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  • Jhin does not appear to be able to proc the Blademaster trait.


  • Jhin appears as Jhin DarkCosmicCircle Dark Cosmic Jhin instead of Jhin OriginalCircle Original Jhin due to the skin being best suited for the Dark Star TFT icon Dark Star origin in his kit.
  • His ability is based on his League of Legends ability Whisper Whisper.
  • He, along with Ahri StarGuardianSquare Ahri, Caitlyn PulsefireSquare Caitlyn, Kayle AetherWingSquare Kayle and Lux DarkCosmicSquare Lux, are the only champions that use Legendary Skin Legendary skins in Set 3.
  • His obession with the number 4 is reflected in various aspects of his kit, including:
    • His Hextech Skin Tier 4 unit status.
    • The 'fourth shot' mechanic carried over from his League of Legends version of Whisper Whisper.
    • The base percent scaling of his ability always ending in "44" regardless of his star-level, with his 3 Star 3-starred ability scaling being notable for being 4444%.
    • The base values for his health always being divisible by 4 regardless of his star-level.
    • The base values for his armor and magic resist being divisble by 4.
    • More coincidentally, his origin of Dark Star TFT icon Dark Star being comprised of a pair of 4-letter words.

Patch History

V10.6 - Added
  • Jhin DarkCosmicCircle Dark Cosmic Jhin
    • Tier 4 Dark Star TFT icon Dark Star Sniper TFT icon Sniper.
    • Whisper Passive - Whisper: Converts every 1% bonus attack speed he has into 0.8 bonus attack damage. Additionally, every fourth basic attack deals 244 / 344 / 4444% AD physical damage.

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