Ixtal An Unexplored Frontier

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Perilous Eastern Jungles

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Governance: Attitude towards magic:
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Unknown (Alchemical) Tropical Rainforest

Renowned for its mastery of elemental magic, Ixtal was one of the first independent nations to join the Shuriman empire. In truth, Ixtali culture is much older—part of the great westward diaspora that gave rise to civilizations including the Buhru, magnificent Helia, and the ascetics of Targon—and it is likely they played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended.

But the mages of Ixtal survived the Void, and later the Darkin, by distancing themselves from their neighbors, drawing the wilderness around them like a shield. While much had already been lost, they were committed to the preservation of what little remained…

Now, secluded deep in the jungle for thousands of years, the sophisticated arcology-city of Ixaocan remains mostly free of outside influence. Having witnessed from afar the ruination of the Blessed Isles and the Rune Wars that followed, the Ixtali view all the other factions of Runeterra as upstarts and pretenders, and use their powerful magic to keep any intruders at bay.


From the hinterlands of Kalduga to the ageless beauty of the Amarantine Coast, the Ixtal jungles beyond the desert wastes remain shrouded in mystery. Once part of Shurima's vast empire, these verdant forests are home to many strange and terrifying creatures.

Secluded deep in the wilderness of eastern Shurima, the sophisticated arcology-city of Ixaocan remains mostly free of outside influence. Having witnessed from afar the ruination of the Blessed Isles, and the softening of Buhru culture, the Ixtali view the other factions of Runeterra as little more than upstarts and pretenders, and use their powerful elemental magic to keep any intruders at bay.[1]

Champions of Ixtal

Related Champions

  • EzrealSquare Ezreal traveled to Paretha to obtain the Elixir of Ulola and had a run in with NeekoSquare Neeko.
  • Kha'ZixSquare Kha'Zix roams the jungles and encountered RengarSquare Rengar here.
  • ShyvanaSquare Shyvana's dragon mother, Yvva, hails from the Ixtal jungle.
  • Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate was born in the Serpentine Delta and moved to Bilgewater.
  • YuumiSquare Yuumi traveled to the Jungles in search for her Master, Norra.
  • ZileanSquare Zilean once studied under the great Yun of Ixtal as an elemental mage.


The Rune Wars

Deep in jungles south of Kumungu, between the rivers that divide eastern Shurima were the ZyraSquare Gardens of Zyr. Elemental magics found in the soil allowed the growth of fierce, carnivorous plants that prayed on all creatures within reach. In the midst of the Rune Wars, a small company of soldiers lead by an ambitious sorceress entered these lands in search of a long-lost prize. A battle ensued between the vicious flora of the Gardens and the soldiers, forcing the sorceress to gather her power and unleash a mighty runic spell, creating a blast of energy. In that instant however, a rogue spark ignited the gasses throughout the swamps and caused an explosion, destroying all living things for miles around, leaving no survivors to tell the fate of the Gardens of Zyr.

At the Edge of the World

The jungles of Shurima are a frontier that the most ambitious generals would dearly love to claim for Noxus. Having petitioned Noxian high command no fewer than seven times, fleet officer Tomyri is finally summoned to the capital to receive a commission of her own. Tomyri oversees her vessel’s final preparations, before learning that the expedition is to be joined by the renowned Reckoning beast hunter, Niander Ordylon. After many days at sea, the Ardentius enters the Serpentine Delta. This is Tomyri’s first real glimpse of the wilderness that awaits her, and her crew. The jungle does not treat foreign invaders kindly. Unable to find their bearings, or any quarry for the beast hunters, the Noxians’ morale and discipline begins to falter.


Ixtal is located in the eastern part of Shuriman Continent bordering Shurima in the east, and surounded by the Ixtal Jungle (Ixtals borders once stretched the entirety of the jungle region). The currently well known locations encompassing Ixtal are:


  • Ixaocan
  • Ixaocan Map
  • An Unexplored Frontier
  • Mastery Over The Material Realm
  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Ixtal Jungle Region

In truth, Ixtal is not the uninhabited wilderness many imagine. Far from prying eyes and greedy hands, the sprawling arcologies of Ixaocan remain safely hidden by the deepest rainforests.

  • Cardinal Arcology: The arcologies are connected by intersecting lines of power, and each represents a specific form or discipline of elemental magic. The largest are home to tens of thousands of Ixtali practitioners. The Cardinal Arcology, seat of the ruling Yun Tal caste, has stood since before the ancient Shurimans raised their first Sun Disc. Its great arcologies are neither wholly habitats nor colleges of magic, but something in between.
    • Magma Arcology: High in the mountains, the mages of this relatively small arcology combine their understandings of fire, rock, and magnetism to draw precious metals from the earth, crafting them into exquisite shapes with the merest gesture.
    • Water Arcology: Located next to one of the many river confluences of the Serpentine River, the mages of this arcology combine their understandings of water, ice, and steam to reshape the land around them.

South Jungle

Ezreal The Elixir of Uloa 01


Other known locations in the southern parts of Ixtal Jungle are: The Amarantine Coast, Harelport, The Plague Arbor, Vale of Silver Mist, etc.

  • Kiilash Village: A Vastayan settlement, it is the birthplace of RengarSquare Rengar.
  • Paretha: An old Shuriman settlement known for its taffa-flower water. It is near the location from where the Elixir of Uloa was found by EzrealSquare Ezreal.
  • Tikras: A village governed by Prefect Mara Yun Tal. Most of the village was decimated after Piltover miners blew it up as an act of revenge for their killed mining team.

Serpentine River

Noxus The Great River

The Great River

The Serpentine River is a large river network stretching across the jungle. The river starts in the east of the Jungle, directly connecting with the The Mother of Life river of Shurima, and ends with a large river delta, slicing the entire Jungle to North and South. The denizens of the river delta have close ties with surrounding settlements as well as Bilgewater and the Serpent Isles.



  • A Basilisk
  • Noxian riding a Basilisk

Monstrous reptiles from the southern jungles of Kumungu, basilisks are fierce predators that can grow to gargantuan sizes, few can stand against their charge. Young basilisks are prized riding beasts. After they become too large for a rider to control, they are used as beasts of burden, or sometimes as living battering rams to smash down the walls of besieged cities. They are covered in thick greenish hide which was mostly used for camouflage in the thick native jungles. They also have fin type extensions on their backs and back lower legs, hinting on their proficiency in traversing swampy areas. Other than their front horns, the creatures have strong a strong tail used for swimming and hitting other enemies.


Dragon OriginalSkin

The Elemental Drakes

Winged, elemental-breathing reptiles that can reach near-giant sizes over their long, long lifespans, they are the indisputable ruler of the skies. Both fearsome and majestic, DragonSquare dragons have a society that revolves around strength and might and because of their egoistic and narcissistic pride, mixing their blood with that of races outside of dragonkind are seen as an abomination, a cancer that must be eradicated utterly. Many dragons persecute such defiled creations and their perpetrators to no end, a thing that ShyvanaSquare Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, found out firsthand. There are five types of dragons: Cloud DrakeSquare Cloud, Infernal DrakeSquare Infernal, Mountain DrakeSquare Mountain, Ocean DrakeSquare Ocean drakes (all Elemental Drakes), and Elder DragonSquare Elder Dragons. The firstborn female dragons of certain dragon bloodlines have elemental rune shards within them, which gives them their elemental powers.

Curiously, the abandoned ruins scattered throughout Ixtal are home to a surprising number of dragons. These terrifying creatures have not fought alongside mortals since the last days of Shurima’s war against the Void—now, for the most part, they seem content just to be left alone.

Kraken Lilies

Kraken Lilies are a type of flower native to the Serpentine River delta of the Ixtal Jungle. Sold in the markets of Kumangra, their distinct sent is heavily sought after by flower collectors.

Night-Blooming Zychids

Rampant Growth Night-Blooming Zychids, or Death Blossoms, are native to the southern parts of the Ixtal Jungle, these flowers grow where sunlight never touches the forest floor. They're more for potion brewers or alchemists. They clings for foreign objects upon touch.

Parethan Corpse Tulips

Parethan Corpse Tulips are type of flower native to Paretha of the Ixtal Jungle. Sold in the markets of Kumangra, their distinct sent is heavily sought after by flower collectors.

Wharf Rat

Wharf Rat

A wharf rat and her young.

For more detail, see Razorfin.

RazorfinSquare Wharf rats a terrifying blend of shark and rat commonly found on the docks of Bilgewater. These creatures are larger than dogs and are known to prey upon drunks and lone fishermen on moonless nights. They often travel in packs, and are easily capable of biting a man's leg off.

Scuttle Crabs

Rift Scuttler OriginalSkin

A Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttler.

For more detail, see Rift Scuttler.

Rift ScuttlerSquare Scuttler Crabs or Rift Scuttlers live in the fresh waters of Valoran, Shurima and can be found near the docks of Bilgewater. They are small green-shelled crustaceans with 3 pairs of legs and one pair of front claws. They sometimes bury themselves into the muck of the river to avoid predators and are known to either avoid or flee from dangers. To confer peaceful resolution (hence the elusive pacifist nickname) to the force that subdues it, it will grant them a boon: a persistent field around it that grants vision and magical speed to the aggressor and its allies. If corrupted by The Void, a Rift Scuttler turns into a Rift HeraldSquare Rift Herald.


Very Little is Known of Ixtal's History by those outside its borders. Indeed, over the years, countless expeditions-from Noxus, Bilgewater, and more recently The Piltover Explorers Guild-have delved into the Jungle in search of arcane treasures or new territorial claims… only to vanish without a trace.

Qiyana Fit to Rule 02

An Unexplored Frontier



The Mage Autocracy functions on a cast system where every person has a set role in society. An individual can rarely change their cast and are often within a cast for their entire life. The Social Hierarchy within a cast is based on the length of time spent in study, furthering their progression toward ultimate mastery.

Casts Members Crest
Yun Tal Inessa, Mara, QiyanaSquare Qiyana:
The ruling Ixaocan cast of Ixtal. One of its members, QiyanaSquare Qiyana, desires to brake her position within the cast hierarchy and one day rule as Empress. Its cast members can also hold the position of a prefect.


Prefects are the provincial rulers of Ixtal. They are tasked to govern and enforce Ixtali rule in settlements outside the capital.

Magistrates Description
Mara Yun Tal Current Prefect of Tikras; Sister of QiyanaSquare Qiyana Yun Tal; Village got decimated by Piltover miners.

Colleges of Magic

  • Magma Arcology
  • Water Arcology

While the great arcologies of Ixtal are a blend of wholly habitats and colleges of magic, each archology specializes with a different elemental mastery. The further one travels from the cardinal arcology of the capital, the more specialized and prestigious the masteries become.

  • Magma Arcology: Located in the mountainous areas far from Ixaocan, this arcology focuses on mastering elemental magics of Fire, Rock, and Magnetism.
  • Water Arcology: Located next to one of the many river confluences of the Serpentine River, this arcology focuses on mastering elemental magics of Water, Ice, and Steam.



Ixtali culture is part of a older great westward diaspora that gave the rise of civilizations such as the Buhru of the Serpent Isles. After its isolation from the rest of the world and the formation of Bilgewater, a lot of pirates and adventure seekers would attempt to trek into the unforgiving jungle landscape in search of ancient treasure, only to never be heard from again (due to the wildlife, or the Ixtali defending their borders). One of the group of people that settled the regions around Ixtal are the riverfolk of the Serpentine River.

Blessed Isles

Ixtali culture is part of a older great westward diaspora that gave the rise of civilizations such as the magnificent Helia of the Blessed Isles. No further substantial contact between each nations was re-established after the Ruination of the Isles.

Mount Targon

Ixtali culture is part of a older great westward diaspora that gave the rise of civilizations such as the ascetics of Mount Targon. It is likely Ixtali played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended.


In recent times, Ixtali have had an unwelcoming contact with the Noxian Empire. Numerous Noxian expeditions were made to the Ixtal Jungle, some of which ending in disaster while others were able to secure small outposts at the very edges of the jungle.


In recent times, Ixtali have had an unwelcoming contact with the nation of Piltover. The Piltover Explorers Guild has delved into the Jungle in search of arcane treasures, only to vanish without a trace (due to the wildlife, or the Ixtali defending their borders). However, due to the actions of QiyanaSquare Qiyana, Piltover has found out about the existence of this hidden nation.


During ancient times, Ixtal was one of the first nations to join the Shuriman Empire. After the fall of Icathia, the Ixtali started to distance themselves from the Empire, completely isolating themselves by the time of the Darkin War and the later Rune Wars.


Supreme Display of Talent HD
  • Notable members of Ixtal are:
  • While not residing inside Ixtal itself (instead residing in the Ixtal Jungle), champions like NeekoSquare Neeko and NidaleeSquare Nidalee are still placed under Ixtal champions.
  • Ixaocan is comprised of all currently used arcologies, not just the cardinal one.
    • There are no other inhabited/non-ruined cities in Ixtal, beyond Ixaocan.[2]
  • While not directly in control of the vast jungle areas, some QiyanaSquare Ixtali defend the jungle borders from approaching foreigners such as Piltovans, Zaunites, Shurimans, and Noxians.


Qiyana, Empress of the Elements - Login Screen

Qiyana, Empress of the Elements - Login Screen

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Qiyana Empress of the Elements Champion Trailer

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