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  • Jhin was partially inspired by Simo Häyhä.
  • In universe, his name means "Golden Excellence", as Jhin derives from Mandarin 金 jīn [t͡ɕin˥] "gold"[1] < Old Chinese *kəm "metal < copper, bronze".[2]
    • In Chinese localization, his name is written ~ jìn [t͡ɕin˥˩][3] "ashes < remnants", from Old Chinese *dzins < Sino-Tibetan *dzin[4] (also, dzinʔ > 盡~尽 jìn "to end, to exhaust"[5]).
  • His dance references the Lezginka dance.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Jhin is the first champion to feature a takedown animation on his Classic skin, via Captive Audience Beauty in Death. It should be noted however that the passive effect is not solely for cosmetic purposes.
    • Despite being the only one seen in-game, the rose is just one of the many things he sees when killing someone.[6]
  • The violin for Jhin's theme (followed by a chorus) can be heard while the player is channeling Curtain Call Curtain Call.
    • The people in Spectator Mode can also hear it, though allies and enemies cannot.
  • Occasionally when playing as Jhin, at the start of the game (between your team spawning at the fountain and then minions doing so at nexus) you can hear a version of the map's theme that fits the style of Jhin's own.
    • He will always hum and laugh to it.
      • It reverts to the regular music at about 45 seconds.
  • Jhin has some degree of innate magic, as he is able to put magic into his bullets. The gun itself, Whisper Whisper, is already magical due to being hextech.
    • It has been confirmed by a Rioter that his bullets shapes his victims flesh into his choosing or make it move as well as other effects.
      • Examples would be the four champions (SonaSquare Sona, GarenSquare Garen, ViSquare Vi, and ZedSquare Zed) chosen to be in his teasers.
  • If Jhin is killed with MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave Children of the Grave and enter ghost form he will never run out of bullets. 
  • Jhin's Deutsch/German title, Der Virtuose, is the masculine original of SonaSquare Sona's title, Die Virtuosin.
  • Jhin's skin "Project Jhin" has a similar voice sound to "Ultron" from the Marvel Comics.
  • According to the League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019:Awaken,Jhin can also play the Piano.


  • Jhin is voiced by Quinton Flynn.
  • Jhin was the first champion released in 2016 as well as being the product of the need for a brand new Marksman.
    • His first designer was Jordan 'Wrekz' Anton but his initial concepts ended up becoming the stepping stones for KindredSquare Kindred.
      • Jhin was in production for seven months (the usual timeframe is one year)
  • During development he was called Deadeye.[7]
  • The words Jhin and Deadeyed were first datamined from the game's website.
    • The Virtuoso's name (albeit misspelled) was even spoken by a Rioter before his reveal.[8][9]
  • His production name and title were 'Jin, the Artisan Killer'.
  • At one point Whisper Whisper's fourth shot was able to one-shot a ZedSquare Zed at full health.
  • Dancing Grenade Dancing Grenade used to be able to be recast from an enemy's location but the burden of knowledge was deemed too high.
    • It also used to bounce an unlimited number of times.[10]
  • Deadly Flourish Deadly Flourish used to reveal marked champions for a few seconds even through fog of war.
    • Its tooltip implies Jhin uses Whisper Whisper's barrel as a walking cane, which he actually does when not 'performing'.
  • Due to miscommunication during production, Jhin differs between artwork and in-game.
    • His eyes are reddish-brown even though they are blue.
    • He has seemingly-prosthetic robotic limbs, even though he merely wears golden armor on top to handle Whisper Whisper's recoil Curtain Call when fully assembled.
  • Blake 'Squad5' Smith was the Quality Assurance Analyst on Jhin and implemented the camera zoom, facing lock and execute damage to his ultimate. It was his work on Jhin that convinced upper management to allow him design his first champion.[11][12]
  • One of the potential names for Curtain Call Curtain Call was "Make them beautiful".[13]
  • Jhin's obsession with the number four came about when they found his character defining gameplay, four shots from his Whisper passive, which then informed the amount of shots for Curtain Call Curtain Call. His obsession about his weapon was the starting for naturally highlighting the number of bullets in his gun.[14][15]


  • Jhin shows traits consistent with obsessive-compulsive disorder focused on the number four.
    • His login theme is built around 4-note motifs / written with a 4/4 time signature (each bar is separated into 4 distinct beats)
    • His name and title themselves have four letters and four syllables respectively.
      • A fourth wall breaker is that on common computer keyboards (QWERTY, AZERTY, etc.) the keys that spell his name make the number 4 diagonally.
    • IIII is the archaic and uncommon alternative writing, using tally marks, for the Roman four IV, which uses subtractive notation.
      • The tally marks engraved on Whisper Whisper might be referencing this notation.
    • When he 'performs' in any given nation he makes four people 'beautiful and perfect'.
    • In Chinese and Sino-Xenic pronunciations, 四 "four" sounds like 死 "death" (albeit with different tones, except in toneless Japanese & Korean), leading to avoidance, though unhistorical. Examples:
      • Late Han Chinese: *siH 四 vs. *siX 死;
        • Mandarin: [sɯ˥˩] 四 vs.  [sɯ˨˩˦] 死;[16]
        • Vietnamese: tứ [tɯ˧˥] 四 vs. tử [tɯ˨˩˦] 死;
        • Japanese: shi [ɕiꜜ] 四 & 死;
        • Korean: sa [sa] 四 & 死.
    • He is four years older than ZedSquare Zed.[17]
    • Whisper Whisper can hold up to four bullets/fire up to four times before Jhin having to reload, with the fourth shot being the deadliest.
    • Dancing Grenade Dancing Grenade can bounce up to four times.
    • Deadly Flourish Deadly Flourish marks a target for four seconds.
    • Captive Audience Captive Audience reveals units for four seconds.
    • Curtain Call Curtain Call can fire up to four shots, with the fourth being the deadliest.
    • During his joke Jhin drops Whisper Whisper and it fires all four bullets.
  • 'Mind of the Virtuoso' depicts how 'artistic' Jhin sees his 'performances'.
  • Before the Kashuri armories granted him Whisper Whisper Jhin used to 'perform' with blades powered by chi techniques passed down from his father.
    • Although he did not craft Whisper Whisper himself, he did influence its design and he does craft his own magic-infused bullets.[18]
      • The device Jhin carries on his shoulder is a Hextech-powered mass accelerator that in turns powers and loads Whisper Whisper when it's Curtain Call fully assembled.[19][20]
        • Jhin appears to be ambidextrous (he fires regular Whisper Whisper with his left hand but when Curtain Call fully assembled he fires with his right one.
  • Underneath the mask Jhin has a fully functional face.
    • And without his usual outfit he doesn't stand out in a crowd.
      • His favorite food is dumplings.[21]
  • As revealed in a "Did you Know" message, Khada Jhin is just a stage name, and Jhin's real name remains unknown.


Jhin OriginalCircle Original Jhin
    "I live for the applause, you will die for it." references Applause by Lady Gaga.
  • Statikk Shiv item  
    "It is by my will alone I set my mind in motion." references the Dune movie.
    "Tahm KenchSquare You have too many lines." references the River King having the most quotes in the game.
    • Ironically, Jhin has 241 lines (not counting vocal grunts) while Tahm KenchSquare Tahm Kench has about 224.
  • Banshee&#039;s Veil item  
    "I love to perform, but I hate crowds." references Spell Shield spellshields being able to block crowd control effects.
    "Rapid Firecannon item Rapid fire? Where's the drama in that?" references his need for flair when using Whisper Whisper.
    "Happiness... is a warm gun." references the eponymous song by The Beatles.
    • This quote also shares similarity to 
      Caitlyn PulsefireCircle "Happiness is a thermally active temporal blaster."
  • In the Italian localization his selection quote "Cadranno come, d'Autunno, dagli alberi, le foglie.", They'll fall, like Autumn's leaves from trees) references the poem Soldati ('Soldiers') written by Italian Writer and Poet Giuseppe Ungaretti.
    "Sing for me!" references The Phantom of the Opera's song by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
    "They're puppets. I pull their strings, and then they dance." resembles 
    Elise OriginalCircle "Pull the strings. Watch them dance."
    "Behind every mask... is another mask." might be referencing Marty Rubin ("Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story."), Kakashi Hatake from Naruto ("Behind this mask... is another mask!") or even Luigi Pirandello.
    "This performance needs more... zazz." references Metalocalypse.
Jhin HighNoonCircle High Noon Jhin


Jhin OriginalCircle Original Jhin
Jhin HighNoonCircle High Noon Jhin
Jhin BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Jhin
Jhin SKTT1Circle SKT T1 Jhin


  • Jhin has some resentment towards both ShenSquare Shen and his father Kusho for imprisoning him.
    • Since Kusho was killed by ZedSquare Zed (whom he also resents for denying him a performance) Jhin will have to make do with killing the Eye of Twilight.
      • He is forcing them to work together so he might kill them both where they caught him years before.
  • Jhin has some interest in killing SonaSquare Sona for being a very famous Ionia Crest icon Ionian artist who is taking the spotlight away from his 'performances'.
    • He also has a passing interest in killing Master YiSquare Master Yi since the Wuju school dwarfed the success of Jhin's father's martial arts one.[22]