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Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank and the Jagged Hooks

"Ohhhh, best say yer farewells and draw down the sails,
For the Dreadway's a-comin'.
We're off to the deep, where graves're replete,
Cuz the Dreadway's a-comin'!"
"The Dreadway's a-Comin" Sea Shanty

As rivals represented by unique symbols and traditions, many of the fleets constantly fight among themselves for dominance. One of the oldest and fiercest dock gangs in Bilgewater Crest icon Bilgewater, the Dead Man's Plate item HD Jagged Hooks swear undying allegiance to Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank. They take their name from the wickedly curved tools many of them use while hunting sea monsters.


Champions of the Jagged Hooks

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Notable Jagged Hooks
Captain Gangplank OriginalSquare Gangplank Captain of The Dreadway. Leader of the Jagged Hooks.
Pirate Rex Member of The Dreadway. Vastaya icon Vastayan heavy artillery. Paired with an unnamed Yordle Pirate
Unnamed Courier Member of The Dreadway. Tasked at provisioning Noxian Oranges for the crew.
Unnamed Butcher Member of The Dreadway and Jagged Hooks. Tasked at butchering sea monster meat.
Unnamed Taskmaster Member of The Dreadway and Jagged Hooks. Taskmaster for the crew.
Unnamed Officer Member of The Dreadway and Jagged Hooks. A Yordle officer of the ship.
Unnamed Pirates Members of The Dreadway. A Yordle pirate paired with Riptide Rex.


  • Jagged Hooks use Noxian Oranges to fight off scurvy.


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