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Jeffrey Lin

Jeffrey 'Lyte' Lin was an employee previously working for Riot Games Inc. as the Lead Designer of Social Systems of League of Legends.


Lyte has a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience with a master's degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Washington.[1][2] While working on his Ph.D., Riot Games offered Lyte a job developing features related to player behavior; he officially joined Riot Games in February 2012.[3] He is 28 years old and used to work in a research lab.[4][5] Lyte played EverQuest in the same guild with Kevin 'Geeves' O'Brien and Christina 'kitae' Norman almost a decade ago, and has been playing League of Legends since August 2011 after being introduced to it by Geeves.[6][7] Before joining Riot Games, Lyte was an employee at Valve Software.




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