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This article has recently been converted to the new character-focused layout but it needs a lore enthusiast to help fill-out the sections. In addition, 'Relations trivia' and 'Lore trivia' have been moved here but need restructuring into article content - lore is no longer trivia.

If you're eager to help but would like to reference a completed character article: Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Mel, and Viego are excellent.

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Ivern Ivern, known to many as Bramblefoot or the Old Woodsman, is a peculiar half-man, half-tree who roams the wilds of Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra, cultivating life everywhere he goes. He knows all the secrets of the natural world, and holds deep friendships with things that grow, fly, and scuttle. Ivern enriches the forests, imparts strange wisdom to any mortal he meets, and occasionally entrusts loose-lipped butterflies with his secrets.

IvernSquare.png"The cleverness of mushrooms always surprises me."  Ivern
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  • Magical Alteration: After cutting the God-Willow, Ivern was forcibly turned into a half plant creature.
    • Immortality: Ivern has lived for millenia.
    • Nature Magic: Ivern has been empowered by the essence of the Godwillow, granting him many mystical powers over plants and animals. He can manipulate the growth of plants to his wishes, whether it be for hiding or for immobilizing his foes.


  • Ivern sees almost all the forest creatures as friends (not so much Dragon Dragon) but he finds the Rift Herald Rift Herald scary.
  • As Ivern the Cruel, Ivern once led a rebellion against the Frozen Watchers and the Iceborn.
    • He was a worshipper of the most warlike demi-gods, including Volibear Volibear.
    • He came to Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia to search for the power that could defeat the Iceborn led by the Three Sisters, which include Lissandra Lissandra.
  • Ivern has been all over Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra, but he has yet to visit the Blessed/Shadow Isles, and is thus unaware of Maokai's Maokai's existence.
  • Bard Bard, Kindred Kindred, and Ivern are all familiar with each other on some level.

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Ionia Crest icon.png


The Green Father

By Matthew Dunn

Starring Champion

Ivern The Green Father 02.jpg

Ionia Crest icon.png


Friend of the Forest

From the cuddliest of creatures to the fiercest of beasts, all life is precious.'

Ivern The Green Father 01.jpg

Ionia Crest icon.png

Short Story • 9 Minute Read

Gift of Venom

By Matthew Dunn

For most people, a hundred years is a very long time. In a century, one could explore the entire world, meet thousands of people, or complete countless works of art. Now, anyone could easily assume that standing in one spot for over a century would be a colossal waste. But during that time, Ivern Bramblefoot accomplished more than any could dream.

Alternate Universes

Eclipse 2018 Promo 1.jpg

Runeterra Crest icon.png


Answer To Her Light

By Unknown Author

The omens are clear: The coven has reassembled in the name of the old gods. Eclipse Leona is ready to meet them.

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Runeterra Crest icon.png


Sharp: Issue 1

By Michael Yichao

Learn more about K/DA and their upcoming ALL OUT EP in this very special edition of SHARP magazine.
Read through over 16 dedicated pages about Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’Sa and Akali, and how the pop group sensation renewed their ambitions since the launch of their electric 2018 debut single, POP/STARS. Discover how K/DA staged their comeback with THE BADDEST, the first song of their new and long-awaited EP, and meet Seraphine, their talented new collaborator.
This special edition of SHARP also includes a special quiz to prove to yourself and your friend that you are a real BLADE!


  • Ivern was born at some point before or during the reign of the Three Sisters.
  • Ivern knows of an event he calls 'the Kumungu Affair'.
  • Ivern travels with a squirrel called Mikkus, voiced by a Riot employee called 'Ampson'.[1]
    • Mikkus was intended to die in extremely early versions of Ivern's backstory. The development team were all very upset with Matthew 'FauxSchizzle' Dunn because of it.
  • Ivern was amongst the first Freljordians, and therefore the first outsider, to set foot in Ionia Ionia after its centuries-old isolation from the rest of the world.[2]
  • Ivern's life goal is to succeed the God-Willow he struck down back when he was human. He is 'close' (a relatively long time from a human perspective) to completing this objective.[3]
  • Ivern is essentially immortal (but not invincible).[4]

Change log

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23 June 2020 (During V10.13) Updated to current version.
Original version.
Ivern Bramblefoot, known to many as the Green Father, is a peculiar half man, half tree who roams Runeterra's forests, cultivating life everywhere he goes. He knows the secrets of the natural world, and holds deep friendships friendships with all things that grow, fly, and scuttle. Ivern wanders the wilderness, imparting strange wisdom to any he meets, enriching the forests, and occasionally entrusting loose-lipped butterflies with his secrets.


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