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Jeff Jew

Jeff 'Kassadin' Jew is the Executive Producer of Legends of Runeterra icon Legends of Runeterra at Riot Games.


Jeff joined Riot in 2007 as one of their first interns and was one of the original 11 developers who began the development of League of Legends. He helped create the original design documents for League of Legends' core gameplay, user interface and platform as well as codesign the original 22 champions alongside Paul 'Pabro' Belleza, Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam and Steve 'Guinsoo' Feak. Jeff also created the original concepts for Amumu OriginalSquare old Amumu, Anivia OriginalSquare old Anivia, Corki OriginalSquare old Corki, Garen OriginalSquare old Garen, Gragas OriginalSquare old Gragas, Kassadin OriginalSquare old Kassadin, Katarina OriginalSquare old Katarina, Malphite OriginalSquare old Malphite, Pantheon OriginalSquare old Pantheon, Poppy OriginalSquare old Poppy, Taric OriginalSquare old Taric, Teemo OriginalSquare old Teemo, Volibear OriginalSquare old Volibear and the Yordle race. He would later become the Lead Producer on Skins, Champions, Maps, and Gameplay on League of Legends as well as the Get Jinxed music video before moving off to Research and Development to start the development of Legends of Runeterra.



  • The champion Kassadin OriginalSquare Kassadin was named after him.
  • He was one of Riot's founding interns.


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