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  • Jayce is voiced by Trevor Devall.
  • During development, he was called Apollo referencing the eponymous Greek god, from Pre-Greek *Apalʸun-.[2][3]
  • Jayce was originally prototyped to have a three forms instead of two.[4]
  • One of the original two forms experimented on Jayce involved him using a two-handed sword and a sword and shield.[5]
  • Scrapped spells tested on Jayce include:[6][7][8]
    • An iteration of Thundering Blow Thundering Blow that would stun any target hit by the unit that was displaced.
    • An ultimate where Jayce would slam his hammer down creating a shockwave knocking up enemies.
    • An ultimate where Jayce would create an impassible well and march forward knocking enemies out of the way and blocking attacks and spells.
  • The idea for Jayce to wield a gun hammer came from the idea of making him a Piltover inventor and making his weapon more personal to him as his own invention.[9]
  • Jayce was supposed to appear in True Genius but was scrapped.


  • Jayce appears to have a dominant left eye (he holds the Transform Mercury Cannon Mercury Cannon like a soldier would a rifle) and a dominant right hand (with which he holds the Transform Mercury Hammer Mercury Hammer near the top)



Jayce OriginalCircle Original Jayce
Jayce FullMetalCircle Full Metal Jayce
Jayce DebonairCircle Debonair Jayce
Jayce ForsakenCircle Forsaken Jayce
Jayce JayceBrighthammerCircle Jayce Brighthammer

Jayce BattleAcademiaCircle Battle Academia Jayce
Chromaskins Chromas: Emerald, Formal, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise


  • Jayce OriginalSquare Jayce knew Viktor OriginalSquare Viktor during their academic days. Due to moral and creative differences they have since parted ways.
    • They clashed during an event which revolved around a Hex-crystal.
  • In the old lore:



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