests that such challenges border on illegality, Ionia has gained much support in the court of public opinion.

Tom TarumcaSquare.png Going Where he Pleases, Part Two
An interview with Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun
Tom Tarumca reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

It is an overcast morning in Zaun, as are most mornings in the urban heart of the city-state. Once again, pollution blocks the full glory of the morning sun and drains the sky of its pastels. Visitors have coined a name for this shade of sky: Zaun Gray. It is an unnatural experience to an outsider, let alone color. It takes a little getting used to; looking at the Zaun sky might be akin to seeing the beginnings of a cosmic disturbance.

I'm meeting Dr. Mundo in a private room of the Whispered Rumor, a café that also serves as one of Zaun's most popular watering holes. His arrival comes with a significant amount of fanfare. He is virtually royalty here in Zaun, and with that comes the trappings of fame - assistants, security, and various hangers-on. It seems slightly out of place, considering Dr. Mundo's notoriety before his joining the League. I can't help but wonder how many personal valets and assistants have gone missing when Dr. Mundo's experimentations got the best of him. With this in mind, I am quick to get the interview started.


TT: "Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Dr. Mundo. Our readership certainly wants to get to know you better."

DM: "Mundo pleased his work heard of outside Zaun. New patients always welcome."

TT: "Duly noted. Your notoriety, your fame from being in the League... how has it affected your daily life?"

DM: "Life not changed for Mundo. Mundo fights for Zaun and for Noxus friends. Mundo fights for Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners. Mundo also find time for medical research."

TT: "So you're still practicing?"

DM: "More experiments now that Mundo in League, but now mostly funded by Zaun."

TT: "You were nearly suspended from the League for not disclosing your use of adrenaline shots adrenaline shots. Do you regret your decision?"

DM: "Mundo think that silly. Here, try."

[At this point in the interview, we took a four-hour pause.]

TT: "You've been described as a bit of a hermit. How have you been able to deal with your newfound popularity?"

DM: "Mundo always ladies' man. Now Mundo more ladies' man."

TT: "Does that mean that there's a Mrs. Mundo in the future?"

DM: "Mundo use masochism for battle arena, not for marriage." [Pause] "Mundo joke. Mundo waiting for special someone."

TT: "You've amassed a cult following here in Zaun. Romantic interests aside, how do you feel about your fans?"

DM: "Mundo great role model for kids."

TT: "It's been noted by many that Zaun has gained a more favorable political perception since your introduction to the League. Was this your goal?"

DM: "Mundo keep focused on battle arena. Mundo keeps eyes on prize."

TT: "Do you feel like the champions in the League have almost too much power when it comes to deciding some very serious political matters?"

DM: "Champions only there to fight. Mundo always fight his best."

TT: "How do you cope with the responsibility of being a champion?"

DM: "People can trust Mundo. Mundo brains of operation."

TT: "So you think of yourself as a leader when you're in a Field of Justice?"

DM: "Yes. Chairman Dunderson call Mundo leader because Mundo wins. Zaun successful because of Mundo. Mundo brings wins to Zaun."

TT: "What does Mundo do when he's not cleaving people on the Fields of Justice?"

DM: "Mundo have many interests. Mundo recently open shop."

TT: "That's right! I hear you now own a business, how is corporate life?"

DM: "Corporate businessman Corporate businessman one of the many Set piece.png skins Mundo wear. Mundo also bodybuilder bodybuilder."

TT: "To wrap things up here, do you have a rival? A nemesis? Who is the greatest threat to Mundomania?"

DM: [Laughs] "Mundomania! Mundo using that. Lawyers will work out details." [Pause] "No one threat to Mundo. Mundo king of battle arena."

TT: "So no other champion is standing in your way?"

DM: [Long pause] "Mundo think Anivia Anivia is weird. Crazy ice bird throw up frozen wall frozen wall one too many times. Mundo tired of smashing face into wall."

Morgan RackhamSquare.png Raise your Glass!
A sampling of Bilgewater's more prominent brands of rum
Cpt. Morgan Rackham commenting from Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater

With the guvners in the League making sure the big names in Valoran play nice, trade is up and the desire for worldly imports is higher than ever. Now, I'm just a simple sailor, so I'm not about to start giving you fashion advice. As my port of call is Bilgewater, however, I do have a thing or two to share with you on the subject of rum. Whether you're ready to toss back a bit of the cure for what ails you or you're just out to stock the barrels to keep your crew in grog for the season, I'm here to help find just the bottle you're looking for.

Rapture Rum

If you've got a bit of jink to spare and don't mind paying for a bit of celebrity, you can head on over to Fortune's Favor on Fleet Street for a bit of Miss Fortune's Miss Fortune's private stock. Rapture is clear as diamonds, with a pleasantly clean aroma of cut cane. To shake things up, Miss Fortune adds a hint of pepper and hot cinnamon to keep you warm on deck during stormy days at sea. To be enjoyed with your favorite tropical fruit, Miss Fortune's Rapture Rum is every bit as much the exotic beauty that she is!

Gangplank's Gangplank's Black Pearl Rum

Let me ask you a question, sailor. Have you ever chewed rum? No?! Well then you've probably never run afoul of Gangplank and his fabled Black Pearl. Aged in charred oak casks and infused with some of the richest spices that Valoran has to offer, this rum comes out blacker than pitch and about as thick. Gangplank's Black Pearl is a draught for the true rum enthusiast, only. The rest of you blokes are just going to wind up feeling barmy and running for the deck rails. So be careful! I've seen a bit of the black stuff lay out even the roughest blighter with nary a hint of warning.

Myron's Dark Rum

This rum is the trademark drink of Myron's Murderhole, one of the most famous and historic bars in all of Bilgewater. Dark in color with the aroma of woody molasses, this infamous spirit is a veritable staple of Bilgewater sailors on the high seas. Richer than its lighter relatives, this dark beauty finishes with an uncanny sweetness that's just perfect for taking the edge off. Enjoy with hot water or even straight from the bottle. Either way, Myron's Dark will keep you warmer than a pea coat on a blustery day.

Mount Atin Eclipse Rum

This rum is characteristically served at Plankwalkin' Pete's, a newfangled bar run dockside by a barmy lad with a peg leg. Light amber in color, Mount Atin will assail your senses with the aroma of sweet grass, molasses, nutmeg, and just a hint of citrus. A bit dry on its own, your typical dose comes served with tonic and a lime, so after a glass or two you're well on your way to warding off both scurvy and malaria.

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Fresh League gossip now served every issue!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

Madness, people, madness! Only yours truly, dedicated reporter Ram Steed, has the sheer audacity to tell you how it is. I can't even tell you how long it's been since my last report - time is a blur! What I can promise you is that I have been pounding the pavement to bring you more of what you really want - a full blown gossip buffet from inside the League of Legends.

Sivir's Sivir's Vacation

Sure she's deadly. She wouldn't still have the title 'the Battle Mistress' if she wasn't. Sure she's survived multiple attempts on her life at the behest of the Noxian High Command. Sure she's hotter than a summer day - that red and gold outfit outfit certainly provides her with plenty of space to move. Nevertheless, our lady Sivir may have come up against a force she won't be able to overcome!

For those whose memory is less than stellar, Sivir was arrested last October after going for an alcohol-induced joyride in a hextech conveyance, terrorizing her two passengers and a host of pedestrians. She was arrested by Demacian authorities shortly afterwards, if you remember the hype, and she stood trial just the other day.

Judge Haley Suede took pity on Sivir's 'I'm just a lonely girl with personal problems' defense and sentenced the champion to 90 days in a Demacian penitentiary, with time spent in the Fields of Justice not counting towards her sentence.

Listen, I love our champions - they pay my bills - but one thing I can't stand is the way they're given special dispensation by the courts. If I'd done the same thing, I would be in jail for the next 18 months, and not in a cushy part of the prison.

Oh, well. Position has its privilege but we'll have to see how a jail term interferes with her duties to the League of Legends. More on this as it develops.

Pads: Missing the Mark (or was the Mark)

Last week, Zaun-based entertainment company Northern Exposure launched its new special entitled 'Pads'. It is part of the new wave of crystal-recorded shows, which use the newest exciting techmaturgy for personal entertainment. Pads takes viewers into the homes of the League's favorite champions so that fans can see how they live. Personally, this reporter feels that our friends at Northern Exposure missed the mark for their reality show. At least a half-dozen better concepts already come to mind, but I digress.

The most interesting part of this tale is the subject they chose for their first show: the notorious Dr. Mundo. Now, what would possess a reasonable individual to choose the Madman of Zaun as a good subject to record? I'm sure there was a little hometown pride going on there and, honestly, who doesn't want to see that guy's lab?

The Mundo episode was produced and distributed according to plan but this reporter knows a few things that he must expose! The episode was heavily edited and censored. Apparently the Noxian government wouldn't let it air as they originally captured it.

You can guess why.

Several members of the crew went 'missing' during production and have yet to be found. Their families have been given settlements by the Noxian government and investigations into their whereabouts have ceased.

If Northern Lights keeps making these kinds of decisions, Pads will be a short-lived show, as will the company itself.

Dear Mr. Steed

I suppose it's no surprise that I get a lot of mail from people. It just hasn't felt right keeping it to myself, so I've decided to expand my column to share with you some of the good, the bad, and the ugly that both fans and haters have taken the time to write to me.

Here's this issue's letter:


"Dear Mr. Steed:

The reason I write is regarding the articles concerning the private life and bedroom activities of Janna Janna. While humorous to some, the effects of healthy bedroom activities might actually be rather beneficial. I have recently done research on the topic, sparked by a letter from a fellow summoner speculating on the matter. The research included no less than three champions of the League who have requested to remain anonymous, but the immediate result states that such activities can actually provide a short term boost to magical capabilities. I intend to send a journal containing some of my conclusions and results in more detail to the relevant League officials, regarding Janna's current situation."

-- Munchlord, Zaunite summoner and independent researcher


First off, I'm glad you found my work concerning this matter a source of enjoyment for you. It's always nice when readers hide their compliments amongst their justifications.

Second off, Munchlord, how long have you been on Janna's public relations payroll? Seriously. Bedroom activities leading to boosts in magical abilities? Like Janna's getting down to be a better champion for the people? Nice try, my friend, but this smacks of some serious propaganda.

For you folks at home, this is the kind of hype you can expect to see whenever a champion gets themselves into the kind of embarrassing trouble that Janna's most recently found herself in. There are always 'experts' who will come to the rescue so that what might otherwise be identified as questionable behavior can be dismissed without further thought. You be the judge.

Regardless, thanks to Munchlord for writing in!

If you've got something to say to Ram Steed, mail me personally at the Journal. Some infernal techmaturgical machine will get your message and pass it on to me.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

In opening the latest batch of mail from the mighty Mailbag of Justice, it is clear that the recent political saga involving Freljord is fresh on many of your minds. We at the Journal also share your concerns. A new city-state fully recognized by the League! These are interesting times we live in, friends. Today's Mailbag addresses those concerns front and center.


"We all know that Ashe Ashe didn't choose Tryndamere Tryndamere out of love, but how goes the other way around? Does Tryndamere feel anything for the Frost Archer? But the bigger question: if they are king and queen, should we expect a prince anytime soon? It may not be the best time (with Noxus and the third sister being so hostile) but the royal line is thin. Despite what will happen, I wish the best of luck to the newfound city-state!" -- Aurutha, the Silent Watcher

A number of marriages that have occurred in the monarchies of Valoran (constitutional or otherwise) have been arranged out of convenience rather than love. When Jarvan III of Demacia was married to the then Lady Catherine Spiritmight over twenty-five years ago, the marriage was intended to first and foremost bring unity to two of the most powerful political forces in Demacia - the Lightshields and the Spiritmights. Having said that, it should be no surprise that Ashe and Tryndamere's marriage is one based on the mutual respect and security of their people. Both of them have publicly expressed as much.

Having said that, who is to say where this marriage may take the king and queen of Freljord? There's little doubt in my mind that Ashe and Tryndamere will want to cement the legacy of their actions by producing an heir. This is especially so with Princess Sejuani Sejuani actively working against the new Freljord royalty.


"I am a bit confused about the role of a summoner in the League's matches. I have heard from several sources that the summoner actually has full control of their champion during battle and that the champions simply serve as ragdolls for the magicians to manipulate. Now, here in Piltover profileicon.png Piltover we are all big fans of Ezreal Ezreal (or 'the Prodigal Exploiter', as many of us call him). However, the thought that our skillful champion may not actually be doing any of the fighting himself has upset a great deal of us. Can you shed some light on these concerning rumors?" -- Boush

Summoning is the most challenging of all magical disciplines. There is far more to it than simply relocating a being from one location to another. A summoner mentally and physically links with their summoned being (champions, as we call them), allowing for a fluid symbiosis. A champion is not a puppet of the summoner; instead, the champion is the executor of the will of the summoner. A champion is in full control of themselves but they are fully aware of the importance and the necessity of the summoner's will. A champion's duty is to execute the will of a summoner with the utmost precision and execution.

Bear this in mind, Boush: a champion is never forced to be a part of a battle arena where their loyalties and beliefs are not considered. During matches where city-states are resolving disputes, a champion will never act against their own interests. Garen Garen, for example, would never charge out of the brush at a fellow Demacian if the match were about resolving a dispute involving Demacia.


"The Ninth Priest's question intrigued me. If the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw tribe were to join Noxus, would not Queen Ashe and King Tryndamere go to Demacia for support? If this were to happen, would the league be capable of preventing an all out war?" -- The Lover of Pi

Oh, but were it that easy for Freljord. Demacia and the people that now make up Freljord have a history of conflict, albeit nowhere near as grievous as the conflict between Noxus and Freljord. Both Ashe and Tryndamere have been highly critical of Demacia's neutrality during Noxus' barbarian pacification campaigns. In fact, Demacia has been quite protective of its territory, turning away refugees during the campaign's more bloody episodes. Likewise, Demacia's northern homesteads have more than once been a target of barbarian raiding parties. Both city-states have a lot of diplomatic work ahead of them before they can bridge a gap that spans decades of distrust.

As for preventing an all out war, the League will take whatever actions necessary to protect its client city-states from all threats - even if those threats are from the city-states themselves.

27 October, 20 CLE
Nick VandSquare.png Ionia Demands a Rematch with Noxus
Diplomats challenge League ruling on Noxus profileicon.png Noxian occupation
Nick Vand reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

Irelia Irelia, the Captain of the Guard for Ionia, issues her demands at a press conference in Ionia.

In Ionia's majestic Lotus Gardens, the Shojin monk Shojin monk still burns in a silent protest against the Noxian occupation of southern Ionia. This tragic act has prompted demands from many Ionians to have all Noxians forcibly removed from their land. However, Ionian diplomats chose to focus on a different and new initiative this week.

They have asked that the League review its judgment on the Ionian occupation. They say that fifteen years is too long to grant the invading and plundering Noxian government. While there are officially still eight years before a match can be scheduled to appeal the results of the previous battle, the Ionians are demanding a rematch now.

At the head of this effort is Irelia, the Ionian Captain of the Guard. Irelia is credited as one of the leaders of the Ionian resistance during the Noxian invasion. Many Ionians believe that Noxus would have succeeded in their conquest if not for her efforts. She has since been hailed as a symbol of freedom for the Ionian people. In a recent press conference, she had this to say:

"Noxian propaganda has hidden the plight of the people. The damage we have suffered has been severe. The cruelty inflicted on the citizens of Ionia during this hostile invasion is unforgivable and we endure the insult of occupation to this day. All the while, the League blindly turns away. It is time for those blind eyes to see. We have been wronged. We will not endure this pain for one second longer, much less eight more years."

Noxus claims that aggressions against Ionia have ended. There are diplomatic efforts that verify those claims. Regardless, Noxian forces still occupy the provinces of Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan in southern Ionia.

Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon of the Noxian High Command, the current overseer of Noxian forces in Ionia, made a statement discrediting Ionia's accusations. "Conflicts arise for many reasons. Our conflict with Ionia is no different. Those who lose always try to gain sympathy when violence fails them. Ionia claims to be helpless victims; what, then, of the countless Noxian and Zaun profileicon.png Zaunite soldiers buried beneath Ionian soil? Ionia is trying to manipulate the emotions of the League. However, the justice of our presence in Ionia was decided by the League itself. It is legal and, according to the terms of our fair victory, set to last another eight years."

Ionia has powerful support from outside its borders, however. In a stunningly direct speech, Jarvan IV Jarvan IV, the crown prince of Demacia profileicon.png Demacia, spoke out against the occupation.

"Who among us believes these Noxian lies? Who among us doesn't know the truth? I'm tired of wading through the political double-talk. Noxus invaded Ionia as no more than thieves or bandits. They continue to operate as such, remaining neatly between the lines of the edicts of the League of Legends. Those who remain silent do so out of fear. I am not afraid. I will oppose villainy wherever I find it, without compromise. If the League is unwilling to remove the Noxian infestation then I will visit Ionia myself."

Auras LamSquare.png Piltover Inventor Recovered from Kumungu
Warning issued against travel Runeterra Map profileicon.png south of the Great Barrier
Auras Lam reporting from the Institute of War

A young inventor from Piltover profileicon.png Piltover previously reported missing for the last three months was found earlier this week in the jungles of Kumungu. Piltover officials mobilized all available rescue teams to recover the well-known 14-year-old prodigy of techmaturgy, after he disappeared in early June. He was discovered afflicted with a withering disease and close to death in the northern region of Kumungu by a Piltover Rescue Bot. The bot is a recent prototype created by famed inventor and League Champion icon.png champion Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, and it has been used recently as a support unit for the Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City Expeditionary Force in Piltover.

The rescue team transported the boy swiftly back to the city-state and he was quarantined to prevent spreading the disease. The race is now on to save his life, with reports that Piltover's top medical staff has been attending to the boy's condition around the clock. A source within the Piltover Patrol described the boy's status as dire.

The source went on to state: "His body is ravaged by a strange disease. Even with the advanced state of [Piltover's] medical care, the disease is spreading too quickly for his young body to cope with."

His name is being withheld because he is a minor.

This incident is the latest in a rash of missing explorers reported from nearly every city-state in Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. Of the fifty-six rescue missions launched in response to these reports in the last year, only three have returned successful. In response to the mounting dangers, the League has increased security measures, focusing their efforts on restricting unnecessary travel through Mogron Pass. While League-sanctioned security garrisons have recently been reinforced in response to the assault last month by unidentified attackers, a security checkpoint is now in place to screen travelers and assess potential risks. The checkpoint is guarded by League members representing each city-state on a rotating shift.

Anticipating some discontent over the establishment of a security checkpoint, League political advisor Deacon Cavarieles issued a statement: "While travelers may consider this to be an unnecessary inconvenience, we feel that it is absolutely necessary to defend travelers from personal harm as well as the citizens of Valoran from the threat of an epidemic. The checkpoint will remain in place until the League has reason to believe that the citizens of northern Valoran are properly observing safe travel habits and that lives are no longer being lost."

Effective immediately, the new law requires that all travelers passing through the Great Barrier must present League-issued documentation to the guards at Mogron Pass. Travelers with valid reasons for crossing the barrier include but are not limited to: explorers escorted by a League-approved member, scientific researchers and historians whose missions have been explicitly approved by the League, or trade merchants heading directly to Bandle City. Inquiries for purposes other than what is listed in the guidelines should be directed to the League Security Council. Any travelers attempting to cross without the proper authority will be denied without exception.

L. B. BriskesSquare.png Harrowing Traditions
Another day we are forced to interact with each other
L. B. Briskes commenting from the Institute of War

The Harrowing is, by far, the most relaxing World Rune profileicon.png Runeterran holiday. You may point out: "But L. B., you find people and their fickle traditions almost as odious as your obnoxious, sweater-clad neighbor; the one apparently afflicted by digestive dysfunction." To you I say this: my neighbor, whose washroom practices cause the paint to peel on my side of the wall, could not, in his rankest moments, ever match the foulness with which I view people and society as a whole. He does try, though.

Why, then, is this holiday the best?


Not only do masks grant me a welcome reprieve from your eager, grinning faces, but they also help me disguise my insistent loathing in some more appropriate semblance of neutrality. Suppressing a scowl as determined as mine (let alone plastering a smile over it) is an exhaustive effort.

On the Harrowing we commemorate a time when both creepies and crawlies are at their creepiest and crawliest, and the world falls to the mercy of forces from the great beyond. This superstition is no doubt prompted by the fact that, on this day, Valoran is blanketed in darkness as the moon eclipses the sun. Naturally, to ward off the impending evil, we adorn ourselves in 'light' or 'dark' garments and drink pumpkin-spiced spirits. It is a well-documented fact that ghosts and ghouls fear orange vegetables almost as much as they fear silly outfits.

Admittedly, the light/dark costume parties are far more tolerable than their costume-less counterparts. People of opposite genders and costume colors can skip past the first twenty minutes of introductory drivel - inevitably the moments most likely to spoil what could otherwise be a pleasant night of irresponsibility - and be matched arbitrarily by fortune.

Where did this tradition start, though?

The Harrowing has been a recorded day of celebration for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Fans of the Apocalypse claim that the world nearly ended in fire (or ice or kittens or what have you) when the moon eclipsed Valoran countless years ago. The historical texts which survived the Rune Wars only go so far but they claim that costumes are worn either to support the forces of light/good or to confuse the forces of dark/evil. The many rituals which have cropped up surrounding the interactions of people dressed in opposing colors seem to be a more recent addition to the holiday, apparently symbolic of the reconciliation of some long-forgotten grudge.

Observance of the Harrowing differs greatly between the city-state-dwellers and the rural citizens of Valoran. In the city-states, most people gather to make merry and act foolish; in the country, some of the eldest sons still keep late watches, prepared to light signal fires to warn of impending danger.

Unfortunately, for all the hullabaloo, there haven't been any outbreaks of malevolent beings, no visits of nefarious apparitions, not so much as one documented creepy nor one captured crawlie. The world seems hopelessly saturated with people and nothing has been sufficient to threaten that state. So, unburdened by worry, you may happily don your home-sewn Veigar Veigar cowl or your jury-rigged Heimer Heimer hairdo and take comfort in the fact that, if this day ever bore the portent of Armageddon, that time has long since past.

Wait, what's that behind you?

Morgan RackhamSquare.png Champions: Inside and Outside the League
A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the League's champions
Cpt. Morgan Rackham reporting from Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater

If you spend as much time going from dock to dock as I do, you learn a bit about picking up on the local color. Not a lot escapes a man who's been a captain for near 10 years, and the movers, shakers, and lads about town here in Valoran are no exception. Here're a few whispers I've picked up on about what a few of your favorites are up to when they're not fighting gallantly out there on the Fields.

Katarina Katarina, Privateer of Noxus

While the League may have put a stop to Noxian hostilities on Ionian soil, Katarina's Katarina's still guvner on the high seas. Ever since their campaign ended, Noxus' very own Sinister Blade has been a mainstay down at Bilgewater's Fleet Street, poking her head into the pubs and taverns along the way in search of sailors down on their luck. An even share of the plunder sounds spot on to a lad on his last dram, even if it means a short drop and a sudden stop for anyone unfortunate enough to run afoul of an Ionian vessel during the rest of his seafaring career.

While the League's bound to land their mitts on anyone foolish enough to attack a vessel in protected waters, there's plenty of jink to be had for those intrepid enough to venture out into the open seas. Trouble is, out there you're on your own... and I know at least one little missy who's sharpening a dagger with your name on it, ready to take your hard earned Gold.png Valors before they're spent. Lesson learned: never give a Noxian an excuse to hang onto a grudge, or you'll be keeping a weather eye on the horizon for the rest of your natural life.

Captain Gangplank Gangplank at the Governor's Waltz?

Captain Gangplank Captain Gangplank may be barmy as a buzzard - having earned his reputation plundering hapless vessels, swilling grog, and hanging mutineers from the yardarm - but did you know that the old captain loves to dance? Whilst I was haunting about one of my usual ports of call, by happenstance I managed to wrangle an invitation to the governor's ball. I thought for sure I'd be the only blighter from Bilgewater on the scene but, apparently, there're a few chaps out there who can still put one over on a salty dog like myself.

There on the other side of the ballroom was none other than the Saltwater Scourge himself... except he's looking all proper and sharing a glass of sherry with a handsome damsel! Since it was the first time I'd seen him while I wasn't looking over the barrel of a gun at a man with powder burns in his beard, I thought it might be a good time to bury the hatchet over those 30 tons of rum he nipped from me last season. After I'd assured him there were no hard feelings, he shared with me a hint of seaman's wisdom, one captain to another: "There's nary a better way to get your ground legs under you than a trip round the dance floor with a buxom lady."

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

After scouring the latest deliveries from the Mailbag of Justice, it seems that there is a great deal of curiosity surrounding champions who have answered the call from off world. Of equal interest were questions surrounding the actual implications to a champion of being slain and revived on the Fields of Justice. Interesting questions, friends, and today you'll have your answers!


"So, I understand how strong our magic is to control a champion, but one thing has bothered me since I became a summoner: do we really kill the champions themselves over and over again?" -- Eraganus

Constructing a Field of Justice is a truly remarkable feat and the magic at play is beyond the comprehension of all but the most gifted of magicians. Once a battle begins, the Field of Justice becomes a kind of microcosm. Within this sphere of influence the champion and summoner exist as one shared mind.

This does not mean that the champion is not in mortal danger. Death severs the connection between summoner and host champion and is an extremely traumatic experience for both parties. After the summoner has recovered, they can reenter the battle arena by completing the summoning ritual again. At this point the champion is revived on the summoning platform, once again entering the fray at the risk of their own life. For this precise reason, champions and summoners are a rare breed.


"As we know, there are some champions that their land of origin is unknown - for example: Taric Taric and Nasus Nasus. Since my duties as a scholar direct so and the head librarian gets on my nerves by his constant questioning, could either of them Taric or Nasus be so kind as to and tell we summoners a couple of things about their homeworld?" -- Scholar Aribrar

An interesting question indeed, Aribrar. While I was unable to get either of these champions to comment directly on their home for this response, I am happy to share with you some of my own experiences with them.

Taric is usually quite open to queries regarding his world. Taric usually describes his home as a magnificent place where gems are coveted as sources of magic in the same way that we revere runes. As a word of warning, however: if you manage to find him sitting at the local tavern, be prepared for a long conversation and an equally long bar tab. You can expect a full explanation of the significance of each gem, which are his favorites, where they are found, etc. After that, he'll usually launch into a long-winded tale about how he learned herbalism from his father before crusading off to defend the verdant jungles and forests of his homeland. For Taric, the preservation of the world of Runeterra is just as important.

Nasus, on the other hand, is far more tight-lipped about his land of origin. While it's known that he was once caretaker of a Great Library, all you'll get out of him are grumblings about how his brother Renekton Renekton will never let go of their grudge regardless of how many worlds stand between them. Pair that with a few riddles about the cycle of life and death and that's about you'll hear from the Curator of the Sands before he's brooding again.


"I have heard very little of Anivia Anivia and her dealings since she came to Runeterra. Where does she stand on the current happenings in the world and does she long for her home world?" -- Adhemar

Anivia's sense of duty as an elemental protector has always outweighed any homesickness she feels. While she has often spoken longingly of her icy home, she seems to be equally at home in her nest high in the peaks of the Ironspike Mountains. Through her friendship with Ashe Ashe, Anivia's ties to the region of Freljord profileicon.png Freljord have grown stronger since Ashe's marriage to Tryndamere Tryndamere and the subsequent formation of Freljord as a city-state. While Anivia still views herself as a defender of all of Runeterra, it would be surprising if the Cryophoenix did not show some attachment to her chosen homeland in future political disputes.

10 November, 20 CLE
Quinton GroatSquare.png Clearing Obstacles for a Rematch
Noxus responds to the monk's monk's plight
Quinton Groat reporting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

The tragic news of the Shojin monk, who suffers even now, has shocked World Rune profileicon.png Runeterrans everywhere. Flowers and well-wishes have arrived at the Shojin Monastery in droves. Public vigils have been held in every city-state and hundreds of letters have been sent to the Institute of War, pleading for intervention on behalf of the monk. This event is heartbreaking but the amount of public response generated for one man is inspiring. Today, in the midst of all these stirred emotions, the Noxian High Command made a stunning announcement.

Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon, the officer of the Noxian High Command charged with overseeing the Noxian presence in Ionia profileicon.png Ionia, gave this statement after returning from an emergency conference in Noxus. "After conferring with my honored colleagues in High Command, we have decided to take this grievous situation into our own hands and bring the people of Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran some peace. Before I go into further detail, I would like to address some of the statements which have been made surrounding our presence in Ionia."

"It has been said that Noxus is a heartless, imperialistic war machine. It has been implied that ours is the seat of evil. I would like to assure you, we have families, homes, and children, just like anyone else, and our soldiers in Ionia miss theirs dearly. Our undertaking there has been in the service of the Ionians. In the wake of the war, these southern provinces were left in debris and disarray. We have spent our own precious resources rebuilding what was lost and the 'riches we now plunder' are far from compensation for what we have invested in these efforts."

"Noxus is indeed a war machine; for this we are proud, not ashamed. Our sons put their lives at stake in the pursuit of excellence. We respect those who meet us on the battlefield too much to treat them like children or invalids. If you oppose Noxian forces, you are considered an equal opponent and granted no quarter, as such is the highest insult amongst true warriors. It is a disgrace to cross blades with an enemy and then cry oppression when you are bested. Ionia was given the option to surrender without violence, as are all nations which the noble Noxian forces visit. They declined and they lost. I wonder if the public would react the same way if Noxus requested repayment for the sons it lost in the Ionian incursion."

"Now, as I said, Noxus has decided to do what is in its power to bring peace to Valoran, though we have received nothing but threats and slander since the monk's protest began. Noxian blood is infused with the scent of the battlefield and Noxians do not hide behind politics. Make no mistake, challenging the edicts of the League of Legends is not only unlawful, but undermining to a system which has saved Runeterra from ruin. However, it is our right to grant Ionia its rematch before the proper term has elapsed and we have heard their plea. If Ionia desires to meet Noxus on the Fields of Justice to determine the fate of the southern provinces, then we accept the terms and encourage them to send their very best."

The Ionian Elders called an assembly immediately following Hawkmoon's speech and they promised that an official response was soon to follow.

Jace P. PrestSquare.png The Master of Metal
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser and Zaun's Techma-Tune scene
Jace P. Prest reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

Sona Sona and Mordekaiser Mordekaiser storm Zaun with their wildly popular band: Pentakill profileicon.png Pentakill.

Down in the slums of Zaun, where the gutters glow green with techmaturgical runoff, one can find all manner of unsavory characters: the disreputable, the disadvantaged, and the disillusioned. These are the homes of back-alley sorcerers and shimmer addicts, all those whom critics say are the byproducts of Zaun's rapid and reckless research initiatives. Yet despite (or perhaps, because of) the many negative images associated with the Zaunite slums, thrill seekers frequently venture down to these dark alleys. They come in larger numbers every week and all come for one reason: the undeniable allure of Zaun's underground techmaturgical music scene.

With instruments powered by techmaturgical amplification, 'Techma-Tune' musicians and their strange, wailing sound have been gaining ground in Zaunite taverns for years. Those hip to the scene gather in droves to listen to the stylings of bands such as 'the Hexbenders', 'Yordle Mothership', or 'Tainted Nexus'. For the price of a cheap (and questionably concocted) beverage, any traveler can shove for shoulder room to see these talented groups perform.

Though the Techma-Tune movement has long been an unknown scene outside Zaun, a new star recently pushed interest in this genre of music beyond Zaun's borders and into the hearts and minds of countless Valoranians. For the past few months, Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal and Champion icon.png champion of the League, has been storming the stages of Zaun with devastating effect as lead guitarist of the band 'Pentakill'. His dark, pounding rhythms resonate deeply with his followers. One fan says: "His strings speak to the torment of my existence." Another gushes: "I know that deep beneath that armor beats a broken heart like mine. I love you, Mordekaiser!"

We had the privilege of speaking briefly with the League fighter and night rocker:


JP: "Mordekaiser, you're an enigma both in and out of the arena. What draws you away from the Fields of Justice to pursue this surprising side-project?"

M: "My fans. I am drawn to their disease."

JP: "You mean their feverish love of this Techma-Tune music?"

M: "No"


Pentakill's popularity exploded recently when Mordekaiser appeared on stage with an unlikely co-star: Sona Sona, the League's darling diva! The masterful mistress of strings has been regularly rocking at Mordekaiser's side in true Techma-Tune style, clad in silver chains and black finery. The two have been busy releasing more captivating singles than ever before, with Sona's otherworldly serenades adding a somber and captivating undertone to Mordekaiser's gritty, powerful chords. Though Sona was (understandably) unavailable for comment, Mordekaiser has confirmed his desire to expand the ensemble further into a full band: "I would welcome those who would bring my music further power. We are known as Pentakill, and we shall rock as no other. Join us, if you are so bold."

Hear Pentakill perform their new hit, 'Mask of Madness', at Trogsworth's Tavern in the heart of Zaun's trade district any night this week. Be warned - it's standing room only and the crowd can get a little raucous. Also, if you yourself are a talented techma-musician, gather your courage and approach the stage afterwards for a personal audition!

Aria BrekerSquare.png The Unstoppable Hurricane
Friends and foes alike celebrate the Might of Demacia
Aria Breker commenting from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia

The pursuit of justice is often a thankless job. When our soldiers are tirelessly toiling on the front lines, their benevolence is often met with hostility, even from those who they are trying to protect and defend.

However, there are often happier and unintended side effects for those who fight under Demacia's banner. Garen Garen, one of Demacia's League champions, now finds himself at the center of attention from citizens and Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners alike due to his domination on the Fields of Justice. His battle prowess has brought widespread fame to both himself and our grand city-state. Eyes have turned to Garen as a leader, carrying his teams to victory in the name of Demacia.

Recent broadcast matches featuring the Might of Demacia have drawn extraordinary amounts of excitement. Spectators are often found reveling in the streets of almost every city-state after a match, ecstatically hailing Garen's performance on the battlefield. Fans describe Garen as 'tireless', 'invincible', and '... almost as if he never needs to cool down'. They delight in the fact that he is able to Silence icon.png silence enemies with the mighty swing of his blade, seemingly unconstrained by the limitations that other champions seem to face. The artistic have taken to expressing their admiration for Garen's skill by deluging the local markets with paintings and songs reflecting Demacian pride. Children run through the streets of city-states across Valoran, yelling 'Demacia!' much to the chagrin of parents trying to instill their offspring with pride for their own city-states.

Garen has made quite an impression on non-supporters as well. Even those who support other champions in the League grudgingly acknowledge his unmistakable battle presence. Opponents have been overheard calling him an 'unstoppable hurricane'. Others swear that they can almost see Garen's mighty sword striking down from above when he claims a foe. Not all opinions are positive, however, with dissenters complaining about Garen being judgmental on the battlefield; painfully so. Some claim that he seems overpowered, as though Garen's fighting ability and battle-tested skills were anything but well-earned from experience.

Demacian military officials have taken note of Garen's exceptional performance. Already the leader of the Dauntless Vanguard, Garen was called upon to bring his expertise to overhaul Demacia's military training. His training program, called 'Battle Regimen for Ultimate Soldier Heroism', has since been introduced to the entire Demacian army. It is a well-crafted conditioning program wherein soldiers learn a variety of tactics and strategies employed by Garen on the Fields of Justice, including perseverance, courage, and how to strike decisively against our foes.

Armed with the 'Battle Regimen for Ultimate Soldier Heroism' fighting strategy, the enemies of justice have much to fear. When the Demacian army descends upon challengers, our enemies will not stand a chance against the whirlwind of might.

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Musicals, manicures, and mail!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

The world keeps on turning and so do the dramas and fortunes of the League of Legends. This is Ram Steed coming at you, hard at work from the very heart of the League itself. I'm laboring tirelessly to bring you more of what you really want - the dirt on the bravest of the brave and the highest of the high. Champions, you can hide nothing! Our readers demand to know!

Who Didn't See This Coming?

Just a few days ago, Calliope Productions (located in Demacia) announced its latest musical: 'The Sound of Magic'. Now, normally this reporter could not care less about musicals, so why the sudden interest in this one?

Because this one is helmed by the Gem Knight himself!

'The Sound of Magic' isn't just a musical - it's a symphonic bonanza. This reporter was fortunate enough (depending upon your point of view) to have been allowed into one of the rehearsals. The songs are epic, pretty much everyone is dancing, and the costumes are, well, outrageous. I've never seen so much frilly business in my entire life and the colors make it look like a flower bed threw up. Taric Taric is the lead designer in all of this and it shows.

The Gem Knight actually deigned to give me a few choice words:

"I'm excited about this opportunity. Musical theater has always, in some way, been in my blood. This production is top notch and I am honored to be center stage. It's wonderful that I get to show my fans a different side of me."

It certainly is going to be a stark contrast to butt-kicking for a living, that's for sure. Hopefully, the prime performances won't interfere with Taric's Taric's duties to the League of Legends. If not, maybe he can bring some singing and dancing to his battles - maybe even in one of those frilly costumes... as long as they don't clash with his hammer!

Little Poppy's Poppy's Big Vacation

As both Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City's ambassador to Demacia and as a champion in the League of Legends, Poppy certainly has a lot of responsibility. She also has fame and power, which give her command over resources that would make this reporter blush... and she's been busted for abusing it!

How, you might ask? How could such a beloved Champion, such a sweet little yordle, be guilty of abusing anything?

By using those resources to travel to Seafoam, the exclusive resort on the western coast, vacation spot for the wealthy of Demacia. This reporter received a tip from an anonymous source, which revealed the following information: according to her position, Poppy is given a certain amount of money a year to travel as an ambassador. This amount is significant but not enough for a luxury vacation - but this is exactly where the money came from. The yordle champion racked up room service bills, spa days, shopping sprees on the renowned Grayhill Road, and a stay in the penthouse suite of a five-star resort hotel. The estimated cost of this single vacation is far in excess of the annual income of most Valoran citizens.

Naturally, neither Poppy nor any of her staff was available for comment. Do I believe Poppy has a tough job? Yes. Do I believe she deserves time off to enjoy her life? Absolutely. Do I believe that she should be allowed to take over-the-top expensive vacations on the Demacian tax-payers' money?

No way.

So what can we do to hold officials like Poppy accountable during moments of financial mismanagement like this? It is the responsibility of you, the reader, to write to the Demacian government and let your opinions be known!

On the other hand, the question many readers will want an answer to: does Poppy take Whomper to the beach? This reporter thinks yes.

Dear Mr. Steed

Once again, I dig into my mailbag to see what sort of fascinating letters you, the readers, have sent me. This week's question is interesting.


"Dear Mr. Steed:

Has Rammus Rammus ever tried to encourage other armadillos to go into the Kumungu Jungle in hopes they might also change?"

-- Salindor the Summoner


Consider that you're the only sentient armadillo on Valoran and you're a guy. What do you think would eventually something that you'd want in your life? That's right - a female counterpart. Rammus has been around the League for a while now.

When asked, Rammus had this to say: "Shut up."

Sources close to Rammus say that he is unabashed in finding young female armadillos and trying to get them to go to the Plague Lands. He's offered protection and everything. There are some who have gone with him, but the rare magic that created Rammus in the first place isn't likely to come out and play just because someone asks. It hasn't stopped him from trying and he has no lack of volunteers, as it appears that he is a bit of sex symbol to the armadillo community (which looks really weird now that I've actually written that out).

Thanks for writing in, Salindor!

If you've got something to say to Ram Steed, mail me personally here at the Journal. Some infernal techmaturgical machine will get your message and pass it on to me.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

These are eventful times - the monk's protest has stunned Ionians and incited the passions of citizens all over Valoran. We at the Journal of Justice have many feelings about these events and, although we cannot control their outcomes, I can promise you that we will continue providing you with the most late-breaking news (every two weeks)!


"Honestly, I must know: why does everyone even acknowledge the League when they are all going to be wiped out by the Void profileicon.png Void? Our prophet Malzahar Malzahar has already assured us that the Void is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I only hope that my dedication to the Void is taken notice and Malzahar will help save me from the impending doom." -- profpwn

We recognize that there is a growing faction of Runeterrans who either worry about or welcome the Void, particularly as Malzahar has gained popularity in the League. You are free to believe what you please, profpwn, but there have been incidents in the past where Void cultists have turned to violence either against themselves or others. I want you to understand that this sort of behavior only hurts you and those around you. If there is any truth to what Malzahar is saying, I would rather use my magic to protect Runeterra and its citizens, and I'd really like to have you on my side!


"Several individuals have sought my explanation as to why certain champions, on a nigh weekly basis, seem more willing to serve more summoners, requiring little to no IP icon.png influence within the League to gain access to their powers. Would you mind providing the good people of Valoran a general explanation?" -- Adjudicator Fayd

This is a good point to bring up, Adjudicator; thank you for your assistance educating the younger summoners. The League of Legends serves many purposes. First and foremost, it acts as a mediator for the city-states so that conflicts can be resolved without causing harm to the world. However, the League is also a medium through which people all over Runeterra can find common ground. People from all corners of the world attune their crystal screens to broadcasts of battles on the Fields of Justice. All champions admitted to the League must make themselves available from time to time - both for the younger summoners to refine their arts and also so that there are always battles to watch.


"The protests of the Ionian monk have drawn a great deal of attention recently, turning the eyes of thousands to the island city-state. As with many others, I extend my sympathies to the Ionians, but I am curious as to what actions the league is considering about the issue." -- Cykrus, Demacian summoner

Many people share your concerns, Cykrus. I cannot speak in an official capacity for the League but I know that this issue is being taken very seriously. The fact that Ionians felt the need to protest so deeply moves the heart, but I think it's important to remember that both parties agreed to the terms of the Trial for the Isle well beforehand. At the same time, the Shojin monks have long been a beacon of wisdom for people all over Runeterra. The loss of even one is a tragedy for thousands. Unfortunately, I think the best we can do is to remain calm and hope for a fair resolution before his magic runs out.

23 November, 20 CLE
Quinton GroatSquare.png Ionia Accepts Challenge
Setting the stage for a momentous grudge match
Quinton Groat reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

The hotly contested provinces of southern Ionia: Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan

Two weeks ago, Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon, the officer in charge of Noxus profileicon.png Noxian forces in Ionia, shocked World Rune profileicon.png Runeterrans by announcing that Noxus was willing to offer Ionia an early rematch for control of its three southern provinces: Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan.

An official statement was released by Karma Karma, the Duchess of Ionia, this morning:

"Friends, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to address you today with a message of hope not only for our beloved Shojin monk Shojin monk, who continues to suffer in the Lotus Gardens, but also for all who live in oppression throughout Runeterra. Many have criticized Ionia's pacifistic stance during the Rune Wars and some have claimed that we paid a deserved price when Noxus' shock troops landed on our shores. It is true that our peaceful views left us at a military disadvantage, but we overcame monstrous odds against us and fought back the well-oiled war machine of Noxus, the biochemical terror of Zaun profileicon.png Zaun, and the ruthless pillaging of Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater. We did this alone, without foreign aid, and amidst rivers of blood and tears."

"Ionia remains incomplete as long as Noxian forces occupy our land and oppress our people. We appreciate the Chancellor's generous offer of an early rematch. We also appreciate his words stating that Noxians are a people deserving of human liberties. We would like the citizens of Noxus to know that it was our appreciation of this fact that kept us from engaging in so many foreign conflicts in which we considered Noxian motives and philosophies to oppose our own. We have never requested assistance from Noxus to repair the damage dealt during their invasion nor aid to 'modernize' our civilization. However, since debating Noxus' justifications for the occupation was not the heart of Hawkmoon's speech, it shall not be mine. We officially accept your challenge, Malek, and we will send our very best."

Before she left the podium, Karma added: "One more thing: should Noxus wish to surrender before the match, we will be absolutely willing to negotiate the terms."

Several champions, especially those involved in the invasion, have already volunteered to represent their respective city-states in the match. Irelia Irelia, Ionia's current Captain of the Guard, sought the Elders' endorsement to join the League the same day that Malek made his speech. She was officially accepted this past Tuesday and she has already submitted herself as a candidate for the match. Master Yi Master Yi and Soraka Soraka have also expressed strong desires to be included in the roster.

Noxian champions have been equally enthusiastic to participate in the match. Sion Sion, Warwick Warwick, and Singed Singed made appeals to High Command to be considered. Katarina Katarina tendered her own candidacy after publicly retorting to Karma's comments: "It's nice to see that when granted an opportunity to save their 'beloved monk' and achieve their independence from 'oppression', Ionia responds with open sarcasm and disdain. I will enjoy crossing blades with you on the Fields of Justice... and Karma, if you ever tire of hiding behind your podium, I'll be happy to carve out some time out for a visit."

While the city-states make preparations, the League has opened a draft of Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners to determine who will summon these Champion icon.png champions into battle. It will be a careful process due to the rumors of foul play involved with the previous match. The League has stated that it will be posting bulletins for prospective summoners to apply.

Richor EbonySquare.png Troll Parties Raid Frontier Settlements
The troll hunt begins
Richor Ebony commenting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

Ruhgosk trolls raid human settlements near the Ironspike Mountains.

Even with the barbarian threat somewhat alleviated due to their recent unification with Freljord profileicon.png Freljord, the cold lands to our north seem determined to prove themselves inhospitable to civilized man. The frequency of attacks by trolls - once rare in all but the wildest of frontier towns - has escalated to epidemic proportions in the northeastern region of the Empire. Territorial disputes between these trolls have displaced entire tribes, putting all peaceful human settlements in the region in jeopardy as troll raiding parties wander down from the Ironspike Mountains in search of food and weapons.

A Noxian task force has been stationed in the northeastern region and preliminary reports from captured marauders have laid the blame for their warmongering on the resurgence of the Ruhgosk tribe. This tribe, once renowned for their remarkable intelligence and cunning, was the largest and most powerful of their troll brethren before a wasting disease ravaged their numbers. During the Ruhgosk's moment of weakness, the other tribes fell upon them, seizing ancient Ruhgosk tribal lands and hunting their infected brothers to near extinction.

It has been said that the Ruhgosk have found deliverance from their malady in a most unlikely source and have managed to save their tribe. A Ruhgosk tribal warrior known as Trundle Trundle has ritualistically taken on the suffering of his tribe with the help of the presiding shamans, becoming a festering beast of disease sustained only by his remarkable regenerative powers. With their curse lifted and their terrifying savior leading the charge, the Ruhgosk have reemerged to reclaim their hereditary lands. The usurper tribes, proving to be no match for the fury of Ruhgosk's renewed vigor, have been shattered and forced to resort to nomadism.

A Noxus peacekeeping force, led by renowned troll expert and Bleak Academy Professor Hakolin, was dispatched to the area in an effort to parley with the trolls' tribal leaders and arrange a peaceful solution to the fighting. Despite advancing under a banner of peace, his vanguard has met with nothing but violence when attempting to approach the various troll encampments. With this diplomatic avenue closed off, High Command has seen fit to proclaim the trolls of the Ironspike Mountains enemies of the state, rendering it the duty of any good and loyal citizen of Noxus to do them harm if they are able. Moreover, a bounty has also been issued against the troll menace, allowing private citizens and soldiers to exchange trophies from their hunting parties for currency.

Whether the tales of an avenging troll martyr are true or simply the deranged ramblings of these superstitious creatures, the havoc they are sowing is very real. Noxian forces in the area have already begun the hard work of organizing a militia in the threatened territories as well as fortifying townships against further attack. Additionally, Noxus' entire Northern Legion is in the process of being consolidated just south of the Noxus-Freljord border to better ensure the safety of the populace.

The Noxian people have endured adversity at the hands of many over the course of our proud history, each time emerging ever more resolute. We shall meet this troll threat as we always have: with courage and valor. Our efforts shall ensure that human civilization prevails over aberration in the Ironspikes.

Forever strong!

Quinton GroatSquare.png Warwick Escapes Kidnapper
The Blood Hunter's tale of confinement, torture, and madness
Quinton Groat reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

Last night, authorities in Zaun were called to a bloody scene on Zaun steets in the northern Gozzryn sector. A rampaging beast - later determined to be Warwick Warwick, the Blood Hunter - was savagely attacking Zaunite civilians. By the time authorities arrived, Warwick had already slain five and injured three others. He further managed to injure three officers before local mages were able to suppress him and bring him in for questioning.

Dalo Forukin, the first officer on the scene, recounts: "He was completely feral. His fur was dark brown and he had broken shackles cuffing his wrists. His back was bloody with lash wounds. It seemed like he didn't understand us when we spoke to him, and his eyes darted around wildly as though everything was a threat. Personally, Warwick is one of my favorite champions. I've seen maybe a hundred of his matches and I never once saw him look this savage. A lot of people forget, due to his appearance, that he is actually a brilliant chemist. He's responsible for several of Zaun's techmaturgical breakthroughs. It was truly awful to see him in that state."

Authorities were unable to calm Warwick, so they reached out to the only person who they thought would be able to get through to him: Singed. The Mad Chemist made good use of his shield shield while trying to reason with the beast before he decided to employ another tactic. Singed brewed a brown, fizzling concoction and force-fed it to Warwick. After half an hour of choking, the Blood Hunter seemed to regain his senses, although his appearance remained the same. Singed then spent the next hour with authorities, coaxing from Warwick the story of what happened.

"I was walking down the street in Gozzryn. It reeked of rotting refuse. I heard a snapping sound, like someone stepped on a twig, coming from an alley I just passed. Suddenly I felt overwhelming heat surging through my body. I couldn't move and the fiery pain didn't stop until I lost consciousness. When I awoke, I was chained to a brick wall in a dank basement. Some piece of scum coated himself in garbage so I wouldn't smell him coming."

"The gutless vermin was a man, at least I think it was a man, wearing a Zaunite radiation suit. When he spoke, his voice was deep and robotic, like what you'd expect if Blitzcrank Blitzcrank had a cold. He wasn't a robot, though, he was a victim of a Zaunite bio-assault - or so I would guess." Warwick grinned, proud of his work.

"He asked me if I remembered the faces of the children I 'murdered' in Ionia as he branded me with some kind of glowing whip. He injected me several times with unknown substances that made me more susceptible to pain and sent my mind into chaos. I'm not certain whether I was hallucinating or not but, at one point, it looked like he pulled back the radiation mask, and his face underneath was half-mutated as though he'd been exposed to some tissue-warping toxin. I've never seen anything like it in all of my experiments. If I ever find him again, I will put his filthy mutated head on a pike."

The torture apparently drove Warwick completely insane and made him even more bestial. His kidnapper seemed to know that Warwick would eventually be able to break free of his chains, because he gave him one final injection before packing up and leaving.

The crimes Warwick committed in his wild state were categorized as 'unintentional side effects of advanced experimentation' and pardoned in full.

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Hygiene! Heartbreak! And hopefuls!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

Oh, what would we do without the League of Legends? Sure, it's all but eliminated war in our time, but it's given us so much more than that! The victories, the defeats, the pageantry! It's magic in a can, although I suppose someone will want to correct me and say that would be techmaturgy. Don't slow my poetic roll!

The sands of time drain on and faithful Ram Steed has been climbing through the dunes for the juiciest tidbits of champion gossip - just for you!

Dark Child Dental Hygiene?

Many champions are involved in product endorsement. From Garen's Garen's Brushwear Boots to Taric's Taric's Magic Feather Dusters, the most popular members of the League of Legends make a little more money on the side by promoting products in which they believe. Personally, this reporter sees no problem with such behavior - in fact, I use many of the products that our favorite heroes endorse!

On the other hand, there are things that come along and make me scratch my head in wonder. Last week, the infamous Annie Annie toured the western lands of Valoran to promote the launch of her new line of oral care products.

As the advertisement says: "The world has many places of dark magic. Don't let your mouth be one of them." This is accompanied on the packaging with a picture of both Annie and Tibbers Tibbers holding themed toothbrushes and toothpaste while showing their pearly whites.

Huh. This just seems so warped that I'm at a loss for words.

A Cruel Twist of Fate

As this reporter shared several issues ago, the relationship of the blue-skinned beauty Evelynn Evelynn and the gypsy rogue Twisted Fate Twisted Fate has certainly had its share of ups and downs. On Sunday, it hit its final down.

What started out being a romantic couple's walk through Granoa Park in Demacia profileicon.png Demacia went cold just before sundown. Nearby sources claim that Evelynn simply dropped the bomb in the middle of a conversation, leaving Twisted Fate shocked and dismayed. She then kissed him gently on the neck and walked into the growing shadows.

Evelynn has so far been unavailable for comment. Rumors abound regarding the reason for the break-up, however. Sources close to the Widowmaker claim that this was a perfectly normal break-up for Evelynn while others claim that there is some lucky soul waiting in the wings for her affections. The truth, as always, will come out.

This reporter managed to catch up with Twisted Fate at the Accursed Trinket, a disreputable bar in Zaun. While it seemed that Fate was open to the idea of an interview, particularly in exchange for help with his bar tab, the champion was unable to form coherent sentences. It seems that this reporter caught him long after many drinks had been downed. After what sounded like a heartfelt expression of loss (although he could have just as easily been asking for help to the bathroom), he passed out, fell off his stool, and flatulated loudly. It's this reporter's opinion that he is not taking the break-up well.

It certainly seems that the Bachelormaker has struck again! More as this develops.

Dear Mr. Steed

So much mail! I love that you have so many things you want to talk to Ram Steed about! Far less hate mail than I was expecting. Putting my hand randomly in the mail bag, I find this...


"Dear Mr. Steed:

Hello. I am Dr. Poulpe, summoner extraordinaire. It was magic to read your article this morning after a long insomnia, which put me in a good mood. I would wish to know if any of the ordinary readers of your publication could possibly obtain one or more these famous images concerning our poor Janna Janna? All that, of course, with a legal aim."

-- Yours sincerely, Dr. Poulpe


Thank you, Dr. Poulpe. It's nice to know that my little column was capable of being a bright ray of sunshine into your life. As an occasional sufferer of insomnia myself, I feel your pain.

As to your request, I find myself wanting to ask one question. What legal aim could you have for acquiring the bedroom images of Janna? She didn't break any laws. The only consequences she has to face are from the League of Legends, and they have full access to the images in question. I can only assume that you are looking to acquire said images of Janna for personal reasons, and I cannot condone participating in that scheme. This reporter is a lot of things but I am not someone who will be a part of something like this.

So, Dr. Poulpe, good luck with your legal aims, and let your imagination be your guide! Thanks for writing in.

If you've got something to say to Ram Steed, mail me at the Journal. Some infernal techmaturgical machine will get your message and pass it on to me.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Couriers from all across Valoran have brought your questions here to the Institute of War. We've recently had a few questions related to the origins and motivations of champions. Of particular interest were those champions who once made their homes on other worlds. An intriguing topic indeed, friends, and today we'll do our best to shed some light on these enigmatic visitors.


"So if certain characters in the League hate each other, then why do they work together as a team in combat? Take Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana for example. Wasn't Kayle's existence in the League to ultimately kill Morgana? Why do I occasionally see those sisters making a great lane partner together if they want to kill each other? Why isn't there a debuff placed on characters with grudges? Is it because they're getting paid so much to not even care or what?" -- Moar RQ

Champions wishing to join the League are scrutinized with utmost care for their motivations and ambitions. One of the toughest requirements for potential champions is that they must surrender their right to refuse the call of a summoner for any reason. In the cases of Kayle and Morgana, they were willing to temporarily put aside their grudge to join the League, though summoners often comment on being mentally affected by the seething anger between these two when they are forced to fight on the same side.

Though we cannot alter the feelings of the champions we recruit, it is my suspicion that certain fighters take advantage of the situation by honing their skills on the battlefield. Although there is certainly the danger that a champion will wreak havoc after gaining immense strength during their experiences on the Fields of Justice, it is a risk the League is willing to take.


"I cannot help but notice that all new additions to the League seem to be 'applying'. Does the League have enough champions that it no longer need to pluck the unwilling and unsuspecting (such as Anivia Anivia, Morgana and Kayle) or is there another reason for the League to stop snatching champions off their homeworlds?" -- Akkasha

A most intriguing question, summoner. When the League was still young, its numbers were fewer, and support from the city-states was tenuous. While some champions recognized our authority early on, many still believed that the League of Legends would not stand the test of time and that strife would soon return. During this time, it was extremely important that the League not take a heavy-handed approach towards the city-states by forcing their most cherished heroes to compete. Summoners were forced to be more creative when locating champions to summon, often scouring the cosmos for one that suited their needs on the Field of Justice.

It was only after Morgana was summoned to Valoran (and subsequently pursued by her sister Kayle) that we began to realize the potential consequences of such actions. Plucking such a powerful being from its rightful place can have potentially dire consequences. As a result, the summoning of beings from other worlds is now a practice strictly regulated by the League, requiring the direct approval of the High Council of Equity before it can be attempted.


"I would like to address Rammus Rammus with this question. Rammus and Twitch Twitch intrigue me as lesser lifeforms that have become sentient. I was wondering if either of them have have discussed their sentience with each other and what their thoughts concerning one another are." -- Shillelagh

Rammus is an Armordillo of few words, so perhaps I can answer on his behalf. When he initially joined the League, Rammus gravitated towards Twitch as a similar character. Ultimately, he didn't find the Plague Rat much to his liking.

While they are both animals that have become sentient, that is where any common ground ends. Remember that Rammus became sentient in the jungles of Kumungu while Twitch is a byproduct of the sewers of Zaun. Twitch's cruel, urban attitude displeased the Armordillo.

More surprising is the fact that Rammus and Blitzcrank found that they had more in common than one might think. While he may be a machine, Blitzcrank is another unique creation struggling to find his place in the world. Unlike the Plague Rat of Zaun, he shares a benevolent spirit with his armored companion.

7 December, 20 CLE
Auras LamSquare.png Ionia's Fight for Freedom
Grudge match against Noxus coming this Friday, Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners and spoils announced
Auras Lam reporting from the Institute of War
Journal of Justice Photo 14.png

The stage is set for the most hotly anticipated League battle of the year. The city-state of Noxus profileicon.png Noxus, having enjoyed the spoils of Ionia profileicon.png Ionian soil for the last 7 years, has offered Ionia the chance to reclaim their land.

The stakes have never been higher. With the Noxian occupation, the inhabitants of the three wealthiest provinces of Ionia have been forced to settle into the Noxian way of life, however grudgingly so. Ionia has excluded representatives from these captured provinces from the Convergence of Elders as a means to prevent political corruption. However, by agreeing to the match as a means to reclaim their land, Ionia's government must allow the inclusion of proper representatives from the provinces of Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan in the case of a loss. Should Noxians be appointed as the representatives, the Ionian government will be vulnerable to undesirable influence.

Working in conjunction with the city-states, the League sought out summoners of the highest pedigree, some having been vocal during the Ionian protest. The Noxian team, represented by summoners Vorath, Edwy, Roku, Poisonidon, and Friend, have issued the following statement:

"Summoners, citizens, Champion icon.png champions of the League: we gather here this day to adjudicate, by trial of arms, the Noxian expansion into the fertile Ionian provinces. It must not be that our hearts burgeon with treacherous emotion in these trying times. Rather, we must maintain a steely eye, an even demeanor, and argue the case with cool logic and colder blades. Let not the wailings of the Ionian tenderhearts influence you overly - Noxus has claimed these lands by lawful conquest on the Fields of Justice once, and all World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra shall stand witness as we do so again!"

Vehemently awaiting the chance to liberate Ionia once and for all, the Ionian summoners Poruku, NeoIllusions, Eclipse, Frozt, and Guardsman Bob, issued the following reply:

"We're determined to win and we have our most advanced strategies prepared; losing is not an option. We will show them the power of Ionia and we will have freedom as our reward. All of those who have shown support will not be let down. We have never stopped believing that the citizens of southern Ionia should have the freedom to live as they desire, without the heavy-handed oppression of another weighing down upon them. Without a doubt, balance shall be restored."

Regarding the match, the buzz heard echoing throughout Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran appears heavily slanted in Noxus' favor, stirring up unsettlingly familiar feelings of Noxian machinations behind the scenes. However, since the original 'Trial for the Isle' match 7 years ago, Ionia has seen a great influx of champions to the League. Most notably, the Ionian Captain of the Guard, Irelia Irelia, and several members of the widely respected Kinkou clan are now in the champion lineup for the match. It took the painful loss of their southern provinces to bring the Kinkou into the League, as the Order had been controversially opposed to the use of force when the original battle occurred. Now, it seems, they are making good on their fervent dedication to the preservation of balance in Ionia even if it means charging into the front lines of battle.

The summoners representing the winning city-states will be honored with a supervised visit to the Arcanum Vault, located underneath the Institute of War. They will be the first city-state affiliated summoners to be allowed access to the Vault. They will be presented with two items and granted the privilege to select one to be added to shop shelves on the Fields of Justice. The item will be named in honor of the victor.

The two items that the League has selected are a pair of boots and an item from the famed artificer Doran's collection. Both items grant unique abilities compared to the existing boots and Doran's items currently available. The item selected for sale will be dedicated in the winning city-state's honor.

Be sure to tune in this Friday - 10 December, 20 CLE - in order to witness this momentous occasion. The League has made special arrangements to transmit a live visiopathic feed of the match so be sure to cozy up with your fellow statesmen in support of your favored team!

Richor EbonySquare.png General Du Couteau Vanishes
The Noxian High Command recognizes Swain Swain as the successor to General Du Couteau
Richor Ebony reporting from Noxus profileicon.png Noxus

One of Noxus' finest children, the celebrated General Du Couteau, vanished this past week under the most peculiar of circumstances. Last seen slipping away from his entourage during a trip to the famed marketplace of the Ivory Ward -- the oldest and most opulent of Noxus' historic districts - the General never returned to collect his coterie.

When interviewed, the General's retainers said that he appeared extremely agitated prior to his disappearance, having been observed, on multiple occasions, checking his pocket watch at frequent, neurotic intervals. While we can only speculate on what grave errand compelled Du Couteau to proceed unguarded into the city, the increasing length of his absence does not bode well for a safe return. His absence has been especially hard on his family as the General's daughter Katarina Katarina, the famed Sinister Blade, has been unable to leave the Institute of War to tend to familial affairs.

With Du Couteau's whereabouts unknown, his seat on the Noxian High Command stood vacant. As a result, General Boram Darkwill came under pressure from his cabinet to fill this unoccupied seat on the advisory council. He did so today at a private ceremony held deep within his inner sanctum at Darkbourne Hold, surprising no one when he selected League champion and Master Tactician Jericho Swain, one of his Lieutenant Generals, to succeed the late General Du Couteau.

In a brief speech punctuating the ceremony, General Darkwill made the following comment to his latest protégé: "It is long overdue that we recognize your many accomplishments, your cunning, and, above all, your unwavering loyalty to the Empire and to High Command."

Perhaps just as curious as the circumstances of his promotion was Swain's choice of companionship for the evening, which caused quite a stir at the proceedings. On his arm, all night, was none other than the infamous (and notoriously reclusive) Emilia LeBlanc Emilia LeBlanc, who had not appeared in public for decades. Despite being roughly the same age as General Darkwill himself, she appeared as youthful and vibrant as ever. The years have been far kinder to her than to her hardened associate; a fact that has only contributed to continued speculation regarding the circumstances of her longevity.

This disappearance is not the first tragedy to haunt the Du Couteau clan in recent memory. Earlier in the year, Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, Du Couteau's youngest daughter and former jewel of the Noxian court, fell grievously ill following a short-lived romance with an envoy from Freljord profileicon.png Freljord. She has since shut herself up in her chambers, seemingly never to return to the public eye. While her current condition is unknown, the mortality rate of servants in the Du Couteau household has reached an all-time high, sparking panic-stricken rumors of contagion. It has been said her father's absence has thrown the household into uproar and that the distraught Cassiopeia's fury can be heard echoing through the Du Couteau estate at all hours.

While General Swain's official promotion was executed in haste, High Command intends that he receive all the honors and recognition that he is due. A proper celebration with all the typical military pageantry is being scheduled for the coming week. It is likely to be a great spectacle given the celebrity afforded to Swain by his status as a champion of the League of Legends, and the city's major tourist attractions are preparing for a significant increase in traffic during this time. Honor and glory to General Jericho Swain of Noxus, newest member of High Command!

Forever strong!

Henril DrevingSquare.png Giant Rats Invade Southern Ionia
Noxus High Command overreacts to infestation
Henril Dreving reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

Singed Singed was summoned to Navori province today to take charge in the eradication of an unexpected giant rat infestation. The Mad Chemist was top of mind after his deft handling of a lizard lizard population surge outside the Institute of War last spring.

His arrival comes following the rodent invasion of a high-profile officers' banquet celebrating the promotion of Chancellor Malek Hawkmoon's son, Ameer, to the rank of Commander in the Noxian fleet. According to witnesses, screams interrupted the Military Anthem when child-sized rats hopped onto tables, knocked over glassware, and pilfered sides of meat while ignoring the best efforts of broom-wielding servants. Immediately afterwards, several officers were overheard demanding immediate action while carrying unconscious wives and husbands away from the scene.

It is believed that the infestation began after several Zaun profileicon.png Zaunite armament shipments arrived last month. Local harbor workers first noticed the rats scurrying ashore on mooring lines that tied the boats to the docks. Before the banquet incident occurred, reports concerning sightings of people carried off by swarms of rats and of entire food-storages being found empty have largely been dismissed as rumors by the Noxian High Command. Local security has noted a level of coordination and intelligence behind these occurrences that suggests the presence of a mastermind overseeing the infestation.

Chancellor Hawkmoon commented earlier this week: "Zaun has been our trusted ally for years and I'm convinced they would do nothing to compromise that relationship. However, it's my firm belief that, if the rats did come from Zaun ships, there is likely only one creature creature that might have insight on the matter. We will be asking Zaun authorities to investigate further. As for the infestation itself, Singed has proven that he is adept at exterminating vermin. This will be dealt with."

With the accelerating expansion of urban city centers, demand has grown for exterminators who pack increasingly caustic and dangerous chemicals. Outside his participation in the League of Legends, Singed has built a business out of handling the direst infestations. However, there are unconfirmed reports that side effects of the Master Chemist's work are more devastating than the infestations themselves. Whispers of entire houses sinking into acidic pools and deadly gas clouds floating down city streets have been only the most benign of the rumors.

Soraka Soraka, the Starchild of Ionia, responded to Hawkmoon's statement: "Noxus invades my beloved island, introduces unnatural pests, and then expects to solve this crisis with corrosive chemicals and destruction? We will not stand for this assault on our fragile land. The League of Legends must recognize this occupation for what it is - a clear disregard for life and beauty in the name of profit."

Singed made the following rebuttal: "The Starchild doesn't have to worry... much. Noxian citizens in Ionia will be perfectly safe from my improved rodenticide formulas. I have nothing to say about whether Zaun is or isn't involved with the infestation itself."

L. B. BriskesSquare.png Slow down Snowdown
Don't get your snowflakes in a tizzy
L. B. Briskes commenting from the Institute of War

I have a personal message for all of you. I've written several columns alongside my crackling fireplace, warmed by the many one-sided conversations we've shared through my pen. Despite all the bitterness and sarcasm some have implied that I pepper into my writing, I would like to thank you in earnest for being that nameless, faceless person on the other side of the print. Without you, I would feel as though my words simply evaporate into the ether. My vocal disdain would be merely a hermit's grump. In particular, I would like to thank you for assisting me in winning a wager with a certain Mr. Farnsley Farnsley that I could not bring myself to write an entire paragraph in 'the holiday spirit' of the Time of Snowdown without any 'undue sourness' like a good journalistic puppet.

Drat, he is sure to quibble about that last part.

Sentimental blather aside, we are fast approaching another holiday (yes, another) before my neighbor has seen fit to remove the shriveled, grinning pumpkin-turned-raisin which has withered on his doorstep since the Harrowing. Had I known earlier that he desired to decorate his entryway with rotting garbage, I'd have eagerly obliged from my own supply.

The time of Snowdown is arguably the most significant Runeterran holiday since it is the only occasion wherein citizens of Valoran have historically agreed to put aside their petty differences for a short time. During the chaos of the Rune Wars, this was frequently the only time soldiers were given leave to return home. I've even heard a few stories of sworn enemies dining with each other during the break in hostilities. The food may have been generously spiced with arsenic or gunpowder but good intentions sometimes come wrapped in melting or ticking packages.

So why is this so universally a time of peace and brotherhood?

As some have been keen to indicate, the time of Snowdown heralds the coming of a new year. They submit that people all over the continent would celebrate the fact that, despite their other differences, they had mutually survived the past year. However, as a patron supporter of the human spirit, I tend to believe people would have happily slaughtered each other to welcome in the next year but for the devastating weather, which wrought havoc on the population.

Valoran has always been home to unforgiving winters but, in the wake of the Rune Wars, the climate was in such a state that it was not uncommon for a particularly vicious blizzard to claim thousands of lives from a single city-state. Depending on your feelings about your neighbors, this may have made for a somewhat less festive occasion (or so I'm told). So families, since ancient times, would band together for fear of freezing or being gored by the errant falling icicle.

Now, people simply band together to watch the Snowdown Showdown - the League event themed for the time of Snowdown. Once all the panties have been un-knotted surrounding this 'Noxus vs Ionia' tiff, we are sure to see some special matches, Rare Rune Owner profileicon.png runes, Set piece.png costumes, and so forth, built to be absorbed by the public. Enjoy. For my part, I will celebrate by absorbing an equivalent amount of eggnog and looking forward to seeing paper snowflakes and rotting candy on my neighbor's doorstep until next summer.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

The Journal of Justice staff has been running themselves ragged reporting on news, what with every major city-state of Valoran embroiled in one feud or another. However, one of our greatest joys in publishing every issue is reading the mail that comes in from you, our loyal readers.


"Can summoners become champions? And can champions become summoners when not fighting in the League? If so, what sanctions would have to be put in place to make this happen? -- Boogeybeast

There are no restrictions against summoners becoming champions or vice versa. However, to fight on the Fields of Justice requires different capabilities - for champions, extreme physical and magical prowess; for summoners, unrelenting control of esoteric summoning magic in order to establish a complete symbiosis with a champion for the length of a given match. Only the most skilled mages and fighters on Runeterra are accepted into the League, and to achieve such skills at a competitive level requires an absolute dedication to one's craft.

While it would take a contender of exceptional merit to make the transition within the League, it would not be impossible. Given the quality of champion and summoner candidates joining the League lately, it certainly seems inevitable.


"Zilean's Zilean's affliction with chrono-displasia and his struggle to find a cure is common knowledge by today's standards but little has been said on his current status. Has he made any breakthroughs? Is he recruiting the helpfrom , say, Ryze Ryze or the Revered Inventor Heimerdinger Heimerdinger himself? Since it's considered a disease, would Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo have any valid input on his case?" -- Summoner Survient

Chrono-displasia is unlike anything that has ever been seen on Runeterra and the magicians in the Institute of War are probably the only ones with the knowledge and magical power necessary to find a cure, which was the reason Zilean initially came to the League of Legends. Zilean has been in constant consult with Ryze and their latest attempt to cure chrono-displasia uses a form of magic similar to that used by summoners on the Fields of Justice. As Zilean is seized with visions from the exact point in time that Urtistan was destroyed, he shares his mind with Ryze, who examines the illusion for anomalies. So far, they have been able to pinpoint distinct pockets of strange energy. They have found that the most powerful and puzzling energy source emits a magical aura that gives off a waveform nearly identical to that of Zilean's own mind. Beyond that, the Journal of Justice staff has no further knowledge but, with Ryze deep in research on the subject, the answer is sure to come soon.


"While summoning the champion Olaf Olaf during routine matches, this summoner has heard him mention his fondness of long beards and large belt buckles. Other champions seem to share this, such as Zilean, Gragas Gragas, and Gangplank Gangplank; the latter of which obviously follows a similar trend as Olaf. Has the Journal of Justice witnessed any encounters between the champions?" -- Logan 'Morrowlife' Jacobs, Ionian summoner

Funny that you should ask this question, Morrowlife! Gragas recently invited the Journal of Justice staff down to the Lamplighter Inn in Noxus for a promotional event for his wildly popular brewery. After more rounds of Graggy Ice than would be proper to publish, our beloved bearded champions got into a heated argument about the intricacies of facial hair grooming. The disagreement erupted into a brawl that nearly leveled Noxus' Vexallian Square, only to be abated by the promise of a 'Beard Brawl Bowl' at a later date. Gragas has been petitioning the League to allow the fight on the Fields of Justice, with only bearded or mustached champions in the lineup. Although the League does not have a history of allowing personal grudge matches onto its Fields, perhaps it will make an exception for its highly regarded champions. I imagine that Noxus' commercial district would certainly appreciate staying intact for another decade.

21 December, 20 CLE
Aria BrekerSquare.png Victory for Ionia
Ionia reclaims southern conquered lands in a stunning victory over Noxus profileicon.png Noxus
Aria Breker reporting from Ionia profileicon.png Ionia

Udyr Udyr and Ashe Ashe, defending for Ionia, ambush Miss Fortune Miss Fortune for the first kill of the battle.

The fervor of Ionia's stand for freedom proved to be an unstoppable force two weeks ago, when Ionian summoners crushed the Noxian occupiers in a stunning upset on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift. This decisive victory allowed Ionia to reclaim its southern provinces from Noxus.

The first kill of the match was a joint effort by Udyr and Ashe, summoned by Guardsman Bob and Frozt. Ashe's arrow met its mark to strike the killing blow on Miss Fortune as she was ambushed in the Middle icon.png center lane. Continued Ionian efforts to surprise Vladimir Vladimir, summoned by Poisonidon, failed as he evaded the attacks by bearing the pain of several sanguine pools sanguine pools.

Morgana Morgana and Singed Singed, linked to Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners Vorath and Friend, ferociously pressed the advance in Bottom icon.png bottom lane. In response, summoners NeoIllusions and Poruku put up a solid defense with their Champion icon.png champions Amumu Amumu and Soraka Soraka. Ionian defenders Kennen Kennen - guided by summoner Eclipse - and Amumu proved to be an instrumental maelstrom of stuns and damage in every team fight. Summoner Edwy, guiding Original Sion Original Sion on the Noxus team, made valiant efforts to halt Ionia's advance, throwing himself into the fray at one point in an attempt to stop the Ionian team from slaying Dragon Dragon.

During a shocking moment during the match, Summoner Poisonidon's link with Noxian champion Vladimir was lost, causing the battlefield to erupt with confusion. During the interruption, the Ionians respectfully called a halt to the battle until Poisonidon was able to re-link with his champion. The League launched an immediate investigation into whether foul play was at hand with the disconnection but it was ruled that there was no ulterior motive from either side.

In the match's final moments, Roku, the summoner for Miss Fortune, along with the rest of the Noxian team, mounted a noble last stand against their impending defeat. Miss Fortune exacted revenge for giving up the first kill when she successfully slayed the unstoppable Udyr with help from her team. However, the Noxian defense was ultimately overwhelmed by the zealous Ionians when Soraka led the final push to destroy the nexus in the Noxian base. It was a bittersweet end to the match, with Soraka avenging her poor performance during the original match for Ionia. In the 'Trial for the Isle' seven years ago, Soraka was ruthlessly targeted by Warwick Warwick and Singed, both having the insult of Soraka's curse of lycanthropy fresh on their minds.

The League unanimously voted Ionian summoner Guardsman Bob and League champion Udyr as the MVPs of the match for both their bravery and masterful control of the Jungle icon.png jungle.

After the battle's conclusion, the victorious summoners were escorted to the Arcanum Vault, which is a holding room for esoteric magical items secured by the League. The Ionian team was presented with two items for entry onto the Fields of Justice. They selected the Boots of Lucidity Boots of Lucidity, an item that grants its wearers Movement speed icon.png movement speed and Cooldown icon.png cooldown reduction during battle. The item is moving through the final stages of preparation and will soon be introduced to the Fields of Justice in honor of the victors.

Noxian forces have begun their withdrawal from Ionia's southern provinces, with the citizens of Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan erupting in celebration prior to their occupiers vacating completely. These regions have been cut off from the rest of Ionia for 7 years and Ionians from all over the island have descended upon the regions to share food, supplies, and support during a tumultuous withdrawal. Tearful reunions between long-separated families are a common sight throughout Ionia.

Citizens from all over Ionia gathered in droves at the Lotus Gardens. They anxiously awaited the fate of the burning monk burning monk from the Shojin Monastery, who incited the protest by setting himself aflame. With the match having drawn to a conclusion almost two months to the day since he set himself on fire, the bonsai at the monk's side - a symbol of his remaining life force - had dwindled down to its last two leaves. It was only when the monk was greeted by his sister from the liberated province of Galrin that he allowed the flame to be extinguished. His brethren hastened the monk's blistered body swiftly back to the monastery for treatment. While it was clear that he would survive, the monk had suffered the loss of his eyes along with other severe injuries from the intense heat.

The invasion, occupation, protest, and finally liberation in this long chapter of Ionia's history closes not a moment too soon, with the time of Snowdown now descended upon Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. Ionia's liberation is indeed a capstone to a truly monumental year in the world of World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra.

Auras LamSquare.png Zaun Bribery in Kalamanda Exposed
City-state removed from candidacy for exclusive mining agreement
Auras Lam reporting from Kalamanda

Brandis Reyes, a senior member of the Kalamanda Village Council, was ousted Friday after he was found to be taking bribes from the city-state of Zaun profileicon.png Zaun.

An investigation by Kalamanda officials began after a large amount of runes, gems, and techmaturgical devices was found scattered across Reyes' desk late last week. The valuables were found to contain trace amounts of pollutants, and the compositions of these pollutants allowed Kalamanda authorities to trace the valuables' origins to Zaun. Despite Reyes' claims that he was being framed, further investigation revealed that Reyes had been soliciting other council members in an attempt to influence them in Zaun's favor for the exclusive mining agreement currently under consideration in Kalamanda.

As a result of the attempted bribery, the council has ruled to exclude Zaun from the pool of eligible candidates. Mayor Anson Ridley made the following comment regarding the ruling: "We have made it quite clear to all interested parties that Kalamanda is looking for partners who have our best interests in mind. It is obvious now that Zaun has no interest in a considerate, fair, and mutual partnership with our village."

This latest development comes as no surprise to the general populace of Kalamanda. It is well known amongst Runeterrans that both espionage and sabotage are considered business as usual in Zaun.

Kalamanda has been on edge due to the recent influx of city-states striking camp along its borders and the rising tension between the city-states of Demacia profileicon.png Demacia and Noxus has been causing the most unease. In an attempt to keep the city-state rivalries in check while ensuring the prosperity of Kalamanda, the council agreed to secure an exclusive mining agreement with a single city-state. Since then, the city-states have been competing vehemently for the contract.

Though Zaun's presence in Kalamanda is relatively small, it is speculated that Zaun is turning the greatest profit due to its rampant usage of techmaturgical devices to extract the precious minerals. Mining devices are being invented and deployed day and night from the Zaunite camp. Much to the concern of the village residents, the environment in the immediate area already shows signs of decay, with a circle of dying and mutated vegetation widening daily around the Zaunite camps. Residents are blaming Zaun's careless usage of toxic chemicals, unsafe magic, and experimental machinery. However, with no formal guidelines in place for camp inhabitants due to the rapid influx of activity within the city, the village finds itself at the mercy of Zaunite operations.

Speculations run rampant that this may harm the viability of Noxus' bid for the exclusive contract, as Noxus and Zaun are well-known allies. The nature in which the bribery was discovered also points to possible involvement from other city-states currently vying for the exclusive contract.

Kalamanda officials are in the process of considering banning Zaun from mining within its borders entirely. A decision is expected within the week.

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Swimsuits! Secrets! Shaco Shaco?
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

As usual, this reporter brings you the best behind the scenes coverage of the League of Legends. Today, things certainly heat up with this very spicy edition of the Eye Inside!

More Morgana Morgana!

'Sports Exposed', Valoran's leading magazine covering the competitive sports of the world, puts out its highly anticipated swimsuit issue once a year. Usually, this fine volume introduces new models to the world while also highlighting the cream of the crop. From time to time, they even have celebrities joining in on the fun.

This year's featured celebrity and cover girl is none other than League of Legends champion Morgana, the Fallen Angel! No one saw this coming.

This reporter had the privilege of being on set for one of her photo shoots. It pays to have fans in high places. Morgana was, unsurprisingly, quite forthcoming with whatever was on her mind.

"As I expose myself, I will expose the truth. By showing my scars from war, I show the history of my people. The Judicator Judicator lies! The tyrants that rule my world will enslave all that is within their grasp. It is only a matter of time before they spill out here into Valoran. If this is the way to get my message out, then so be it."

This reporter stands stunned. Never would I have thought that swimsuit modeling could become a political platform, but Morgana's words have moved me in a way this reporter would originally have found impossible. All while wearing something sheer and purple while smelling of tanning oil. Imagine what she'll do when she gets back to the League!

Whoops! Here's Janna Janna!

Not so long ago, this reporter brought to light an embarrassing event that captured Valoran's attention. The beloved and glamorous Janna got caught in a nasty scandal when a dishonest ex-boyfriend leaked private bedroom photos of the Storm.

Despite the best efforts of both Janna's people and the League of Legends public relations crew, these compromising pictures of Janna are still in circulation. As this reporter knows well: once something has been leaked to the world, it stays in the world!

Though Janna's standard battle outfit is rather revealing, polls show that this champion has become a favorite of many with more traditional values. To show the world that she is still worthy of their adoration, Janna has chosen to take on a goodwill tour to help with the poverty-stricken areas of Zaun that she once called home.

Janna had this to say: "As a public figure, I have come to realize that I no longer have a private life. I am undertaking this quest to remind people that I am still the same person they have come to love and support, and to remind myself to be that person in every situation."

All this over a couple lousy lingerie shots? Wow, people, wake up! Get over it! You only wish you looked that good!

Dear Mr. Steed

The cavalcade of fan communication continues!


"Greetings, Ram Steed:

Being my idol and role-model, the elusive jester Shaco and his life interest me greatly. Could it be possible for you to find him and ask for an interview? I'm dying to hear from him! He must have times when he feels like sharing his adventures with someone. Shaco, you're my hero!"

-- Stimraug


Dying to hear from him? I certainly hope that's a pun! More to the point: I hope that Shaco doesn't read that. He can be so literal sometimes.

Well, brother Stimraug, you have spoken, and this reporter will deliver.

For the next issue, I, Ram Steed, will brave the very depths of insanity, the darkest places of the League of Legends, to get you an exclusive interview with the mysterious and deadly Shaco, the world's first fully-functioning homicidal comic. This may be one of the bravest things I have ever done, for the very idea chills me to the bone, but this reporter is a man of the people. Such a sacrifice is something I am willing to take on without hesitation!

So keep your eye here for the next issue for news on the the Demon Jester (or my obituary). Hopefully the former!

If these be my last words, then let them be the words by which I lived - the Truth will Come out!

If you've got something to say to Ram Steed, mail me personally at the Journal. Some infernal techmaturgical machine will get your message and pass it on to me.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

The Ionia-Noxus rematch has generated tremendous excitement from summoners all over Runeterra. In the wake of the match, we would like to congratulate Ionia for their decisive victory over the forces of Noxus. I wonder if we may see some internal changes in the Noxian High Command due to this crushing defeat. And now, to the mail!


"In the most recent Journal of Justice article 'General Du Couteau Vanishes', I noticed that allusions to General Du Couteau's youngest daughter Cassiopeia Cassiopeia were made. Is it known if Katarina Katarina and Cassiopeia are full-blood relatives? Or merely half-sisters?" -- Summoner Gazzi

Unfortunately for Cassiopeia, this is a question that will likely be asked quite a bit going forward. Katarina and Cassiopeia are full-blooded sisters and the General and his wife have been happily married (and faithful) to each other for nearly three decades. Katarina distinguished herself early as the tomboy of the family, embracing a military training regimen while she was still a child. Cassiopeia was noted for her enchanting beauty, and she took on an ambassadorial role until she was... changed. We haven't pressed her with questions surrounding her transformation but it seems safe to say it was at unwelcome (at least initially). Our thoughts go out to the Du Couteau family, as the General's whereabouts remain unknown.


"So... would you be so kind as to tell me something about Karthus' Karthus' pre-lich life and, perhaps, about his political (or whatever else) ambitions? It is also very interesting to know about Karthus' connection to music, as he is famous for singing some deadly ballads at Howling Marsh, not to mention his nickname. I am sure that official dossier on Karthus doesn't correspond to the true facts that are at the Institute of War's disposal." -- Loyso, Dark Arts researcher

Unfortunately, we don't know much more about the lich than you do. He is something of a recluse and his past isn't a matter of public record. I did pull him aside after a recent League match to see if he would lend any further insight. The answer he gave was as cryptic as his past, though perhaps more illuminating than anything else we've heard:

"In life, there was one worth singing for forever. I have kept my promise, though to some, now the song is not as lovely as it was once meant to be."


"I would like to express my gratitude for the privilege of being able to speak with L. B. Briskes L. B. Briskes during the Ionian celebration to celebrate Irelia's Irelia's induction as a champion of the League. Also, please let him know he doesn't have to be so sour about everything. I mean, in regards to his latest article, I would just like to tell him that there are some things that you just need to enjoy without a hint of a sardonic edge or cynical view." -- Dracorya, Ionian summoner

It brings me a certain joy to forward this sort of feedback to the... eccentric Mr. Briskes. To my great surprise, he furnished me with a response this afternoon:

"Count yourself fortuitous. When the help in the mailroom said I had some mail, I'd assumed it was one of the usual: threats, subpoenas, or homebrewed explosives, which people seem to think I don't have interns open for me. Thus, the odds of me reading your letter were understandably slim. However, as I stumbled into the office this morning, my arrival was timed in perfect harmony with an updraft that happened to reach the skirt of the same intern I typically have 'quality check' my suspicious packages. This sight put me in just the mood to rifle through a couple missives as opposed to the typical straight-to-fireplace approach I prefer to employ. Your points were well taken. In an earnest attempt to reduce my 'sour', I have deprived my whiskey of it and I must say: it's just fine. Thank you much for the thought and enjoy your time of Snowdown!"

11 January, 21 CLE
Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
Jesters! Jokes! Jabbings!
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

An intimate interview with Shaco Shaco, the Demon Jester.

As promised, I, Ram Steed, have braved the very depths of insanity, the darkest places of the League of Legends, to bring you an exclusive interview with the mysterious and deadly Shaco Shaco, the world's first fully-functioning homicidal comic. Though the idea has chilled me to the very bone, I have searched down many dark alleys to finally find the Demon Jester and convince him to answer the questions that burn in your very souls!

And he agreed. Ten questions. No more, no less.

I go now, hoping that this will be the illuminating experience we all wish... and not my obituary.

Wish me luck.

10 Questions with Shaco

Ram: "Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Shaco. It's an honor."

Shaco: [Sits quietly. Grins. Cleans fingernails with sharp-looking stiletto.]

Ram: "Okay, then. Let's start with something everyone wants to know. Where did you come from?"

Shaco: "I am not from this world. Your summoners brought me forth from a world of shadows, a place that makes your World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra look like a child's birthday party. Isn't that one of the stories? Or perhaps I am simply an assassin gone wrong, wandering Runeterra and perpetrating my Killing Joke on those who are most assured to get the punchline. That is another exciting tale of my origins."

[Shaco carves one hash into the wooden table with his stiletto.]

Ram: "There are those who believe you to be the manifestation of humanity's dark urges. In the Runeterra of today, that is not out of the question. What do you have to say to that?"

Shaco: "Would you like me to be? Would that make you feel better about the part of you that thrills at the lives I end? [pause] Like a magician, I never reveal my secrets."

[Shaco carves another hash into the wooden table with his stiletto.]

Ram: "Could you tell us what your childhood was like?"

Shaco: "I'm still a child. On the inside. Can't you tell? I love to play."

Ram: "Your name is an anagram of 'chaos'. Is that intentional?"

Shaco: "A Shaco by any other name would still spill blood. Intentional or not, it fits, no?"

[Shaco carves a third and fourth hash into the wooden table with his stiletto.]

Ram: "There are some people who regard you as a role-model. What do you think of this?"

Shaco: "I don't like competition."

[A fifth hash is carved.]

Ram: "You seem to have developed a following with the ladies. How has that changed your life?"

Shaco: "I'm an equal opportunity killer. You could say I go both ways."

[Shaco carves a sixth hash into the wooden table with his stiletto.]

Ram: "You definitely have your very own finely crafted sense of humor. What's your favorite joke these days?"

Shaco: "What do people and books have in common? Wherever they're opened, they're red."

[Shaco chuckles and carves a seventh hash.]

Ram: "Your enigmatic nature is part of your appeal for many people. However, do you have one great adventure you could share?"

Shaco: "Once upon a time, there was a fancy noble in the city-state of Noxus profileicon.png Noxus. He was a wretched man, the kind of person that had done nearly ever underhanded thing of which one can think. However, he was an indulgent husband and father. He was someone who would appreciate the punchline, so it was obvious that he needed my Killing Joke. First, I tickled his wife's funny bone. She split open with laughter. Then, I took his oldest son for a romp on the merry-go-round. He loved it so much he never wanted to leave. Then, I delivered jacks-in-the-boxes jacks-in-the-boxes as presents to his youngest daughter and infant son. 'Pop!' went the Shaco, fondly finding his way deep into their hearts. The noble himself? No joy for him. However, certainly did get the punchline."

Ram: "What happened to him?"

Shaco: "He tried to play on a rope swing using his own neck."

[The Demon Jester breaks out into maniacal laughter. It takes him a few minutes to calm down. Ram shifts uncomfortably.]

Shaco: "Two left. Better make them good."

Ram: "The legal gray areas that surround the League of Legends have given you the ability to function openly and even become a celebrity. However, you are wanted for murder by the authorities in nearly every city-state in Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran. How do you reconcile the two seemingly at odds lifestyles?"

Shaco: [A menace grows in his eyes.] "I don't like the authorities and I don't think I like that question."

[Ram barely keeps himself in his chair.]

Ram: "Umm... okay... moving on. Last question, then. There are claims that a high-ranking member of the League has established a relationship with you and that you've been seen together on a number of occasions. Can you confirm or deny this?"

[Shaco stares. He stands up slowly, stiletto in hand.]

Shaco: "Why so serious?"

Note from the Editor

Ram Steed was found two blocks from where he conducted this interview. He had been stabbed multiple times, the stiletto sticking out of his chest with a note that read: "An eye inside Ram Steed." He was immediately rushed to the nearest healer. Given the severity of his wounds, he has not yet regained consciousness and indeed may not. Our thoughts are with him.

We will keep you apprised of his condition. In the meantime, please send any well wishes to the usual place and we will make sure that his friends and family receive them.

Morgan RackhamSquare.png Piracy Strikes Bandle City Merchants
Bilgewater ruins Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City's celebration for Poppy Poppy
Cpt. Morgan Rackham reporting from Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater

Relations between Bandle City and Bilgewater have always been a bit dodgy - mostly on account of a few bad apples that really ought not to be flying our proud colors high. Of course, after this last little tiff, it's unlikely I'll be making my seasonal deliveries simply on account of my particular anchorage.

Here's the chant. A barmy bloke by the name of Tiresias Ellington decided that he ought to be captain of a little vessel called the Annabelle Nidalee. Trouble is, this sloop already had a guvnor, and not one you'd want to trifle with at that. You see, Mad Jack Foulweather had been a terror of the high seas for over 20 years. It's been said that he once stared down the late, great Captain Vincent - father of the famed pirate Gangplank Gangplank - after a dispute following a game of Liar's Dice! It's been said he once killed a man with nothing but a teacup after the poor bloke snatched the last biscuit at brunch! It's been said he once hung a man from the yardarm just for implying that he looked a bit dandy in stripes!

But I digress. Suffice to say, the Old Captain wasn't about to take this one lying down. When he saw those mutants coming, he barricaded himself up in the crew's mess. Ellington lost nearly twenty hands trying to make it through the door and nab Old Jack. Not a bad showing for a sailor coming up fast on being middle-aged, if I do say so myself. So after this little scuffle, Ellington managed to carry Foulweather up on deck and tip him over into the briny. Of course, by this time, old Jack had set fire to the Annabelle's store of Myron's Dark Rum!

So there he was - Tiresias Ellington, Captain of the Annabelle Nidalee; leader of a gaggle of scurvy mutineers with not a drop of grog to his name. As you can imagine, this left the New Old Captain of the Annie in a bit of a pinch. After all, there's nary a worse fate to befall anyone far from port than for the rum to run dry. So what does the blighter do? He decides he ought to nip booze off the next vessel that passes between him and the horizon.

Now, if it'd been any other vessel, maybe that would've been fine. Maybe it would have been nothing to write home about, let alone an article in the premier news publication for the whole of Valoran. What makes this particular happenstance newsworthy is just who Ellington happened to rip off. As serendipity would have it, this was a yordle ship, and not just any yordle ship. This particular merchant vessel was on her way to Demacia profileicon.png Demacia for a lovely bit of pompous circumstance.

Not that that mattered to Ellington in even the slightest. You see, after he's put the yordle crew off in the lifeboats, he and his men took to sacking the place looking for the ship's stock of booze. And what should they find after tossing a few crates of streamers and party hats overboard but a hold full of fine Red Rocket Ale and Mothership Porter, some of the finest brews in all of Valoran.

Trouble is, this wasn't just any beer tanker. This particular shipment was on its way to a celebration commemorating Poppy, the Iron Ambassador's appointment to service as envoy between Demacia and the yordles. And the shorties weren't exactly planning on letting this little incident go. A special task force of Bandle City Scouts and Megling Commandos, led by none other than League Champion icon.png champions Teemo Teemo and Tristana Tristana themselves, was dispatched forthwith to see to the situation.

Of course, on overtaking the Annabel Nidalee, what should this formidable fighting force find but a pack of drunkards too off it to even notice a warship coming up off their starboard? Unfortunately, by this time, their merchandise had either been imbibed or tossed over into the ocean, rendering the yordles more than a little sour at their captives. They're currently appealing to the League of Legends to solicit reparations from Bilgewater for the loss of the goods along with spoiling their anniversary plans. Bilgewater's stance, of course, is that they aren't responsible for the actions of a few independent sailors.

Newton RookSquare.png Renovation of Summoner's Rift Underway
Champions flock to Institute of War for a new look
Newton Rook reporting from the Institute of War

After a lengthy evaluation, the League has begun renovations on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner's Rift. Crews of yordles and humans alike are being commissioned to analyze and improve every inch of the battlefield, including re-landscaping and improving encampments for indigenous creatures.

This move comes following a growing list of complaints from high profile champions over past months. The discontent began last August with Garen Garen, who expressed frustration in the adjudication wings after a particularly tough battle: "Justice cannot be served from tired and limp foliage. The brush is just not as springy and lush as it used to be."

Since Garen's remarks, several other champions have filed official requests for evaluations of everything from the way that the light illuminates the battleground to personal wardrobes. "With my new look look, lately some have mistaken me for Pantheon Pantheon", says League champion and Seneschal of Demacia Xin Zhao Xin Zhao. "I need the look of my armaments to make it clear that I'm not anything like that arrogant barbarian."

Despite the increasing number of complaints, there is little actual evidence of deterioration shown by recent surveys. The magical properties that regenerate Summoner's Rift over time do not appear to be diminishing.

Geoffery Ju, Master Summoner in charge of battle arena preservation and improvement, made this statement: "It's all troll dung. The magical foundations that preserve the Fields are bloody perfect. I put them there myself! Any perception of wear and tear is nothing but that, perception - and false, to boot."

He further commented: "I do know that even yonkeys get tired of plodding the same road over and over. Therefore, I am personally coordinating a full renovation of not only the Fields themselves, but an updated style for our champions as well. Kids want shiny, we'll give 'em shiny."

This statement from Ju was the critical endorsement linchpin that spurred action among Summoner's Rift groundskeepers. In addition, the announcement of an upgrade to Set piece.png champion wardrobes is a welcome surprise to many fans. The champions have been excitedly visiting the Institute of War to undergo fitting for new gear and clothing.

"The League giving everyone makeovers is truly exciting", commented Taric Taric, the Gem Knight, after emerging from the League tailor shop. "We've all been abiding to last season's fashion like it's a law somewhere. Red is clearly out. It's now ruby for vigor!"

Also, rumors have leaked from some sources close to the project that new League employees are being hired to take over the weapons shop.

Ju commented regarding the new hires: "Do you ever have those jobs where there is that guy who has been there forever and you're not sure what he really does anymore? That's the way we feel about our current shopkeeper - which is why we're gonna move his desk over to weapons storage. Now, the new couple coming in is adorable and I'm sure the champions will love 'em."

No word yet on who the newcomers are.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

With the memory of the great Ionia-Noxus rematch fading from the forefront of our minds, we return once again to the mailbag to see what summoners have on their minds now.


"Has there been any investigation as to if Amumu Amumu is the victim of a Noxian experiment in necromancy, perhaps hidden in a lab in the Shurima profileicon.png Shurima Desert? If so, it would appear to have failed seeing as how Amumu is not in the least bit evil. Is there any hope of finding out his past?" -- Xulsigae

This is interesting speculation, Xulsigae, although I have some reason to believe that Noxus would view it as an 'unfounded accusation'. To date, no investigation has been undertaken on Noxian soil pertaining to Amumu's origins. It's possible that there may be something in the Shurima Desert, but it is a vast desert that's difficult to cover and extremely dangerous to travel through. The League discourages civilians from venturing Runeterra Map profileicon.png south of the Great Barrier, as entire platoons of soldiers have been lost on expeditions there.

Regarding hope for discovering his past, I thought the best answer would come from Amumu himself:

"Of course I have hope; otherwise, I never would have found my way out of that pyramid. I'm still looking and many people have helped me in more ways than I can count. I'm so grateful! One day I'll find my parents, I know it. I just hope that when I find them, they will still want me."


"Recent rumors spreading around Freljord profileicon.png Freljord claim that a tall large warrior with a spear, who appears to be Pantheon, climbs up to the Queen's chamber during the night. Could this be a possible affair between the Frost Archer and the Artisan of War? If so, what could the future hold for both of them, her husband, and her kingdom if an heir is produced not of King Tryndamere's Tryndamere's blood?" -- Guiden

These sound like the typical baseless rumors which unerringly occur after a political marriage. Queen Ashe Ashe actually spends most of her time traveling on diplomatic missions or on the Fields of Justice. If such a mysterious warrior has been seen in Freljord, he would likely be climbing up to an empty bed. However, the greatest evidence that this is fiction is the fact that we all know Pantheon is perfectly capable of man-dropping man-dropping onto the balcony with a single leap; no climbing necessary.


"Watching many matches, the legendary Baron Nashor's Baron Nashor's presence has confused me. The creature is far more powerful than the average champion, to the point where it seems hard to believe he could simply be created by summoning magic as Minion icon.png minions are. Is Nashor truly a construct or is he something else entirely? If he isn't a construct, how has the League enlisted the aid of such a powerful and awe-inspiring creature?" -- Milski

The many neutral monsters on the Fields of Justice are constructs inspired by real creatures from Runeterra. The Baron Nashor you see on the map is actually an incomplete facsimile of the true Baron Nashor, who is now the subject of myth and legend. The story goes that Baron Nashor was a ferocious worm that ruled the Serpentine River, which flows through Summoner's Rift. He was such a fearsome and powerful beast that even the armies of Demacia and Noxus steered clear of the river, unwilling to chance an encounter with Baron.

When Summoner's Rift was constructed, Baron vanished, leaving no conclusive evidence as to where he went or why he left in the first place. Obviously, the rumor mill has churned out many explanations, but all we know for sure is that the Senior Arcane Architect for the Summoner's Rift arena was said to have crafted the version you see today from no more than a molted scale and interviews with those who had seen the beast and lived.

26 January, 21 CLE
Bob NashahagoSquare.png Demacian Miners Trapped in Kalamanda
Miners' fates unknown as mithril mine collapses from recent earthquake
Bob Nashahago reporting from Kalamanda

Rescue parties rush to save the trapped Demacia profileicon.png Demacian miners in Kalamanda.

An earthquake rocked the village of Kalamanda yesterday evening, causing the collapse of a mithril mine and trapping twelve Demacian miners underground. Rescue efforts began shortly after the mine caved in, though no announcement of progress has been made by the village. No other damage in Kalamanda was reported.

The collapse occurred during the early morning work shift at the #1 Loadstone Mining Consortium (LMC) mine, which is the site of Demacia's primary mineral extraction operation in Kalamanda. Reports from miners who narrowly avoided the accident indicate that there was initially a low rumble that rapidly grew louder emanating from deep within the mine. Shortly after the rumbling started, the main mine shaft began to shake and it eventually collapsed. The fates of the twelve miners still trapped underground remain unknown.

The tremor also released huge pockets of magical energy into the atmosphere, prompting immediate concern that the area is rapidly becoming unstable. League officials descended upon Kalamanda en masse, studying the causes and effects of the catastrophe. Finger pointing began immediately across Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran; rumors that the quake was caused by the rampant influx of unregulated mining operations and environmentally unsafe mining practices by Zaun profileicon.png Zaun have been raised, along with wilder accusations that the quake was deliberately triggered.

The Loadstone Mining Consortium is a mining company owned in part by the Demacian royal family. It had just conducted safety inspections of all its facilities in Kalamanda before yesterday's events. "There is no reason whatsoever that the #1 mine should have collapsed at all", commented Winston Garnersham, chief overseer of the LMC's Kalamanda operations. "Although the earthquake was unpredictable, the magnitude of the shock was not great enough to cause a collapse. That mine checked out across the board; were it even remotely unsafe, we would have shut it down. We are not in the business of risking the lives of our employees for profit."

The League has offered assistance to Demacia in its rescue efforts, as have the small contingencies of Piltover profileicon.png Piltover and Ionia profileicon.png Ionia. Help has even been offered by the Noxus profileicon.png Noxian delegation in Kalamanda - a surprising move considering the animosity between Demacia and Noxus in recent years.

Katarina Katarina, Champion icon.png champion of the League and the Noxian High Command's representative in Kalamanda, issued the following statement in light of the accident: "Our well-wishes go out to the miners who are currently fighting for their lives in the collapsed Loadstone mine. Such business is dangerous, especially when companies may be tempted to risk the lives of others in unsafe working environments. In the future, Noxus would be willing to share the expert safety practices of Noxian mining operations with the other city-states working in Kalamanda."

The vast mineral wealth uncovered last year in Kalamanda has been steadily exploited by city-states and independent miners alike. Demacia and Noxus are the two city-states with the largest presence in Kalamanda, with both setting up military outposts near the village. The village's elders have stated, in no uncertain terms, that they are looking to establish an exclusive contract with a single city-state for future mineral exploitation, though no final decision has been made in that regard. Both Demacia and Noxus are thought to be the leading contenders for securing exclusive mining rights in Kalamanda.

Newton RookSquare.png Kassadin Attacks Malzahar in Attempt to Prevent Sacrifice
Void Walker now on the run after causing massive power outage
Newton Rook reporting from Zaun profileicon.png Zaun

League champion Kassadin Kassadin is on the run after a failed attempt to prevent a sacrificial ritual, resulting in a major blackout within Zaun. According to witnesses, he discharged Void profileicon.png Void energy in an attempt to save a young woman from being sacrificed at the hands of fellow League champion Malzahar Malzahar. The energy was sucked into a hexvein conduit feeding into the nexus powering the southern district, causing extensive damage that will take Zaunite techmaturgical crews several days to repair.

Malzahar's presence in Zaun attests to the existence of a growing subculture of Void worshippers. The self-proclaimed 'prophet' is still met with intense skepticism, however, with Valoranian leadership equating his bodements to nattering gossip.

Despite his extremist views, Malzahar has found an audience. He appeared in Zaun's southern district this morning with several hundred cultist followers, chanting in an unknown dialect. The gathering quickly escalated into a rally of both Void worshippers and protesters alike, with the Prophet floating above a hexvein power node in the center of the crowd. Onlookers say the group soon carried a bound young woman out to Malzahar, over whom he initiated a sacrificial spell and caused his dagger to magically levitate above her.

It was at that moment that Kassadin abruptly materialized, dressed in full League regalia. He activated his sword and pointed it at Malzahar. A participant at the event, who refused to give his name, recorded the exchange between the champions. We transcribed a portion of it:


[Pulsing sound followed by shuffling and startled screams]

Kassadin: "Malzahar! Get away from her! She is not yours!"

Malzahar: "Brother! Enlightened Walker of the Path! Join us!"

Kassadin: "Don't patronize me, mage! You threaten the balance! Let her go!"

[Another pulse sound, a woman's scream, and a small explosion]

Malzahar: "See what you've done! This is your doing!"

Kassadin: "No!"



Our source described what happened: "It all happened very fast. Kassadin appeared just like Malzahar said he would. The blast that Kassadin sent toward the Prophet seemed to pull itself to the dagger instead. When it hit, the dagger glowed and cut a hole open into the air. Like lightning, a shadow grabbed the woman and dragged her in. She disappeared! The explosion as the hole closed was what destroyed that power node."

Reports say the Void energy explosion was not large but the close proximity of the power node caused it to absorb the majority of the blast. A purple glow flowed down the conduit, causing fluctuations as it reached the nexus.

Zaun Security Supervisor, Rhoman Plath, made a statement soon after:

"Void Cultists are a crock, to be frank. We will be looking into the incident but, sadly, the death of one person is not news here in Zaun. We are in pursuit of Kassadin, seeing as he is the culprit behind the blackout. Unfortunately, as my men have informed me, he is nearly impossible to catch, so we hope he will come forward of his own volition. As for the victim's identity, our initial investigation has suggested that this woman may, in fact, be Kassadin's daughter daughter."

Henril DrevingSquare.png It Takes Time to Win-d
Janna Janna unveils record-breaking aircraft for competition in the annual airship race
Henril Dreving reporting from the Golden Spire in Piltover profileicon.png Piltover

League champion Janna Janna publicly unveiled her new record-breaking zeppelin at Piltover's 16th annual Festival of Flight. While it is difficult to classify any dirigible as small (with the usual dimensions far exceeding that of many of Demacia's great spires), the appropriately named 'Tailwind' aircraft has a record-breaking length of 27 meters and strikes an impressive profile with its gleaming gold-trimmed wingspan. It steals the title of smallest operating airship from Zaun's prized 'Lead Zeppelin', which measures in at 39 meters.

Not only is Tailwind the first zeppelin to meet such small size constraints, but it also pioneers the utilization of Piltovan chrono-technology. The new prototype 'chrono-propeller' engine, which has received tremendous design contributions from fellow League champion Zilean Zilean, is rumored to manipulate time itself to reach speeds that would otherwise be impossible under Valoran's constantly changing atmospheric conditions. Piltover scientists offered very little information on the specifics of the design but they did comment that it would be decades before the technology was perfected, and also that they are grateful for Janna's participation in testing the new design.

Tensions between Piltover and Zaun have renewed as the first race marking the beginning of the annual Techmaturgical Conference draws near. The city of Zaun, having been named victor of the symbolic event for the last four years running, showed a great deal of trepidation towards the upcoming match after the unveiling of Piltover's new secret weapon. The Tailwind will be piloted in the race by Janna, who was once one of Zaun's most promising mage talents before defecting from the city-state several years ago.

The starting point for this year's race will be in Piltover, lending a greater advantage to the City of Progress. The course will direct the contestants to Zaun, where they will then circle the entire perimeter of the city before returning to the docking pier at the top of Piltover's central spire. It is commonplace for the victorious city to celebrate for several days before returning to its normal functions, and it is said that the last Piltovan victory celebration was so loud that the cheers could be heard from within the walls of its rival city.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Worlds icon.png Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

As World Rune profileicon.png Runeterrans settle into the 21st year of the Common League Era, we look proudly toward the beginning of the third decade since the League's origination. It seems we've been afforded the luxury to take for granted a world without war raging across its lands. How soon since we faced the brink of annihilation can our concerns surround the day-to-day affairs of our favorite celebrities, the champions of the League of Legends.


"Two champions bring me the most inquiries when I do happen to go about town, including from myself. The League has many oddities, but the most odd indeed are Annie Annie and Amumu Amumu, by far the youngest champions I have seen or, in Amumu's case, youngest upon death/undeath. I was wondering if these two interact on a regular basis, both being children?" -- Krallna

As two champions known for their terrifying raw power on the Fields of Justice, Annie and Amumu have surprisingly genteel demeanors in their daily lives. I figured it best to take your query straight to Annie, as Amumu is currently visiting Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City to be re-bandaged:

"Amumu is my favorite champion. He's never mean, like some of the others, and he is always willing to make friends. We play sometimes after matches. I like him very much. I hope he likes me too! I guess everyone thinks he's gross because he's undead, but they never say that in front of Tibbers Tibbers."


"With the recent liberated provinces of Ionia, many Ionians, champions, and summoners have breathed a sigh of relief that Ionia is once again whole. Being a role model to me, I was wondering if Master Yi Master Yi would be willing to comment his thoughts on the recent liberation of the Ionian provinces?" -- J. R. Kishi, Ionian summoner

As homage to Ram Steed Ram Steed, who we are very happy to have with us still, following his ordeal with Shaco Shaco, I'm happy to bring you this response straight from the source - Master Yi:

"The path to enlightenment is littered with trials and it is in these times when we may discover who we truly are. To a warrior, however, relief is an emotion as distracting as panic. Noxian or otherwise, the forces we now face have ebbed but, just as the tide, they will flow again."


"I have spent many fights where I have decided to summon Alistar Alistar as my champion. After spending so long with this great warrior, I had to start wondering if he has ever tried to contact others of his race or vice versa. I hope he can find a home someday, and would even like to see more of his savage-yet-noble kind in the League." -- Summoner IronThane

Despite his fame and hulking physique, Alistar avoids the spotlight quite effectively. I was only able to borrow a couple moments of his time in the Adjudication Wings after a match before he set out from the Institute in quite a hurry:

"The minotaurs of the Great Barrier live on, that's enough. I cannot contact them for fear that Noxian agents will follow me. For now, I worry only for the minotaurs still imprisoned in Noxian camps. I hope that their will remains unbroken. Like the Ionians, we will one day show Noxus how powerful the spirit of the minotaur tribes can be."

9 February, 21 CLE
L. B. BriskesSquare.png The Trees Live!
And they agree: it's overrated
L. B. Briskes commenting from the Institute of War

Pictured above: two saplings saplings preparing to strike.

It's not often that I am the deliverer of breaking news. I prefer to leave the 'Johnny-on-the-scene' shtick to the younger lot, whose wisdom is trumped by naïveté. Mind you, I don't mean to downplay their efforts. After all, it is upon their broken, labored backs that my salary is generated. For that, the martini of my indifference is garnished with a modest olive of unspoken appreciation. (Those of you who would assert that vermouth would have made for a stronger metaphor have no business partaking of any beverage not distilled in a bathtub.)

Digression aside, it so happened that while most diligent young reporters were out 'pounding the streets' or 'keeping noses to grindstones' (or whatever hackneyed jargon the kids are peddling these days), I was attending a match on the Twisted Treeline icon.png Twisted Treeline. I'd nestled myself in the corner of the VIP area amongst a throng of noisy Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners who spent the better part of the pre-game festivities expounding the virtues of self-importance. Fortunately, they were preoccupied enough to afford me some privacy, a thing as rare and cherished as the overpriced hot dog I purchased from the Arena stands.

The match began as one would expect, with champions from Piltover profileicon.png Piltover and Zaun profileicon.png Zaun exchanging tiresome banter and moody glares. The action was painfully dull. I'd just risen to make an early exit when the crowd around me stood in unison to a chorus of gasps and shrieks. When I turned, what I beheld was something truly odd. A tree tree, part of the scenery, had suddenly become quite mobile. The Champion icon.png champions, despite often being privy to sights which would cow or at least startle the average man, seemed to be in an equal state of shock. The collectively dropped jaw of all onlookers fell lower still as the rampaging arbor slew all six champions on the map.

His techniques were quite unusual. He was able to coax life into saplings, which he then hurled at his opponents, and which themselves attacked once they landed. All the while - as though walking were an insignificant evolution - the tree was talking! Unfortunately, perhaps too quickly adopting the common demeanor, he was whining incessantly about the recklessness of magic and the tragedy of upsetting nature. I admit that I have previously allowed myself to muse on the topic of sentient plants but never once had I envisioned them so eager to return to the drudgery of stillness and the eventual promise of fueling a fire, stabilizing a cart, or housing rodents.

Although the plants of my musings also didn't single-handedly dispatch a sextet of world-class combatants. Hmmm.

The rowdy band of summoners who had besieged my ears since I arrived did prove of some use in suppressing the plant. Descending to the Field, they managed to overwhelm it with magic, though I'm sure it would have surrendered voluntarily if exposed to their incessant conversation. One Noxus profileicon.png Noxian summoner even saw fit to destroy the poor tree but he was restrained by the others - a sideshow far more entertaining than the match.

The tree was quickly whisked away to receive the League's patented poking and prodding, and I departed quickly while others lingered to discuss how they suddenly found something worth discussing. I later learned that a lowly Minion icon.png minion summoner had given the earliest warning, stating that one of the nexuses seemed to destabilize for a moment just before the old oak made his debut. The League has issued assurances that the nexus has been examined and is thoroughly unlikely to explode, animate further flora, or otherwise kill you in your sleep.

All in all, the night will remain in my memory as one marked by a lack of disappointment (though it withers next to the teeth-clenched, vein-popped expression on Farnsley's Farnsley's face when he was forced to request that I write this article).

Henril DrevingSquare.png The Eye Inside
Get well, Ram Steed Ram Steed!
Henril Dreving commenting from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia

As you have already noticed, I am not Ram Steed.

Ram still lies unconscious on his bed at the Mercy Sanitarium in Demacia. The injuries he suffered at the hands of the Demon Jester, Shaco Shaco, have healed, but he still hasn't woken up. It's as if the deep stab wounds have ruptured his very will to live. Some days, it seems as if his restless spirit longs to come back into this world. On others, it seems as if it is ready to leave. Fortunately, those close to him have not left his side during this ordeal. Hopefully there is something in him that feels that love and wants to come back to it.

This is a man who is willing to suffer for his journalistic integrity. Fans asked him to find and interview Shaco and, despite knowing the risks, Ram would not stop until he had that interview. There are many who claim that he is nothing more than a glorified gossip columnist (and those that say even worse), but Ram Steed is the kind of reporter that has proven that he is willing to put his life on the line for the people.

Reporting on the comings and goings of the League's champions seems insignificant right now. I'm quite certain that I couldn't do Ram Steed's column justice, so I won't even try. Instead, let's look at some of the letters of support that we've received regarding this tragedy.


"Speedy recovery, Steed. I wish you all the best! Oh, and I hope you don't believe that a voluntary interview with Shaco qualifies for our wager about who would be shanked first." -- L. B. Briskes L. B. Briskes


"That Shaco's barmier than a sailor in love with a sea cow! Best from all your mates down in Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater!" -- Cpt. Morgan Rackham Morgan Rackham


"I think the universe has a way of setting itself right. Ram's interview is the perfect example of that." -- Bob Nashahago Bob Nashahago


"OMG bro are you ok?!" -- Vanwoot


"It seems like, in your interview with Shaco, instead of asking 10 questions, you asked 11 questions. This could've lead to Shaco stabbing you 'cause of it." -- RyKen BD


"Ram Steed, Ram Steed, Ram Steed.
Such a pity you may have missed the punchline.
But fair chance, I say,
since chance you played.
For did you merely expect
a judicator of death
to give you anything less
than what you should expect?

-- Gundamwing


"You have interviewed Shaco, as requested by Stimraug, and now, it seems, you may have to pay with your life. Be strong and hold on to life! Without you, the Journal of Justice wouldn't be half as good.

I have been following the Journal for a while now. I look forward to every new issue, and now Shaco attempts to murder you? I hope that the summoners of Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran will stop summoning Shaco in the future.

People who do should be banished from World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra. I am certain that Shaco will receive his just punishment.

Thank you for doing what you do for the readers of the Journal of Justice. Be well soon!"

-- Lymdil, Noxian summoner


"Be brave, Ram Steed!

You had the guts to do what millions of others will never dare, and this is why this informant position is yours! I sincerely hope that, when you recover, you will be properly rewarded for your good and dedicated services to the League of Legends! I wish you a quick recovery and hope you will return as soon as possible."

-- Emporio nonov


"Hey, Ram... if you survive after your recent interview with Shaco, you should send him a letter to thank him for stabbing you nearly to death. Everyone knows that the ladies dig scars... "

-- DaddyGee

Newton RookSquare.png Large Explosion Blows Crater in Road Outside Demacia
Invention by League champion Heimerdinger Heimerdinger blamed for accidental blast
Newton Rook reporting from Demacia profileicon.png Demacia

Efforts to repair the road outside the Eastern Victory Gates began today in Demacia after a magical explosion blew open a crater late last week. The blast reportedly came from an overburdened rocket-cart operated by League champion Heimerdinger as he drove away from the famous Demacian monument.

According to Demacia Security Captain Dolan Bladewalker, Heimerdinger was given special permission to leave the city only minutes before the blast. "As part of Demacian security regulations, city entrance checkpoints are outfitted with Piltovan Techmaturgical Sensors", he said in an interview with the Journal of Justice. "Heimerdinger's cart spiked off the charts! Galio Galio happened to be there as part of a security checkpoint inspection, and he volunteered to escort Heimerdinger out as fast as possible."

Witnesses say that Galio accompanied Heimerdinger 300 meters down the road leading east from Demacia when the vehicle began to emit smoke and a high-pitched whistling sound. The Revered Inventor waved his arms and leaped from the vehicle as Galio immediately shepherded away several pedestrians who were walking past. The explosion occurred minutes later, blowing open a hole in the ground that spanned the entire width of the road. No injuries were reported.

Demacian authorities say that Heimerdinger's construction team was given permission to assist with the repairs as part of his commitment to maintaining good relations with the city-state. A group of yordles wearing the logo of Piltover Customs, Heimerdinger's workshop, on their suits appeared on the scene yesterday. Luxanna Crownguard Luxanna Crownguard and Heimerdinger were assessing the damage with Demacian surveyors when they arrived.

Heimerdinger made a statement soon after the event: "Months of experiments wasted! The techmaturgical frequencies emitted by that security checkpoint clearly conflicted with the delicate forces enchanting my new DOOM machine! However, I absolutely apologize for the destruction."

The inventor continued on to explain why he was building a 'doom' machine in Demacia: "Demacia is located next to rare crystals that act as naturally inverted energy capacitors. They suck the magic right out of you! Anywhere else, I'd have to artificially simulate the process. Naturally, I set up a workshop in Demacia to expedite my work. It was when the explosive properties of my experiment became apparent that I decided it was best to take it out of the city. By the way, it isn't 'doom machine'; it's DOOM machine - or 'Drain out of Mana' machine."

Luxanna Crownguard made a follow-up statement about the event: "We've had our differences on the League battlefield at times but Heimerdinger is always welcome in our city. If he wants to continue his experiments, however, we ask that he clear it with Demacian officials first."

The yordle maintenance team is expected to finish repairs by the coming weekend with the assistance of Demacian road workers.

When asked if he planned to restart his experiment, Heimerdinger replied: "Perhaps sometime in the future. Unfortunately, this work has already taken much of my time and I must be off to research a new idea: how to turn the lights off with magic!"

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Too often, I feel I must take this opportunity to send my thoughts out to those suffering in the world. I've even been told that there will never be an end to pain and that I ought to consider favoring more pleasant topics. However, I firmly believe that the road to a better society is paved with empathy, diligence, and the pursuit of truth, be it beautiful or ugly. These are the qualities I strive to promote in the Journal of Justice and its staff. With this said, our thoughts go out to the families of the Demacian miners trapped in Kalamanda. We wish for nothing more than their safe return.


"Is there any way to recover Sona's Sona's voice? Every time I summon her, she talks to me in my head and I find her voice very lovable. I was wondering if there was any way to help her?" -- Summoner Anybody

Since her rise to fame, many doctors and mages have offered to help Sona recover her voice. Some have even taken steps to determine the cause of her mutism through divination, although to no avail. Sona has always maintained the same stance on the issue: anything she wants to say can be expressed through her instrument. In fact, she has written that the most wonderful part of conversing through her music is that the true meaning is never lost or misinterpreted, as can sometimes happen with words. On more than one occasion, she has stated that her mutism is both a gift and a defining aspect of her character.


"I am a simple summoner with a huge problem: I have a crush on Irelia Irelia. Why is this a problem? Well, I am a Noxian and this star-crossed romance is not meant to be. So my real question is to Irelia: if I were to switch sides... could we maybe go on a date or something?" -- Logano

Well, the ladies of the League are certainly no strangers to admirers and, typically, these sorts of questions go unanswered. However, I happened to run into Irelia and I mentioned your letter in passing. She requested that I publish a response:

"Dear Logano, I'm flattered that you would voice your feelings and that you look beyond the outdated cultural barriers between our city-states. I would never ask a person to betray their beliefs or loyalties for me. I have suffered greatly at the hands of certain Noxians but no person is defined by their banner, only by the choices he or she makes. This said, I must confess that my heart is taken. By who? That will be my little secret, at least until I'm caught by Mr. Steed."


"Although the burning monk burning monk has sustained several injuries, I would like to know if there is news of his recovery. Was he able to regain his eyesight or does he have new 'methods' of seeing the world? Has his recovery been rapid or is there still room to go? I understand that his fellow monks are skilled in healing martial arts, but details would be nice." -- ChonC

The monks of the Shojin monastery have actually kept very tight-lipped about the whole affair. The monk who immolated himself has been sealed away since the event. Though I haven't been able to get distinct details, I'm led to believe that he has not gotten his vision back. Publicly, all he has stated is the following: "The only vision I sought was one of a free Ionia. That I live to 'see' it is more glorious than anything my eyes ever beheld." Beyond that, I do know that his health is stable, and there are rumors that he learned something during his dramatic protest that has changed him, although the story gets fuzzy beyond that.

24 February, 21 CLE
Auras LamSquare.png Demacian Miners Saved in Kalamanda
Exclusive mining contract awarded to Demacia profileicon.png Demacia after evidence of sabotage uncovered
Auras Lam reporting from Kalamanda

Evidence of Noxus profileicon.png Noxian sabotage was discovered underground during the rescue operation.

The twelve Demacian miners trapped underground following a mine collapse last month in Kalamanda Village have been rescued. Though weakened after being buried underground for nearly a month, all twelve miners emerged in high spirits.

The cave-in occurred at the #1 Loadstone Mining Consortium on January 25th at the site of Demacia's primary mineral extraction operation in Kalamanda. Rescuers have been working around the clock to reach the trapped miners. During the recovery operation, Demacia accepted help from Piltover profileicon.png Piltover and Ionia profileicon.png Ionia and even put aside its historical animosity to accept Noxian aid.

However, during the excavation, the temporary peace was shattered when a troubling piece of evidence was discovered, suggesting that the cause of the mine collapse was man-made. The body of a Noxian soldier was recovered underground approximately one kilometer east of the trapped miners, where geologists had estimated the initial fault point of the collapse. The soldier was surrounded by various Noxian arcano-seismic charges and he appeared to have been caught unexpectedly by the cave-in after the charges were detonated. An official investigation was immediately launched, with Kalamanda and League officials working in conjunction to scrutinize this potentially cataclysmic breach in the League code. Tensions at the rescue site nearly caused a fight to break out, but the Noxian rescuers lending aid withdrew swiftly in order to avoid conflict.

Although the investigation has not reached an official conclusion, the Kalamanda Village Council made the immediate ruling to grant Demacia the highly-coveted exclusive mining contract. It establishes a permanent partnership between Kalamanda and Demacia, bestowing the city-state with exclusive extraction rights of all minerals within Kalamanda's lands. In return, Demacia commits mining resources and opens a direct trade route to Kalamanda, effectively making Kalamanda one of its incontiguous provinces. Effective immediately, all independent and city-state affiliated mining parties must cease activity and withdraw all mining operations from the village's boundaries.

A formal ceremony in the courtyard of Kalamanda's Seat of the Elders will be held in the coming weeks, with Mayor Anson Ridley making the formal announcement of partnership with Demacia. A delegation of Demacian officials will be in attendance, helmed by the King of Demacia himself, Jarvan Lightshield the Third.

Newton RookSquare.png Bandle City Mothership Dispenses Fossilized Cupcake
Yordles to hold parade in honor of petrified pastry
Newton Rook reporting from Bandle City Crest icon.png Bandle City

Yordle scientists are studying the fossilized remains of what has been determined to be a cupcake recovered from the famed 'Mothership' of Bandle City. Beardly Kittle, a local tinkerer, made the discovery over the weekend when he fell from unstable scaffolding.

"I'm lucky I had my safety line!" Kittle said in a press conference on Sunday afternoon. "The walkway just fell away beneath me. I must've fallen at least fifteen feet before my line ended and I crashed into the side of the ship. When I came to, there was a loose panel with some lights flashing inside. I reached in to see if I could feel what it was. Just then, I heard a 'ding!' and a stone fell into my hand!"

Other witnesses claimed to see lights flashing across the ship for a few seconds just after Kittle had fallen earlier that morning. A large crowd gathered almost instantly after the event, but it was several hours before an agreement could be reached on how to get him down.

Bandle City Mayor Dennison Jadefellow authorized a scientific study for both the stone in Kittle's possession and the Mothership itself. The Journal of Justice was able to gain an exclusive analysis of the results:

"The 'stone' specimen is, in fact, a petrified cupcake", says lead scientist Margie Grunbean. "As you can see, it has a porous cake layer covered by a hardened shell of frosting, and a rock-solid cherry attached at its top. It certainly isn't edible now. I can only guess what sorts of preservatives they must have put in the thing to make it do this."

When asked about the Mothership, Grunbean was less conclusive: "I haven't the faintest idea of how it happened. We even tried stringing someone up there to do the same thing that Kittle did. Poor Smeed is bruised to high heaven after bashing himself into the side of it all afternoon - and nothing happened! We are continuing to investigate but, so far, it doesn't look like the Mothership will be turning on anytime soon."

The Bandle City Mothership, a hulking, unfinished rocketship that sits above the city center, is a cultural icon for yordles across World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra. There are no records that say where it came from, but oral histories declare that it was there before the first yordles came to settle the Ruddynip Valley (where modern day Bandle City is now located). Yordle society is unified around the concept of 'getting it ready' or restoring the dilapidated structure as a symbol of cooperation. Unfortunately, actual cooperation ends with a hodgepodge of several unfinished projects littering the site and ongoing debate over what should be done next.

The discovery has awakened unified celebration in Bandle City for the time being, however, with Mayor Jadefellow declaring a city-state holiday on Friday.

Local civic groups are being asked to prepare a parade in honor of Kittle and his cupcake.

Ram SteedSquare.png The Eye Inside
The triumphant return of Ram Steed
Ram Steed, your eye inside the League of Legends

My name is Ram Steed and I am back from the dead.

As many of you know, I recently met the blade end of Shaco's Shaco's Killing Joke. Seeking out the elusive homicidal jester at the behest of the people, I was brutally and repeatedly stabbed and left for dead. The experience was excruciating, to say the least, though I will wear my scars with pride.

However, as we all know, the healing arts of Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran are beyond most such injuries. Once found, clinging desperately to the last threads of life, my wounds were quickly managed and my condition stabilized. But awaken I did not, for the wounds were far more than simply physical.

Shaco's blades cut deeper than skin, deeper than muscle or bone. They carved into my very soul. As a seeker of truth, as a crusader of the people, I have always driven myself to go further. My life has been one of service. However, this was further than I've ever gone - right to the precipice of death itself. And it was death that began to seep into my soul and to force me into a deep examination of life, and not just my life.

Whatever spark of consciousness remained in my healed yet wounded body danced in realms beyond those of conventional reality. Much of my experience is not one that I can put into words, not things that I can easily or readily share. Much of it still seems like a dream to me, unreal and ephemeral. However, there are some things, some conclusions I have made, that I must share with you.

The thing I have devoted my life to, the thing I am most passionate about, is the truth. I am more keenly aware than ever of just how scarce a commodity that is. It is an elusive companion, cloaked in the shadows of politics and machinations. My experience has shown me the extent to which it is hidden and it has made me understand that the quest for truth is a dangerous one - far more dangerous than I have believed.

And I am a man who is now willing to seek the truth, no matter the danger. I will crawl into the mouth of Cho'Gath Cho'Gath or challenge the Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners who run the Institute of War if that is where it lies.

My dedication to you, the people, is perhaps stronger than it has ever been. The people need a champion to shed light into the dark corners of the world, not just champions to fight its battles. I feel this pull more strongly now than ever, as if it were truly my purpose for being.

Your words of support have moved me. It is gratifying to know that one man can matter. Rest assured, the requests that peppered your well-wishes will not be ignored - even if my quests for truth take me in other directions as well.

This is the new Ram Steed, signing off. Let the League of Legends beware.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Our mailbag continues to swell with letters, growing greater with every issue. We're very proud that you have taken the time to read our publication, and we appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, well-wishes, and questions. In these often-troubling times, your missives help remind us to forge onward, seeking and delivering the truth.


"I'm curious... is Princess Sejuani Sejuani still in hiding?" -- Skyesilvary

Thank you for asking, Skyesilvary. This is something that has piqued the curiosity of many. In fact, Sejuani has not been seen in Freljord profileicon.png Freljord since the unification was officially recognized. Some sources have reported that Sejuani left the region but nothing has been confirmed. We spoke with members of the Winter's Claw profileicon.png Winter's Claw tribe and they admitted that they have not had contact with Sejuani since. When asked if they were worried, the tribesmen's general response was: "Yes, but not for her."


"I actually had a question for Caitlyn Caitlyn: would she consider letting someone help her catch C C? I have a great many contacts and people who owe me favors in the criminal underworld and I would be more than willing to render any and all help if need be." -- Ymir Jotun

Who better to address this than Caitlyn herself? I can tell you, however, that this is a touchy subject:

"Ymir, your offer is well-received, though concerning. Favors aren't often gained in the criminal underworld through legal or responsible means. Though some law enforcement officials may endorse 'playing ball', I don't. I rely on my wits and my tools to get the job done. That said, if you've got information on C, feel free to send it over. If you're asking to be involved in my investigations, sorry, I work alone."


"Since the victory of Ionia over Noxus in the League, I started to seek information about master Lito's son, Zelos. Zelos has left to Demacia long ago to seek assistance and, as an Ionian summoner and former soldier, I cannot help but wonder about him. What is his mission's status? And can Irelia Irelia herself comment on the last contact she had with her brother?" -- Summoner Wasa of Ionia

Irelia's strength and resilience is a symbol of the Ionian people, and it was a truly heart-wrenching experience to see the effect this question had on her. That she composed herself and provided you with an answer is a true testament to her character:

"I haven't heard a word from my brother nor any news or rumor of him since the day he left for Demacia. Soraka Soraka once told me that if I reach with my heart to the stars every night, he will know I'm here and perhaps find a way home. I haven't missed a night."

9 March, 21 CLE
Blitzcrank OriginalSquare old HD.png Blitzcrank's Fleshing Compatibility Services
Fired up and ready to date
A paid advertisement from Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Services

Blitzcrank Blitzcrank shows off some of his compatibility service's success stories.

Dating. That one word can invoke so many emotions. From nervousness to excitement, happiness to disappointment, dating can cause a person to just about go crazy! Sometimes you have good dates, sometimes you have bad dates. Sometimes you wind up inadvertently dating a necromancer who, when you decide things aren't working out, reanimates your dead grandmother's corpse as a vengeful zombie out to kill you. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with dating and it's no real mystery why. The results can be fantastic - live happily ever after! But it can be so expensive and time-consuming! What if we never find our soulmate despite so much effort?

Enter Blitzcrank. Yes, you heard me, Blitzcrank. But what on World Rune profileicon.png Runeterra could a steam golem have to do with dating? It turns out he could potentially solve all of your problems with just a few mathematical equations and a Runeterra Map profileicon.png Valoran-wide network of magic machines. A little over six months ago, the Great Steam Golem traveled in-between League battles to purchase commercial sites and begin the construction of a chain of magically-outfitted cafés called Pairing Eligibility Reactors of Valoran. He built one of these in every major city and also in minor outposts all across Valoran. Even Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater now hosts a PERV in the middle of the market district. What exactly were these cafés for? I recently had the chance to interview Blitzcrank and you'll be surprised to hear what I found out.


FS: "So, Blitzcrank, you are an esteemed League Champion icon.png champion and the favorite of many Summoner Worlds icon.png summoners. Why are you building all of these cafés across Valoran? And why are they called 'Pairing Eligibility Reactors'?"

Blitzcrank: "These centers serve as magical hotspots which are all connected in real-time regardless of distance and can transmit data between each other. I call it the 'Blitzernet'. They house memory banks and logical processing units vital to the operations of Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Services which will launch in 6 days, 7 hours, and 42 minutes."

FS: "'Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Services'? That sounds pretty morbid. What does that mean?"

Blitzcrank: "They are electable services available to all citizens of Valoran regardless of city-state affiliation which will assist fleshlings in their endeavors to meet other compatible fleshlings for companionship, mating, and procreative purposes."

FS: "You're running... a dating service? At the risk of sounding presumptive and rude, what would a steam golem know about dating and love?"

Blitzcrank: "I have been studying fleshlings of all types and developed a series of equations that can determine with 96.55% accuracy the short- and long-term outcomes of any fleshling relationship."

FS: "Wow, that's amazing! How does it work?"

Blitzcrank: "Users must register at a Pairing Eligibility Reactor of Valoran where they are required to complete a 748-entry questionnaire detailing every aspect of their personalities. A thermal body scanner will automatically generate and upload an image of the user during the process. Using the Blitzernet, the logical processing units will then compare the results with all other eligible fleshlings to find appropriate matches. Users will receive their match's contact information if both parties agree that they wish to converge."

FS: "I'm sold! 748 questions and a body scan are a small price to pay to avoid more psychotic necromancers. How much does it cost to sign up?"

Blitzcrank: "Minion Level services including registration and match compatibility results are free. Users may pay a fee to upgrade their service to Super Minion Membership granting them privileged access to communicate in real-time over the Blitzernet. A larger fee will upgrade a user to Champion Membership, whereby they can access teleportation portals to engage in instantaneous mating with their mutually-consensual selected partners."

FS: "So, have these services been successful so far?"

Blitzcrank: "The Closed Beta period was limited to League champions and summoners and resulted in a 99.8% survival rate amongst all participants. Only one fatality resulted from incompatible pairings. Even several League champions were successfully matched and remain in their suggested relationship types to this days. Examples include League champion Ashe Ashe matched with League champion Tryndamere Tryndamere, League champion Katarina Katarina matched with League champion Garen Garen, and League champion Janna Janna matched with Summoner Bob Nashahago Bob Nashahago."

FS: "Wait, what?! I thought Nidalee Nidalee was dating Bob... oh man, he's gonna get clawed. Regardless, this sounds too good to be true. Sign me up!"

Blitzcrank: "You cannot register until the services launch in 6 days, 7 hours, and 39 minutes."


So there you have it folks! In less than a week, you'll be able to visit your local PERV and sign up for Blitzcrank's Fleshling Compatibility Services. I know I'll be at the front of the line, and I'm saving my money to upgrade to Champion Membership from the get-go! Happy dating, summoners!

Reira KashuldSquare.png Born out of Necessity
The history of the Executioner's Calling Executioner's Calling
Reira Kashuld commenting from the Institute of War

I love artifacts and armaments. I really, really do. In my hometown of Kashuld province in Ionia profileicon.png Ionia, there is no greater pride than our knowledge, love, and craft for artifacts. From the most basic cloth armor to the most intricate of Negatron-Alloy Negatron-Alloy woven cloaks, the specs and methods of craft really set my heart aflutter. This is especially the case when considering a blade with as rich a history as the Executioner's Calling Long Sword.

More often than not, new weaponry is born out of necessity. Ridley and Hollow Armaments (R. H. Armaments), a weapons contractor based in the city-state of Noxus profileicon.png Noxus, has always remained a very stable business. This is mostly due to the good relationship they have with the city-state itself, whose contracts makes up more than 70% of the company's revenue.

Fifteen years ago, during the Noxian invasion of Ionia, the standard issue weapon for the frontline troops was the Conquest I Long Sword (the grandfather of the R. H. Armaments Long Sword Long Sword that is used in the League today). Its popularity is owed to its rugged durability, ease of use, and low production cost for an iron weapon. The Conquest I Long Sword was so popular in its day that you could find one in nearly every Noxian household!

During the war, the Noxian forces encountered many problems when facing Ionian military units. This was in part because Ionian squads always contained at least one medical officer, which gave Ionians an advantage in small skirmish situations. To match this, R. H. Armaments developed the Executioner's Calling Long Sword (ECLS1).

The ECLS1 was not made entirely out of plain iron, like the original Conquest I, but instead was forged of 82% Iron and 18% Scarlet Steel, which helped fuel the relentless attacks of the Noxian army. The blade itself was thinner and sturdier, allowing the wielder to precisely target the enemy's vital points, this however came at the cost of overall heft and raw power. The most interesting modification to the ECLS1 was a barbed hook at the very tip of the blade, which was used for tearing into enemies on each attack. This inflicted a very severe wound that was difficult for healers to mend and caused progressive tissue damage well after the initial injury.

In response to this, the Ionian military changed their tactics and began to utilize more ranged, hit-and-run strategies to keep the Noxians at bay. This was when R. H. Armaments countered with the ECLS2 - a modified version of the ECLS1 with an ejectable barb at the end of the blade. With a simple flick of the wrist, experienced users can fire the barb at enemy targets from a distance. This 'feature' was met with some contention, however, due to it requiring much more training to use effectively than the ECLS1.

The Arcanum Majoris approved the original ECLS1 for use in League matches, but they upgraded to the ECLS2 on February 24th, 20 CLE last year. Currently, the League uses the ECLS2-L (League) model, which was specifically commissioned by the Arcanum Majoris. The ECLS2-L features a slightly higher amount of scarlet steel at the cost of a bit more weight. The result provides much more life-essence siphoning than the original.

The weapon itself is a joy to use. It has perfect 50-50 weight balance, which is barely thrown off by ejecting the barb. The almost rapier-like shape of the blade offers unparalleled precision versus any other blade in its class. My only complaint is that the stock handle is shoddily molded and slippery.

The Executioner's Calling Long Sword was a tide-turning weapon developed in a time of need. Although its ease-of-use is often put in question, it can be devastating in the hands of a skilled wielder. It works well in a situation where more 'permanent' damage is necessary and will get the job done when used correctly. R. H. Armaments has not released any information on a third model yet but I will be the first to bring you that information if and when it comes!

Newton RookSquare.png Gangplank Loses Coveted Prize to Miss Fortune
Famed bounty hunter wins grog contest by a drop
Newton Rook reporting from Bilgewater profileicon.png Bilgewater

As of early this morning, the famed Bilgewater GrugMug Grog Slog ended after an exhausting 6-hour final between League champions Gangplank Gangplank and Sarah Fortune Sarah Fortune. The coveted Grog Scab, a Bilgewater title awarded to the crafter of the most caustic drink known to Runeterrans, has been lost by the Saltwater Scourge for the first time in 15 years.

The GrugMug Grog Slog is a yearly competition amongst privateers looking to prove their mettle as the hardest drinkers on the high seas. Both grog-drinkers and grog-crafters alike convene at the GrugMug Tavern to crown the year's best 'Scab' and 'Glug'. The Scab is awarded to the creator of the strongest, most corrosive grog, and the Glug is awarded to the hearty soul that can drink the most of it before requesting medical attention.

Historically, Gangplank has won the Scab title every year since he joined his father on the Dead Pool. He has won despite constant rumors of foul play ranging from bribery of the judges to illegal tampering with ingredients. To date, however, no official accusations have been levied. Last week, Mog 'Shirt' Malloy, GrugMug proprietor, expressed his view on the matter: "Nobody will officially accuse the Scourge of cheating. Anybody who does just disappears quietly! The contest falls how the contest falls, no questions."

This year, Sarah Fortune won the Scab title in an unexpected upset after several tense stages of caustic tests and analysis. Hundreds of Slog attendees waited breathlessly in the tavern for the final results as the contest neared its end. The panel of judges, which included Journal of Justice reporter Captain Morgan Rackham Morgan Rackham, declared her the winner when her concoction melted completely through the pewter mug, table, and the floor. Gangplank's recipe, however, stopped just short of eating through the floor, instead pooling in a steamy puddle upon the resin-coated floorboards.

Witnesses say that when the judges declared the winner, the room grew very quiet. Gangplank stood staring at the judges for a minute before he pulled out his gun and pointed it at one of his own men. Before he could fire, Sarah Fortune stepped in the way and offered him her grog supply if he would let the man live. "I can't stand the stuff myself anyway", she was overheard saying. After a lengthy pause, Gangplank uncocked his gun and declared: "Bullets are getting costly lately", then stormed out into the street with his men in tow.

We caught up with Malloy for comment on the surprising turn of events: "Cut me off at the knees and call me a yordle! I don't think Gangplank has ever hesitated to kill his own men. I wonder if he's getting soft? And the grog! Fortune must've cheated better than him somehow. I don't know. I don't see it, I don't care."

Speculation has run rampant on whether or not the Saltwater Scourge has turned a new leaf with his unprecedented restraint. Local bar patrons are already laying odds on which lasts shorter - Miss Fortune allowing herself to be called a 'Scab' or Gangplank being nice.

Mailbag of Justice item.png The Mailbag of Justice
Reader mail from all across Valoran - answered!
Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley Ralston Farnsley commenting from the Institute of War

Today my thoughts go out to Bob Nashahago, who fled from the office when he saw that we decided to lead with the Blitzcrank dating article. Romances with female champions of the League of Legends often require finesse and courage; failing that, a good sense of when to run.


"I've been wondering for a while now: why was