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Ixtal An Unexplored Frontier


Qiyana 048
"We have the great city of Ixaocan. What does your Shurima have? Sand and ghosts."
Qiyana OriginalSquare Qiyana

Ixaocan is the capital city of Ixtal. Located in southern region of the Ixtal Jungle.


Ixaocan map

Ixaocan Map

In truth, Ixtal is not the uninhabited wilderness many imagine. Far from prying eyes and greedy hands, the sprawling arcologies of Ixaocan remain safely hidden by the deepest rainforests.

Champions of Ixaocan

Other Related Champions

  • Zilean OriginalSquare Zilean traveled to Ixaocan to study elemental Time magic.


  • Ixaocan
  • An Unexplored Frontier
  • Mastery Over The Material Realm
  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Ixtal Jungle Region
  • Cardinal Arcology: The arcologies are connected by intersecting lines of power, and each represents a specific form or discipline of elemental magic. The largest are home to tens of thousands of Ixtali practitioners. The Cardinal Arcology, seat of the ruling Yun Tal caste, has stood since before the ancient Shurimans raised their first Sun Disc. Its great arcologies are neither wholly habitats nor colleges of magic, but something in between.
    • Magma Arcology: High in the mountains, the mages of this relatively small arcology combine their understandings of fire, rock, and magnetism to draw precious metals from the earth, crafting them into exquisite shapes with the merest gesture.
    • Water Arcology: Located next to one of the many river confluences of the Serpentine River, the mages of this arcology combine their understandings of water, ice, and steam to reshape the land around them.


Very Little is Known of Ixtal's History by those outside its borders. Indeed, over the years, countless expeditions-from Noxus, Bilgewater, and more recently The Piltover Explorers Guild-have delved into the Jungle in search of arcane treasures or new territorial claims… only to vanish without a trace.

Qiyana Fit to Rule 02

An Unexplored Frontier

The Pledge

Translated from Ixtal's most ancient tongue, this chant is taught to the mages of Ixaocan from an early age, often before they even begin formal study in the arcologies.


The elements of this world are ours
And we strive to unmake all
Understand and master the singular
Control and shape the many
Learn, discover, invent
To create new alloys of our design

Formed by our will and intention
We bend the world to our needs
Temper our hearts with fire
Give breath to our curiosity
Water and nurture our bodies
Ground our thoughts in earth

We are the sons and daughters of Ixtal!
Proud inheritors of mastery
Our skill is our strength
Our creation is our legacy
We are what came before
And the shapers of the future!



The Mage Autocracy functions on a caste system where every person has a set role in society. An individual can rarely change their caste and are often within a caste for their entire life. The Social Hierarchy within a caste is based on the length of time spent in study, furthering their progression toward ultimate mastery.

Castes Members Crest
Yun Tal Inessa, Mara, Qiyana OriginalSquare Qiyana:
The ruling Ixaocan caste of Ixtal. One of its members, Qiyana OriginalSquare Qiyana, desires to brake her position within the cast hierarchy and one day rule as Empress. Its cast members can also hold the position of a prefect.


Prefects are the provincial rulers of Ixtal. They are tasked to govern and enforce Ixtali rule in settlements outside the capital.

Magistrates Description
Mara Yun Tal Current Prefect of Tikras; Sister of Qiyana OriginalSquare Qiyana Yun Tal; Village got decimated by Piltover miners.

Colleges of Magic

  • Magma Arcology
  • Water Arcology

While the great arcologies of Ixtal are a blend of wholly habitats and colleges of magic, each archology specializes with a different elemental mastery. The further one travels from the cardinal arcology of the capital, the more specialized and prestigious the masteries become.

  • Magma Arcology: Located in the mountainous areas far from Ixaocan, this arcology focuses on mastering elemental magics of Fire, Rock, and Magnetism.
  • Water Arcology: Located next to one of the many river confluences of the Serpentine River, this arcology focuses on mastering elemental magics of Water, Ice, and Steam.


  • Ixaocan is comprised of all currently used arcologies, not just the cardinal one.
    • There are no other inhabited/non-ruined cities in Ixtal, beyond Ixaocan.[1]


Qiyana, Empress of the Elements - Login Screen

Qiyana, Empress of the Elements - Login Screen

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Qiyana Empress of the Elements Champion Trailer

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